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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  February 27, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MST

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hold on
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a hockey night unlike any other in colorado, 12 hall of famers, two rivals and a venue for the stars under the stars. >> the endorsement that shook up the presidential campaign, chris christie backs donald trump as a former candidate unloads. >> my party has gone [ bleep ] crazy. >> a physical grieving after
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grieving after two sisters are grieving in two separate crimes. >> a deputy shot showing improvement. >> and a broncos fan who died hours before the super bowl received a final tribute from the team. 9news starts now. as fans have been waiting more than a decade for this, we've watched as coors field was transformed week by week from an outdoor stadium to a hockey ready for the lights. >> the avalanche suited up against the red wings for the game, the nhl rivals all back together this time outdoors in front of more than 40,000 at coors field. rod mackey is here and there were some pretty happy av fans tonight. >> i was hoping for a blizzard. i would have loved to have seen a blizzard. instead they had a million cotton balls covering up the
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the best part about the alumni game? the avs won. tomorrow night's game means more, but that doesn't make tonight's meaningless. it never is when the avalanche play the red wings, the greatest rivalry in hockey tonight played by the players that made it that way, the old guys back on the ice on the diamond at coors field. the avs head coach playing like he could get back between the pipes if heed on. the patrick -- if he wanted. patrick played well. that wrister still works, but it was the youngest guy on the ice with the prettiest goal, no bad blood tonight, just a within for the avs as -- a win for the avs as colorado's old guys beat detroit's old guys, final score 5-2. it was funny because after the game avs were all happy. red wings in exhibition were still mad. >> how about that picture, though, at the end? could you imagine that if you turned back the clock and said one day all those guys are going to be arm in arm together?
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you look at all the highlights building up to this. every broadcast you see is all this and at the end everyone is smiling and happy and shaking hands. i guess that's what happens when you get old. >> everything mellows with age. >> 9news reporter nelson garcia joins us from outside coors field. nelson? >> reporter: the team has definitely quieted down, but with this wonderful weather tonight people were excited to see this game played outside. what is interesting is not necessarily where this game was played but with whom. to watch a hockey game -- >> this is an interesting place to do it. >> reporter: -- in a baseball stadium -- >> in warm weather on top of it. >> reporter: -- is one thing, but to watch players whose another.
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>> i'm here to see my man peter forsberg tonight. >> joe sakic, score! >> joe sakic on a high note, i'm excited to see all of them. >> once they retired you thought it was done. so yeah. that's what's great about it. >> cover up those ugly red wings jerseys with a nice t- shirt. i've been selling them for 20 years, but the rivalry has kind of gone away until today. >> reporter: and the reselling of t-shirts that have sat in dan moran's basement 15 years. >> they had a rivalry a long time ago. all the people that had the rivalry are playing. it's awesome to watch people i grew up watching. >> i just really want to see patrick roy. >> here we go again, patrick with the right hand. >> never count out patty roy. he'll come down the center of the ice and it's on. >> it would be pretty funny, but i don't think there will be a fight. >> no. they're not too old, no way.
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take a stadium full of people back in time. >> score joe sakic! >> it's great for him seeing some of the legends play. >> there's not really words to describe how awesome that is. >> completely magical. >> it's a wonderful experience to get to go do this together guys skate again. >> reporter: there were no fights on the ice or in the stands reportedly. fans say everyone was pretty happy and friendly inside, but tonight didn't really count, so we'll see what happen tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night indeed. nelson garcia, thanks so much. the thermometer read 59 degrees at face-off for the alumni game. the sun was just going down. tomorrow it could be even warmer when the puck drops just after 6:00 for the avs and red wings. remember to watch for tomorrow, 63, the record for nhl's outdoor games set two years ago when the ducks and kings played january inside dodgers stadium in los angeles. if you don't have a seat tomorrow at coors field, 9news will have the game and two
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it all starts at 5:30 and we're back with another special right after the game is over. today new jersey governor chris christie stunned the republican establishment dorising donald trump at an -- endorsing donald trump at an event in fort worth, texas, a day after he faced a barrage of attacks on the debate stage and four days ahead of super tuesday. >> i can guarantee you that the 1 person that hillary and bill clinton do not want to see on that stage come next september is donald trump. >> tonight christie attended a city. when asked by nbc news whether he is looking for a spot in the presidential cabinet, christie simply said he plans to finish his term as governor of new jersey which ends in 2018. south carolina senator lins i graham has scars in -- lindsey graham has scars in the shape of donald trump's barbs.
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quite freely. >> my party has gone [ bleep ] crazy. to get out. i endorsed jeb bush and he had to get out. i'm the dr. kevorkian. [ plaintiffer it ] >> of the republican primary. tonight. [ laughter ] >> i endorse donald trump and hope the grandma logic still exists. exists. >> you get the humor. it's a joke that ted cruz was so disliked by his colleagues that if cruz was murdered on the floor of the u.s. senate, convict. clinton and bernie sanders are in south carolina. clinton is leading sanders by 20 points in the statewide
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minority voters, a key part of her vote. sanders only received 22% of the black vote in nevada. once the primary wraps in south carolina sanders is headed back to colorado ahead of super tuesday scheduled to speak sunday at a rally in fort collins on the colorado state campus. the doors open at 4:00 and that event is free. there's a search on for two men who robbed a pawn shop in arapahoe county at all american pawn near mississippi and leetsdale. we're told the customer will be okay. deputies set up a perimeter in the area looking for the two who were both wearing masks. there's a search for a vehicle in larimer county seen leaving a motel following a reported kidnapping. three men in an older dark green chrysler minivan pulled a woman inside and sped off from the budget host motel. hamilton is 5' 2 , weighs 110 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. anyone who sees them is asked to call 911.
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warning signs were missed in the case of a surgical technician at the center of a health scare in colorado. tonight 9wants to know confirmed the navy once court- martialed rocky allen for stealing large amounts of fentanyl while on deployment in afghanistan in 2011. he spent two months in confinement and received a reduction in rank. last month while at swedish medical center federal prosecutors say allen is was caught in an unassigned operating room. swedish had to tell 2,900 patients they need to get tested for hepatitis and vit. it's not known if allen had -- and hiv. it's not known if allen had told of his court-martial. before his team at swedish he was fired from never other medical institutions. two men indicted in the death of a man who overdosed. federal prosecutors allege
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drug in patch form and say lan -- sold the victim the drug in patch form and say lancaster was the victim's roommate that told him how to take the fentanyl. now a new tragedy for a family who lost a daughter, the death of angie's sister. during a late night crash valentine's day at the hands of a drier police say was drunk. her closest friends shared her story with 9news reporter nelson gonzalez. >> look how pretty the ducks look. it's so cool. >> reporter: too often in death it is easy to dwell. >> such a good person, a nice friend. >> reporter: over all the little things we will never have again. >> i'd rather talk about her laugh. >> reporter: instead erin mitchells and india bayard are choosing to appreciate their friend for all the little things she did for them.
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big and it's just crazy because i'm only 22 years old and i never thought i would meet someone like her and be able to call her my best friend. >> reporter: they want to forget that her life was taken in the middle of an intersection by another driver who police say was drunk when he ran a red light and crashed into her and her daughter who survived. >> emergency cha is not just a -- monica is not just a 40-year- old woman who got killed in a drunk driving accident. she was a lot more than that. >> reporter: a 40-year-old just days away from beauty graduation. >> she was blessed. everybody wanted her to touch them, can you put a design in my hair. >> reporter: a mother of three and a wife who dealt with the murder of her own sister angie zapata who in 2008 was killed for being transgender. >> it's not fair. it's not something that they should have to be going through. >> reporter: today they chose only to remember their classmate and friend for who she was. >> she's a mom. she's a stylist.
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she's amazing. >> >> zapata's station at the beauty school has been turned into a small memorial. the driver is facing crashes including vehicular homicide and dui. the family plans to gather for a vigil at the crash site sunday night. the park county deputy critically injured during a wednesday morning shootout is getting better. master patrol deputy kolby martin has been upgraded from serious to fair condition at st. anthony hospital in lakewood. deputy martin and his family want to thank everyone for prayers and support. he was wounded in the same shootout that killed corporal nate carrigan. still ahead a truck never even slows down before plowing into a car and then running into a busy intersection. >> the broncos go all out to honor a fan who died just before the super bowl. >> mountain biking and rock climbing in february, tomorrow could be the pick day and come
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a driver sitting in an intersection in austin, texas, captured a violent crash on their dash camera this morning. a gravel truck never even slows down before it plows right through the turn lane into traffic, cuts across the busy road and drops into a gully and a bridge. no one died, although four people went to the hospital with what are described as survivable injuries, took 10 hours to clean up the intersection. investigators say it is too early at this point to figure out why the truck never stopped. as the broncos celebrated their third world championship, the family of a die hard fan mourned their loss. season ticket holder bob carney had flown to san francisco for
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to go with him. he chopsed soon after arriving and 10 days -- collapsed soon after arriving and 10 days later died. carney had been a season ticket holder before the super bowl even existed. when the broncos found out about the memorial, they did something special. they put the lombardi trophy next to carney's casket. huffman said the gesture made such an impression that people who came to the funeral who didn't care much about football came away broncos fans after that moment. well, grab a dog. grab a bike. go for a run, go for a hike or how about a climb? sky noon capturing that in jefferson county today, beautiful conditions, rock climbers not dealing with a whole lot of wind today outside the golden area. spectacular view of these brave souls having fun as they use their fingers and toes to climb to the tippy top of that mountain and, wow, what a great day for that. the wind is going to be a
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so it may become a little bit more difficult. keep on sending in those sunrise and sunset pictures. they're spectacular as well. 61 in denver today, almost 70 in lamar, mid-50s up around eagle, aspen and vail. the average this time of year is 49. we're heading into record territory tomorrow. afternoon cloud cover may keep us from reaching 70 throw, but we'll come close. 45 -- 73, but we'll come close, not to bad for a friday night in february, 45 degrees. high pressure is our dominant weather pressure, a little moisture coming into california and the northwest, wind advisories in wyoming. the winds will increase west of i-25 as this weak front begins to move into northern colorado. we could use the snow even though we're above average for the month. you can expect just as much in
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to come, march and april ranked one and two, just wanted to remind you of that when i talk about our high of 70 tomorrow. we have a lot of cloud cover, moisture coming into the western and northern u.s. other than that pretty quiet. warm air invading the southwest and southern plains states, high pressure moving over us, weak front coming in, a few brief snow showers in the management. the southwest flow ahead of it gets us -- showers in the area. the southwest flow ahead of it gets us in our warming trend. around here other than high clouds not a lot going on even we've got shine the first half of your day and this little bank of cloud sets up at 3:00. the record. with that front coming through we may have an isolated snow shower up north but a wimpy
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the wind will wreak havoc with our fire danger, high fire danger on the central and eastern plains. hard to believe we're talking about fire danger in february, but it does happen. 30s on the a plan tonight, 20s -- on the plains tonight, 20s in the high country, tomorrow denver, air strayed awe, highlands -- arvada, highlands ranch beautiful day. a little more wind in the forecast for some of you. city forecast for tonight, you made it through the week, 33 degrees kicks off your day tomorrow. sun is up at 6:37. temperature will jump to the mid-60s by noon, 70 by afternoon. again the record is 73, but the late day cloud cover, i don't know. we're right on the fringe. a little cooler but awfully nice sun, increasing clouds monday, chance for rain and snow tuesday, cooler weather, fast weather wimpy storm. temperatures will spring back into the 60s for the first week of march and you know what?
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game tomorrow night on the baseball field, love saying that. 63 degrees when they drop the puck on the baseball field. it will be a mild night and in the high country skiing will be amazing. hey, rod is in next with sports. stay with us.
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from colorado sports leader here's rod mackey.
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punch thrown, the avs and red wings alumni game not what it was years ago but great to see them back on the ice again. 12 former hall of action players on the ice. the avs scored first, peter forsberg perfect pass to kaminski, fitting because kaminski scored the first goal against the avs years ago. joe sakic with the wicked wrister. patrick roy after two periods gave up just a single goal. of all the guys on the ice i think roy would be the best if he came out of retirement. goal no. 4, the one scored from just inside the blue line from no. 77 ray borg. avs beat the wings in front of 50,000 fans 5-2 the final. aaron matas has more from the diamond.
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roy is the hall of fame goalie terrific in leading the avalanche in a 5-2 win over the red wings in the alumni game. >> you know what? it was like joe said. you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of our fans. i mean they -- like it or not, they have some expectation for us and you want to make sure that you perform well. >> i've always said he's the best competitor i've ever been lucky enough to play with. this was just another example. they get him practicing for it and he works really hard, comes out, plays unbelievable. patty is just the greatest competitor i've ever gotten to be around. >> he's one of the greatest goalies of all time, so you don't lose that. maybe you lose some other things of everybody slows down, but you see the competitive level and pucks flying around the crease and never giving up. we've played against him so long and have the utmost respect for his competitiveness. he's just awesome.
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got to respect that. >> reporter: the real patrick roy on saturday as a head coach, both teams in playoff contention. it should be an electric atmosphere. aaron matas, 9news. >> that's right, aaron. outdoor hockey times two, old guys tonight and the young guys get together tomorrow. the current avs and current red wings took to the ice or the diamond for the first time this afternoon. black eyes in this rivalry is nothing new, but playing in the sun means you need eye black and that is new. >> with all the winter classic games that have been around the league the past few years, i mean you've seen all the guys do it, definitely something that, you know, small little detail that's exciting to be a part of and to be honest, it didn't do much of a difference for me out there, but at least i look cool. >> more must see tv tomorrow, the game, pregame and postgame all on 9news and it all starts at 5:30. the nuggets were also in acquisition tonight just a
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tonight, just a boring indoor basketball game. they should put this at coors field. the court denver hooped it up on tonight was in dallas, nugs looking for back to backroad wins after their win in l.a. wednesday. will barton, the drive, the miss, kenneth faried there to clean up. nuggets up 23. game over, right? wrong. lead didn't last. they lost in overtime. loss. den goes down 122--- denver goes down 122-116. we finish with football. the broncos have begun efforts to keep as many of their current pieces in place as possible. mike klis explains in his notebook from the combine. >> reporter: the broncos open talks today about reducing the contracts of demarcus ware and ryan clady so they can come back in the 2016 season.
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million this year, ware 10 million. a reduction for clay was expected after the left tackle missed the entire 2015 season with a torn left acl. it's a little more difficult asking ware to take a pay cut, though. he had 11 1/2 sacks in 14 games counting the post season. he was also viewed as an inspirational leader in the locker room that needed his guidance, but ware will also turn 34 in july and he did miss five games with a back injury, but the biggest reason for the pay cut request? the broncos need the money. their priority in the next 10 days is to try and resign three of their own impending free agents, von miller, malik jackson and quarterback brock osweiler. wonder what demarcus ware thinks about giving up money so they can turn around and give it to von and malik? from the nfl combine mike klis, 9news. >> no one likes a pay cut, but they're better off cutting
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>> if people think they can win, they'll do it. >> they won back to back once before.
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just cannot get enough of it. legends on ice at coors field. thank you so much for sharing your fan experience with us throughout the evening. these are some of the photos that came in on the stadium series hashtag. that was very popular around town. you want to bring a photo to our attention on instagram or twitter use the #seenon9. a downhill slope, turns, bumps, obstacles and this is what you get, 200 ice cross downhill racers competing in st. paul, minnesota. there's a competition this weekend called the red bull crash to ice world championship.
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mainly speed. they try simply not to wipe out. 100,000 people will be there this weekend to watch. >> that's terrifying. >> like a tailbone rodeo. tonight show next.
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trump, rubio, and cruz's vicious, nasty, mud-slinging smackdown. >> presidential debate of an episode of "when animals
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now, on "extra." >> from king of the gop jungle -- >> this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar. >> to trump skinned alive by a bloodthirsty cruz and rubio. >> no, no, no. >> can the donald roar again after the brutal debate? >> they had no chance but to come after me. >> plus -- chris christie for the trump v.p.? the new clues today. >> "extra" on oscar countdown. >> adam and i are here with all the last-minute secrets. >> the dress, drama, couples, and matt damon breaking "martian" sequel news? >> chris rock fired up. oprah snapping selfies. >> this is a terrible angle.
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photo shoot for "vanity fair." what she's saying about the nanny. >> then, pregnant kelly clarkson bringing the idol judges to tears. >> i felt so much for her. plus, george clooney dares to do kimmel's mean tweets. now on "extra," from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, the biggest and best oscar night bash, the "vanity fair" party. and "extra" is the only show inside this year. a little sneak peek coming up. also coming up, a tv star's shocking twitter post today. a car plows into her house. we'll tell you who it is, coming up. a lot of people think last nights's debate was like a train wreck. jerry has donald's take on his rumble in the jungle. >> he came out swinging. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been fined for people to work on your projects illegally. >> he was on the defense. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people.
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>> rubio versus trump versus cruz. >> he attacked me. >> turning the debate into an episode of "when candidates attack: gop edition." >> they're losing. after me. >> trump firing at his top two challengers. >> this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a donald. -- a liar. donald. >> now he's repeating himself. wild. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> i don't repeat myself. >> their cnn debate. >> you're a basket case. >> turning into one of those caught on camera mall fests. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where donald trump would be right now? selling watches in manhattan. >> ted cruz also taking on trump. >> where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on "celebrity apprentice." >> dennis, you're fired. >> you get along with nobody. you should be ashamed of yourself.


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