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tv   Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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hayfield because it is so dry. samurais are coming to the denver art museum. over on the denver channel we will get a sneak peek about how you can explore the life, culture and armor of the ancient warriors. that is that for us. good morning. a phony, a fraud. just out what mitt romney is planning to say about donald trump today as republican leaders openly consider finding a third party candidate to take on trump. with another big debate tonight donald trump will join us live to respond. welcome home. scott kelly arrived from texas overnight and reunites with his family. >> it is a great feeling to be back here on planet earth.
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smash-and-grab. dramatic video from a gun shop in houston. thieves storm inside and steal more than 50 weapons. several arrests overnight. and launching a desperate search for more suspects and those weapons. pressure? what pressure? an 11-year-old boy tests a new golf course designed by tiger woods in the most perfect way possible. and even tiger is in awe. today, thursday, march 3, 2016. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning everybody and welcome to "today." >> a lot going on in politics. if you are a certain front runner on the gop side you are
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and a lot is negative. >> our top story is about mitt romney set to launch an all out assault on donald trump. the 2012 republican presidential nominee is planning to unload on the current frontrunner. we will talk about that with donald trump live in a moment. let's start with peter alexander in salt lake this morning. >> reporter: we just got our hands on excerpts from that speech and it is a harsh and blistering attack on donald trump and hillary clinton. it is clear that mitt romney didn't think 140 characters on twitter was enough to say this.
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america's future. harsh words from romney, slamming donald trump writing here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. the former governor and 2012 candidate not holding back adding his domestic policies would lead to recession. he has neither the temperament nor judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on the hill. trump tweeting just another desperate move by the man who should have easily beaten barack obama, misspelling the president's name. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. >> reporter: signaling new urgency in the stop trump movement. several top republicans soliciting cash from donors, highlighting trump's comments on race. >> i don't know anything about what you are talking about with
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failures. >> he hides behind bankruptcy laws to duck paying bills. >> reporter: trump's opposition remains divided. >> everybody get together to keep the frontrunner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> if you are at home and supporting another republican candidate i would tell you we would welcome you with open arms. >> reporter: the next showdown pitting trump against his rivals and moderator megyn kelly, their first face-to-face meeting in seven months. >> i have been nice to you even though i probably could not have been. >> reporter: romney will not announce his own candidacy nor that he is endorsing anyone.
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donald trump on the front cover, bully, showman, party crasher. the fifth one is unchecked. that one says president of the united states. as for tonight's debate ben carson will not be participating, hasn't suspended the campaign. but has said that he doesn't see a path forward. >> peter, thank you. >> mark halperin co-host of "with all due respect." >> good morning. >> we know what mitt romney is going to say today. with this speech does he become fractured movement to stop donald trump? >> the next two weeks are critical not just for the game but for the country in choosing who the republican nominee will be. mitt romney is choosing this moment. to say i think this is the wrong choice.
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part of a movement and effort to stop donald trump which is not going to happen just because mitt romney says so but the other candidates, john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz will have to step up at this debate to be part of this effort. >> there are different strands to this stop trump effort going on. what do you know about efforts to raise money to that end, to spend money particularly in some republican leaders openly talking about running a third acknowledge would all but assure a hillary clinton win. about the third party win. the logistics are difficult. the efforts are to raise money. some richest members of republican establishment are thinking about it. they know donald trump is far and away the best position to be
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win enough delegates for the other three candidates to keep donald trump from getting the majority. if he has the most delegates but not the majority, can they stop him at the convention. but they're not there yet. the effort from mitt romney and others today and next two weeks is can you get enough delegates to stop trump. >> it seems to make no sense for attacking each other tonight. they are all going to go after donald trump. which donald trump replies? the guy who likes to insult people or the guy who was on the stage the other night? >> the guy on stage the other night was being a big figure trying to reach the country. if they go after hard after donald trump which i suspect they will, how does he respond? based on tweets against mitt romney you think he will drop
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>> the money being spent, mitt romney trying to stop trump. is there a risk to that in the sense there are trump voters bunch of rich guys are trying to i must be on the right track. >> the establishment will not stop trump. it has to be the voters. this has to be about the appeal to voters who say this shouldn't be who we nominate. in the end it is not done here in washington, d.c. it is going to have to be based on advertising and persuasion can you appeal to voters to say go with one of the other three guys. don't go with donald trump. trump is in a commanding position for the nomination. >> thank you so much. as we mentioned we will talk to donald trump live in just a minute. first we want to talk about democrats. hillary clinton taking aim at the republican frontrunner and
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in new york. kristen welker has that. >> clinton preparing for this weekend's democratic debate and it comes as the drip, drip, drip over e-mails won't let up. hillary clinton celebrating her strong super tuesday. >> yesterday was super tuesday tonight is super wednesday. >> reporter: with a star studded fundraiser. katy perry, elton john and more. a new spotlight on her use of a private e-mail server. the justice department is brian brian pagliano who helped set up the e-mail everybodier.
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of a congressional panel he refusing to answer any questions. a clinton spokesman says the campaign is pleased pagliano is cooperating. >> i haven't started on hillary yet. >> reporter: political opponent donald trump is already vowing to play the e-mail card if they face off in november. >> i guarantee you one thing we will be talking about those e-mails every moment of every day. >> reporter: clinton has been taking aim at trump painting herself as a unifier. the "washington post" reporting the fbi could interview other clinton staffers about her e-mails. the campaign says they would welcome that in hopes of putting the matter to rest. the department of justice did not return our request for comments. >> kristen welker, thank you. this morning in houston we have our astronaut back. scott kelly is back in the u.s.
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international space station. he was greeted by close family and friends. kelly says he is just happy to be home and back here on earth. >> when i left here in february i don't know what day it was in february. i was 50 and now i'm 52. but it feels great. >> one interesting note, kelly grew two inches during his time on the international space station because the spine elongates in space. the growth spurt is expected to be temporary. joined now on the phone by the republican frontrunner, donald trump. >> mr. trump, we just got excerpts from mitt romney's speech today. he calls you among other things a phony, a fraud and playing americans for suckers.
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for my endorsement. literally begged me and he is a failed candidate. i backed him. he failed. he was a horrible candidate. he disappeared in the last month before the election. in all fairness obama is doing all of the shows and jay leno. this guy disappeared and got killed, decimated in the election. i will say this. if you look at what is happening and you see i won a lot of different states, maybe more importantly, millions and millions of people are joining the republican party. on the democratic side they are down 30%. the republicans are up higher than they have ever been because people are energized by what i'm saying. the american worker is making less money now than 12 years ago and losing all of our trade, jobs. >> i want to go back to mitt
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become a unifying voice in this fractured and frantic effort on the establishment side to stop you? >> mitt romney is a stiff. mitt romney will not get elected. mitt romney failed twice and really failed last time. he was going against a president that should have been beaten. the president was not doing well and should have been beaten. that should have been an easy election. nobody came out to vote for mitt romney. i'm talking about republicans. it is well documented. i'm not just saying this. they didn't come out to vote for mitt romney. >> you may have just answered it with that answer. tonight at the debate it seems highly likely that the three other candidates left on the republican side are going to go after you. they are going to save their fire for you. how will you respond tonight? will you be the guy who just called mitt romney a stiff or
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appear much more presidential? who is the real donald trump? >> it's different. i have these guys like this lightweight marco rubio who doesn't show up to vote for the people of florida. he has defrauded the people of florida. i can't imagine anyone from florida wanting to vote for this guy. if you take a look at what is going on, i can't act overly presidential because i will have people attacking me from every side. ben carson is not there any longer so now more time for the fighting. presidential. >> why can't you say i'm above >> because when people are angles, unfortunately, you have i would have a very, very presidential demeanor when i win, but until such time you have to hit back. when you hit back you are no longer presidential,
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>> on another topic, a lot of republican leaders have said the final straw for them was this controversy over the weekend about david duke and the kkk. you have since disavowed david duke. >> not since this. i disavowed him many times over the years. >> people were surprised at that. >> he was talking about different groups and couldn't tell me who the groups were. >> you, yourself, said i don't know who this david duke is three times. >> what i meant is i never met david duke. i know who david duke is. >> that's not what you said. >> i'll tell you what i meant. you don't know, i know. i never met david duke. standpoint i never met him. i wouldn't have anything to do with him or the kkk. everybody knows that.
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disavow. right after that i tweeted that i disavow any endorsement of david duke. >> that was just my question to give you the chance to say and convince the folks that this is not something you want. >> let me say it again for the 20th time. i disavow david duke and the kkk and anybody else who preaches hate. are you going to ask me about it in the next show? i disavow david duke and the kkk. i have been doing this from the time this question has been asked. >> right except for that one time which is why people were wondering about it. >> i don't know. >> i think we settled it. >> he was talking about groups. in all fairness to groups there may be a group that shouldn't be disavowed. i think it is unfair to a group if that is the case.
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the word groups. >> if they are a white supremacist group you don't want their vote? >> i don't want their vote. i think i said it several times and maybe better the fourth time and ninth time. i disavowed right from the beginning. >> donald trump, thank you for being with us. we appreciate you calling in. new developments in the story we brought you on wednesday what could now be a piece of wreckage from malaysia airlines 370 found off the coast of africa. tom costello broke the story. >> next week is the two-year anniversary of the disappearance. this would be only the second piece of debris washed ashore in all that time. if you look closely there is something odd about the most recent piece. photographs of the piece of
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said he found off the coast. on one side no step. but look closely. there is no sign of any marine life which raises the question, how long was it in the water? >> overnight australia's transportation minister confirmed the discovery. >> found in the water. it is of interest to us but i can't confirm that it is a piece of plane or anything to do with it. >> the confirmed piece of debris was covered in barnacles found not so far away on reunion island. blaine allen gibson is the american tourist who made the most recent discovery. >> this is definitely from an airplane. this could be from a boeing. this could be from a 777. this could possibly be from malaysia 370. we don't know yet.
7:19 am
wealthy adventure traveler. he admits he has been fascinated with mh 370 since it disappeared and meeting with families and exchanging theories. gibson says he figured there was a chance some debris could have drifted but insists he did not go looking for it. i talked to him on skype. >> i didn't think i would be finding a piece of airplane that day. i don't know what airplane it is. there have been other planes that have crashed in the indian ocean. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation say based on photographic evidence there is high probability it is part of only missing 777 in the world is malaysia airlines flight 370. the australian transport minister said the location of the debris matches the drift
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end up. it won't tell investigators where the rest of the plane is. the search remains focussed on australia which is 3,700 miles to the east of where they found this piece of debris. >> thank you. we turn to al and checking on winter's last gasp. >> that is the way we should go. >> let's show you why we are thinking this. we have the system, heavier showers and thunderstorms to the southeast. snow breaking out from chicago into lexington. we right now have winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings stretching about 600 miles and 20 million people at risk for this. we watch this low pressure system bringing snow to washington, d.c. late. this evening heavy thunderstorms around atlanta. as we move into the evening hours we look for snow spreading
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from washington, d.c. to new york light snow to richmond and intensifies. we see snow for the eastern end of massachusetts. snowfall amounts two to four inches from south hill to richmond. washington, d.c. one to three. new york city about an inch. we are going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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that's your latest weather. just ahead caught on camera. a crew of thieves yank a gun shop door right off the hinges and steal dozens of weapons. the frantic search for those suspects. erin andrews civil trial putting hotel security in the spotlight. would a clerk put someone in a room next to yours because somebody asked?
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good morning. i'm corey rose.
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happening on channel 20 for 9news 7:00 a.m. there's a special place that serves up good food and a chance to work in arvada, something the employees may not have had before. we'll take you to jack's par and grill for the scoop. the story is coming to the denver art museum. we'll get a sneak peek into the family-friendly exhibit including artifacts. let's detail some problem spots. travel time of 11 minutes between lodo and cherry creek. average speeds, 25 mph. 36, one of our lighter highway drives, but probably see something the most sun glare. some of the tougher locations, a new wreck down south near quebec. up north, this might affect folks coming in from fort collins.
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a lot of sun and warm conditions. the wind will stay in the foothills and in the front range but not down here on the plains. sunshine across most of the state, filtered sun, at times, but it will be plenty warm, mid- 60s for the front range and northeastern colorado, as well as western valleys, warmer in the southeastern state. denver, 64 degrees. wind in the foothills but not on the plains. calm tonight and a few clouds tomorrow morning, and saturday morning, but warm into the weekend.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> 7:30 on a thursday morning, thursday, march 3, 2016. we will get out to those people in just a little while. >> let's get a check of the headlines. mitt romney will share his thoughts on a presidential race in a major speech today. in excerpts out romney plans to label trump a phony, a fraud and say he is playing the american public for suckers. we talked to trump and got his reaction.
7:31 am
for my endorsement and he is a failed candidate. frankly, i backed him, he failed. he was a horrible candidate, he disappeared in the last month before the election. the republicans will face off in a debate in detroit. ben carson will skip it saying he doesn't see a path forward for his campaign. >> hillary clinton hosts the star studded fundraiser for her campaign at radio music hall. as for bernie sanders he was busy campaigning in maine ahead of the democratic caucuses there. an 11-year-old boy hitting the first shot at the new golf course in texas co-designed by tiger woods.
7:32 am
including tiger -- [ cheers and applause ] aces it from 81 yards, a hole in one. the crowd goes wild. tiger goes wild. the major champion giving the kid a well deserved hug and pat on the bat. >> tiger needs to start designing harder golf courses. that is crazy easy. >> that's your take away. >> this morning a brazen smash-and-grab at a gun store in houston caught on camera. >> this is some crazy video you will see. it is now a federal case with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and fire arms joining houston police to solve the crime. the bandits are expected to face multiple charges. an atf spokesman confirms authorities have made multiple arrests and recovered most of the weapons. the crime looks like a scene from a hollywood movie, bold,
7:33 am
in a smash-and-grab assault, a black pickup truck backs up to the store. one grabs a chain, smashes the glass doors and wraps it around the metal security gates. as the driver guns the engine and smoke billows from the tires the pickup lurches forward. and then the robbers wearing sweatshirts with hoods just run in. once inside they leap over-the-counters, smashing the glass and ransacking the place scooping up more than 50 weapons, both rifles and hand guns before making their escape dropping weapons as they run. >> a very professional operation. the entire thing took less than three minutes. >> the thought of those weapons on the street. >> frightening. let's get a check of the weather again. >> we have a big storm system coming into the west coast and
7:34 am
effect into southern california. big upper level low in the pacific. jet stream coming this way bringing a lot of moisture. the rain will pick up over the weekend. coastal ranges see heavy rain and a lot of snow from friends in the sierra. rainfall amounts we are talking some areas down to los angeles one to two inches but you get up into northern and central california seven inches plus. here is the good news for the drought. we are looking at snow pack in the sierra and snowfall of two to four feet in some spots. that is going to be very good
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>> that's your latest weather. madonna and her ex-husband battle it out in court over custody of their son. what got them both scolded by the judge. an eye opening look at hotel security. can anybody walk in and request the room right next to yours? we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. right now? yeah! that sounds great! could they guess what it was? very rich and smooth. really creamy. i keep touching my face. so what had we used? what?! wait! just water was added to this? my skin definitely feels much more radiant. that sense of having like smooth dewy skin only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream for smoother, more radiant skin. dove, your
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a strange new twist in the $75 million lawsuit brought by erin andrews. >> the civil trial was put on hold wednesday after a witness was accused of watching the secretly recorded video of erin andrews nude. he acknowledged he was at a restaurant tuesday night with friends who started watching the video. he said he asked them as quickly as he had hoped. andrews is suing the operator of the national marriott along with the convicted stalker who took that video. on wednesday, the instructor admitted that the hotel met or exceeded its duty of care during her stay. >> that's a new development. that trial is leading people to ask, how vulnerable are you in a hotel room? "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen decided to find out. jeff, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. you look at the andrews case and this is a scary thought, isn't it, that someone could track you down in a hotel and get into the
7:41 am
so, this case got us thinking, how safe are you in hotels? are they really protecting your privacy? my team and i went under cover to test hotel security, and we found hotels giving out personal information, even exact room numbers, no questions asked. the erin andrews trial making headlines this week. her stalker hatching an elaborate plot to get into the room next to her. so, we launched our own hidden camera test. how simple is it to get the room next door? we went under cover at top hotel chains. my producer, catherine, and i booking separate reservations at each hotel, using different credit cards and checking in at different times. >> just checking in, please. >> reporter: catherine checks in first. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: then i go in later. all i have is her name. will they put me near her? let's start at this marriott. catherine checks in. >> catherine, you're going to be on the sixth floor, all the way to your right. >> reporter: she heads upstairs.
7:42 am
remember, we have no connection to each other in the system. my friend krath rein nathanson is staying here. can i stay in the room next to her? >> i'm not able to give out where her room number would be without her permission, so i'm not able to just give you the room next to her. >> reporter: good news, he won't put me anywhere near her. but things are about to take a turn at this hilton. catherine checks in. >> in the room with the king-sized bed on the 19th floor. >> perfect. >> reporter: when i arrive later, listen to what the clerk tells me. my friend krath catherine na nathanson is staying here. can i stay in the room next to her? >> got you. on the 19th floor. >> next to catherine, right? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: this is my room, 1922. you can see the key card works. if i was a predator, i would be feet away from the woman i was targeting. i would know she's in one of these rooms over here. luckily, this is just an experiment. that's my producer, catherine. and she told me they were putting her across the hall. hey. >> hello, there. >> reporter: they put me right
7:43 am
no one called. no one alerted me you were coming up. i would have had no idea that you were right next door to me. >> reporter: but what happens at these next two hotels is even more surprising. first, this radisson. >> on the ninth floor. >> to your left side. >> thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: okay, catherine is in, heading to her room. later, i check in. my friend, catherine nathanson is staying in the hotel. can i be right next to her? >> i was trying to do that, but somebody's in that room. >> so, where will i be? >> 941. 31. she's in 1927. incredible. at this hotel, there is no protocol at all. 927. if i were some sort of stalker, here she is. isolated case. watch what happens at this crowne plaza. >> thank you. >> reporter: catherine checks in and goes upstairs.
7:44 am
is the room right next to her open? >> the room across, is that okay? >> across from her? is the one next to her available? >> okay, is it okay if you're across? >> no problem. i'm in 202 and she's in 201? it just happened again. i'm on the second floor and for the second time today, a clerk put me here and gave me her room number, 201, no questions asked. it happened again. >> it's scary. >> reporter: the hotels later telling nbc news they take safety and security very seriously, the crowne plaza adding "what happened falls below our expectations." radisson saying it's instructing hotel management to immediately comply with applicable standards and procedures. operated. and from hilton "we are investigating and addressing the incident thoroughly." very concerning. >> reporter: when we shared our results with security expert steve cardigan, he was appalled. >> with an investigative report like this, it's going to be a
7:45 am
put in place policies and procedures that will keep our loved ones safe. >> reporter: experts say if you want to be completely safe when you check in, be preemptive. tell the clerk you're not expecting anyone and if anybody asks to be near you, the front desk should call you first. >> and she says she's got that little step she takes where she immediately goes to front desk and changes rooms. >> that's a great idea. >> or check in like you do, under jack daniel's. [ laughter ] sorry, i shouldn't have revealed that? >> that's what i do once i'm in the room. jeff, thank you. jus acting? what he is saying about future in hollywood. how a young girl's use of emoji landed her under arrest. how a young girl's use we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay
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7:50 am'll blossom. find low prices on the things that make easter fun and delicious. walmart. 7:49, let's see what carson is working on. >> more and more emojis are becoming a language of their own. facebook has six reaction buttons. in 2015 oxford's dictionary choose emoji for award of the year. you have bombs, guns, knives. recently a 12-year-old girl was arrested based on her emoji use in instagram post reading killing, mimi in the library tuesday and.
7:51 am
should the use of violent emojis be treated at threats? 64% saying no. some wondering why the violent emojis are available. these types of questions are sure to continue as emojis aren't going away anytime soon. >> they think it is a joke. >> misinterpreted. tina fey tees off on hollywood. why she said she didn't enjoy the time in the oscars. first see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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7:56 am
reached. hello. i'm gary shapiro. here is what is coming up on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. this morning. lakewood police have three people in custody, and they say they may be connected to a craigslist deal that went bad.
7:57 am
while responding to an ad. please believe it was drug- related. today the u.s. honor flag will arrive in colorado to honor fallen park county deputy nate carrigan, flying over flat afternoon. it's all about thinking ahead and planning your garden and now is the time to start working with the onions and the shallots. 9news gardening expert rob joins us for a "how to" explanation. let's check the weather and traffic. >> when do we plant our bulbs? >> we'll ask rob in a couple of minutes. >> our drive today on the thursday start, busy. santa fe, south of i25, florida, a crash. c-470, two separate recollection in the eastbound directions, possibly sun glare a factor, 22 mph is your slowest spot there, a stall on
7:58 am
to iliff. a live look here. the cherry creek dam road and hanson and havana, running very busy, so no easy alternate. >> that's too bad. a lot of sun, from the cdot camera, and we'll keep that throughout the day today, dry conditions across colorado with gusty winds in the foothills, running pretty close to 50 mph at the top of berthoud pass, dry across the state with 40s and 50s in the northern mountains, look for a lot of 60- degree readings from western colorado down through the arkansas valley and throughout most of the eastern colorado, high clouds, and the wind stays in the foothills. mid-30s tonight. tomorrow and saturday, a little bit cooler, and we might actually get a light shower of rain or snow in the fool late
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up marcus donna's family feud. the pop star and guy ritchie scolded by a judge as their custody battle over son rocco plays out in court. >> and live from new york, it's saturday night! >> then, live from new york, it's willie geist. willie puts his comedic chops to the test on the nightshift as an intern at "snl." >> we've got a great show for you tonight. kanye west is here. >> hey, intern, intern, do you see coffee in my hand? i need a coffee in my hand.
8:01 am
plus, it's a full house in studio 1a. >> damn, we all still look good. >> john stamos stops by with big news for the reboot of his beloved sitcom. and producer, singer and songwriter pharrell williams is here with a preview of the new season of "the voice." >> i am so glad someone like you is on this show. >> today, thursday, march 3rd, 2016. [ cheers and applause ] >> hi to all our friends in florida! we made it! >> all the way from -- >> pennsylvania! >> new mexico! >> alabama! >> i'm 10 today! >> whoo! >> college on spring break! >> hey, matt! >> whoo!
8:02 am
it's thursday, march 3rd, 2016. what a happy crowd out here! fired up. a little chilly out here on our plaza. al says it's stark weather. and wait, throwback thursday is on, "eye of the tiger." >> pumped up watching donald trump this morning, the big gop debate tonight in the motor city. it's coming down to it, the fight. >> it is. it's battle time. >> cool. just ahead, very excited. we've got a major announcement. what we're going to be doing to team up with the white house. >> okay, but first, let's get this half hour started with a check of the morning's top stories and natalie's over at the news desk. hey, nat. >> good morning once again. as the candidates prepare for tonight's republican presidential debate, mitt romney is leading a new charge to stop donald trump. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in salt lake city, case against trump today. peter, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, natalie, good morning to you. that speech expected only a few hours from now. it's going to be a stunning day. you have the 2012 republican presidential nominee attacking
8:03 am
party's 2016 nominee. we know from mitt romney's aides that he will not endorse any other candidates and also will not announce his own candidacy for president, but he will attack donald trump in harsh terms. we have a look at some of the excerpts this morning, including this -- "here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university," romney will say. "he's playing the american public for suckers -- he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat." donald trump responded earlier on "today." >> mitt romney is a stiff. mitt romney will not get elected. mitt romney failed twice and really failed last time. he was going against a president that should have been beaten. the president was not doing well and he should have been beaten. >> reporter: the real question in this antiestablishment campaign season is whether anybody thinks that mitt romney, in effect, the symbol of the
8:04 am
say anything that will stop donald trump's trajectory headed toward the nomination. natalie, back to you. >> all right, peter alexander in salt lake city. thank you, peter. a former energy company ceo facing federal charges was killed in a car accident just announced. oklahoma city police say aubrey mcclendon drove his suv into a bridge early wednesday morning at a high rate of speed. the former chesapeake energy ceo was accused of rigging bids to buy oil and natural gas leases. the 56-year-old denied the charges. the cause of yesterday's crash is under investigation. madonna and ex-husband guy ritchie have failed to settle the custody dispute over their son, rocco. the teenager's still living with his father in london, months after a judge ordered him back to madonna in new york. on wednesday, the judge said she was disappointed with both sides. >> reporter: harsh words for madonna and ex-husband guy ritchie during a custody hearing
8:05 am
son, rocco ritchie. a judge warning them, "if the parents cannot resolve this matter, the courts will." >> the judge said it was extremely troubling to her that guy ritchie and madonna had not been able to work the situation out privately yet. >> reporter: neither parent was in court. another spoke after calling in on speakerphone. ritchie is at home in london while madonna is currently on world tour. according to attorneys for both sides, the two were on the verge of a custody agreement that's fallen through. >> i would not say the attorneys were amicable with each other. in particular, with each other. >> reporter: in december new york supreme court justice ordered the teenager to return to new york with madonna after the teen left for london. rocco has been living with richie and going to school there. the attorney said the uncertainty of the ordeal has been difficult on him. >> the judge said both parents had chosen to live a public
8:06 am
and urged both parents to take this out of the public forum. >> reporter: the judge did rule the proceeding would be open to the press but only with still pictures with madonna and richie listening in silence the judge said i'm optimistic there will be a resolution. next hearing set for may. a florida man knew something was in his swimming pool when he saw bubbles. 9 foot long alligator came from the pond at a nearby golf course. a trapper removed the intruder from the deep end. he said he never imagined one at his house or in his pool. there. so nice and warm in the deep end. >> you come home from a run and
8:07 am
>> remember when we saw bubbles coming out with you? [ laughter ] could have been a gator in there. >> where are we going with this? coming up next, a new device that promises to help you avoid the dangers of texting and walking. one of hollywood's biggest stars ready to give up acting? what george clooney is revealing. and willie as an intern at "snl." first these messages. the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. p with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards
8:08 am
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... and free of things i don't. just like chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. eat up, me hearties! keep it down!
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at johnson's, the products in our bath time routine work together like a team. the washes with the shampoos, the shampoos with the lotions. a combination designed to help improve your baby's skin barrier while you stimulate his senses. with johnson's, the more you put in, johnson's . so much more we're back. 8:11. time for trending. let's start off with modern society and a possible solution. do you agree texas and walk
8:12 am
texting and walking is bad? >> i do. you can trip while doing it. there is a new product called the urban periscope. redirecting your vision by 90 degrees. >> apparently it is real. no details on when it is released. you can just stop texting for a moment. >> you really never texted and walked. >> i stop sometimes and text if i have to. i can't stand when people are coming towards me like this. >> the teenager on his hoverboard and texting. >> that is a disaster. >> everybody has had the dream where you find some kind of treasure in the trash.
8:13 am
actually happened. they found seven rare baseball cards dating back at least 100 years. the cards picture ty cobb considered one of the best players of all time. they can be worth several million dollars. they were in a paper bag at the bottom and could have easily thrown them in the trash. >> i'm going to go through all the paper bags in the trash now. talk about the players who may have the best laugh in the game. that is him on the left laughing. he plays for the brewers. the team showing how he can't hold it together when he told a corny joke. >> aft it was hot. >> all the fans left. [ laughter ] >> breathe.
8:14 am
>> what did the duck say to bartender? >> quack? >> put it on my bill. [ laughter ] very good. i like that one. >> he's taking in too much air. >> oh, my god. corny jokes. >> one more of those in there. he's famous in the league for his laugh. i think you can all see why. >> so funny. >> can you imagine spending an afternoon with you, al, all your funny jokes? >> he wouldn't be able to breathe. now, tina fey's tough talk on hollywood and is george clooney walking away from acting? >> first, tina fey not mincing any words. she presented at the oscars on sunday alongside steve carell and apparently wasn't thrilled with how political the show got. stern on wednesday. >> i'm so glad i live here, because like halfway through, i hollywood bull [ bleep ]. >> right. >> it's like, everyone's telling me, like, what to do, and we're
8:15 am
and also, like, you're all rich, like, why are you yelling at me about corporate greed? you're all so rich. >> do you get turned off when leonardo dicaprio starts using the podium to talk about climate change? >> no. i think he -- i'm always psyched when someone can articulate those things, because let's face it, actors are very stupid. >> tina fey saying that she found the hollywood hypocrisy -- sorry -- a little too much to stomach. next, george clooney's one of the biggest stars in the world, acts and directs, but in a new interview saying getting older may force him to stay permanently behind the camera, telling the bbc recently "nobody wants to see anybody really aging. it's a very unforgiving thing, the cameras, so aging becomes something you try to do less and less on screen." he said that acting is fun, but adding" you really understand that when you age, you can't stay on the camera your whole life." >> he could be 90 -- >> robert redford -- >> george clooney. >> harrison ford. >> exactly.
8:16 am
finally, dwayne "the rock" johnson is getting ready to star in the movie version of "baywatch," playing the role made famous by david hassell hoff asselhoff. and on his facebook page, he announced another addition to the cast. >> listen, i don't know if the world is ready for both of us. are you ready? >> come on, man, rocking the hoff, i was born ready! >> he was born ready. there ain't no "bay" without the hoff. get ready, world. >> duane says the hoff has been in training, so cue the slow-mo running on the beach. the "baywatch" movie expected to hit theaters next year. that is your "pop start." >> should be fun. carson, thank you very much. al? all right, ready for a big warm-up? >> yeah. >> are you ready for a big warm-up? >> yeah! >> okay, here we go. today, temperatures out west ten degrees above average, five below average here in the northeast, going to stay that way through the weekend. but then we flip the switch, and boom! by the time we get on into
8:17 am
above average stretching from the plains all the way to the east. and the folks out west see the colder temperatures coming in. that's what's going on around the co willie here will talk about his internship at snl. first talk about this announcement. >> we have been talking about time for the big reveal. i think i will let the lady of
8:18 am
since we planted our white house kitchen garden and created our lets move initiative to help kids i have heard from people who have been inspired to grow their own guard skpnz change how eat. i plan to get out and visit some of these folks. i am so excited to tell their stories and to thank them for the amazing work they are doing. that starts today. >> that's right. the first lady hitting the road on a tour of the garden. this spring in honor of one of her first initiatives the white house kitchen garden planted seven years ago sparking a conversation about health and wellness that evolved to the let's move initiative. now she is traveling bripging stories of local gardens at schools, back yards and less conventional spaces. she surprised two schools and deserving families. so who knows?
8:19 am
i will be tracking her progress closely and swinging by a few stops to lend her a green thumb along the way. this is very, very cool. >> amazing. >> secret service wrestling that radish to the ground. >> the white house garden -- instagram. go to whkitchengarden. now to up to the job. we are to willie's internship. intern at "snl." >> my internship was the week that melissa mccarthy was hosting y. realize i may have come off as bit eager.
8:20 am
>> i get to be an intern at "snl." i get to meet the cast. here is secily strong. >> no hug. you are an intern today. they don't get to hug me. >> what do i get to do today? >> you are going to get me coffee and who knows what else? it's a crazy place. >> cue cards. the life line for all cast members and guest hosts. the maestro running the department since 1990. >> if you need a cue card for live from new york -- >> writing the cards is one thing but being the guy holding the show on your hands live on a saturday night is something else all together. >> a lot of you thought the cul-de-sac was one of the scariest. >> y'all are twisted and i like that. >> that is great to hear. show of hands, how many of you experienced a jump scare? >> you are getting it. >> i feel like that is almost as stressful as being on thereat
8:21 am
>> costumes are almost as iconic as the stars. the wardrobe department is run by dale rich whoords has been with the show for 27 years. he was excited to dress me up in a special design. >> do i have a choice in the matter? >> put this on over the leotard. >> can you not get your head through? >> nothing to it. >> this goes on here and you are like ready for primetime. >> yesterday i was in new hampshire covering a presidential primary and here i am today. >> once i peeled myself out of the leotard i sneaked into the beating heart of "saturday night live," the writer's room. >> pitch out ideas and see how they land. supermarket spree. >> we are back with the final
8:22 am
get ready to shop in three, two, one, go. >> where are you shooting this? >> garfield, new jersey. >> i bet they don't like mondays there. >> are there other ideas of stuff to put in the cart. >> i think it would be funny if puts a bunch of tomatoes in there or like you can do drier sheets. that's funny. >> is there just other funny stuff melissa can say when she is shopping? >> i think it would be great if melissa is like i brought coupons, something like that. do you guys need coffee or anything? >> that would be awesome. >> take as long as you want.
8:23 am
institution wen the institution of "snl." 1975. these days it is colin jost and michael che. >> you came in without knocking. >> what are you working on? >> just -- >> check it out. >> sure. >> wouldn't make the cut for your show? i feel like i have heard some of these already. >> i will let you get back to work. before i go i wrote a little screen play. i figured i would leave it with you guys. >> the couch is -- >> just spend your sunday with it and let me know what you think on monday morning. >> jilly ae jilly? >> willie.
8:24 am
>> this is great. >> how cool is this? a get my name right. a huge thanks to everybody at "snl." it is so rare to get to walk into that kingdom and wander around. the show returns this weekend. i want to thank everybody there except dale richards in wardrobe who puts you in a women's medium pink leotard for his own amusement. >> pink legs there. >> i think. thank you. >> i thought your garfield joke was funny. >> thank you.
8:25 am
>> coming up, it is a full house here in orange room. john stamos hanging out right
8:26 am
lowe defencemen. . lowe defencemen.
8:27 am
here is what is happening on channel 20. before sunrise, the twitter war was raging. donald trump responds to mitt romney calling him a fraud and phoney. a lot of people are wondering how much it cost it moves in to our neighbors to the north. an old house had a figurative gold mine inside that is sure to have baseball fans everywhere very excited. let's check the weather and traffic with marty and amelia. >> good morning. the thursday drive is slowing down volume-wise, a couple crashes on the side streets causing delays. a live look, 25 and emerson, southbound, standard wrap one.
8:28 am
recollection. 20 minutes, a long drive for that stretch. >> yes. no weather issues to speak of. we continue to see gusty winds in the front range mountains and foothills. that's really the only place in the state with any significant wind. temperatures today will be running between 10 and 15 degrees above the average for today's date. in the 60s at lower terrain, in the west, front range and east, 60s to near 70s in southeastern colorado. today, denver, sunshine, 64 degrees, wind in the foothills, not down here on the plains. through the night, calm conditions, clear early on, 30s for the overnight lows. tomorrow and saturday, both a little bit cooler. we start picking up the cool, east wind and tomorrow that will kick off a few showers in the foothills. the clouds stick around for the mornings and got for the afternoons.
8:29 am
comes monday with a bit of snow mixed in maybe, but mostly nice
8:30 am
8:30 on a thursday morning. that young man right there is a youtube sensation, rising star, something like 4 million subscribers to his channel and counting. his first album climbs billboard charts. >> also ahead full house fans are still going wild for "fuller
8:31 am
look who is here john stamos. they just announced season two. >> didn't take long. >> another huge star pharrell williams with the low down on the new season of "the voice." such tremendous talent already. >> looks a little nervous. >> let's show you what we have going on. your weekend starting off with snow around the great lakes. a little light snow along southeast coast. saturday heavy rain throughout california. sunny skies return to the northeast. chilly, snow around central great lakes. sunday the heavy rain moves into southern california. the sunshine hangs around in the northeast.
8:32 am
coast. >> taking pictures, making people happy. they are so happy. matt, back to you. >> thank you very much. hard to believe it has been more than 20 years since the final episode of "fullhouse". the world has been busy catching up with the tanners and extended family including beloved uncle jesse in the reboot "fuller house." >> for your first aunt talk i
8:33 am
>> i gave you like 1,000 uncle talks. you forgot two important words. >> have mercy. >> no. how rude. >> john stamos welcome back. >> make a promise let's not get physical with each other. >> you slapped me next time. >> it is good to have you here. >> this whole word of fuller house just leaked. you were encouraged by the initial reaction hoping it would last until the show came out. wow. >> we did the shows and they were sweet and cute. i was worried because the anticipation really built up from the time we finished. >> it is trending everywhere and renewed for a second season. >> i'm very grateful. i think it makes people feel comfort seeing that house and the character like you are comfort food. >> that's nice. i'm a comfortable pair of slippers.
8:34 am
of people, the original show. what was your time stamp show? what show did you watch as a young man that takes you back to that period? >> happy days. i did general hospital first but i wanted to be on those type of com sitcoms. >> you said i'm everyone's uncle but you said you spent a lot of time in your career after the show trying to shed uncle jesse. what made you decide it was okay to embrace him again? >> time has passed. i remember the first guy i called was my mentor and he said go to the theater. i came out here and did quite a few broadway shows and i felt like i'm an actor now. people love it so much. it means so much to them that i'm lucky that i can make people happy with that. >> i want to apologize in
8:35 am
question is the same question i asked you last time you were here. i know you wanted the olsen twins to come on. is it still a viable possibility? >> they are totally welcome. i was going to see ashley last night and beg her. we would love to have them. i have a good feeling about it. >> it's a bit of an embarrassment of riches for you. it's nice but you have another show "grand fathered." it's going strong. do you think there are a lot of actors who never get the chance for one and i have these opportunities? >> every day. i am living in a period of gratefulness. my life has never been better. i wake up every day thankful. >> settle one thing for me. are you still playing with them from time to time? >> i just -- we were in florida last week. i came here to promote "fuller house."
8:36 am
they are doing 175 shows and sounding better than i heard them sound. >> i want to trade lives with you. good for you. always nice to have you. >> and fuller house is streaming on netflix. up next great birthday party ideas for kids of all age whose are celebrating something
8:37 am
8:38 am
mess on their birthday and we will be there for the cleanup. >> we are back at 8:38 celebrating a big birthday. parenting team is turning one year old working with johnson we tackled all kinds of issues from
8:39 am
raising kids. this morning we are all about birthdays. three members of our team are here to share quick and easy ideas for throwing great parties. amanda, good morning. >> i have the 1 year old birthday. you can dress up the high chair. >> so we did this very easy. pieces of tulle tied in knots all around this elastic. no sewing. so adorable and after the party dressup. >> you have the idea of letting the kids play in a kiddy pool. >> whenever you are entertaining 1 year olds usually they are happy when they get to sit. cups. >> i love glitter but makes
8:40 am
if you use mogpauj. you put it on top. this is dish washer safe. you can put these in the dish washer. they will stay. i added head bands. the head band takes care of that. >> and then the bubble machines. this is huge. >> bubbles make kids happy so easy. grab a bunch of stuff from the dollar store and there you go. >> thank you so much. those are great ideas. let's talk about the 5-year-old set. >> good morning. >> we have elizabeth over there. we are camping for 5 year olds. >> such a fun theme. these guys are going to love it. we are starting with paper camp fires. cinnamon sticks. glue them together beforehand. andrew will wrap this around the candle and using that glue stick he will put it right together so
8:41 am
away. >> we love that. >> fire flies in a bottle. >> all you need is a mason jar and led lights. they can use it as a night light. >> we have elizabeth making smores. >> open flames and 5 year olds don't mix. we pretoasted the marshmallows. she will drizzle it on top and add some graham crackers. it is an activity but a good snack. >> nicely done. trail mix? >> i like an open snack station where kids can take boxes and fill them up. we have hershey kisses, hershey bars and marshmallows and a diy tent. this is on our website. put books in, it is perfect. >> thank you so much. >> thank you guys. thank you so much.
8:42 am
let's go back to savannah. >> last but not least a great theme for 10 year old birthday party emoejee ee mojis. >> it is their second language. our big draw is the big photo wall. we will create emoji balloons. we got the construction paper and they are going to put those together and make this fun back drop. it is do it themselves. >> and then these really fun emoji stickers. we did invitations using emojis so that is fun. they are going to grab fun props for our emoji wall. >> you have the wall. >> and then we make these really fun from the grocery store props and foam fingers. they can take the snaps. easy. paper plates and construction
8:43 am
super cute. >> food we have smily face emoji. we made them into sandwiches and yellow cups with hearts. >> thank you so much. >> it's your turn to go to coming up next, music superstar and voice coach
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45 with "the voice" on "today" pharrell williams has found tremendous success.
8:46 am
on season ten. >> something special about you. we can't offer you prime spot in the county fair. >> what does that mean? >> anytime anyone says nashville it's like who do you think is your coach? >> nashville. >> anytime nashville they think team blake. >> it doesn't matter what it is that they came on there they are planning to do. when they say that word. >> do you have a secret weapon like the thing that you have over the other coaches? >> no. just please come on my team. >> he plays the nice game. >> we had a great moment where this woman -- we had her here, she did a gretchen wilson song. you guys all turned for her and she goes to adam and gives christina a kiss and the look on
8:47 am
>> i heard people kept saying some face i made. i can't watch myself. >> i was noticing we played this clip and you were looking everywhere. yourself. >> do you like hearing yourself >> i do not. >> how does it make you feel? >> embarrassed. >> welcome to my world. i'm a producer. in my mind when i hear my voice it's like don't say that. and it's like if you called somebody and left somebody a voice mail about giving them advice you cringe. >> you wouldn't want to hear it. >> you are a producer. what is it like when you hear a voice and you have a young lady who is like 16, young girl singing "good bye yellow brick road."
8:48 am
coming from a 15 year old what does that feel like to you? she is so young and talented. >> i think emily is 17. she is something else. like being on the show has reminded me that as humans that it is special. every once in a while you see someone like 15 or 16 or 17 and they are emotionally not asthma chur as the voices are but the voices have depth. why are you able to communicate and convey it so well? it just shocks you. that is the ability to find these people. i don't know where they are finding these people.
8:49 am
like some catch on fire and put it out. >> voices from god. >> you are like where did you get that from. singing -- >> to cows on a farm. >> and you are going you never heard of robert johnson. i don't know who or what that is. >> where does that come from? >> upstate new york singing like folk music. >> we have christina back but then gwen is on blake's team as an adviser. >> what is it like? are they like -- is it fun on the set? are they lovy dovey? >> it is popping off. and it is so beautiful because being there i watch the both of them go through a lot. you hate to see your friends go through something so heavy.
8:50 am
watching that and i had no idea. and then blake sends me a text message and i'm like whoa. >> awesome. >> carson said he didn't know either. >> you would never guess it. >> thank you so much. we're so happy to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> catch the next round of blind auditions. "the voice" monday here on nbc. coming up next, more music and live performance.
8:51 am
8:52 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> 20-year-old singer, song
8:53 am
been performing since he was 8 years old. he recently debuted his album. nice to have you here. you act, you sing, you song write. you are going to sing a song for us called "youth." is it a little auto bigraphical? >> i wrote the song about a year ago now and being young and having no idea what i'm doing with my life and how it is completely fine because i am young. >> having fun at the same time. >> basically. >> are you going to sing it for us now? >> yes. i'm going to do it. what if we left today
8:54 am
and when the lights are flashing and the stars exploded my youth run away now forever my youth is yours my youth
8:55 am
when the lights are flashing at the photo booth and the stars exploded we'll
8:56 am
8:57 am
i'm gary shapiro with the 9news update. we have confirmed that the park county under-sheriff has been suspended and a sergeant has quick, one week after a park county deputy was shot and killed. park county sheriff says, it doesn't have anything to do with the planning and execution of serving the eviction notice that led to nate carrigan's death. instead he says it has to do with actions surrounding the shooting. marty coniglio joins us now with the forecast. things will be warming up again. >> they will be warm around here today, dry state-wide,
8:58 am
wind in the front range mountains and foothills and, even there, 35 mph seems the worst it will get during the day. 60s for the front range, northern colorado and northeastern plains, 70s down south. around here, sunny and dry conditions, windy in and near the foothills tonight, clearing for a bit. we calm down nicely around here then. tomorrow and saturday, a few clouds around, and into the lower 60s, light showers in the foothills after 4:00 that won't do much and won't stick around very long. sunday is your warm day for the weekend with breezes kicking in. we could see rain and snow mixed
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
>> your team tells me three seconds before the show that we can't show it but i will go -- >> here is elmo. >> can we pick it up? >> can we pick it up?
9:02 am
>> the control room isn't buying it. >> i will do something for charity. >> they are not going for it. >> go to youtube. >> they're going to another camera. >> there's more than one camera, tamron. >> you can't win this game. >> no. >> we have to take her to vegas. >> yes. >> the odds are against you, my dear. >> i will find you downstairs, camera people. >> they're up here. you've been in television how long? >> i got it. i got it. >> darn it. >> i'm glad there is a children's version because the real version -- >> do not play it for your children or i'll have to baby sit them.
9:03 am
it's spontaneity, a whole other thing. >> you never know what's going to happen on this hour. >> good song. >> e-mail me and i'll send it to you. >> maybe they could go online themselves. >> they can find it. >> do you know how the internet works? >> if you want to see this -- >> are you sure you want to get 100,000 e-mails? >> i'm on medicine that makes me loopy. >> here is the bigger deal. willie got a chance to work -- >> yes. >> work, work, work, work, work. >> maybe if you had done that sooner transition would have worked. >> wow. >> he was an inten on "snl." >> everyone is coming at me. guess who's not going to crack? me. willie, my besty on this table, got a chance to intern at "snl." >> i did. >> i was told by our team to ask you a few questions. let's show it first and i'll get to the questions.
9:04 am
>> where are you guys shooting this? >> garfield, new jersey. >> garfield, i bet they don't like mondays there. >> is there just other funny stuff melissa can say when she is shopping? >> i think it would be great if melissa just walks in and she's like, i brought coupons, something like that. >> you guys need coffee or anything? >> that would be awesome. >> that would be great. >> oh, my gosh. >> i like the garfield joke. >> we'll show the whole piece later. i want to make one thing clear. i got a lot of tweets. your jokes were terrible. that was the point. it was a bit we were doing. we'll show the full piece later. loren michaels, got bless him allowed us to go in with our cameras for a full day. you'll get a look at "snl" that most people have never seen before. >> he's considered one of the
9:05 am
>> he is the top. >> he's the top of the food chain. >> absolutely. >> this play explain why willie was willing to dress in a variety of costumes that -- listen -- >> oh, my gosh. >> what people at home don't know, willie is the nicest guy, however, he has a line in the sand about certain things like costumes, what he won't do. >> tights. >> tights. >> we have an eminem contest coming up later. >> i'm in. >> they told me you weren't in. how did you get in that costume? >> the head of wardrobe at "snl," dale richards, a great guy. >> friend of ours. >> he's the most respected man in all of wardrobing. >> right. >> he said -- >> not anymore after he made you that. >> he said we don't let people in this room. i like you, i'm going to let you in. loren said you can come in, on one condition, you're putting that on.
9:06 am
>> he said, no, get in the costume. >> were you part of a skit? >> no, that was a skit coming up that week. >> we'll see this whole thing coming up? >> yes. >> this is the week that kanye was there with the whole meltdown. >> melissa mccarthy. >> kanye wasn't there yet. we were there earlier in the week. the music don't show up until friday. >> you stole the show. >> yes. >> i'll see you like that now. >> be mine. >> be mine. >> all right. so how excited are we for the return of all of our friends from "finding nemo" with a new "finding dori" 13 years after "finding nemo," the sequel, brand new trailer. take a look. >> i'm looking for my family. >> are you crazy? >> it's dow dank -- too
9:07 am
>> how do you hold your eyes open that long? >> i have to blink. >> what's happening? hello. hello. >> hey you. >> hi, can you help me? >> huh-uh. not good. >> cannot wait. >> i cannot wait. >> my oldest, josh when he was a baby we used to put that on, "finding nemo" he would be mesmerized watching that. >> ellen degeneres, eugene levy at her dad. in theaters june 17th. mark the calendar. >> my kids weren't born yet when it came out and have gone back. >> just keep swimming. >> so that is coming up in june. coming up right now a big surprise for a florida family. visitor in the swimming pool on tuesday.
9:08 am
was. skrag and laura craig and laura live near a golf course. craig saw bubbles in the pool and assumed it was from a stray golf ball but instead this guy, a nine foot alligator. the alligator made a hole in the patio screen, got through the screen and into the pool. a trapper used a lasso to remove the gator. you think you are okay with the screen. >> the trapper has bear feet. >> the gator is like don't! it is like a tropical paradise. >> i have snacks. hold on. i had a hat. >> my gosh. >> nine footer. >> look at that. that's pretty crazy. we talk about m&ms. anniversary of m&m's. dylan has a story coming up. >> she went up to a factory here in new jersey that makes m&ms. we have new flavors for you guys
9:09 am
there is coffee nut. we have honey nut and chili nut. currently available in new york city, orlando, vegas. >> our faces are on these m&ms. >> there is willie's face. >> i'm more of a traditional person when it comes to chocolate. >> there is al. >> these are al m&ms. >> pretty good. >> al, yours, too. ee lots of m&m. s. they're calorie-free. >> what's going on right now? >> a bunch of folks liked us a lot yesterday. we were like at 315 yesterday. look today. 327. that's a big jump. so please go to take.
9:10 am
unbelievable. so please we will send you -- we can get to 350 today we pick somebody's name out of the hat and send you m&ms with our faces on them. we have heavy thunderstorms to the south. into indiana. at. winter weather advisory, storm watches and warnings, 20 million people at risk. stretches over 600 miles. here is the storm. slight snow developing midwest. rain and thunderstorms back tonight around rush hour a mess in atlanta. so if you are flying in or out of there forget about it. later this evening snow developing washington, d.c. back to indianapolis and as we move into the morning rush hour it's snow from washington up to new york with heavy showers and thunderstorms accumulating snow generally two to four inches to the south of new york city.
9:11 am
fort wayne seeing snow and more snow, heavier snow richmond to south hill, philadelphia one to two. that's what is going on around the country. here is what is happening in your neck of the woods. what just came out? >> we will be showing you. >> the new girls ghost busters. >> i thought we saw a trailer. >> no trailers yet. >> this is big.
9:12 am
>> we'll get to that coming up. a good time to get your house on the market. >> bless you. >> you can't sneeze on tv. >> have a green m&m. >> what do those mean again? >> haven't you heard approximate green m&ms. xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that. i didn't have to. we started on xarelto . nice pass. safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily p and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. p xarelto may increase your risk of bleeding
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9:15 am
not spring yet but it's busier than ever. >> before you buy or sell any home, there are things you know before getting the most for your money. here to tell us about them realtor mike aubrey. you look like a realtor i would trust. you got the look going on. but you also say this is a strong market. this spring is the time to strike. >> don't be confused by the weather outside, tamron. the spring market is already here. i haven't had a day off in more than a month. that's how busy i am right now. inventory across the country is at an all-time low.
9:16 am
30-year fixed loan, 3 and 5/8. we're in a position where rent is so high that buyers really need to go out and buy in this market as opposed to rent because it's not a decision. >> they go to an open house or viewing. what's the first thing you think about? >> i think one of the first things to look for is in the house in good order? essentially, are you seeing a house that looks like somebody wanted to actually sell it or have they not put enough time in it to do that. if they do that, they want to change the filters. turn around and walk away quick. >> that is the same kitchen. >> cleaned up. there are a lot of red flags. you talk about pricing your home right, not to go too high. what's the advice there? >> i think even though it's a seller's market, you don't want to overestimate your position. buyers now are smarter than we've ever seen. i think that what's going on with that is, if you overprice, you'll lengthen your days on market.
9:17 am
be smart. >> talking about being a seller. skur be appeal is important. what should i have as a seller? >> what you're looking for. the thing with the most impact for you as a seller is walls and floors. that really makes a difference. i think that just the sweat equity, putting paints on walls and changing flooring, that will resonate with buyers and give you a chance for a good sale. >> you see the clutter there and what you've done is cleared it out. a nice paint job, simple but clean. >> cleaned up lines. got rid of the really tacky border along the ceiling. we made it look like a place somebody would want to buy. >> if i wanted to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom, what's a cheap way to do it without a renovation renovation renovation? >> go with mid level upgrades.
9:18 am
to viking or something else. those are the things you buy in a house not sell in a house. >> how much should we spend on upgrades? is there a percentage? >> not really a percentage. you have to spend money to make money. most of the time i have my clients spend $10,000 to $15,000 to prepare their house for market. >> this is a bathroom makeover. that seems relatively simple. >> it is. they used ceramic tile as opposed to marble. >> i want to know what that guy has been doing in his tub. >> these are real pictures. >> what's going on. mike aubrey, good to see you. >> thank you, mike. up next, your first look, as promised. the new ghostbusters movie. >> it's so good! >> al has already seen it. >> he's already seen it. we're going to share with you after this.
9:19 am
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9:22 am
let's get your plans started with jump-start. >> finally got there. >> with all the entertainment news you don't want to miss, we have her here. >> the ghostbusters reboot trailer is out. >> yes. >> check it out. >> that's okay. she seems peaceful. >> i'm erin gilbert. doctor of -- >> this is going to be so good. look at -- basically you have the four ladies who take over. the trailer is online now. you can find it. we'll post-it on our facebook page. it's pretty good. >> looks so good. i'm so excited about it.
9:23 am
another good funny movie. tina fey in it. >> she plays a news producer stuck at a desk job in new york. gets an opportunity to be a correspondent in afghanistan. it's a dramedy. it has comedic moments. brought to you by the directors of crazy, stupid love. it's got chemistry going on with the bodyguards. it's an interesting look at life behind the scenes covering the war. >> interesting storyline. >> good adult stuff. everybody, children of all ages looking forward to zoo taupe i can't. >> this is a movie that critics love, by the way. it's for parents and kids. it basically reimagines a world in which animals live in cities and hamsters play businessmen and bunnies play cops. idris elba is the chief of police. it's fun for the family. >> great message, too. >> great message that you can be what you want to be. >> i love that.
9:24 am
>> she has a lead single off the soundtrack. called try everything. it's empowering pop song. fun to dance to and work out to. she wanted her hips to be curvyier to look more like her. good role model, shakira. >> talking about music. new one by ray -- >> it was amazing. like a sumptuous rock album. it's his sixth studio album so far. he's launching a 45-city tour for it in june. it's really good. >> much anticipated return and we're talking about house of cards first. "downton abbey." what a combo. >> if you want to binge watch tv, season four on house of cards is on it. kevin spacey plays the president and his wife claire are on the outs. she wants to launch her own political career.
9:25 am
plays her political strategist. there's another person who joins the cast to play a political front-runner. our pal dylan dreyer at the m&m chocolate factory after your local news and weather. these are my dogs dusty and cooper. i work for the dogs twenty-four seven. i am the butler. it's like being inside of a snow globe. it takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean. i don't know what to do. (doorbell) what's this? swiffer sweeper and dusters. this is nice and easy boys. it really sticks to it. it fits in all the tight spaces. this is really great. does that look familiar to you? i'm no longer the butler, i am just one of the guys. general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal.
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look at the headlines. donald trump's rivals are expect today gang up on him during tonight's republican debate. mitt romney leading the charge within the party to try to stop him. romney in salt lake city labeling trump a phony and fraud whose policies would endanger the nation and its economy. new research to tell you about on the health effects of alcohol. harvard university study found one drink disrupts the heart's normal rhythm for about one to three hours increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke.
9:31 am
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9:32 am
11-year-old boy will never forget. par 3 golf course with tiger woods watching. look at what he does. he tees off and aces it from 81 yards out. that is a hole in one all right. the crowd went nuts, as did tiger who gave the kid a well-deserved hug and pat on the back. that is incredible.
9:33 am
this portion of today is brought to you by 75 years of m&ms. today marks a mile stroen for a treat that's been a -- dylan had the tough assignment of eating her way through a chocolate factory. >> m&m's may be bite-sized. the little cannot i coated chocolates have a big and colorful history. >> they are the most popular candy in the world, sold in more than 100 countries in 22 eye popping colors and ever expanding range of flavors from classic -- >> i go for the plain jane. >> to the creative. strawberry short cake and now the candy that melts in your mouth not in your hand is celebrating a major milestone.
9:34 am
so where does a chocolate lover like myself go to crack the story? >> i'm here in hack et cetera town, new jersey, one of the largest m and m fak ris in ctories in the country. they produce 10 million m&m's every day. i'm assuming there's serious chocolate to be tasted inside. >> some of us don't know a world without it. >> they started in 1941. they were actually the brainchild of forest marsh. they were first used as a ration for the soldiers during world war ii. the package was not the bag that you know today. but it was a cardboard tube that made it ease yes, sir ier for the soldiers to consume. >> the cute cartoons. >> he's the candy man. >> all the world loves m&m's. >> he does exist.
9:35 am
>> i think it's grown up a lot. if you look at the characters as they stand today, they're very adult. >> one thing has remained the same. >> m&m's today in 2016, milk and peanuts taste the same as they did in 1941. that makes this so iconic. >> speaking of that same great taste, it was time for a little product research. >> literally a kid in a candy store. pretzel. >> a lot of product research. >> white chocolate strawberry shortcake. candy corn. cafe mocha. >> ready for more. let keep going. >> next an inside look at where the magic happens. >> after a quick wardrobe change, i got a rare tour of the floor. >> i can smell by the chocolate in the air, we must be getting closer to the factory. >> next up, mixing the chocolate. >> there will be vats of
9:36 am
>> then forming the drops. >> you know how bad i want to roll around in there. >> you ever want to stick your face in. one more peanut. i need to stop. >> then they add that colorful candy shell. finally, bag up the m&m's. the ones i wasn't able to get my hands-on. there was only one more stop. i had a couple idea on a new logo for the company to consider. >> it's a handful of me. >> i did the math. i literally ate 100 m&m's. >> nice. >> this is a n't looking that great to me right now. >> we're going to take the m&m straw challenge. this is a classic. >> everyone knows this game. >> we never heard of it. what do we do? >> 25 second on the clock. whoever the sucks the thing and
9:37 am
>> it didn't start yet. >> sound effects are ridiculous. >> time? >> i'm the judge. i'll be the judge. keep going. three, two, one. >> let me see. wow, al. >> one, two, three, four, five, six. >> al wins. >> i'm not going to -- >> you should not do it. coming up next, willie lands a dream internship at "saturday night live." tickets behind the scenes? that's right after this. ter this. the candy man can 'cause he mixes it... need some help, guys? yeah. no. living for tomorrow,
9:38 am
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9:42 am
guess who landed a gig at "saturday night live"? our own funny man, willie. >> it was a brief gig. i was lucky enough to intern during the week melissa mccarthy was hosting, kanye west was performing. i was excited and came in hot. maybe too hot. live from new york it's saturday night >> i get to be an intern at snl. i get to meet the cast. >> how are you? >> no hugs. you are an intern today. welcome to snl. they don't get to hug me. >> what do i get to do today? hang out with you a lot? >> no. else? it's a crazy place. >> my first task, cue cards, the life line for all cast members and guest hosts. the maestro running the department since 1990. >> i feel like if you need a cue
9:43 am
come on. >> writing the cards is one thing but being the guy holding the show in your hands live on a saturday night is something else altogether. >> a lot of you thought cul-de-sac is one of the serious -- >> i love it. you all are twisted. i like that. >> that is great to hear. show of hands, how many of you experienced a -- >> you got that? >> i feel like that's almost as stressful as being on that side of the camera. >> costumes are almost as iconic as the stars. the wardrobe department is run by dale richards. he has been with the show for 27 years. he was excited to dress me up in one of his special designs. >> do i have a choice in the matter? >> no. >> good. >> put this on over the leotard. >> go through. >> not getting your head. >> there you go. now. nothing to it. >> this goes on here. >> and you are like ready for
9:44 am
hampshire covering a presidential primary and here i am today. >> once i peeled myself out of the leotard i sink into the beating heart of "saturday night live", the writer's room. >> cool, i'll pitch out ideas. see how they land. >> supermarket spree. let's read it. >> we are back with the final round of supermarket spree >> get ready to shop in three, two, one. go! >> where are you guys shooting this? >> garfield, new jersey. >> garfield, i bet they don't like mondays there. >> let's do page 3, maybe. >> are there other ideas of stuff she can put in her cart? >> i think if there are a bunch
9:45 am
dryer sheets. that's fine. >> other funny stuff melissa can say when she is shopping? >> i think it would be great if melissa walks in like i brought coupons, something like that. you guys need coffee or anything? >> that would be awesome. >> can i get a flat white? >> take as long as you want. >> okay. >> as long as you want. >> weekend update is kind of an institution within the institution of "snl." they have been doing it since the first show in 1975. with chevy chase. these days it is colin jost and michael che. let say hi. cool if i sit down? >> you came in without knocking so -- >> just check it out. >> sure. a eh! >> you think maybe -- >> wouldn't make a cut for your
9:46 am
>> i feel like i have heard some of these already. i'm letting you get back to work. before i go i wrote a screen play i figured i would leave it with you guys. thinking about getting a screen play because this couch is wobbly. >> spend your sunday with it and let me know what you think monday morning. >> jilly? >> willie. >> i didn't know if it was an -- >> this is great. >> how cool is this? got a great show tonight. >> kanye west is here. >> intern, do you see a coffee in my hand? i need coffee in my hand? blue bottle. give me new orleans. thank you. off the stage. cast only. >> no. >> walley, please leave. thank you. >> so good. >> that is awesome. thank you to lorne michaels and the doors.
9:47 am
with host jonah hill and musical guest future this saturday night. we are back after this. >> so good. ladies, we don' t need all this to talk about lbl. i mean, who pees a little when they laugh? get 3 in 1 protection for dryness, comfort, and odor control. and unlike period pads, poise thin shape pads have thin flex technology. poise makes my life easier. seize your poise moment at if you have allergy congestion anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort from the makers of zyrtec . powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night.
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eat up, me hearties! keep it down! arrrr. nearly six million children have a severe food allergy. how can you tell the difference between sensitivity and allergy. or intolerance? here with the answers is food editor and an allergist. good morning, guys.
9:51 am
allergies and bust myths and have some facts here. let's start with the first myth versus fact. allergic to any food that gives you problems. we asked our viewers to weigh in. 90% believe it's a myth. >> it is a myth because your body has response to food doesn't mean a food allergy. a food allergy refers to an effect in the immune system. >> doctor, can you explain the difference between allergy and intolerance to a food group? >> a lot of people confuse it. a food allergy is when your immune system overreacts and can create a life-threatening reaction. the other is a digestion problem. >> here we are looking at eight foods most associated with food allergy. what reactions are we talking about when you say severe reaction? >> a true food allergy can cause hives, swelling difficulty breathing, throwing up, wheezing. it's very life-threatening. >> shock.
9:52 am
you can be allergic to any food. it's rare but these are the top eight. >> let's move to our next statement and that is stomach issues may be a result of a food allergy and 20% say that is a myth. what is the answer? >> that is a myth because when you have stomach issues it is your digestive tract responding to that. it doesn't mean it's an allergy >> a lot of people are familiar with the concept of lactose intolerance. abnormal stools. >> doesn't mean they're allergic to. >> lactose isn't the only sugar that can do that. >> like onions, wheat. legumes. >> are those foods that you should avoid or should you get rid of them all together? >> something you have to talk to your doctor about and suggest perhaps trying to eliminate and keep in smaller quantities. see if that helps. >> limiting sometimes not
9:53 am
>> a good way to test it. >> once a child is diagnosed it can never be outgrown. 90% think it's a myth. >> it is a myth. while not all can be outgrown many can. milk and eggs, soy and wheat. others cannot, especially peanuts. >> doctor, you're on the frontlines of this. what are some allergies that you have seen good effects of children outgrowing? >> historically about 80% of children can outgrow milk, eggs, soy, wheat. they're common to be outgrown. on the other hand, peanut and tree nuts and seafood are harder to outgrow. >> thank you. always a great segment. thank you. >> we are back in a moment.
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