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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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noel brennan's been working to learn what happened... and how everyone is doing. and this is a live look at i-70 and vail in the mountains. it may not look like much is happening now - but snow is on its way. marty coniglio is tracking that snow - and the nice temperatures around the metro area. marty - we could see the 60s today!
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expected to be ok after thier white suv went tumbling off the road late last night... 9news reporter noel brennan is at bowles and pierce where the accident happened. noel - a family member told you that 9 people were taken to hospital.
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leaving the scene of a deadly crash over summer will be arraigned in arapahoe county court. 28-year-old kyle ceja was arrested after a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian in englewood in june. he faces vehicular homicide charges. today - a man accused of murder in utah will be in a denver courtroom... for an extradition hearing. he's accused of woman last week in what police called a "violent attack." the u-s marshals the man - because ongoing. a denver home afternoon. in virginia.... the accused of killing a newly-sworn-in his wife... will appear in court. the officers were
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home near washington, d-c saturday... when police say sergeant ronald hamilton shot the officers. officer ashley guindon was killed... two others were hurt. officer guindon was sworn in friday and was working her first shift.. hamilton's an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. right now... there is an investigation in north carolina after a late night explostion. police say a car hit a propane tank... causing an explosion near 2 homes. a couple died inside one of those homes. a truck was burned in the explosion. firefighters are making sure the gas is turned off - and they're cleaning up the scene. bernie sanders rallied supporters in fort collins - ahead of tomorrow's democratic caucus. about 5-thousand people gathered at moby arena at colorado state university... to hear
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in a one-on-one interview with keep fighting to marijuana at the federal level. and if he's elected - not enforce against marijuana sales. republican candidate donald trump has picked up an endorsement senator jeff sessions. he's one of the senate's most hard-line figures on immigration.... and the state he represents votes tomorrow. this endorsement comes on the heels of former candidate - new jersey governor chris christie - announcing his support of trump. tomorrow is super tuesday. 11 states will vote in primaries or caucuses. colorado's democrats will caucus and pick a winner. the state's republicans will hold caucuses tuesday but will not declare a statewide winner.
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to pump an additional one million barrels of oil per day into an oversupplied as a result, the has nosedived around 70% since mid-2014, hitting the of the big producers really hard. iran's return to the marketplace complicated the picture. and commercial construction is booming in resort towns, led sales there were aspen and snowmass village with sales topping 2-billion last year. eagle county was second, with big property deals in creek. which includes rounds out the top sales. that means it's leap day. and whether you're a leap day baby or not... you yourself a deal on travel today. if you're a leap day baby, participating pizza hut locations will give you a free
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out. hard rock cafe entree off a special menu. day baby, but still looking for a deal, kreme shops are offering buy one dozen doughnuts, get a dozen original glazed for $2.29. hotels and travel companies are also promotions. the us 36 toll lane project is almost ready. right now - as testing is underway - you can use the express lanes between table mesa and 88th street for free! 9news reporter colleen ferreira is live along u-s 36. colleen - today is the last day of february, and tolls starts in march. colorado is still basking in the glow of our broncos
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basking in the glow of our broncos super bowl victory and we'll get yet another chance in april. last year the annual boy scout sports breakfast at the pepsi center featured star colorado basketball player chauncey billups. this year the sports breakfast speaker is broncos coach gary kubiak, who should have some great stories to tell about winning his first super bowl ring as a head coach. our 9news broncos insider mike klis is the mc. the boy scout sports breakfast is thursday april 7th at the pepsi center. we have information on about how to participate. it is some good that came from a crime against girl scouts just trying to sell cookies. police say a young
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earnings while they were selling cookies outside a store saturday night. the theft spread department-- officers made donations and purchases in an effort to help the troop get back on track. the troop leader said it brought tears to their eyes. if you have any information about the theft-- call aurora police. an american student... held in north korea for nearly two months... admits to his crime.... and calls it the worst mistake of his life. diversity took center stage at the oscars... and it was only a matter of seconds... before chris rock took the first shot of the oscars-so-white
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north korea paraded a detained american student in front of t-v cameras... it's the first time anyone's seen otto warmbier since he was arrested in january. warmbier apologized for stealing a political slogan from a hotel. the university of virginia student said he took it from a church that offered to pay him for it. north korea calls this an "anti-state crime."
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for detainees to "take-back" their confessions after they're released.. lady gags's powerful performance... joined on-stage by sexual assault survivors. this moment was one that has people still talking about the oscars, this morning. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- she performed a song that was nominated for an oscar. that's right, gary. she didn't win... but she definitely accomplished a mission... to raise awareness of sexual assault.. and empower survivors. another mission of this year's oscars-- to point out its own shortcomings as far as diversity goes. host chris rock definitely did that... as soon as the show began. rock brought up the serious issue of there being no minorities nominated in the acting categories. but-- true to form-- he threw in lots of jokes with the uncomfortable truth. saying that-- out of the 88 years that the oscars has been around-- there have probably been 71 years with no black nominees. the oscars has promised to take more steps to make the nominating process
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academy president cheryl boone even addressed the audience. she asked hollywood to be "ambassadors of change." and she reiterated all of the changes that the academy recently made. of course, you can't talk about the oscars without talking about the big "winners." a couple for you: spotlight... winning for best picture. that movie shed light on the catholic church sex assault scandal... with as one of the scandal was === another big movie winner-- "mad max." it won the most oscars. cheryl, we'll continue to re-cap the night throughout our show. the "happiest place on earth" may not make your wallet so happy with a new change.
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check in with marty and amelia. there's a new website that lists vacation rentals for disabled travelers. it's called accomable dot com. in addition to listing disability- friendly and
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it's called accomable dot com. in addition to listing disability- friendly and accessible rental properties around the world... it provides detailed information... such as whether the bedrooms and bathrooms have step-free access. the site launched less than a year ago and has listings in more than 30 countries, including 16 properties in the u-s and canada. the "happiest place on earth" now comes with seasonal pricing. disney world and disneyland will charge different ticket prices for its parks depending on the time of year. the calendar will be divided into value, regular and peak periods. the new pricing plan will apply to one-day tickets. a one-day park ticket at orlando's magic kingdom during a value period will stay at current levels of $105 for those aged 10 and above. but tickets during regular season days will rise to $110. the price will then shoot up to $124
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holidays like the fourth of july, thanksgiving and christmas. let's check in with marty. i guess the p-g-a dress code just isn't what it used to be. i guess the p-g-a dress code just isn't what it used to be. gary woodland went pants-less for this shot at the honda classic in florida.
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for many decades itzhak perlman - has been the best violinist in the world..and he brought his talent to denver. he's won 16 grammys, 4 emmys, and an acadamy award for his work on schilinder's list. perlman played, unaccompanied, for a crowd of nearly 3 thousand at boettcher hall -- and had an on stage conversation about what sets a muscician apart. jewish colorado
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perlman to town. he has received medals from 3 presidents - reagan, clinton and president obama most recently, the medal of freedom for his work to advocate for people with disabilities. itzhak perlman had polio has a child and has used a scooter or braces since. soon - it will be a lot easier to charge your cell phone at the airport. there will be thousands of opportunities to power up before your flight. we'll talk about the cost of the upgrades... in about
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into a tree... sending a family to the hospital. this is 9news. a white suv rolled and crashed into a tree, at that sent -- and that's in a family to the hospital. we tell you what one family member had -- says happened right before the crash. the multimillion dollar upgrade to help keep your phone charged. >> and leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar. good morning, marty craig ehlo joining us -- marty


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