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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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the i-25 is open again after an overnight motorcycle crash. denver police say a 1 person is dead and another was taken to the hospital - after a motorcycle accident on northbound i-25 and 20th street. it happened about 1 this morning -- the area is open - but investigators are still at the scene. amelia more on traffic and your morning commute - later. good morning and happy friday. tarhonda, corey and jonathan here
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stormy start to the weekend. let's turn to marty for your forecast..
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asking for the public's help looking for a man wanted in a kidnapping and sexual assault. they at but they say it happened last saturday night around ten -- near south harlan and south hobart they also gave us a description of the suspect. they described the man as hispanic -- in his late 20's to early 30s. we're told he has long, wavy black hair and a bushy goatee. he is about 5-10 - has brown eyes - and a scar on his neck. police say he may have been driving a dark green -- older model van with tinted windows and a crack on the windshield. if you know anything about this case - call denver police. you can also call metro denver crime stoppers to
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it's been a violent - and often deadly - summer across the denver area, and police say a lot of it is coming from domestic violence cases. 18 year old ashley doolittle was killed in mid june.. her ex boyfriend is accused of murder... he said he was mad about their breakup. just a few weeks later - 52 year old cara russell was killed at work in downtown denver... her ex-husband tracked her from buena vista. she used to be mayor there, but left after the divorce. the attack triggered evacuations in and around denver's union station. and last saturday... denver police say a man shot a woman in southwest denver on knox court... before taking his own life. a second double- shooting happened the very next day... .... this one on denver's harlan street. police say a man shot a woman then turned the gun on himself. it continued this week, as police in centennial investigated after a woman confessed to shooting her husband... the man lived.. .but police say the woman took her own life after calling 9-1-1.
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tonight to discuss the impact of domestic violence. the executive director of the rose andom center - which helps victims -- says domestic violence is a complex, community-wide issue.. 9news reporter vida urbonas will meeting -- coming up at 5. the man accused of killing his neighbor - and then wounding his wife and her friend -- is due in court today. kevin lyons is accused of shooting and killing dr. kenneth atkinson back in april. atkinson was trying to help the two women-- when he was shot. today's preliminary hearing was pushed back until experts determined that
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lyons interrupted court proceedings several times in the past to try to talk to the judge. he has changed public defenders three times. lyons faces 14 charges-- including first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and first degree assault. it attracts hordes of loyal customers from across the region. now ikea says it's considering a second location along the front range -- but don't grab your wallets and run out the door just yet -- it could take a while. the swedish company is looking of land near i-25 and east baseline road. but a spokesperson says there's no specific timeline for planning, building or opening the store. ikea opened its first front range location in centennial about 5 years ago. since then, the massive store has attracted shoppers from across the state.
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create about 500 construction jobs - and another 250 once the store is opened. walmart has bought land near dia. our partners at the denver business journal report the company paid $13.5 million for 169 acres near east 56th and jackson gap road. no word yet on exactly what walmart would put there - but it has been building distribution centers lately. right now - there's no center in the rocky mountain west, upper midwest or the pacific northwest. if that's the plan - a distribution center could bring hundreds of new jobs. until ski lifts start turning again at a- basin. and pretty soon.. "slope lovers" will be able to take a new lift. there's preliminary approval to expand the terrain by more than 300 acres. it'll become an expert area known as "the beavers." it's currently a roped-off section just off the west side of a-basin. there are also plans to add a lift to the montezuma bowl. when final approval comes-- it'll still take two summers to complete the work. so everything might be ready to go for 2018.
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donald trump is setting his sights on colorado again - he'll be here next week. the n-b-c station in grand junction says donald trump is looking at a campaign stop there on tuesday. that trip could also include a stop in pueblo. trump held rallies in denver and colorado springs last friday. hillary clinton is gaining the upper hand in the days and weeks following both political conventions. according to a recent nbc news- wall street journal poll, the democratic nominee is leading rival donald trump by nine points. that's up from a five point lead she had st convention. the jump comes in the middle of a series of controversies the trump campaign is dealing with. right now -- the poll shows that only about 28 percent of voters approve of trump. don't call it a ransom -- that's what president obama said yesterday in response to suggestions that 400 million dollars the u.s. sent to iran was a payment to free american hostages. the issue was over the timing of the payment, which came in january came at the same time four american prisoners were released. the president said the money was sent
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dispute -- and that cash was used because the u-s has no banking relationship with iran. the flag raising ceremony is a tradition for every the flag raising ceremony is a tradition for every country - at every olympic games. and the united states got their turn to raise the american flag yesterday. atheletes, coaches and officials all joined in to watch the stars and stripes rise over the athlete's village. there are 554 athletes competing for the united states. we've heard from quite a few people who want follow on - you can search for the state's 22 olympians. there's a pulldown tab - with each of the athletes names - and a way to cross reference when they compete. we also have information - on where you can see their events televised. the games officially begin tonight with the opening ceremonies here on 9news. coverage begins at 6:30 p-m... and will run through
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it's friday and a lot
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and head to the mountains.... if so, get ready to bundle up- marty has more on that after the break. every day at about this time, we'll take a look at how team usa stacks up against the world in rio. right now- the medal count is - of course- at zero... before the games officially begin tonight. we looked back at the medal count from the last summer games in 2012...and we're definitely not the underdogs. we got 46 golds that year... ahead of china's 38 and russia's 22. team usa has 976 gold medals in all of olympic history... that's good for most all-time
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for any amount of time -- you know how to plan for any kind of weather. and if you're thinking about camping in the mountains this weekend - it won't feel like august. the alpine visitors center at rocky mountain national park - was wet and cold yesterday. temperatures dipped into the 30s early in the afternoon. by eight o'clock, they were around "freezing." it's the same at pikes peak.. the summit hid in the clouds yesterday.. but temperatures were in the mid 30s - with windchills in the 20s. snow - is not out of the realm of possiblity.
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to hang out with his cousin - when he became an unexpected hero. cesar galeana was on his way to play video games with his cousin. the 7-year-old was walking by his apartment's pool - when he heard a splash - and ran to the pool fence. he saw a 2 year old - face down in the water - so he rushed in, carried the toddler out, and ran to tell the apartment office. officials say the toddler had wandered away from his apartment and squeezed through the planks of the fence. he's expected to be o-k. cesar says he didn't really think - he just went right into action. a lot of families have college funds for their kids -- but now - new data shows that a lot of families are dipping into it for other reasons.
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puts you right in
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college fund -- you're not alone. new data shows that nearly half of parents with college savings for their children - have withdrawn some of the balance in the past two years. t-rowe price surveyed more than one-thousand parents with young children -- just 18 percent used at least some of the funds to pay for their kids' education. others used it to cover a range of
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in all the hustle and bustle of back to school season - doctors have a reminder.. don't let your child's health take a backseat to everything else going on. doctor's say about 25 percent of school-aged children have a vision problem...and it's something parents don't typically know about right away. eye doctors say a lot of kids don't even realize they have poor vision -- so they don't tell their parents. once a child starts school - doctors recommend eye exams at least every two years - or more, if there are certain problems or a family history of vsion problems. billions of people will watch this years olympics in rio. but 2016 brings a new way to watch -- with virtual reality. v-r used to be a limited and expensive technology... but
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headset to view olympic events is relatively affordable at around 100 bucks. you just need that -- and the free nbc sports app -- to feel like you're right in the middle of the action. it will all be available starting tomorrow -- and run throughout the games. and starting tonight - some of our evening shows are moving. during the olympics - our 9 and 10 p-m newscasts will be on channel 20. 'l channel 9 at 11 p-m. a weekend convention in colorado springs is expecting a big crowd -- but it features some pretty tiny things. the "tiny house jamboree" will have visitors from across the country coming to
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springs. the national tiny house jamboree is planned for this weekend - at the air force academy. more than 40- thousand tickets have been sold. those behind the expo - say they expect people from all 50 states and around the world. there's been a lot of hype and curiosity about tiny houses. the jamboree will have examples, workshops, exhibits and seminars. it runs friday
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match for a strong storm in minnesota. paul bunyan's beloved blue ox -- babe -- fell over at some point yesterday morning. the six thousand pound -- 60 year old sculpture was damaged. as for paul bunyan himself -- he fared a little better -- with only minor damage from the storm. babe was back on its feet later in the afternoon, but some repairs will still be needed. your reaction to this poor raccoon might depend on your sense of humor -- or your personal experience. but most people
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someone tied a "get well" balloon to a raccoon that didn't quite make it across table mesa drive. city workers coming to remove the roadkill pointed out that a dead skunk nearby did not receive a get well balloon. maybe the person only had the one balloon -- or doesn't like skunks. we may never know. athletes can win or lose on an international stage... in just a matter of seconds. athletes can win or lose on an international stage... in just a matter of seconds. so- keeping all those official clocks in sync is super important. in the next half hour- we'll check in with matt renoux and cheryl preheim from rio.. on what makes it all tick. that's going to do
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lot more news and weather to cover
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and backgrounds. what denver police are planning to do about it today. --adlib headline-- and winning the gold or missing the podium completely comes down to seconds... what it takes to keep everythign ticking. good morning. happy friday. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- a rainy end to the week... but also a welcome cooldown. a psychological


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