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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 8, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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lindsey lohan's caught on camera beach brawl with her fiance. >> no! no! >> now on "extra." ? ? ? ? ? ? vicious. violent. lindsay man handled on a beach in greece by her fiance egor. >> give me my phone. >> does she still want to marry the millionaire after this public display of aggression? new video. kim kardashian opens up after her mom's scary smash up. >> kim, is kris okay? >> breaking couple's news. gwen stefani and blake shelton
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his girl. >> and we've kissed. >> wow! >> and her new confession, what she did with blake she never did with her ex gavin. hollywood catches olympic fiefer. >> track and field, personally. >> the stars of "black-ish" bruce willis and kiefer sutherland. who is watching what, and who are the star athletes to watch. >> we're in rio with the very latest. >> bad chad hooked up with his ex. jojo dumped him on national tv and now in char icharissa's hot seat. >> knowing she's happy comforts me. >> does it really? >> now from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. tracey is off today. kiefer sutherland's return to prime time tv. >> video surfacing today highlighting lindsay lohan's
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this the moment that broke them up? jerry has the story. >> grabbed from behind and wrestling on the beach. >> no! no! >> another caught on camera brawl between lindsay lohan and her then-fiance. now, are they still together? >> new video, lohan tossing egor tarabasov's cell phone out of a jeep and she rushes out to grab it and the violent struggle begins. >> give me my >> no. >> the argument continues as she gets back in the jeep. and egor makes a phone call. the new video revealed only days after britain's "the sun" exclusively obtained this video. lindsay screaming at egor on the balcony of her london flat. >> you can't strangle a woman and expect everything to be okay.
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are still engaged. >> kim kardashian's first words on her mom's rolls royce smash up. >> give kris our best wishes. i hope she's doing okay. >> she's doing okay. >> kim out in l.a. and kris recovering after her quarter million new car was wrecked. >> rolls royce has air bags deployed from it. >> the 60-year-old injuring her hand. >> new blake and gwen wedding whispers growing louder today. the country star jamming his head ? >> and talking about gwen confessing to seth meyers he didn't realize that was gwen on her no doubt smash. ? ? >> when they first met. >> just like, wow! that was you? >> that's fantastic. >> and we've kissed? >> wow! that is amazing. >> "people" reporting they're this close to getting engaged. gwen catching his late-night appearance on her tour bus. >> come watch with me.
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her brand new cosmo cover tell-all. >> i'm gwen stefani. >> confessing there's one thing she's done with blake she's never done with ex gavin, write a song together. bethany frankel, and her new york banker boyfriend dennis shield did not pop the question. tonight is the opening ceremonies of the olympic games down in rio. what events do you like >> i love gymnastics. >> all about the tumbling. >> balance beam. >> there you go. >> it is so impressive. >> i know it is and the wrestling and the boxing. i'm always looking forward to and track and field. we're breaking down the athletes you'll want to watch at this year's games. >> swimming superstars, michael phelps and ryan lochte. >> gabby douglas. >> i'm excited. >> and dekath leet ashton eaton. >> i'm older and more educated
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just a few of the faces about to dominate the headlines as the 2016 summer olympics officially kick off tonight in rio de janeiro. the olympic torch making its way to maracana stadium. boomer all dressed in stars and stripes. >> i came back because i wanted to. i wanted to do this to me. >> do you know the directions to rio, brazil? >> phelps and the rest of the olympic swim team doing their version of singing. ? ? >> katy perry rumored to perform her olympic theme song "rise." ? >> sports illustrated celebrating our most buzz worthy athlete on including team us attraction and field, swimming and gymnastics. >> this year's ceremony not without controversy and concerns about the zika virus sparking worldwide headline, but most
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>> i'm not too worried about it. >> that's just something not in our control. >> lexy thompson after she went topless on golf digest. she's keeping her eyes on the prize. >> winning a gold medal for my country would be bigger than any victory i've ever gotten so far. >> these olympic hopefuls can count on millions of fans including ones watching around the world. >> i have adopted the gymnastic team as i own a be one. >> swimming. >> gymnastics. gymnastics. >> i've become a real soccer for the women's soccer. >> gymnastics. gabby douglas. >> i'm definitely going to watch it because my husband will force me to watch it with him. >> basketball, but my second favorite sport is rugby and this is the first time rugby sevens will be playing. >> the 2016 summer olympics officially begin tonight on nbc. well, coming this fall to primetime is the return of "24,"
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bauer and star kiefer sutherland. kiefer is still a producer, though, and he's starring in a new show called designated survivor and renee is with him and the rest of the stars you'll see on abc. >> new season, new shows and one designated new network star. >> there's so much buzz about this show already. kiefer sutherland on tv and abc's designated survivor. playing a cabinet official who suddenly becomes president after the entire government is wiped out durine playing president in the middle of the election and a very crazy election that could be made for tv. >> yes. yes. campaigns have been made for tv and clearly, this has been one of the most extraordinary. >> shark tank's mark cuban taking on the presidential nominee donald trump. >> to be good on shark tank you have to know your business and you have to have a business plan and he has none of that. >> viola davis busy on the big screen with "suicide squad".
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most dangerous people on the planet. >> and the third season of "how to get away with murder". >> you really are wonder woman. >> i tell people that. you said when you were a kid you wanted to be wonder woman because you were being bullied in school. >> yeah. that was my spirit warrior. i got to meet lynda carter. i made a complete fool of myself. i've got a picture of me and her in my office and i look like i'm 10. >> don't let him off the hook. >> loosely based with star defense attorney mark geragos. >> this is one giant misunderstanding. >> piper perrabo. >> i said to her, looking at her was like looking in a really, really, really good mirror. >> they are back for season four of "black-ish". >> you need to calm down. >> what they can't wait to watch is the olympics.
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personally. >> track and field is mine. >> used to run the 2 and the 4. >> and i used to run the 100 and the long jump. >> oh, really? >> people were amazed that i could get all of this up off the ground and travel 15 1/2 feet. >> i can't believe we're celebrating season 15. >> find out at extra millions watched him miss out on love and will a second chance at love in goet the bachelor". >> i thought i was that guy that was going to make her happy, but i wasn't. >> the bachelorette runner-up robby getting deep with me about his teary and dramatic dumping by jojo in thailand. >> for some reason my heart is somewhere else. >> i was in shock. she holds a special place in my heart. knowing she's happy comforts me. >> does it really? >> it does. >> abc not confirming yet who will be the next bachelor despite reports it's between
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the idea. >> i know that that avenue to find love works because i did find it. >> chad, your best friend was here the other day. >> the "c" word. he believes that jojo and jordan are fake. >> i don't. jordan is a stand-up dude. i do believe it's real. >> it is no mystery that your ex became a big topic of conversation. what did you think when you saw the picture of hope and chad together? >> i thought they did me a favor. all of the people who thought i was a two-timer or that i went on the show for that wrong. she went out there and she stooped to that level allowing chad to fly her out to tulsa to have him kind of use her as a publicity stunt. the only part of that i didn't like were the slanderous comments chad included on the post. >> [ bleep ]. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> dude, i think you've got to go. >> did you watch chad on "bachelor in paradise"? >> yes. it was embarrassing. i'm speechless.
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haron and apologized to behalf of him. >> it's not the end of bad chad. he returns with a vengeance on "bachelor in paradise" on abc. >> up next, will smith, margot robbie, jared leto, before the stars of "suicide squad" take over the box office. >> are we rolling. >> they're sitting down with "extra" for a no-holds barred tell-all. >> he would come o >> this is when jeff bridges turns "extra" reporter. >> okay. >> coming up.
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ou coming up, meet "the suicide squad's" new breakout star and
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? the "nine lives" with kevin spacey and jennifer garner is in studios. >> and people are checking out "suicide squad" starring will smith, forgot robbie and jay leto. >> they're superstars, super villains recruited to save the world. will smith and margot robbie leading this a-list suicide squad. >> we're bad guys. it's what we do. >> this weekend taking over the
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record of the $180 million opening. >> are we rolling? >> will and margot confessing to me they feared checking online chatter once they were cast in this iconic comic book classic. >> you just don't want to know how bad you suck for the role. >> way more positive than negative. i was, like, that's nice. usually when i look online i come away crying. >> i can't wait to show you my toys. >> oscar-wi full madman as the joker. >> never breaking character on set. >> needed to quiet any distractions and to be as committed as humanly possible. >> and break-out star karen fukahara who plays katana. >> bad-ass samurai warrior. her first meeting with leto freaked her out. >> he came over -- hi, pretty and it was the creepiest and coolest thing i have ever experienced.
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>> that's me! hi! this 24-year-old real-life martial arts expert living out her hollywood dream. >> it's amazing because it's my first movie ever. >> and it's all about the suicide squad this weekend at the movies. all right. actor jeff bridges is one talented dude. we all know that he can act and he can sing, but who knew he had some reporter skills? we enlisted the oveng ar to play "extra" correspondent for the day and jeff, the job's all yours. >> they're the wild tristartrio starring in this wild western. >> are we rolling? >> yes. >> okay. >> chris pine and ben foster cracking up as their "hell or high water" co-star jeff bridges sits down to interview them about their new move. >> okay. movie. >> and these boys clearly formed a strong bromance on the set.
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>> probably barbecue sauce. i've been wearing it all day. >> chris and ben playing brothers who rob a bank to save their family's texas farm from foreclosure. >> good morning, folks! open the doors! >> the texas ranger trying to take them down. >> i may have one left in me. >> i would watch him for hours and something clicks in me and i would be [ bleep ], there is something very wrong being righted. tough cinematic question. what movie would you like to make a sequel out of. >> whatever character this is. >> the lebow ski. >> i'm the dude, so that's what you call me. of course, jeff. you know everybody wants to see it. until the world gets to see "the dude" in a lenowski reboot.
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but who is she fan girling over? >> walk into my -- passed out. plus, the hit show "unreal" taking you behind the scenes of a bachelorette-type reality show. is bierko following the real bachelorette? that happened just a few weeks ago. >> that's next. >> how do you spell entertainment? ? ? ? >> theex >> of entertainment news. >> is here. for over 20 years, "extra" has been delivering emmy arc ward-wing entertainment news. now for the second time, we've struck emmy gold for outstanding struck emmy gold for outstanding entertainment newsi have been wg in oral health care for the last 12 years. there is a perception amongst dentists that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white
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that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers. it's different, there's nobody else out there that i'm aware of that has developed whitening for people with sensitivity in this way. next time, meryl streep's new confessional.
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? ? in her hit show she's out to save the world one mission at a time. with me now, zendaya. >> her fans simply adore her. >> would you do a kissy face? >> you have some amazing fans. >> absolutely. >> does it ever get old? >> no. never. >> she's on the red carpet, just playing can't get enough of her. >> how would you describe your style? >> you know, the cool thing about it is is i don't have a specific style.
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to know what my style is. >> who zendaya is really obsessed with? >> can we talk about beyonce for a second? >> i need to know everything. what does she smell like? >> you were in the lemonade video. >> it got real when she walked into my dressing room. and i never get star struck and i passed out. i couldn't make eye contact. >> is she everything you wanted her to be? >> you have so many thingsoi congratulations on q s s on "ca undercover". >> i get to wear crazy prosthetics and go under cover and that's fun. >> be sure to watch zendaya on "casey under cover" on the disney channel. >> online now. >> casey undercover turns back the clock, the sneak peek out now at it was a night of stars in l.a. as the hollywood foreign
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two-time winner jamie lee curtis hosted the event where funds were presented to help entertainment-related organizations. >> it's a secret they love exposing every year, and i hope they invite me back. for a good cause. >> switching gears back to the wacky world of reality dating shows and sometimes things can get a bit unreal and nobody knows that more than craig bierko. >> craig and his four-legged friend boo. >> this is my dog wife. >> joining me just in lifetime show. >> how would you describe unreal. >> it's what goes on backstage the bachelor. >> i filled him in on all things jojo. >> that will last. that's the way to build a relationship. >> the idea that they're going to cast a marriage is hilarious
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beings. >> fans of unreal may notice something different about craig. he's not the man he used to be. >> congratulations on losing 50 pounds. >> no, no, no. >> you got encouragement from one of your co-stars. i've known for a long time and we were sitting at the end of the first season and god, i've put on a little weight. >> yeah. i'm going to take a little off. she said, good idea. >> catch the slimmer, trimmer
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for the last 12 years. there is a perception amongst dentists that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white is a product that is 10 times less abrasive than many of the whitening toothpastes that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers. it's different, there's nobody else out there that i'm aware of that has developed whitening
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an outage is causing big problems for delta airlines this morning. the system wide computer failure has grounded all of its flights. passengers are reporting delays from all over the world --- including london, tokyo and los angeles. we'll have more on this developing story -- and tell you how it's affecting flightin at 5. good morning. corey, tarhonda, gary and marty here with you on this dark and early monday morning. marty- we had a beautiful weekend,


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