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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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we begin with news of a school shooting in southwestern ohio. a law enforcement official says the shooting at that school district injured four students, two of them were shot and two of them were hurt in another way. the official says the shooting happened in the madison local schools lunchroom and two students may have been hit by shrapnel or hurt trying to get out of the way. he says a suspect was taken into custody. we don't know who that person is. the school district says on the web site that the injuries are nonlife-threatening. and that all other students are safe. again, this is happening outside of cincinnati. so it is definitely a big story there. >> uh-huh. well, president obama is awarding the nation's highest military honor to a navy seal who rescued an american doctor. and that doctor was being held by the taliban in afghanistan. >> he is a hero. absolutely. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. participated in the 2012 raid.
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edward byers is the first living active duty member of the navy in four decades to receive this medal of honor. president obama said earlier today that the ceremony gives americans a chance to get a glimpse of the special breed of warrior who so often serves in the shadows. the navy's famed seal team six was in charge of this rescue. one of his team members died. dr. joseph, is the colorado doctor that byers gave. and he said that byers gave me a second chance in life and more than worthy to receive this award. while and a half seal byers shielded joseph with his body, he pinned another insurgent against the wall until the rest of his team arrived. and then on the helicopter flight, to get his wounded team members to a hospital, byers performed cpr for 40 minutes straight but that man did not make it. thinking of others. >> a hero. >> thinking of others. and these guys don't ask for any recognitions be and they don't want the fanfare and they are doing what they are
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it is so nice to see him get that recognition. >> absolutely. >> what a brave plan. well, let's talk about this. dr. joseph has a statement, i am extremely happy to hear the medal of honor. byers and the team are an example of the hero, bravery and courage. and how grateful he is for his dedication and bringing security to the afghan people. again, congratulations. an amazing, amazing man. >> uh-huh. we have another beautiful day to celebrate across colorado. and like these painted skies behind us. that looks like a lot like that outside. a few clouds. but still, almost the same shade of blue. we are not complaining. it is gorgeous out there. and it is warm. we are in the 50s again today. so it looks like a picture- perfect weather is here, to stay for the weect. belen is out there in the backyard. just looking lovely and green. >> yes. >> it looks good. >> yes. >> but totally blue skies over our heads right now. and the temperatures are going to get back and forth between the 50s and 60s for the next several days. unfortunately, with our rain, and snow chances, staying very
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and now, here is a look at the temperatures right now. we've got 60s already, out at d.i.a. and same goes for northern colorado. and sprinkled in with a few 50s. 40s and 30s in the foothills. your highs for today, are going to be in the low 60s. and this is about 10 disease above our normal high. we -- 10 degrees above our normal high. we should be 50s. 50s and 40s in the foothills. we have to deal with some stronger wind gusts right now in and around the foothills. up to 40 miles an hour. same goes for northern colorado. fort collins is pretty breezy up there as well. 29 miles per hour. and these winds have kicked up, ahead of this storm system that is moving into colorado, that will bring some snow for the high country. and possibly some showers into this afternoon, here on the front range. these strong winds are prompting a red flag warning to the south. in fact until 6:00 for areas like pueblo, where the humidity will drop to less than 10%. that snow is already falling lightly out toward steam boat springs. we don't have any watches or warnings issued across the state but check out the snow,
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especially for the northern mountains. and also closer to the foothills. with mainly a few high clouds here on the front range. and now, for the rest of the afternoon, and enjoy that sunshine, and boulder looks beautiful. possibly closer to about 6:00, we could see some light showers, around the metro area, and it is going to -- not going to last very long. and guy, today is the absolutely last day of february. out here, it looks like -- i look like beyonce don't i? >> yes, mariah carey. look at that. i have to hold on to my dress. marilyn monroe, too. >> hold on to the dress. [ laughter ] >> going back inside. >> thanks, belen. look at this video, a family was inside this suv when it rolled and crashed in littleton overnight. it crashed into a tree before resting on its side at pierce street. a family member told 9 news that seven kids were inside. a youngest child is about three months old, he said. six people in total were taken to the hospital. the colorado state patrol says two of the kids are in serious condition.
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family members is not known right now. another crash this morning, left a truck hanging off the edge of southbound i-25, near almeda. the truck almost crashed into the south platte river. denver fire officials tell us they got the truck driver out safely. as a matter of fact, that driver got out before firefighters got there. that person did have to go to the hospital for some back pain, though. investigators still have not said what caused this wreck. crews have since pulled that truck back on to i-25, but it caused a lot of traffic backups during the morning commute. a lot of people curious about what happened here. on the boulder turnpike, construction is all done, and drivers on u.s. 36 are getting their first chance to try out the second phase of toll lanes. the new lane runs from table mesa to lewisville. right now, you can use it for free. c-dot will start charging next month. as for the toll lanes, already in use, c-dot says it has seen an increase in speeds and more consistent travel times, throughout the first phase of the project. which is great news for you who drive it every day.
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speeds from 2011 to 2015, and found that speeds were 10 miles per hour faster last year, even during peak rush hour. >> good. >> it is working. >> working good. today, governor john hickenlooper is expected to formally endorse the superfund cleanup for 48 old mining sites, that includes one that sent waste water into rivers in three states last summer. while the environmental protection agency would oversee this project, they can't proceed without the support from the governor. san juan county and the town of silverton endorsed the cleanup plan last week. back in august, you will recall, the epa inadvertently triggered the release of 3 million gallons of waste water, from the inactive gold king mine during preliminary cleanup work. rivers here in colorado were polluted along with some in new mexico and utah. it is leap day. february 29. how are you spending your extra day? we are at work. >> we are at work. together. we like it, you know. well, if you're keeping your time today on this leap day, consider this.
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are synced to an atomic clock that is in boulder. mia rodriguez is at the national institute of technology today in boulder where the clock is located. it is also where atomic clocks signal. now, many think that the clock is in fort collins. it is not. the radio station that transmits the atomic clock signal is in fort collins. the clock itself is in boulder. you can watch my story about this amazing piece of technology, today, on 9 news at 6:00. did you know that? >> yes and no. >> i thought it was in fort collins. >> yes. okay. learn something new. >> we always learn something new from mia. pretty fun last night. a little controversial at the oscars. >> it was a night that had people going nuts on social media. what they were most excited about, the record-breaking tweets, ahead. >> okay. also, hackers are using a new trick to get into your computer
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happy monday, everyone. belen deleon in the backyard here, where it is gusty at times and holding on to my dress to avoid a marilyn monroe moment. but it feels really nice to be standing in the sunshine. now, it wasn't just you, but february was really warm. in fact, our monthly temperature was 37.6 degrees. this was above our average of 32.5. so a difference of about 5 degrees. it was a warmer than normal february. today, our temperatures are above normal. we should be closer to 50 degrees this time of the year. and right now, we are already at 60 degrees out at d.i.a. and in the backyard, it feels
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and we are standing at 58 degrees. let's check the weather with the rest of the state, 60s right now in northern colorado, out in the eastern plains, and in the high country, and 50s, su plit county, it has 34 degrees. and in other -- summit county has 34 degrees. in the northern mountains, the slight know with the temperatures of 30s. more 50s and 40s down south into the southern mountains. and in lower elevation, the temperatures are in the low 60s. feeling a bit more like spring than winter and here is what is happening. we have our storm pattern, really that is bringing our winter-like weather, to the northern tier of the united states. a cold front, and also a weak storm, it is making its way through colorado, right now. and that is the reason why we have these strong winds, and also that light snow that is falling in our northern mountains. now, as the storm continues to push toward the east, we could see some light showers, this afternoon. they are going to be brief. and any kind of moisture is going to be very much on the light side. but you will notice through 4:00 and 5:00.
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60s to the 50s with partly cloudy skies and a shot at a stray shower and then by 7:00 p.m., we will start to see the skies clear and the temperatures in our northern mountains. and those showers will start to move into southern colorado, and to the i-70 corr then arou 10:00, chief meteorologist cathy saban will be out here and she will be talking about the skies clearing in the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. the temperatures for tonight, they are going to be around 30 degrees. the winds will be strong, in the foothills. and possibly some flurries out in that direction. but tomorrow, we are going to start off windy. a high of 55. and then 60s and 50s for the rest of the week. windy on wednesday. clearing on thursday. and friday, 61. and as of now, a breezy and
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not every best actor winner gets a standing ovation at the oscars. however, leonardo dicaprio brought the celebrity crowd to its feet last night, after being nominated six times, before, he finally won for his role in the revenant. >> finally giving that acceptance speech. a moment he has been waiting for decks to experience. leonardo dicaprio used part of the speech to spread the word about global warming and 440,000 tweets per minute.
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ever. the second biggest twitter buzz of the night came when spotlight won for best picture. and this movie, mad max, came in third, on the twitter polls. but first, an overall win, the film won more awards than any >> absolutely. >> and six awards, that's when the tweets were just crazy. >> and one after the other, after the other. >> oh, my goodness. a thousand a minute. and another moment that got lady gaga's performance. this moment, here, she did the song, "until it happens to you" which was featured in the documentary "the hunting ground," and that documentary focused on sexual assault victims. and she didn't win an oscar but the moment was perhaps more powerful than any golden statue. dozens of sexual assault survivors joined the pop star on stage, hand-n-hand with a message it is not your fault written on them and ga ga sang her heart out. just incredible. >> again, i saw the music video last week and i was hearing she
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>> to see it, it is powerful. >> now, of course, overshadowing this year's awards, the big elephant in the room, the lack of diversity among acting nominees. no actors of color were nominated at all this year. so the host chris rock, he didn't try to skim over the issue. he basically took it head on out of the gate in his opening monologue. >> here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards -- [ laughter ] >> you realize if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. >> okay. he is being honest. now, he used the trademark comedy to bring up the serious issue and overall critics say he did a great job. and the show included a spoof video that basically edited black actors into the movies where they were really no black actors. whoopee goldberg made a funny cameo appearance in one of those. and speaking of her, a lot of people are talking about her
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her red carpet walk led to the biggest twitter fail of the awards. this web site, total beauty, tweeted, we had no idea oprah was tatted and we love it. >> a tattoo on the shoulder. >> and that is not oprah. >> that is not oprah. >> so total beauty just got dragged on twitter with people tweeting out things like how to identify oprah. not oprah. oprah. >> i like this one down here. >> this is so cute. >> we had no idea oprah was a 9- year-old boy and we love it. [ laughter ] >> really making fun of it. and if we have a minute -- >> what is the name of the company again? >> total beauty. >> i get a lot of people will be googling that today. >> oprah tweeted back through her bff gail king, we don't all look alike. and it ended up being pretty funny. >> i love that.
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the latest trick used by hackers to get into your pop-up ad claiming your
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nbc's jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: you're surfing the web. and out of nowhere -- >> important security message. >> reporter: this scary warning pops up. saying your system has been infected. it has been hijacked. and your private and financial data is at risk. and the only way to fix it, call the number on the screen. it looks legit. like it came from your own computer. but it is actually a fake. it is really a pop-up ad. >> i just opened the door, and just let somebody into my computer. >> it just happened to natalie while she was online. she panicked. and called the number. >> they told me that they are a rep cable company, that they work with apple and with -- reputable company and that they work with apple and microsoft and they immediately ask for access to my computer with log in 1123. >> please tell me you didn't do that? >> i did it. >> i did it, jeff. i know.
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scanned her hard drive telling her she has a virus. but good news, for $400, they will fix it. >> it was sort of like the light bulb went off, i knew at that point what they were offering wasn't true. >> security experts say these pop-up ads are misleading and dangerous. >> it looks like a warning but it is not real. it is just a picture telling that you there is something wrong with your computer. but there is not actually something wrong with your computer. >> all right. we are going to try this for ourselves. we will call one of the companies that sends those pop- up warnings, and went to the store, bought a brand new mac book air laptop, and you can see it is right out of the box, we brought our computer expert in jim sickly, if they tell us over the phone, there is a virus on this, what does that mean? >> it means they are trying to rip us off or even worse trying to put their own mal ware on. >> i saw a pop-up that said to call this number about a computer virus. can you help me? >> uh-huh. yes, i can help you. >> the technician immediately asked to tap into my computer
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poke around my laptop in realtime. and that's him doing all of that. and within seconds, he has bad news. >> yes, it is a probably, and somebody else is probably trying to access the computer. and there is a virus. >> not only a virus but in. >> i will will clean up the machine and clean it up like it is brand new the day you bought it. >> what will it cost you -- >> for a one-year contract, it will cost you $$199.99. >> time for the big reveal. my name is jeff rossen, i am the national investigative correspondent for nbc news. >> and there is a brand new computer. >> okay why gluft out of the -- okay -- >> show me the virus. where is the virus? >> i will show you the virus. >> you were trying to sell us a package that our computer expert says we did not need. it is a brand new computer. >> i am not, sir.
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i am providing you technical assistance. just give me a minute and let me show you. >> after several minutes, he still can't show us any virus. and then watch this. he starts surfing the web. >> you are typing yahoo .com into google and can you let go of the remote connection thank you very much for your time. >> it doesn't matter where you're smart or dumb or old or young, it is just one of those things where when you're caught offguard, you will fall for it. >> and an urgt warning to protect you from becoming a victim. >> i have learned a good lesson. next time my gut says what would jeff rossen do, run. >> oh, my. so the technician as you saw can be pretty persistent. no matter how official they sound, apple and microsoft both say they are not affiliated with these companies who create these ads. >> so the best advice is, if you get a pop-up on your computer, hit the escape key. ignore it. do not click on it. and don't call that phone
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all right, everyone, a last look at weather.
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days away from the start of spring. >> yeah! >> i love that. but a look at the week ahead, and it already looks like spring out there. >> oh, yes. >> in the 50s and 60s. i think the biggest thing that we will have to deal with are the stronger winds at times and increased fire danger. watch out for that. >> my kids spent the weekend blowing bubbles. they're ready for spring. >> yes. >> perfect.
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trump, rubio, and cruz's vicious, nasty, mud-slinging smackdown. >> presidential debate of an episode of "when animals attack"? now, on "extra." >> from king of the gop jungle -- >> this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar. >> to trump skinned alive by a bloodthirsty cruz and rubio. >> no, no, no. >> can the donald roar again after the brutal debate? >> they had no chance but to


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