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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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>> it was lame and wimpy, kyle. >> yeah. >> it's march. let's give us something we can get excited about. grapple, though. that was exciting. we had thunderstorms this afternoon. reports of the groupel -- hail and lightning, all of it is moving out now. we're in the mid-40s right now. the wind is really a bear out in the far northeastern plains. we're monitoring the foothill snow situation and i-70 traffic has been difficult today because of the snow. a bit of hail outside of scotts bluff. there's another storm taking aim at our state. that low is headed for southern colorado tomorrow. tonight, skies will clear. temperatures are going to drop and we just have a nice day coming up tomorrow.
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7:00, -- we're going to talk about a a mid-week warming trend. the mountains, if you're a skier, i have more snow coming for you. the broncos victory at super bowl 50 marked the end of peyton manning's record- breaking career. the future hall of famer delivered his fare well speech this morning. the emotion very evident for manning. >> reporter: this was a gamble for both the broncos and peyton manning. he comes to a team that was coming off an 8 and 8 season, but this struggled before that. and the broncos were investing in a hall of fame quarterback, but he was coming off 4 neck surgeries. manning says he is, quote, great employ. he was happy to be here in denver. happy to have him.
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have made a better decision. nothing but success in that 4- year relationship. >> when i visited denver 4 years ago, if john elway had sat me down and said we're going to win over 50 games, lose only three division games in 4 years and none will be on the road. you're going to win nfl come back player of the year, another mvp, your offense will set single-season pazing recording and we'll go to a couple super bowls, i think i would have taken that deal. there's just something about 18 years. 18 is a good number. and today, i retire from pro football. >> reporter: so what's next for peyton? we don't know. he wouldn't say. we do know thee places he will end up.
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fame, the -- and in canton ohio in at football hall of fame. peyton manning's fans lined up hoping to catch a glimpse of their quarterback. no such luck. however they did see many of his friends and foreman teammates in town for the occasion. they began to reminisce. some were there 4 years ago to greet peyton. some former colts fans flew in from indianapolis to say their own goodbyes. >> for the colts, he just turned the team around. turned around. house that peyton built, all the -- all the community service that he did in addition to all the football stuff is pretty -- just pretty amazing. >> reporter: why did you come out here today? >> to support him. say farewell, thanks for the memories. and all the things he did.
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him off the right way. >> and manning said thanks to the fans attachment many are hoping he takes a coaching or front office position somewhere in the nfl. the latest front on the war on onlylessness is being fought on the streets and sidewalks. the city is putting the today. about 100 homeless people camp there each night. the city will collect what's left of their stuff tomorrow and take it to a facility. if it's not claimed, the property will be destroyed. some say it's unfair. others understand the logic. >> i got a ticket and went to jail -- the original sentence was 120 days for illegally walking the sidewalk with 4 pairs of pants and 4 shirts. i'd like to see the city
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housing. >> they don't have enough respect for the people walking by and their children. they won't do it. the police really have to do something. >> the city says it's enforcing an ordinance meant to keep the sidewalks clear. >> [ indiscernible ] 's poverty class at du studied homelessness in colorado. they found more than 70 cities that they say specifically target the homeless. >> you can't enforce laws on people just based on their status. this is what they're doing with regard to homeless individuals. antipanhandleing, anticamping. all of those criminalize their status. >> you knew push back would be coming on this. a group will hold a rally against the city of denver's move tomorrow.
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police say a man from lakewood reported missing about a month ago is the man found dead in a reservoir over the weekend. police identified him today as 49 year old michael edlund. his family last saw him february 10th. they have no reason to believe his death was suspicious. two children playing with a lighter started a fire in an apartment complex today. the mother stepped outside to empty a mop bucket and when she got back, the bed was on fire. the fire chief says it's a good reminder to keep lighters, matches, anything flammable out of children's reach. >> make sure kids do not have access to lighters and matches. even though the parent was there and responsive, it can happen in a momento notice. >> the apartment did have
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not one colorado republican in congress is joining the establishment gop push to pledge never to support donald trump. some national figures are going all out to oppose him. senator cory gardener told us they will support the gop nominee, even if that is trump. congressman mike cough man and ken buff said they refused to talk about it. gop as a group of winner take all states coming up next tuesday. another round of stormy weather perhaps due to arrive midweek. >> and some colorado athletes
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with just 5 months before the 2016 summer olympics in rio, athletes are busy training. this week they're taking part in a massive media summit in california. matt is hanging out with the stars and the athletes. is it raining there, matt? you're at the beverly hilton in beverly hills did. it matter if it rains? >> reporter: it's beautiful and sunny here at the beverly hills hilton. iconic hotel for entertainment this. is where they hold the golden globes every year. right now 100 athletes talking about going for gold of their own in august. this is the 2016 media summit. for the next three days, more than 100 athletes -- some olympians and some olympic
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going talking to jurists. missy franklin is doing interviews here. and another famous athlete who just announced his retirement. >> i'm so proud of him. i'm so glad he made the decision that was best for him. i'm going to miss so much seeing no. 18 on the field and i know he will be missed on the team but i'm proud of him for doing what was best for him. i'm excited to see what our team will look like moving forward. >> reporter: we are going to miss him but we got a lot of olympic hopefuls and athletes that are here for the next three days. 111 athletes talking to some 600 journalists here at the beverly hilton. we're going to go inside really quick. i'm going to talk really low. check this out. there's missy franklin right there, denver, taking pictures.
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hello. we've taken over this entire hotel and we're having a great time over the next couple of days getting to know our athletes again. it's a fountain. we'll see you in a bit. americans who receive organ transplants get together each year -- today a group of people from the denver area got together to sign a flag for the opening ceremonies. a few of them participate in honor of a friend or family member who passed away. others are transplant recipients like brittany. she is now 25. >> i don't think he would be here today. i definitely would not be here today without my donor and the decision they made and the technology that they discovered in order to do that transplant. >> the transplant games of america in june features some
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there's badminton to ball room dancing to swimming. >> i would take the ball room dancing. we could get another round of stormy weather later this week.
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this is about as exciting
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you survived this week's storm and now it's out of here. i'm kathy sabine here in the 9 backyard where showers are starting to clear. we hit 55 before the storm rolled in. 30s in the high country. still travel issues on i-70 due to snow and wind. winds are light at the dia. here outside the studios, temperatures have been running in the low to mid-40s. in the high country, decent snow coming in in the last day, day and a half. some of the recent snow totals include 12 inches at silver ton, 5 at purgatory and aspen. still snowy in the high country tonight. that will be a factor for those of you traveling this i-70 corridor. the surface low that has brought hail, thunderstorms,
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there is another storm taking aim at us from southern california. it will stay to the south of us but bring in more moisture. in the southern mountains the afternoon. outside of houston and dallas, the severe weather threat will be increasing tomorrow. we have a front to the north. we're doing pretty good with all this activity on the weather map. partly sunny tomorrow with a severe weather threat for wind, hail and tornadoes across the southern plain states, our weather scenario calming down. we're going to kickoff a nice midweek warming trend that will get us back to 70 by the end of the week. watch how the wind shifts. high clouds coming back tomorrow. enough to bring light snow to the mountains. colorado. temperatures tonight are going to fall below freezing.
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51 in denver and 60s across the southeastern plains. mid40s for bailey, confer and ever green. in the denver metro area, clearing and cold with light winds. our forecast low at 29. tomorrow, temperatures in the mid-40s by noon. isolated showers, a drier day but cooler day. low 50s along the front range. warmer for thursday, but could see 70 degrees with sunshine by friday afternoon. from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> if peyton manning retirement news conference was a football game he would have delivered touchdown passes. all the things he would expect to miss. >> i'll miss demaryius thomas telling me he loved me and thanking me for coming to denver after every touchdown i
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on fridays i'll miss picking out the game balls with my equipment guys and talking football with the broadcast crews before the game and afterwards i'll miss recapping the game with my dad. and checking to see if the giants won and calling eli as we're both on our team buses. i'll miss the handshake with tom brady, and 53 teammates standing in the aisles laughing and celebrating all during the flight. >> i'm sure manning will also miss mike kliss shadowing his every mood. >> reporter: i was surprised that he was so emotional. but pleasantly so. peyton manning has been accused at times of being robotic in his preparation. even robotic in his greatness, his efficiency when he was in
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i think it's good that he showed how human he really is. we saw he was all too human at season. but you played a terrific clip there, drew. i thought it was a wonderful speech and something he can harken back on and remember for a long time. he is out on the speakers tour and does a lot of speeches. so i guess we shouldn't be too delivered today. >> you know how sports work. manning is so yesterday, who's going to be the bronco's quarterback now? >> it's still going to be brock osweiler. he is getting interest from other teams today. the houston texans are the team who i think the broncos are most concerned with. that's the team that would be the top contender for osweiler's services like the broncos. they were a playoff team last year and they need a quarterback. if they go to that sam brad ford range, 18 million a year, i'm not sure the broncos go there.
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elway calls his buddy, trent balky, the general manager of the san francisco 49ers and see if colin might be available. >> manning will have lots of options now. television, coaching, team executive, laying on a beach and doing nothing. rod mackeyy looks into the future. >> reporter: now that peyton manning is moving on, what's next? everyone wants to know. but just like his decision about retiring, peyton's going to take his time. >> i don't know. i haven't ruled anything out. i have made no decisions. i'm going to go on vacation again after this and go play a little golf pretty soon with my two brothers. and we'll kind of enjoy this. >> i told him he's fortunate. a lot of people quit football and sometimes the longer you opportunities. it's hard to figure out what i
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especially what i want to do -- everyone in their profession, doing. >> reporter: von miller thinks no. 18 should fall in no. 7's footsteps again. >> you see mr. elway and the type of job he's done. you see the type of job he did on the football field. i think peyton -- you can't say he's going to have the same type of success, but i think he would be super successful in the front office. >> reporter: no matter what peyton does, you know he'll do it well. we've heard about manning riding off into the sunset. now thanks to drew litten, we know what that looks like. peyton is clicking his heels into the sunset. can i mention drew litten had a
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he had a good year. >> he had a strong finish just like peyton manning did. they'll energy companies were popular again today.
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all right. isolated showers tomorrow and wednesday. back to 60 and sunshine thursday. close to 70 friday. and daylight saving time begins on sunday. you know what that means. >> you have the chance to be the employee of the month two months in a row. is that possible? >> i didn't know she was that good. >> the weather in february was unbelievable. she's doing it again in march. >> no pressure. >> okay. >> longmont. entertainment tonight is next. we're back here tonight at 10:00. >> they'll fire her in april.
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blake shelton, gwen stefani and the new revelation their red-hot romance. is her ex the father of their nanny's bbby. >> we hear you'repregnant. >> what we know tonight. >> calvin harris baht thai l for their one-year nniversary. news on reagan's and e.t.'s look back at
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>> for our 20th wedding anniversary he gave me this that says true love. >> her love letters from the president. >> dear first you're made one man, me, the most happiest man in the wo >> also tonnght, new details on the knife allegedly found at o.j.'s formerestate. >> and the tool box in the last 15 years. a did this psychic tell e.t. back in1995. our shocking exclusive. >> there is a murder weapon, a knife. >> plus hollywood's most elig sexy stars. shirtless zac efron, nick jonas candid on his love life. >> i am still on the hunt. >> >>ing meon trainer. >> this is "entertainment tonight". >> nancy reagan, former first lady and wife of ronald reagan remembered for her style, wit


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