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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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this is 9news. the el paso county sheriff's office is
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near palmer lake this morning and it started a small grass fire, which is now out. we did receive some photographs from carolyn chronic which shows -- kronk which shows the magnitude of this crash. large flames, heavy damage. she says she saw that plane crash around 8:06 this morning. the first responders there a couple minutes later. there were two trains in the area that have stopped because they are near the crash site. the faa says there were two people on board at the time of the crash. we don't know anything about them, their conditions. we have heard nothing. the make, model and registration of the small plane not being released either. nothing is being told to the media right now as the investigation continues and involves the faa and the ntsb. we should mention as you're probably not surprised, the winds were pretty strong in that area earlier this morning as they are throughout the state today. take a look at a couple of weather pictures.
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of snow, ft. collins, that flag at csu is whipping around with the winds and with that wind means extreme fire danger for all of let's check in with danielle who is out in the back yard. the red flag warning includes >> yeah, it does. you know what? we are going to be looking at these gusty winds throughout the entire day. wind gusts as high as 50, 60 miles per hour easily, even here in the back yard these winds are beginning to pick up. that red flag warning will be in place until about 7:00 tonight. you can see everywhere shaded in pink is going to be sitting under that warning, even places in southwestern nebraska as well as western kansas too. wind gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour, humidity between 9 and 14%. right now the wind gusts at 52 miles per hour in boulder, 32 in aurora, out at dia 43-mile- per-hour gusts, 44 in greeley. i know it feels like you're probably going to be blown away. it's even worse in wyoming at 66-mile-per-hour speeds and 52 in kimball. that's why we have a high wind warning in place until 8:00
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tonight, i80 and i-25 are just going to be tough to travel on, not that we have any blowing snow, it's just going to be the forth. a view overlooking downtown denver, looks fantastic. bright blue skies, temperatures warming up. we are now in the 60s, longmont, fort lupton and out at dia out in the eastern plains but when you factor in the winds it feels cooler because the storm system pressing into the state from the northwest. it brought us snowfall up in the high country, not much and a couple of rain showers down here in the plains. again, the rest of this evening should be nice. look at those high temperatures in the low 60s today. we will have mostly clear skies but, again, kyle, the winds are going to be the worst. when are they going to relax? i'll have those answers when i see you back here in just about 10 minutes, if i don't get blown over before then. >> we can see it and really danielle. >> it is wild out here, there's swirls and leaves. everything is up in the air. >> come on inside, dorothy.
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earlier today a man and a woman were arrested in garfield county after a high-speed chase right along i-70. the sheriff says it started after a robbery in mesa county. the speeds in this chase were up to 110 miles per hour. several offices throughout the area a-- officers throughout the area assisted with this. they ended up using road spikes and then the tires on the suspects' truck blew off and then police could apprehend them. nobody was injured. police arrested kelsy capps and that that willian owe -- nathaniel owens you see on your tv screen. today the u.s. supreme court is taking up the biggest abortion in nearly a quarter of a century. where a texas law hampers a woman's constitutional right to obtain an abortion. the law requires doctors to perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and clinics have to meet standards for for
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check out these lines. while bernie sanders was very much the clear winner here in colorado, hillary clinton and donald trump have decided their victories were so convincing that they will now all -- all other challengers and just start running against each other in the race for the presidency. here is nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: although tactically there's four more months left in the primary season, donald trump basically declared it's over, after racking up seven more states in super tuesday voting yesterday. >> once we get all of this finished, i am going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> i am so delighted to be here with you in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton has also moved on to only concentrating on trump after she too picked up seven more states tuesday. >> instead of building walls, we are going to break down barriers. >> reporter: but clinton and trump move onto another set of big primaries on the 15th that
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last stand for marco rubio, who finally won a state tuesday, but only one, minnesota. and like other republican hopefuls is being asked by ted cruz, who won three states tuesday, to consider bowing out and backing him. >> that is the only way to beat donald trump. >> nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. >> reporter: a feat that no one has quite figured out how to do so far. chris clackum, nbc news. for the last couple of months cdot has been making changes on its website to try to improve customer service and today it is launching the last phase of this project called, it's a contact us page really on the site along with a lot of other features people can send in photos and use interactive maps to help report issues that they see out there on the roads. cdot says it hopes these changes will allow its teams to respond pore quickly to problems that arise. and while cdot takes care of the roads, let your
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time you spend driving them. mile iq, track my drive and mile bug are all apps that use gps technology to log how much time you are spending behind the wheel. for people who drive for business and claim that time as a deduction at the end of the year, well, the apps allow you to easily send the information to your work or see how much you have earned in tax deductibles. most of these apps are free, up to a certain number of trips or miles. denver police are now using the medina alert to raise awareness to a hit-and-run from tuesday night. a 66-year-old woman was hit by a black sedan in denver's five points neighborhood, she is in critical condition at denver health. police just said that the woman may be homeless. denver police are currently looking for a black lincoln sedan with colorado license plates qki285. there is probably, they say, damage on the passenger side mirror. police believe that there are multiple people in that sedan and there are also witnesses
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again, it was last night around 9:00 near park avenue west and tremont. anyone with information about this car or who might have been behind the wheel or in the car is asked to call 720-913-2000. i mention the medina alert. it's now in effect. that alerts police officers, cabdrivers and truck drivers as well to the description of the hit-and-run vehicle. police are determined to find the person, again, a 60-year- old woman is in the hospital in critical condition and she might have been homeless when she was hit last night. so as if we all didn't know, because we live here, denver has been voted best u.s. city in which to live and it's probably going to get even better for our home values, right? also coming up, genetic distress. dr. john is going to take a look at what makes our air turn gray. outside today the hair will be blowing in the wind because it's already very windy, going to pick up throughout the day.
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hi there. meefort danielle grant here -- meteorologist danielle grant here in the back yard. if you're heading out anytime soon you will have to deal with the winds. oh, man, up in boulder they have been tracking wind gusts in the 50-mile-per-hour range. i've been watching our web camera out there because of course it looks beautiful with the blue skies but then every once in a while you see things just lodged up in the air, flying around, trash, you name it. and over there in ft. collins you can see the american flag whipping around
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right now wind gusts 44-mile- per-hour speeds in longmont. looks like 52 in boulder, 47 in broomfield, and it slowly decreases as you head towards centennial monument hill and unfortunately the worst still to come. 60-mile-per-hour speeds possible in alens park in idaho springs tonight. the winds will be settling down for us overnight and for tomorrow they will back off and we will be more in that 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range for the foothills. right now at the airport, 60 degrees. we have mostly sunny skies but the winds are sustained out of the west-northwest at 24 miles per hour. and here in the 9 back yard i can confirm the winds are still coming down with full force. our temperatures here outside about 55 degrees but when you factor in these wild winds, it certainly makes it feel cooler. take a look at what is going on. up in the high country because it really has been a tale of two different seasons. this is our camera out there in breckenridge where they still
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system has been pushing in, it delivered about one to 3 inches of snowfall out there for our northern and central mountains, just enough, a little bit of fresh powder for you to feast your skis on and snowboards. here's the snow system beginning to wind down. it is a fast mover, delivered a couple rain showers across the eastern plains but that's about it. this system winds down later this afternoon and then we are looking at mostly clear conditions as we head toward the weekend. by 10:00 tonight, all that moisture moves out, however, the winds will still be with us and then by tomorrow morning things quiet down just a bit. 8:00 a.m. it looks good, it's clear out there and even if you're traveling up along i-70, you shouldn't have any wet weather to deal with actually coming down. by 10:00 we will have a few more clouds kind of shifting back into the i-25 corridor and around the denver metro area. today temperatures staying in the mid-60s just because those strong winds are coming at us from the northwest, they are going to be warm downsloping winds so help pump up our temperatures back to the mid-
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some spots in the 70s like pueblo and lamar and 30s and 40s up in the mountains. tonight about 33 degrees. the winds still rustling out there and howling out in the foothills. should be relatively mild, though, overnight. tomorrow another warm one and little less wind. my kind of day. by friday and saturday we will see a few more clouds out there meaning a couple of degrees cooler but still well above average. sunday close to 70 degrees and then finally by the start of next week, it looks like our next storm system will be moving in, this one promising to bring a little bit of rain, maybe an inch of snow and certainly some cooler temperatures before we skyrocket once again.
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we mentioned earlier in this show how zika virus is in colorado. we have been talking about this for days. every day there's something new about zika virus. both patients here in colorado had recently traveled overseas which we have talked about. dr. john is here to talk more about this. you have to go overseas because that type of mosquito that carries this is not here in colorado? >> one of the mosquitoes is but the other one is not but hasn't been shown to carry zika virus. two motion, the -- mosquitoes, the '80s egypti and 80s -- doesn't carry zika virus as much so don't think it's going to move into this area at least not yet and the two that have zika virus here in colorado got it from going somewhere else.
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but another country with zika. that does not -- you cannot get it from that person unless
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xtr(t&h*hp (lc c @&c% we are talking about gray hair. we are hearing now and i'm surprised, this is all genetic in terms of who gets the gray hair and to what degree and -- >> we kind of knew it was genetic because you talk to people and they say well, my grandfather or my grandmother, whoever, had gray hair, therefore i have gray hair. it's the same thing as balding. up until now everything that's been designed to treat gray hair has been designed to treat it or take care of it after the hair is grown. recently they discovered the gene, called the irf4 and that gene they think is the gene that causes hair to turn gray
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use that information to develop medicine that can take care of it before the hair starts turning gray. >> could save a lot of money on hair coloring. >> yes. >> you got what you got but it's gorgeous. >> criminologists are saying it might help them with criminal cases to try and find a missing person or find out who this person might have been at some point in -- >> that's interesting. very good. thank you very much. silverback, that was his former nickname.
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if you could find a house in denver to buy, it's worth +4,jhcy=:
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out the top five. we have two in the top five. we want to hear what you think about denver in 2016, use the #beon9 at the end of this newscast. we will have a beautiful live picture of our city on, you can see tweets and let us know why youloff living here. one of our local companies is struggling, sports authority, big time money trouble. the retailer is filing for chapter 11 protection. sports authority says it does plan to close or sell about 140 stores and two distribution centers, that includes the sports castle on broadway in denver. another store in greenwood village and one in boulder. sports authority is also closing a colorado distribution center. if you have a gift card to sports authority, the company says you're okay to use it but financial experts do suggest using gift cards from companies that file bankruptcy as soon as possible. most of us with braces at one time or another, something most parents expect to invest for their children but what about for their dogs?
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wesley, the golden retriever. his owner and his vet says it was necessary. you see, the dental problems started when his adult teeth started to come in. his owner started to notice that the 7-month-old puppy was in a lot of pain every time he ate. the vet decided instead of pulling out healthy teeth he would put braces on the dog. >> we use braces like this sporadically but only used to treat pain or dysfunction. they are never used to treat aesthetics. >> dr. moore says wesley will only have braces on those teeth for about six weeks. poor wesley. all this wind means extreme fire danger as we have been mentioning during this newscast. danielle has a look at who is
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today here at 9news we are celebrating the wonderful career of a friend and colleague, this fella right here, mark koebrich, we love
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today his last day at 9news. he's retiring after 46 years in tv. that was the world youth day. mark is now looking forward to spending more time with his wife, his mom, his kids, the grandkids. >> oh, yeah. >> most of us have amazing memories of mark. mark has been by my side over the last 20 years. i've been here as a grown-up and he came to my wedding, we used to sit next to each other so i have a picture of him from our wedding day i found this morning. so that was 15 1/2 years ago. >> you guys have -- haven't aged a bit. look at you two. >> yeah, right. him. >> yes. >> and i love mark. he's a really, really dear friend, he cares about so many, he loves his family. he's got great faith. i mean, he's a special guy to have here. >> he is so genuine too. you know, in this business, people can be kind of mean sometimes, but he is just like the real deal, he truly it. >> today at 4:00 when you're
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>> it is, farewell tour. >> today at 4:00, for sure. >> appointment television, as you says. we are going to have a big party here at 9news for him and -- >> mark, if you're watching, we love you. it feels like the winds have changed, blowing them out. the red flag warning will continue until 7:00. colorado is on there as well as wyoming and just another check, 40 and 50-mile-per-hour speeds. it's crazy out there. >> uh-huh, it is crazy. have a great day, mark. have a great day, everybody. we will see you back here
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how oprah helped erin andrews overcome her peeping tom nightmare. >> the untold story behind her emotional tv interview and why erin was forced to do it. now on "extra." >> erin andrews' new breakdown in court. >> every day it doesn't get better. >> explosive new details about her stalker's evil peep hole plot. and who made erin tell her story to oprah.


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