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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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start in downtown denver... to show support of the city's homeless. today the city will clearing sidewalks... of tents, sleeping bags... and other items to enforce the city's right- of-way ordinance. 9news reporter noel brennan is live downtown. noel - the homeless community had 24 hours to pack up their belongings.
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a look outside this
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denver skyline.... it'll be a clear and crisp start to the meteorologist marty coniglio has your tuesday as we saw yesterday though- things can change very fast. carrying more than
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into a creek on monday night. this happened near the san francisco bay area. 9news reporter colleen ferreira is following the latest developments...col leen they're saying a downed tree caused all of this to happen. i've been following updates from our nbc station in the bay area... their latest update says 9 people are injured...4 of those injuries are serious.
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we know the train was taking silicon valley to the central valley... it derailed the first two cars of the train derailed...the first creek. officials say there was heavy rain time of the derailment...prelimi nary reports say a downed tree casued this to happen. passengers on that train say.. they were all panicking. officials say quote miracle that no one was killed. they are waiting for daylight this morning to continue the investigation. we're learning more about a suspicious device found in canon city. this is what it looked like. two people fished it out of the arkansas river...
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says he first spotted it over the weekend... and took later to dig it out. the nephew's parents called 9-1- 1. police and bomb squads evacuated middle of sunday night... and the bomb squad took it detonated. he'll now leave looks like a bomb alone... and let the pros deal with it. people killed in this plane crash in el paso county. identifed them as daniel murray of longmont... and layfayette. pilots. they were flying to an antique airplane convention in a 19-28 biplane... when they crashed. the ntsb is investigating the crash... and they haven't said yet what caused it. going public seems to be back on the table for frontier airlines. the airlines private-equity firm hired underwriters for an initial public offering. reep the benefits from going public. the last major i-p-o
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business in 20-14 and reported a boost of profits last year. you might be able to watch thursday night football on facebook. the social media site wants to expand its live streaming service to include the games. right now, the company is one of several in a bidding war for the nfl's online streaming package. and the service doesn't come cheap. last year, yahoo paid 200-million to stream a bills- jaguars game. peyton manning's retirement speech is one that will be quoted for years to come. and there's another well- known line... from
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commercial that inspired manning's retirement lunch. the broncos served chicken parm.. so what will manning do now? he hasn't said what his future career plans are... but he did say he'll stay in denver. his twins are in school here - and the family doesn't want to move. everyone wants to get their hands... and apparently feet... on all things peyton manning. these socks... are flying off the shelves in tennessee. they show his face - and it looks a lot like him! the store owner can't keep them in stock - and she expects her next shipment to disappear within hours. brock osweiler is now a free agent- and that has some broncos fans concerned this morning. the team offered osweiler a three year 45 million dollar deal...but it appears he's going
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haven't heard back from him in the week and a half since they offered this deal. osweiler is now able to talk with other teams... our broncos insider, mike klis, says the houston texans are going to be the broncos biggest competition for brock. flags flying at
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who served our country as the first lady. new details this morning... about nancy reagan's funeral. and - new fallout overnight... after maria sharapova tests banned drug. the newest ties with the tennis
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reagan. lady died at her los sunday.
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public viewing at presidential and thursday. she will be buried husband friday funeral. all presidents and first ladies plan while at the white house... and then update it every year or two. so nancy reagan will happen during friday. she was believed dead... and now, the 14-year-old girl who survived the mass shooting in kalamazoo... is leaving the hospital today. abigail kopf's go fund me page says she'll move to a doctors originally believed that kopf had died.. and they were preparing to harvest her squeezed her she was saying her investigators have not yet figured out month's shooting people dead. espn sportscaster stalker lawsuit. they've awarded her 55-million dollars but it's likely she will only amount. in 2008, convicted
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david barrett shot video through andrews' hotel room peephole... and posted the nude video of her online. andrews maintained that the stalker and hotel were to blame for the video. the jury divided responsibily - saying 51 percent of blame went to the hotel and 49 percent the stakler. the hotel will pay its share of the 55 million dollar verdict. that's likely the only money andrews will receive. a tennis star could soon be off the court - for not passing a drug test. maria sharapova says she failed a test at the australian open. the 7th-ranked player in the world says she tested positive for meldonium... which she has been taking for 10 years for health issues. meldonium became a banned substance this year. sharapova could face a lengthy ban from the international tennis federation. we've learned that nike and tag heuer have cut ties with sharapova... since this announcement. b-m-w is
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birthday... and eating cake too! the car has a present for its customers that it hopes will be the car of the future. but first, lets check in with marty and amelia. don't let your dreams of being a pilot fly by.
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to teach people how to be a commercial airline pilot -- no experience is necessary! potential pilots can sign up for jetblue's gateway select program. it's a four-year commitment. the program will incorporate classroom learning, extensive real-world flying experience as well as full-flight simulators. there are only 24- slots available. the program is slated to begin late this summer. investigators in germany now have their eyes on 17- people suspected of fraud in the volkswagen emissions scandal. that's up from six who were previously under investigation. volkswagen installed software on hundreds of thousands of cars that allowed them to cheat on emissions tests in this country. check out this futuristic ride. b-m-w is celebrating 100
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the milestone -- the luxury automaker rolled a car that can drive itself. the "vision next 100" has two different options. in the driver mode, the car gives you an idea of what's the best speed or driving lane. if you don't feel like driving -- click on the "ease" mode and watch the steering wheel retract as you turn and face other people in the car.
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a driver took police on an
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jaxen on social media yet -- let me introduce him to you. jaxen loves hockey... so his parents made him a backyard ice rink. but he's gotta have a way to smooth out the ice -- right? so what did jaxen do? he made his own zamboni! it's made of a tricycle, a water bucket with holes, and a towel. the video has gotten millions of hits and jaxon's parents are taking the opportunity to note that he has type 1 diabetes - and they hope his story encourages similar families to stay positive and
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if you needed more evidence that quarterback brock osweiler is cool under pressure.... how about this video from tmz? the video shows osweiler being arizona pizza place. by a group of and protecting his confrontation with group. he then gets shoved from behind brock kept his composure though--hustling his group into a nearby car. cops were on scene and helped break things up--no arrests were made. 4 more states will cast their ballots in the presidential primary races today.... and one man who's been weighing a run for office... officially rules himself out.
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a bay area commuter train a -- homeless advocates, we'll take you there live. >> also a bay area commuter train derails, sending one of its cars into a creek. we're following overnight updates on how many people may have been injured and what caused the train to derail. >> this could be the ultimate showdown for the republicans. we're breaking down today's races and why they could be pivotal for democrats and republicans. meteorologist marty coniglio is in the weather center. another cool, cloudy day in store. >> we'll have clouds around here, certainly by this


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