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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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an outage is causing big problems for delta airlines this morning. the system wide computer failure has grounded all of its flights. passengers are reporting delays from all over the world --- including london, tokyo and los angeles. we'll have more on this developing story -- and tell you how it's affecting flightin at 5. good morning. corey, tarhonda, gary and marty here with you on this dark and early monday morning. marty- we had a beautiful weekend,
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making waves in rio...
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team usa dominated the olympic pool sunday. michael phelps added gold medal number 19 to his collection - his 23rd one overall -- for his part in the men's 4-by-100 relay. and 19-year-old katie ledecky won her first gold in the 400 free. she shattered her personal record in the process. both swimming sensations will be back in the pool again today. our team in rio is busy bringing you the latest on all things team usa. cheryl preheim and matt renoux you - a little later this morning. denver police plans to start collecting racial information on the people they come in contact with now. this--following complaints about a lack of accountability within the department. chief robert white says recent protests over police-involved shootings of black men... show the information is necessary to keep the public informed. one of the biggest races of the year in
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triathlete. a competitor in the "ironman"-- died on sunday in an accident. now-- a small memorial pays tribute to her. 34-year-old michelle walters was hit and killed by a driver during her cycling portion of the race. walters was from from mccook, nebraska the accident happened-- at u-s 36 - just north of broadway. that area had a shoulder - blocked off for cyclists. details on the driver have not been released. colorado state patrol says speed and alcohol are not believed to be factors. death in two years-- during the boulder ironman. it's also the fourth cycling death in boulder county in the last three months. a young child is dead after an accident at a water park in kansas city. the 10-year-old boy's name is caleb schwab. he's the son of a kansas state representative. he was on the 'verruckt' - dubbed the world's tallest water slide on sunday. how he died is still in question. the entire water park - will stay closed until further notice a 12 year old child is being treated at a
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falling 75 feet near colorado springs. the child was hurt near helen hunt falls yesterday and then flown here to denver children's hospital. few other details about the child's injuries, or what led up to the fall have been released. it's been nine months since a drunk driver killed state trooper jaimie jursevics. and sunday, people gathered to remember the woman who lost her life in the line of duty. hundreds of people at the douglas county fair took a moment to reflect and remb fallen state trooper. more than 400 hand-written messages were attached to roses and placed on a special patrol car --- with jursevics' initials and badge number. all the notes will be given to jaimie jursevics' young daughter... ... so-- when she's old enough-- she can read the kind words people said about her mother. the 400 roses will be taken to the
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patrol car with the thin blue line ... it will be back on the road today. the candidates are turning their focus to the economy.. donald trump will be in detroit today -- where he will talk about his plans for economic growth. his campaign says it will be a speech that will target average voters - rather than one aimed at think tank groups. and hillary clinton will be in detroit later this week - where she also plans to talk about her economic policy. it's one she's been talking ou and some polls have shown clinton gaining on trump on economic issues. she's set to speak on thursday. we'll be covering both speeches on 9 news and 9 news dot com.
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weather here in colorado -- and this weekend included everything from fires to messy mudslides. an update on those after the break. but first- we'd like to do a little patriotic bragging. the united states currently leads all countries with twelve total olympic medals. four bronze... five silver...
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to add more as the olympics heads into their first full weekday.
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crews have made some big gains on colorado's largest wildfire. as of yesterday - the beaver creek fire along the wyoming border-- is 28 percent contained. that fire began in june... and has burned more than caused it. they don't expect full containment until late october. a highway in southwest colorado became a muddy river yesterday. storms caused one to two feet of mud to cover roads near the telluride area. the san miguel sheriff's office sent out photos showing the roads near placerville and sawpit. crews managed to get traffic moving again early last night -- but warned
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absolutely necessary. about two weeks ago, similar mudslides in that same area caused closures and delays for two days . lower gas prices are here -- get it while you can - because experts say it won't last long. it might be annoying - but if you're constantly tapping your foot or fidgeting at your desk - you could be healthier
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last much longer. the average price per gallon nationwide is two- 16. it's even lower in parts of colorado. a fall in crude oil prices caused gas to drop 20 cents over the past nine weeks. but experts say crude oil is making a bit of a comeback in the market. that means prices at the pump won't stay down for long. if you're planning to vacation this month -- make sure your home isn't available to burglars. new data from "travelers is the biggest month for theft- related claims. if you're going on a quick getaway - make sure your house still looks occupied. put your lights on a timer, and if possible - have a trusted neighbor occasionally check in. also - review your policy - and make sure you have enough coverage in case people do get in. we've all been there -- sitting at a table and feeling someone - or yourself - constantly fidgeting or
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shows that the nervous habit may actually be good for you. researchers at the university of missouri found that fidgeting increases blood flow - and may prevent poor artery function. researchers say fidgeting is no substitute for walking and good exercise -- but that any movement is better than nothing. the reasons why teens pick up an e- cigarette may determine whether they keep using the devices later on. a study from yale university found that middle and high school students most often try e- cigarettes because
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because their friends used them. low cost is another factor. and teens who use them as an option to quit smoking were 14 times more likely to keep vaping than those with another reason. today -- new federal regulations surrounding electronic cigarettes and minors will go into effect. the rockies lost last night -- but that pales in comparison to the baseball history that happened at the game. meet the man who isn't letting anything stop his
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history yesterday... ichiro suzuki - an outfielder for the miami marlins - reached hit number three-thousand. his triple in sunday night's game against the rockies makes ichiro the 30th player in major league history to reach three-thousand hits. the rockies ended up losing that game - ten to seven. also this weekend - some bigtime former olympians are teaching the next generation of soccer players. mia hamm, kristine lilly and tisha hoch coached a girl's soccer camp in raleigh. they worked with campers to build individual and team skills. all three played for the university of north carolina tar heels...and for team usa. the athletes also encouraged the young players to
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eating and training habits. the mountains are calling - and one man isn't letting anything get in the way. nelson garcia and photojournalist anne herbst have re jake also says his bikes are popular
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brain injuries and have a hard time
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to most of the
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athletes are in rio these days -- but about a thousand competitors converged on cleveland for their own event... it was the world yo-yo contest. it might not be an olympic sport, but it drew quite the crowd. players of all ages from 30 countries threw their coolest tricks - "walk the dog", "around the world" and more. competition also included solos and duets... classic maneuvers and creative new routines.
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colleen ferreria is live at d-i-a - as delta's system outage continues to cause problems for everyone involved. and more from the road to rio and what we can expect as team usa prepares for the first full weekday at the games. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. the road to rio hits the pool .. and michael phelps lands another gold medal.. matt and cheryl join us live from rio in a few minutes. and .. a new way to
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3-d? it is the second death in 2 years during the boulder ironman triathlon.. this morning .. investigators are looking into why one of the athletes was hit and killed by a car during e race. breaking news right now -- a worldwide travel mess... is unfolding this morning... delta airlines' computer systems are down "everywhere." thousands of delta passengers around the world are grounded. and delta is n the problem will be fixed. 9news reporter colleen ferreira is on her way to dia to check out how things are impacted there. we'll check in with her in just a bit. good morning. happy monday. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- today we really start to heat back up and feel more like


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