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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  August 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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with all of the recent domestic violence cases, denver police are holding a meeting to get the word out and offer resources. i'm vida urbonas, that coming up. everyone is watching, he needs to put on the best show possible. we talk to the man behind tonight's olympic ceremony. >> welcome to 9 news, i'm john filling in for gary this morning. >> cool down does continue
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weekend? >> we are going the be climbing out of it a lyover the weekend. today, cloudy fort collins, cleared a bit in the metro area as we had a couple of showers move through. we may see one or two light rain showers from time to time, not going to be a big thing. temperatures holding in the 60s this morning. we have seen small pockets of rain, coming and going and fizzling. northern colorado, light showers there, and along the peak to peak highway. shouldn't affect you at all. if you e morning, with so many breaks in the overcast, rain will pick up through the afternoon today, especially after 3:00 this afternoon, front range mountains and foothills hit the hardest, we could see one or two downpours between 3:30 and 7:30 this afternoon. flash flood watches expanded. down through black hawk central city in to colorado springs, through then tire southwest
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if you are out working today, perhaps a sprinkle this morning, not really that big of a deal. nice cool day, temperatures in the low 70s, after 3:00, thunderstorms really start to pick up around here, so we will be watching for those carefully this afternoon for localized flooding. sky 9 is over our side streets, blake and broadway, i do believe. above the city, sky 9 has been possibly, maybe lanes issuedown, we will check in on this to get the exact situation. couple of cars blocking the intersection of what . a busy ride across downtown, out to the west side as well. starting things off on the dark c dot camera. today dry roads this morning,
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with the rain moving in. to the west, accident across i- 70, a stalled out vehicle parking on the ramp, westbound 70, exiting to denver west, back ups have not stretched to the highway drive yet but potentially could. we are watching the closure and road work along southbound spear, champa and stout. the opening ceremony is finally here tonight for the summer olympics. >> more part of it. let's go to brazil with cheryl and mat. you talked to the person that planned it? >> reporter: yeah, that's a lot of work to do that, don't you think? >> reporter: you can expect to see the music and dance that defines brazil and message of unity. >> consider what it would take to plan a wedding or dinner party and think about the entire world is invited and
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critique every little thing you have done. >> we are obliged to deliver. >> reporter: more than 3 billion people will be watching. that's a lot of pressure. this is the man in charge. marco did the ceremony for sochi and torino, he says the message will be about tolerance and his job, to communicate that with every person anywhere in the world. >> everybody is watching from madonna vladimir putin and a small village in africa, waiting on black and white tv screens. clear concept, delivered in a very, the highest quality possible. >> reporter: it is interesting to think about the vast spectrum of the people watching, he was telling about, he has choreographed it to talk
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for brazil but the world in very tumultuous times. >> a refugee time will walk with the olympic team. >> reporter: just the victory and being here at all, but for those who are contenders for medals, the winning or losing of a medal comes down to 100th of a second, less tan e it takes to blink your eye, the time better be accurate. omega handled the business of time for 26 games straight. it requires 250 tons of equipment, 120 miles of cabling. >> reporter: more than 400 score boards and 480 time
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for every millisecond. there are 400 cameras to make sure everything is fast and correct. it will be precise. >> being a time keeper brings a lot of responsibility. all the athletes trained for years, for entire lives to be here at the olympics and compete at their best, we need to be at our best and don't do any mistakes, either. >> we need to be on our best, too. maybe not always, when you have problems with your alarm on your phone, that's going the happen with you and me, it likely will not happen here at the olympic games. >> as the technology gets better, a tie can happen. it did in sydney in the 50- meter free style. we are right in front of the swimming venue, finishing the tour here on our third stop of the tour of this part of olympic park.
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the intricate design in the building, done by a famous brazilian artist that did the work just for the games. all the swimming that starts tomorrow, look at the design, when the light hits it, it looks different every time. >> if you look closely, there is little faces and sea scapes, people can buy portions at the end of the olympics. i see something that looks a little >> that's strange. can i buy that souvenir. >> the muse. i don't know if there is a price for it. that's priceless, johnathon. >> last stop on our tour. we are going to go to the ring. come up in a half hour we will take you to the iconic olympic rings. 70% of the russian athletes
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go. international litch limp committee approved the entry of 270 russian athletes, the original number was 400. there was a ban to call all russian athletes from competing. >> watch the coverage at 6:30s runs until 11:00, expect to see an intricately choreographed show celebrating brazil's heritage. our 10:00 p.m. show will also be on channel 20. we will do another broadcast on channel 9, after prime time olympic coverage ends. maybe he just cannot stay away from the beautiful state in the country. donald trump will be back in colorado. >> nbc station in grand
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trip might include a stop in southern colorado as well. trump held rallies in denver and colorado springs last friday. hilary clinton keeps gaining ground as we race towards november. the wall street jour nail poll shows hilary clinton with a 9 point lead over donald trump. clinton received 47% support, trump 38%. clinton increesed the lead by 4 points. cloudy boulder. live view, may see one or two light showers. like our opportunities for heavy rain to be likely after 3:00 this afternoon, especially during the evening drive tonight. a couple of little showers here and there, it picks up late this afternoon. cuts across the area, a little bit of rain, more than a little bit of rain, few areas of moderate to heavy over us this
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range in to boulder county along the peak to peak highway, georgetown, idaho springs, bailey and kenosha pass. 1-3 inches could fall in less than an hour. a clown creepy enough to scare penny wise. >> somebody is freaking people out in wisconsin. police say it is creepy yet not illegal. >>he filling up soon. the medal count for summer games. we had 46 golds last time. china had 38. russia 22 golds.
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temperatures this morning are already moving in to the
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80s. hot there, over the weekend, despite the fact sit winter there, it's -- it is winter there. starts cooling off early next week, it's going to be dry through the weekend. not so far us, monsoon moisture continuing to move this to the state, that characteristic patent. most of the showers settled in eastern colorado for the time be we have new rain and thunderstorms now moving up towards the grand mesa or colorado national monument. this morning, not really much going on, by 1 or 2:00, thunderstorms developing in the foothills, 3 to 7:30, moderate to heavy rain, we could have rain after sunset tonight with locally heavy rain and 1-3-inch rain, range, in a short ped of time, temperatures in the 70s here, 60s in the foothills.
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from the southwest, and moving across the state, with moderate to heavy rain for the front range, southeast, and of course, through mountain areas. incredible areas of rain, each or more on a localized basis. getting shut out is extreme north western colorado in to nebraska. we continue with the flash flood watch in the front range in boulder county and spreads through the four corners. temperatures in the 70s and and 70s in the mountains. light showers this morning, heavier thundershowers late in the afternoon, during the evening rush hour and through the evening tonight, clouds overnight, keeping us little bit cooler tomorrow with highs near 80 degrees, couple of heavy storms tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow's storms could be severe with hail and strong winds possible as well. a busy weekend.
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metro area commute. sky 9's view, spear and stout, repairs are underway at the light rail tracks and the traffic lights at the intersection. southbound spear was shut down at stout, folks diverted along kalamath, spears re-opened, stout is shut down. if you are catching a flight, out of town, avoiding the rain in denver this weekend, we are seeing a easy start out airport. clear conditions to dia, estimated tsa wait time, 15 minutes. great start across 6th avenue, waking up in golden, great news, no delays towards the denver metro drive. the radar on the traffic maps today, you can see which roads are getting wet. which roads to the east are staying dry. it has been a deadly summer in the denver area for domestic violence cases. the two most prominent in june.
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died, her exboyfriend is accused of murder. he was mad about their break up. >> a domestic violence incident locked down union station. carol russel's ex-husband shot and killed her in downtown denver. vida urbonas joins us from downtown. >> reporter: this is a location where they are holding a community meeting tonight, located federal and arkansas here recent domestic violence cases seriously and want to get the word out and get some information about the resources available. tonight's meeting is a community outreach, experts say it is out of concern we have seen the increase in violence homicides in particular. we often see it as a private family matter. it's something that we have been seeing impacting our
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it has a ripple effect across the community. they want to get the word out there is a resource for domestic violence, called the rose a ndem center, the meet willing just highlight the recent cases, and just give ideas of how people can get help. >> there were two murder- suicides last week, there have been basically four incidents involving domestic violence fatality oth is a concern. -- which really is a concern. we are trying to get information in to the community about resources available, and really encouraging folks to reach out and get help. >> reporter: the rose center is at a different location, this is the fed rico health family urgent center and urgent care, this is at arkansas and federal, the meeting tonight
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7:30, they are encouraging everyone to come out, even to talk about it and if they are not involved in domestic violence cases in their own life, so they are prepared to know how to handle it if they see it in the news or the community as well. creepness is not a crime for people in green bay. >> a person can walk down the sidewalk dressed however they
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$400 million in cash was delivered to iran around the same time the country released four american prisoners. the payment was so settle a decades old financial dispute. changes to north appeals court threw out request from the state to delay getting rid of election restrictions passed back in 2013. the court found those restrictions tarted black voters. the state wanted to delay enforcement while it considers taking the case to supreme court. it is now 6:22s boulder earned a new internet celebrity this week. he didn't live to enjoy the
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weather and traffic. anybody but me find that disturbing? a couple of storms around tomorrow afternoon, could be heavy, fewer storms on sunday, looking ahead, through the entire weekend, starting today, through sunday night, there are yeahs that could see heavy rain around here, a lot of us seeing half inch to an inch of more, few spots, 4-5 inches of rain. i talked about severe weather, storm prediction center has it in southeast colorado, i gh the den -- up a little closer to the denver area. do be on the lookout for severe storms, over the plains tomorrow afternoon. today's traffic report can be short and sweet. not too much around town. views 25 washington prove that great start. there lots of open conditions if you are headed between the bridges and downtown. looking a at clear start across the maps. a little bit of sprinkles to
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this next story will probably
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to come. someone has been walking around green bay, wisconsin, dressed as clown. >> not the friendly kind of clown, the steven king it kind of clown. the pictures were taken 2:00 in the morning on tuesday. the people who have seen this creepy clown, call him gags. some called the police to report it. police say while it is creepy, it is not illegal. the clown can roam the streets. >> the person can sidewalk dressed however they want, as long as they are in a legal place, and not a place with closing time, like a park, they can be there and dressed however they want. >> green bay police have got an ton of calls. people think gags is a character in a horror film. he inspired a fan facebook page which has more than 5000 followers. >> it's 10,000 now.
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are 20,000 people talking about gags the clown. >> this has to be the basis of a movie. a boulder critter has become an internet star. someone tied a get-well balloon to this dead raccoon. pictures have gone viral. contractors working to control traffic say they saw the man drive up, tie the ba land to the raccoon and drive off. the they were e moved on dissh removed on -- removed on saturday afternoon. a skunk was up the street and didn't get a balloon.
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with are the domestic violence denver police is asking the community to come together. i'm vida urbonas, the story coming up. one year since millions of gallons of waste water spilled in to the river. instead of dwellg on the damage, a town decided to celebrate. the olympics kick off tonight with a celebration for the ages. when you ask people living in rio, they are not as excited as the rest of the world. good morning, everyone,
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johnathan gonzalez. mart mart is in the backyard. summer is not -- marty coniglio is in the backyard. >> summer back in full force next week. today is about rain. we have clouds and showers in the san juans, this is our view up from the loveland ski area. socked in now with drizzle and fog. you might get a sprinkle, it's partly cloudy, one or two of the clouds may give us a shower or two during the course morning. we had rain earlier in the morning that's fallen apart as we have gone to 6:00 or 7:00, northeast, colorado, light showers that dissipated. raining in parts of bockca county, thunderstorms are redeveloping around the colorado national monument. redeveloping around ura, and silverton, cloudy this morning with a very, very small chance for a shower, after 3:00 this afternoon, moderate to heavy rain in the area, we could have
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the front range,ly detail the outlines of a new flash flood watch for this afternoon and this evening for parts of the front range in a few minutes. the views outside here, not too sunny today. usually plenty of sun glare, today a break with the weather moving in and 225 colfax, side streets not jammed up as you access the light friday highway drive. the johnson tunnel, incredible views, if you are hitting road early to the west side, look out for the low visibility, higher elevations. 270 in the city, bogged down, seeing the drive times closer to 10 minutes, speeds in the 40s. mapwise, sprinkles, but no significant rain, that could change this afternoon, during the afternoon rush, your drive times leaving the city, towards the dtc, 15 minutes and that
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alarming when you look at the numbers on do most ib violence in the -- domestic violence in denver. this week, police investigated after a woman confessed to shooting her husband, the man lived but the woman took he own life after calling 911. last weekend, police investigated two separate murder-suicides involving couples. vida urbonas is the denvers police are trying to do something republican cases seriously and asking the community to come out he and join thems learn about domestic violence and be a part of the solution. the meeting is part of outreaches they want to get the community involved. it's out of concern we have seen an increase in domestic violence cases. particularly we have seen the homicides, domestic violence is often seen as a private family
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something that impacts our entire community. that's why they are trying to help address it isn't a private matter and could impact entire neighbor has or families. they want to let people know where they can go for help. one of the resources is rose anthem center. >> domestic vie license is often seen as a private family matter, the reality is, it's something that impacts the entire community and has community. that's what we are trying to help address is it isn't a private family matter. it can impact neighborhoods. >> reporter: it canment we saw the cases where downtown was shutdown for a while during the one event. the event that's being held is at the southwest family health center, we are lo it caked at
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arkansas and federal. its from 6:00n until 7:30, they will address the concerns and highlight the resourcess, where people can go for help if they see it happening or dealing with domestic violence themselves. a man accused in a deadly centennial shooting will be in he shot dr. atkinson and two women. a year to the day since the gold king mine spilled 3 million gallons of waste water in to the river. they are throwing a party this week. they are calling it super fun days, a play on the super fun clean up that will happen this the area soon. the party will include special beer, brewed in the not so
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epa which caused the spill and plan to serve environmental pork agency sandwichs this weekend. >> i wonder how the beer will taste. a pair of 15-month-old twins from georgia died and father is in jail this morning, after they were left in a hot car yesterday. neighbors tried to break in to the vehicle after they saw the girls in the car seats, they got the girls out, tried to cool them down in a baby pool. by the time the girls made it to the hospital they charged him with two counts of manslaughter. john hinkley jr. is 61 years old, he is a ridge lay from evergreen colorado, he was declared legally insane after he tried to assassinate reagan in 1981. a federal judge decided he is no long er a danger to himself
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he will be required to live with his elderly mother in virginia. july jobs report is in this morning, u.s. employers added 225,000 jobs in the last month, national unemployment rate stays the same, 4.9%. that's higher than expected, close to the numbers from june which were strong, a big 2- month recovery after a poor may when the economy added 11,000 jobs. won't be long until lifts start turning. a-basin has gotten approval to expand by 300-acres, an expert area called the beavers. it's a roped off section now. there are plans to add a lift to the bowl, once they get apriefl, approval it will take two summers to complete the work. . a big event celebrating tiny homes, happening in colorado
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house jamboree is planned for this weekend. it will be held at the air force academy campus, expecting more than 40,000 people, organizers expect to see people from across the country and around the world, able to tour tiny homes, see exhibits and go to workshops. there has been a lot of hype and curiosity about tiny houses lately. this will probably be pretty popular, could you live in one of those? >> that's my retirement account. that's where i'm going. if you are not ready to retire and have to work outside, beware of a little chance of rain. thunderstorms after 3:00 this afternoon, going to be heavier, this afternoon, than anything you would see this morning. getting a few breaks in the overcast and late in the days moderate to heavy rain for the afternoon drive and during the evening as well. we could have rain showers around here and up to 1 inch or
6:40 am
have the flash flood starts at noon, flash flood watches starts at noon, in the higher the rain of boulder, all the way through georgetown, kenosha pass and sum i county. >> that's a lot of rain and fast. exciple is growing for the opening ceremony of the 2016 summer olympics, except maybe where the games are bein >> he said that it was more meaningful that i got to call him than the call from john elway on the phone. >> the bronco's newest
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rain showers starting up this morning, a balmy 50 degrees in silverton, one or two showers, they will be intense this afternoon, and evening for several areas of the front range. watchout for tomorrow afternoon, for heavy afternoon storms, locally heavy rain,
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we are not too worried about severe weather with the hail and wind. it's the heavy rain. showers begin to slow down as temperatures accelerate in to the 90s. we will see how long the 90s stick around. sky 9 is over 10th and garrison, excel trucks are on scene doing repairs. this is in applewood neighborhood, between there and the brentwood estates, we track this, closed, local side street detours in use as the intersection is blocked. to the maps, lot happening, now got a power outage, around i-70 and federal area, regis, northwest campus, the northwest campus of regis is shutdown, thornton, dtc and colorado springs remain open. tonight is one of the friday nights you might want to
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ceremony of the 2016 olympics. let's check in with cheryl and mat live in rio. the rings, that's the big deal, you, have you made to it the rings? >> reporter: we made to it the rings. lacks like i'm at dis -- looks like i'm at disney world with ears over my head. iconic ring. >> we didn't think about this with the microphone. people are here a lot of excitement for the olympics. >> reporter: people have been so friendly, volunteers have been friendly. we had a chance to talk to people outside of the park, too very friendly and welcoming. not as enthusiastic about the olympics, it's more about the tension between the people and the government. >> most people are not really excited for the olympics, i
6:46 am
it. >> we hope we have improvement in our safety here in town. >> reporter: there are a couple of things at play, $12 billion, the government spent to put on the olympics and so many people live in poverty. the government says the infrastructure will help the long-term solutions for the people. we will see how that shakes out. >> reporter: a lot excited to see what it will bring to rio, athletes and spectators excited. can you imagine being an athlete and getting ready for opening ceremony after putting in so much work, the pain, the heart, just to have the honor of being here. >> a dream. >> it's not just about winning medals. >> huge honor comes to mind. >> i daydream about going to the olympics. >> i think about the little
6:47 am
to the olympics. >> finally, we reached the mountain top, it's so exciting. >> i could not be more excited. that's why it is so special. >> reporter: gives you chills, makes me so excited not just for opening ceremony but all of the games and all of the athletes. 33 different venues around the city, this is one of the main ceremonies will be is a few miles away, an @ la carte stadium they built for the world cup. >> reporter: seats 80,000. i can guarantee, a lot of the people will be snap chatting. >> snapping. mats a big snapper. >> reporter: snap mat, that's what the kids call me. look at the app, they got a rio 2016 app, you can have the head band , the fireworkses and the
6:48 am
rio. it's realistic. >> reporter: do you thick our corrography would be good for opening ceremony? >> i have already got an call. >> snap it, one more time. >> reporter: we have been working on that, you guys. >> after you guys did your little snap chat, we decided to have fun, too. here is our snap chat. what is so interesting, it detects where you are and so you guys have the brazil flag, >> team u.s.a. i look like i'm a karate fighter or something. really weird. >> mat, if you had your own app -- >> you are looking fierce. >> you have the name now, all locked up. >> snap mat. >> i am ready for it. snap mat. >> reporter: it's going to stick with me for the rest of my life. >> for good reason.
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thank you so much. it's been fun hanging with you guys this morning. >> one of the most iconic -- we tried to do that, we were not even close. >> they practice, clearly. one of the most iconic statutes in the world is in the olympic spirit. the christ redeemer statute is lit up in the colors of the brazilian flag, the statute of jesus christ stands 98 feet above the pedestal and between 1922-31. we have a searchable data base of the 22 live 22 olympickians and a way to cross reference
6:50 am
daniel is a leukemia survivor and broncos fan that started his own radio show, invited to announce the first round pick at the nfl draft in april. >> he said he watched me. it was more meaningful i got to call him. it was nice of >> wow. >> that's good. >> impressive. >> that's cool. he got to say his name, big deal. >> sit friday morning, we know most of you looking ahead to the weekend will the cool off continue, marty coniglio will
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rain and thunderstorms started this southwest colorado, they will continue to intensifys going from the southwest to the northeast, throughout the state, throughout the days it's raining a little bit in southeast colorado, our early morning showers have fall p apart for a bit. a couple of slack hour and things pick up later in th here and there, nice sun around lunchtime, then one to three, storms develop in the foothills, after 3:00, they roll off here, look for stormy evening here with a couple of periods of moderate to heavy rain. early estimates from half an inch to over an inch and a half in a few spots, a heavy rain possible in downpours this afternoon, and this evening. 60s in the foothills. mid-70s for the rest of us
6:54 am
showers, taking, laying low a little bit this morning, with the heat of the day it allows them to buildup, gain a little more energy and move across us during the afternoon and evening today. heavy rain in southwestern colorado through the central part of the state, summit, grand county in to the arkansas valley, here in the front range, later on, the flash flood watch has been extended all the way along the peak to peak highway, near allens park, stretching to georgetown, through colorado springs, in to the four corners. 7s, 80s for the east and west, 60s and 70s in the mountains, 75-degree high, decent morning, nice at lunchtime, stormy late this afternoon and this evening for the ride home, and after you get home or out and about, this friday evening, heavy storms around the area during the evening. tomorrow afternoon, after a high of 79, one or two severe storms, we could add hail and damaging wind in to the mix,
6:55 am
tuesday, wednesday, summer is not over yet. >> 6:54, sky 9 is over 10th and garrison, a crash took place and because of it, a resulting power outage, 8 excel trucks on scene trying to restore power. jefferson county seeing a power outage of over 1700 people, pretty big impact here, areas surrounding 10th and garrison, taking place near the applewood neighborhood. to drive, it's been quiet across the maps. dealing with issues across 7. a stall moving through, havana, light slow downs, to the west, we have a second power outage, taking place near regis university, northwest campus is closed because of the power outage around federal and i-70.
6:56 am
today the man accused of can i feeling his neighbor and wounding his wife and he friend will face a judge. kevin lions is accused of shooting and killing dr. kenneth atkinson the april. he faces 14 charges, first gee murder, attempted first degree murder and first degree assault. everybody loves colorado, especially the presidential candidates. this morning we learned donald trump is coming back. he was here two weeks ago, running mate here wednesday, sister station in grand junction says, trump ma that trip may include a stop in sound colorado. exactly one year since the gold king mine spilled 3 million gallons of waste water in to the river. the people of silverton are not moping, they are having a party. super fun days, happening in the area soon. the party will include special beer, brewed the color of last year's spill, taking a jab at the epa, too, plan to serve
6:57 am
there is more work to be done near glennwood canyon i- 70 closed to glennwood on 10th and 11th, around here, thunderstorms this afternoon, and this evening, could be locally heavy, keep your eye out for that, i mentioned the heavy storms possible do you remember and next week, we have heat moving back in days, to the 90s, settles back down towards the tail end of next week, the storms, few and far between especially after tuesday. we just had to share this story with you today. america will get the first pizza atm. we will have to flay to cincinnati -- fly to cincinnati to check out out. xavier is partnering with a french company, customers can use a touch screen, press the
6:58 am
it out for $10. >> use your imagination. >> have they been read mig diary? >> they will heat it for 10 minutes and give you a cardboard box to put it in. it comes out of a little slot. >> like a vending machine? >> that's cool. >> if it's a little one you can get for $1 at the grocery store, then we lose. we will have to wait and see and go to cincinnati. the australians are not happy in rio, they moved in to the olympic village, soupy struggles for the swim team. that's on channel 20. channel 20 is where it's at. since gary is not here, we will say it for him, congratulations, you made it
6:59 am
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good morning. let the games begin. all eyes on rio with the opening ceremony of the 2016 olympic games now just hours away. the american flag raised over the athletes village as crews put the final touches americana stadium. nearly 5,000 performers, 11,000 at least all getting ready and over a billion people set to wech all over the globe. we are your sneak peek today, friday, august 5th, 2016. >> team u.s.a. has won back to back gold medals. >> another strong finish by


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