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tv   9 News at 530am  NBC  August 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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. bright showers over the year, nothing compared for what we see today, flash flood watch has been expanded. there is help and resources available. >> denver police want to make a change, what they are planning to cut down on domestic violence. the excitement olympics does not hold everywhere in rio. where some people are not excited about the event. marty coniglio joining us now. >> we had a little bit of light rain here and there. i get rain drop out here this morning. anything you see this morning is going to be very, very light. not so later in the afternoon. temperatures today, will be cool yet again, in the mid-70s
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upper 70s to near 80 degrees. we have seen light showers, rain shower c470 near to downtown, southwestern colorado and in the southeast, we had rain last night, those showers taken the usual early morning lull, they will pick up in intensity as we go through the afternoon. the southwest to northeast flow, once the abundant moisture, it's humid over the state, hits the front range, anticipated. we expanded the flash flood watch, goes from boulder county to colorado springs, in to the four corners, locally, you can see it up along the peak to peak highway, allens park and down through georgetown in to bailey and kenosha pass through the afternoon and evening tonight. for us light showers this morning, temperatures holding in the 70s this afternoon, a round of moderate to heavy rain possible down here on the deck
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what a way to finish the week. changes between your morning and afternoon drive as well. this morning, drive easy across the maps. later today, could need extra time, splash back, more volume. highway 725 looking clear, standard to the north. 66 minute commute, speeds 60 miles per hour, foissues out to the airport, however, if you are going to head downtown, a major problem along soou repairs are taking place along the southbound lanes of spear between channel pa and stout. 9 -- cham pa and spout. call mouth is the connection to colfax. 2 or 3 minutes to the drive. it has been a violent summer for domestic violence in denver. we counted five deaths related
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boyfriend was mad about a break up to a former mayor tracked and killed by her husband in downtown denver. denver police want to do something about it. vida urbonas is live where officers are hoping to talk about the issue tonight. >> reporter: good morning. hearing that he is cases that you are talking about, really hits home for so many people, it really makes you realize that domestic violence impacts an entire community. denver police, they are holding tonight behind me, located at federal and arkansas. that community meeting, they want to address all of the issues, the impact on the community and offer up resources on how people can get help. experts say it's really out of concern we have seen the recent increases in domestic violence. they are talking about homicides in particular.
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experts tell us the reality is it's something that's impacted the entire community, a ripple effect across the entire community. that's why they are trying to address this. really isn't a private matter and they want people to know there are places to go for help, resources to goes one is rose an tem center. >> in the situation last month for the shooting at an entire work community in the downtown area. i think it's important for folks to have a better understanding of what domestic violence is and how to help victims who maybe experiencing that before it reaches that kind of a level of crisis. >> reporter: she was talking about the situation in downtown denver and how that blocked off
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while. the impact far reaching. the meeting meeting is at the southwest family health center behind me, arkansas and federal. starts at 6:00, goes to 7:30. located at 1339 south federal boulevard. we will post the information on as well as resources in case anybody needs help out there. >> it's apparent it needs to be addressed for sure. a man accused of killing a well known doctor and wounding with court. lions is accused of killing atkinson in april, he was trying to help protect lion's wife and another woman. the preliminary hear was put on hold. he faces 4 charges including first degree murder, attempted first degree murder and first degree assault. a s.w.a.t. team destroyed his home while hunting for accused shoplifter, the homeowner wants the city of
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the damage. leo lex home on south alton was trashed. the incident happened in june, according to the lawsuit, the s.w.a.t. team used tear gas, grenades and other methods to get the suspect out . after the team blew out a wall, he and his family lost their home and everything inside. he says the city offered him 5 you are $5000 in compensation. we have the fireworks are in place, the costumes are made and the world will find a comfortable place on the couch to watch the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympics. >> let's check in with cheryl and mat in rio. you see the rings, puts you in the mood. >> reporter: no question about it, johnathan, we see them in the distance, over the next hour and a half, we will take you around this corner of the park.
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mega store, a massive place to buy merchandise, we will talk about that later. volunteers in the mega store working. so excited about the games, they are taking pictures and hugging us, saying good morning, great energy. >> reporter: when we leave olympic park in to the neighborhoods, people have been friendly. however, they are not as enthusiastic about the oimpics, say it's not really about the games, it's about the frustration and the resentment female is not taking care of them. >> most people are not excited for the olympics, i think it will be a great show, i hope the entire world likes it. >> we hope we have improvement in our safety here in town. we >> reporter: rio spent about $12 billion putting the games
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you to take care of us with the same interest that you are taking care of the olympics. >> reporter: we are excited about the game to see it and watch the olympic games and see the athletes. can you imagine how they feel after putting so much work, pain and heart for the honor of being here. >> it's not just about winning medals. >> a huge honor comes to mind. the olympics. >> i think about the 6-year-old girled that had a dream of going to the olympics. >> i could not be more excited. >> that's why it is so special. >> reporter: there are 33 different olympic venues around the city.
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opening ceremony not here, though, it's at an @ la carte stadium a few miles away where one of the world cups was played. >> we are trying to figure out the exact way to pronounce this. >> reporter: did you know that mat is a snapper? >> i love my snap chats. i love my snap ch millenials coming up to me all the time, snap mat is what they call me. we will show you, tip for the day, filter on snap chat in honor of opening ceremonies, opening ceremony, rio 2016 snap chat. do it from home as you are sitting on the couch in your pajamas, watching the opening ceremonies. >> reporter: you guys know exactly what mat does on the
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he is just a snapping. >> we are snapping with you. >> see. snap. >> theirs were a lot more in sync. team u.s.a. took yesterday. raised the flag at the athletes village. american athletes coaches and officials were on hand to watch the stars and stripes raised over rio. there are 554 athletes on the 2016 u.s. olympic team. would be crying right there. star spangled banner makes me emotional. >> brazil brought the colors to the flag, christ the redeemer statute is lit up over looking
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stands 90 feet above the pedestal. >> watch the ceremonies on 9 news, coverage at 6:30, runs until 11:00 tonight. see an intricately choreographed show celebrating the heritage and parade of countries from around the world. we will do a news cast as usual, but on channel 20 at 9 and again our 10:00 show will be on channel 20, another broadcast live at 11:00 on channel 9 after prime time coverage ends lasting through the olympics. it is humid across the state this morning, we look at dew point, i do, we have low dew points on the front range, those will pick up later in the day, 6 plus in southwest, and in southeast colorado. that's a tremendous amount of humidity. few showers possible, nice one
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they get heavier this afternoon, in intensity and also going to get widespread in coverage. tomorrow, i could see a couple of severe thunderstorms for the front range and eastern plains. be on the lookout for that during the day. storms get fewer and farther between as we start next week. it's going to get warmer, too. maybe colorado is still a purple state after all. the presidential race will return to colorado again next week. nbc at presidential candidate, donald trump is considering a stop there, tuesday, a second visit in 2 weeks. the trip might include a stop in southern colorado as well. hilary clinton has a big lead if national polls right now. the latest nbc news wall street journal polls she opened up a 9 point lead over donald trump, receiving 47% support, 38% for
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up. noodles is cutting back in the least profitable markets that includes denver. what the restaurant plans to cut and why. 9 neighborhoods is heading to stapleton, the businesses and residences you can check out. everyday about this time, we will look at how team u.s.a. stacks up against the would in rio. now the medal count is of course at 0 before the games officially begin tonight. looking back from the last summer games the under dogs, 46 golds that year ahead of china's 38 and
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wal-mart wants to be neighbors with dia. the company paid 13.5 million dollars for 169-acres.
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jackson gap road. wal-mart hasn't said what it would put out there but it's been building distribution centers lately. it could bring hundreds of new jobs. it is 5:46 now. now to news your kids probably won't like, i know my kids won't. noodles is cutting back in denver. the restaurant reported negative earnings last quarter, the company plans to cut back on marketing and poor performing markets including denver. noodles plans to slow the growth of new locations, and restaurants, it's all in an effort to reduce expenses. my kids cannot get over the mac and cheese there. i got to learn how to make it. today the highly anticipated jobs report comes out for july. some predict the figure will show between 17 5- 180,000 jobs were added last month. fewer than in june. better than the slow numbers from may. unemployment rate expected to
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every morning. we will get used to that through the rest of the month. they have incredible weather to deal with in rio de janeiro winter. it's mild, 72 early this morning. close to 80 by 8:00. planning forecast, low 80s today, pretty close to 90 over the weekend, temperatures take a little step back in to the upper 70s to near 80 for the early part of next week. light showers are around the them up after 3:00 during the afternoon today and a few rounds of showers during the evening tonight. we have that flash flood watch that is in effect from boulder county, to the south, and above 8000 feet for the area of the front range mountains and foothills. watchout for a mud slides, lands slides and locally heavy rain on the highways as well. i thought we would start with a fun shot.
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and drive through rio. later this afternoon, in to this evening expect to see a lot of heavy traffic along coca cabana beach. beach traffic as we look out towards the coastline, all the festivities along the beach itself, shutdown, fun view, later today red. nothing lib that going on in denver, clear start across
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rain showers this morning. not a big deal. heavier this afternoon, could be a big deal in several areas in colorado. plenty of water to work with, heating things up a little bit, interacted with colorado terrain and we will see thunderstorms redeveloping, raining in bo over the front range and northeast. light rain this morning, decreasing a bit in the middle of the day, picking up during the afternoon, with moderate to heavy storms possible from the foothills and spreading out during the evening rush hour here at lower terrain. 70s heres 60s in the foothills today. statewides storms have started on a limited basis. stronger and stronger as they move to the east throughout the
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11:00 tonight b we have pockets of heavy rain in the west, and here over even colorado. temperatures today will be held down by the showers, with the heavy rain going here. we had the flash flood watch through midnight tonight. temperatures 70s, 80s, east and west with 60s to near 70 in mountain areas. heavier storms in the afternoon and during this evening. we could sigh a severe storm coming up tomorrow, especially late decrease in number as the temperature increases. getting outside to a busy start across downtown denver, a crew headed this way, southbound spear at stout, between there and champa, a traffic accident took out part of the lights working in the area. the crash has been cleared. they are working to restore the traffic lights in the area. if you are headed that way, treat it as a 4-way stop, for
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taken off along call math to colfax to reaccess spear. it is just less tan a quarter mile of a difference there. live views across 25, near colorado, busy this morning as we wake up and hit the roads, no accidents standing your way on the highway drive, could be different in to tonight with the rain moving in. the rain moving in. enjoy the friday-like life's sharing a meal. a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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stapleton neighborhood is a 12-square mile area, used to be home to denver's main airport and turning in to one of the largest r urban infield development areas in the u.s., filled with residential areas, single family homes and apartments, stapleton is home to 330 businesses including the fbi's 220,000 square foot regional headquarters, u.s. the af williams medical center and the northfield business park. if you have been to stapleton, it feels like the area is under construction, it's one of the newer neighbor nudes the denver area -- neighborhoods in the denver area. want to learn more about the history, join our instagram tour of the neighborhood this afternoon. these are images you will remember vividly, the goal king
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of toxins in to the river. people in silverton are choosing to make the best of it. the water is okay now. they are hosting super fun days, a play on the super fund clean up that will happen in the area soon. the party will include special beer, brewed in this color, yellow of last year's spill. also taking a jab at epa. a contractor hired caused the spill, this part will environmental pork agency. it's a sandwich. >> or pizza. >> pizza at the touch of your finger tips. a special kind of atm is coming to cincinnati. that will have pizza lovers stomach growling. coming up at 6:56, we will tell
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with all of the recent domestic violence cases, denver police are holding a meeting to get the word out and offer resources. i'm vida urbonas, that coming up. everyone is watching, he needs to put on the best show possible. we talk to the man behind tonight's olympic ceremony. >> welcome to 9 news, i'm john filling in for gary this morning. >> cool down does continue


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