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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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it is tuesday, march 8th, coming up on "early today." a number of people injured as emergency personnel are on the scene. a jury has awarded $55 million to erin andrews in the naked stocker case. and the big prize being michigan and the rich number of delegates p. . and we're getting funeral arrangements for former first
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and a bazar scene on a texas highway. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown. at least 14 people injured, seven seriously, after a commuter train derailed south of san francisco. after the train hit a tree across the tracks and overturned and plunge under to a creek. that car, part of the express train has 130 seats but there were just six passengers and one crew member on board. all passengers have been removed from the train. one kmurt commuter in the first car was on his way home. >> i was in the first car. it feels unreal, honestly,
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thank god i didn't sleep, so i was aware of everything. but it shifted the gravity. and there were two people hurt, pretty badly. one member was under the mud slide, so, we were trying to dig her out as the tree was hanging. pretty much the one portion of the train was missing and all we saw was just water at one point. >> it was the last train of the stockton. train service on the line is canceled for today. well, after months of consideration, billionaire doesn't believe he could win and that he fears his candidacy would help either donald trump or ted cruz, both of whom he sharply criticized. and mitt romney is continuing to attack the donald.
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help any of the remaining candidates best the donald. it may all be too little, too late. the latest poll shows donald trump with a 13 point lead in michigan ahead of tonight's primary. the democrats will hold primaries in michigan and mississippi today and the latest polling shows hillary clinton with a 13-point lead over bernie sanders in michigan. nbc's tracie potts from washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. michigan could end up being a last stand for bernie sanders. the two were in a town hall in michigan last night in the fox town hall. they continue to talk about the auto industry and whether or not bernie sanders voted against it. he insisted he did not but that bill included a bailout for wall street, that he said late last
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and hillary clinton looking past the nomination. reaching out to gurn bernie sanders supporters saying she will work with him if in fact she wins this nomination. and the republicans competing in four states, including michigan and mississippi. we saw donald trump yet again urge people to raise their hands and pledge to vote for him today. ted cruz says they're talking to a lot of trump supporters who minds. but in pll florida, one week from today, where the republicans are already pouring a lot energy -- marco rubio now being battered by attack ads from donald trump. there are four caucuses, including idaho and hawaii. and we're keeping an eye on
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coming up in about a week. a nashville jury has awarded network tv star erin andrews $55 million against the stocker who secretly recorded her naked in her hotel room. after several days of testimony, the jury only took a mat of hours before finding in andrews' favor. >> reporter: it was a tense day in court for erin andrews but it only took seven hours for this. >> the defendant, michael david -- did the defendant windsor capital incorporate -- >> reporter: they awardedand and andrews $55 million. the decision was unanimous. and the judge then ordered the court room camera turned off so
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she sued for emotional distress after a video taken of her undressing in her nashville hotel room eight years ago went viral. >> it hurst me the worst is when girls -- high school/college tweet me and say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stocker thing. >> reporter: she claims the hotel granted barrett's request to a reservation. >> banks created bank robbers, are they responsible for bank robbers? >> reporter: he admitted he was wrong. >> reporter: now after seven days of emotional testimony, finally a decision. >> he she can point to distress she's going to have but she
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it and that's why the jury came back with a lesser figure. and funeral arrangements are set for nancy regan who died sunday in california at the age of 94. she'll lie in repose tomorrow from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and thursday 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. first lady michelle obama will be among those attending and then she'll be buried along side her husband, ronald regan who died in 2004. >> as somebody who's been lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life as well, i know how much she meant, not just to president regan, but to the company as a whole. >> he's ordered flags lowered at half staff at the white house
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members of the al-shabaab terror group was killed in a air strike in somalia. the u.s. was targeting militants at a training camp preparing for an imminent large scale attack. it's unclear if any senior al-shabaab leaders were killed. a woman disrobed and danced 18-wheeler. deputies were called for reports of an accident and arrived as the woman was undressing. authorities aren't sure why she climbed on the truck but they were able to coax her down after about two hours s hours. >> she was talking about all sorts of things, aliens, wall street, the cia. >> the woman was taken into custody. the incident created a traffic jam that stretched for miles s s
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dropped buckets of quarter sized hail on monday. and they captured a semi almost taking out another semi. and nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with that forecast. >> we had some severe weather yesterday but not a big outbreak. the next round of thunderstorms starting in texas. issued until 9:00 a.m. local time and up to interstate 20 in abilene. a lot of lightning strikes. we could see hail falling from the sky. and this will eventually slide its way towards the dallas fort worth area. so, here's today's threat map. all the way down to south texas. and the coverage of the storms will be greater today than yesterday.
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enhanced risk from corps christie rr christi. and hardly anything on the map. by the time we get to 10:00 to 11:00, big storms corps christi and the coverage grows even more and early tomorrow morning, the storms will be mostly around houston. and enjoy the beautiful weather, east coast. this is as nice as it gets for early march. now a closer look at your day ahead well, there's the stormy weather map taking areas from new mexico and pushing across the state of texas and this is rare for march, thunderstorms all the way to up iowa through the afternoon. and we'll talk more about the flooding threat coming up. it's national pancake day and the celebrations begin at i
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welcome back. incredible dash cam footage released showed a garbage truck crashing through a guardrail and dropping from an i 95 ramp in miami into a park nearly 100 feet below p. the driver miraculously survived. and video of a driver cruising down the road with a 15-foot tree in the front grill of their car. the driver was sited for dui. on long island, security cameras capture the moment a plane fell from the sky. the pilot and his daughter were returning from a college visit in rhode island when the engine died. the pilot suffered a minor
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former wwe star, hulk hogan took the stand in his lawsuit. he's suing a site for showing a secretly recorded sex tape of the wrestler and his then best friend, bubba the love sponge. well, let's get down to business. irks i hop will be giving out free short stacks from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and jet blue launched itsigateway select program. 24 candidates will be selected where they could end up flying passenger jets. and usda says the chicken
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authorities pull a dog from the icy waters of a reservoir. she became stranded on the ice and kept running from rescuers and wasn't until she fell through the ice on friday that they were able to bring her to sacht. safety. after a tough loss to lakers, the golden state warriors are back on track and curry the first player to have season. and a record 45th straight win at home. and the nba slam dunk champion. check out this effortless 360 show down but not enough as the hornets took this away 108-103. and the top ranked tennis player
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she tested positive for mel donium, which was just added to the banned substance list this year. she had been legally taking it for over 10 years. she's being provisionally suspended and could face a lengthy ban, possibly barring her from the olympic games in rio. and now to peyton manning and his emotional good bye. the winningest starting quarterback in the nfl walked away saying this. >> because every moment, every drop of sweat, every bleeryed eyed night of preparation and every frame of film i watched was about one thing, rerv verence for this game. it was fun to play quarterback and i had great coaches and players. and it wouldn't have been
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>> and we could expect to see him in a broadcast booth or as a pitch man. and rock legend acdc's concert concert's canceled.
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flooding threat, as we go throughout this evening, the storm system will be over texas, and into louisiana. and we get strong storms, training storms, saturated grass and a lot of rain. this yellow is upwards of five to seven inches of rain. and could have isolated spots of 10 inches of rain. j time for entertainment news. j.k. rowling will be auctioning off the chair she sat in when she wrote harry potter. and the opening bid is a whopping 45 $45,000. dolly parten announces new album scheduled to release this summer.
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is at risk for told hearing loss. the british monarchy has released photos from the royal family's ski trip in the french alps last week. oh, that bundled up in what appears to have been a fun family excursion. and samantha bee called out senator john mccain last night on full frontal. >> does anyone else who led the party to a humiliating loss want to weigh in. >> john mccain called trump's national security positions quote uninformed and dangerous. >> oh, don't you dare. don't you even dare. the guy who gave us trump 1.0 does not get to complain about the latest upgrade. >> she's finding her stride, right? >> absolutely. some funny stuff there. i'm dara brown and this is
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enforced and dozens of denver have to clear thier belongings from one part of the city. it's in the area of the denver rescue mission and samaritan house - also known as the triangle... 9news reporter noel brennan is joining us live from that area- and noel- this morning they are staging a rally there.... > welcome to 9news


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