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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  August 8, 2016 4:00pm-4:58pm MDT

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moms know their kids need love. and encouragement. they also know milk is a nutrient powerhouse. with 8 grams of natural protein, it's no surprise 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk.
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you've seen it on tv, but what's it really like in rio. we'll go on a tour of some of the venues housing history making athletes. >> massive delays around the country. >> even at the time of departure they said they were still on time. everything was good and all of a sudden they canceled. >> the sensitive computer system still using coding that's decades old. >> and new tracking from denver police if you get stopped for a
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>> this is 9news. an ironman competitor was killed during a race yesterday. it happened along highway 36 north where a lane of cones separated riders from the traffic. michelle walters was sideswiped after serving and then fell after getting hit by the truck's back tire. a memorial has been set up in despite the call for change many in the community say this death has affected them personally. >> i just want to say that on behalf of the entire triathlon community in boulder that our hearts go out to the friends and family of michelle walters. i'm feeling emotional right now. i didn't even know her. so i just hope these things don't happen again in the future. >> at the july 22nd city council meeting the city did
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it circles around three es, education, engineering and enforcement of all new road patterns. a 14-year-old girl from westminster has been found after disappearing more than 24 hours. alice caver's mom said she dropped alice and her dog off near a dog park at 100th avenue and simms street sunday before 6:30. she never made it home. alice has autism and does not function at a medication. police say alice was found at a hair salon in superior. she's okay. we want to get to a crash that happened at northbound i- 25 and 144th. it looks like a flatbed semi collided with some kind of white suv right there near the median northbound i-25 causing a lot of backup there, of course, likely on the southbound side as well because
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we are not sure what time this started. cdot tweeted out something in the last 48 minutes or so. when we get more information, we'll bring it to you. >> both sides of the highway impacted. there is a small chance for rain this afternoon across parts of colorado. meteorologist becky ditchfield is in the 9news backyard. we're expecting warmer weather and then another cooldown. >> things in fact, we'll see cooler temperatures by the end of this week, but for now still pretty warm out there and immediately speaking showers and thunderstorms still part of our forecast into this evening. take a live look now outside where we have those partly cloudy skies sitting over the denver metro area. most of the shower and thunderstorm activity has either been on the south side of the city or even further south of that down near colorado springs where you can see it now. that being said i am watching
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wheat ridge north of lakewood moving towards the southeast. so it very well may graze that southwest side of the city of denver and that could push into places like greenwood village, cherry hills village and the south side of aurora by the time it's done. the more powerful storms are still well off to our south where throughout portions of el paso county we've got severe thunderstorm warnings that are in effect. those go till 4:15 and we also have a flash flood warning in place that goes till 7 p.m. because it's producing a lot of very heavy rain, possibly hail that's quarter size, inch size in diameter. a lot of lightning. it, too, is moving towards the southeast fairly quickly at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. part of a line that also extends a little bit further out to the west even through our southern mountains where flooding may also still be a potential as we head into tonight. this system will continue to
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it by the time it's all done. we are actually under the marginal risk for strong storms all the way out west into western colorado. here through denver up through fort collins and greeley stretching into the northeast corner of our state through tonight. it certainly has been warm enough to support the development of those showers and storms. right now 89 in denver, greeley at 93, 92 for fort collins. we've got upper 80s and lower to middle 90s on the eastern plains. coming up we'll talk about the long you can expect to hear thunder and see that lightning into this evening and then when things will quiet down and finally cool off later this week. >> we saw thunder on my side of town before noon. i was like kooky. >> it started earlier. it keeps going through this evening. >> okay. passengers flying delta still dealing with problems after a computer outage caused
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more around the world today. many passengers say they didn't know about the problems until they made it through security, saw people sleeping on the floor. the airline says the power outage happened just after 2:30 in the morning at its atlanta headquarters and lasted six hours or so. computer experts see an outage like the 1 delta experienced can have a ripple effect on other systems around the world. 9news reporter maya rodriguez learned it's a sensitive system that still uses computer coding decades old. >> reporter: passengers one word summed up the day. >> so just waiting. >> reporter: waiting. >> relax, read some e-mails and that's all you can do. >> there's thousands of people here waiting patiently. >> reporter: it all comes down to computer systems which airlines now rely on to move more than 8 million people across the world every day, but those systems are far from foolproof. >> but we have millions of things going on essentially simultaneously in these systems that we can't fathom.
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at metro state university. he's familiar with the computer coding airlines use to make all those flights and reservations sync up. >> it's a very complex sort of problem. >> reporter: and it's also old. beatty says some of the computer colding still in use by airlines today dates back to the 1970s and '80s and now needs to work with the internet, too. >> everything that now has to interact with it and it's being asked to do things it wasn't originally asked to do. the complexity is really that occur and we can't always predict the interactions. we call it essentially chaotic that at some point a little thing can have a huge ramification. >> reporter: which is what happened with delta early monday morning. the company blaming an outage in atlanta for the worldwide computer failure. >> it is what it is and just kind of roll with the punches. >> reporter: advice for delta passengers at dia and across the world. maya rodriguez, 9news.
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reason airlines have not completely changed the way that computer systems are made is because of the high costs that would be involved in actually doing that and the fact there is no guarantee that a new system would be any better. a ballot initiative coming up this november to give every coloradan healthcare won't be able to cover its costs. that is according to an independent study released today. it would triple the taxes collected by the state. that wouldn't be enough to cover the cost of colorado care. the plan would be on the health institute finding colorado care would be in the red in its first year. the study shows it would run a deficit in the billions after a decade. supporters of the program, though, say they did their own study and it showed a surplus, but chi says they aimed too low on the growing cost of healthcare and the cost to administer the program and the amount the federal government would have to chip in. donald trump is also talking about taxes today.
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detroit which says he will cut taxes of trump says he cut the tax rate on the rich to 33%. that is up from the 25% as he first promised. he also says he cut income tax across the board to make child care deductible, put an end to estate taxes and kept corporate taxes at 15%. critics say it will increase the deficit. >> this will lead to millions of new and really good paying jobs. the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that >> when you're adding 8, 9, $10 trillion to the debt it's actually probably significantly going to hurt the economy. >> today hillary clinton stopped at a brewery in florida much like her stop in colorado last week saying she'd be a small business president. she'll head to detroit for thursday to talk about her jobs plan. a water park in kansas is still closed a day after a 10- year-old was killed on what's billed as the world's largest
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sclitterbaum water park in kansas city. he was riding a slide from the height of 169 feet. investigators haven't said how the boy died. the police chief says the death is treated as an accident. schwab was the son of state representative can scotch schwab. the mountain view cemetery has been vandalized again. police say these six minors knock over 10 headstones thursday. it happened early in the morning when no but surveillance cameras were able to get a picture of the suspects. the headstones were knocked over but not damaged. the head stones were put upright before a service was to be held. two years ago eight people were involved in vandalizing up with 50 headstones. those suspects cooperated with police. it's not believed that the
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in rio. unlike most games, the games in rio are spread out in several places throughout the city. the main olympic park is baja where the action is all taking place. >> our 9news olympic team is joining us from rio now. there are nine venues in the main park and you're going to show us several of them. >> reporter: absolutely. you know they look so different at night. we wanted to give you a nighttime tour. the first stop is right there. >> reporter: right >> that . people on bikes go real fast around the villadome. they love it. >> the cycling venue. >> i think this should be the samba venue. i've renamed everything because it's vibrant and colorful. >> reporter: this is the tennis venue capable of holding about 12,000 people. it's one of the permanent structures. so after the games they'll keep
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it. there are two temporary structures next to it. they'll take those . >> reporter: when you walk past, you hear the noises. >> reporter: they're either applauding for us or it's people playing inside. >> reporter: we should mention serena and venus lost in their doubles match. here's the plan. every 10 minutes we'll race to another spot. we've been putting about 8 pedomatters. so we're ready to roll. we're -- pedo meters. we're ready to roll. if you don't see us in 10 minutes, call our s. >> reporter: or just call them anyway because we miss them a lot. >> reporter: we miss them and we miss you, too. we better go. >> reporter: we're going to start moving. with the next spot a long ways
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>> they're going. >> they are off. >> we will check in with them very, very soon. >> she's carrying the tripod. matt, come on. lift more. matt and cheryl off to the next location. >> i'm looking forward to it. denver police are going to start tracking some traffic stops in a new way. >> if people who fidget drive you crazy, you might want to join in. it could make you as we head to break, here's
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the public through the media, but explain it to the men and women in our police department, understanding the environment that we're in, understanding the importance of it. i feel comfortable the great majority will be on board and understand that. >> the chief is more concerned
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a certain race are pulled over. white hopes to collect the data by the year end. cooler weather is helping crews fighting colorado's largest wildfire this summer. the beaver creek fire is burning along the colorado colorado wyoming border 28% contained started in june, burned more than 28,000 acres. containment isn't expected till late october. the bp oil spill in the gulf is ch clean up similar spills. a group of researchers is studying that spill and another area from 1979. the group will collect samples and study everything from fish to reef to coastlines. they've learned not all oil floats. some of it is at the bottom of the ocean. researchers say by understanding what's left from oil a number of years ago we can make predictions about what's going to be left with deepwater horizon 30 to 40 years from now in the gulf from the bp spill.
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less like wal-mart and more like amazon. >> and at&t might still owe you some money. >> and we're going on the basketball tour as well. our tour continues, yes, we're told cheryl and matt have made
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4:22 pm is an e commerce startup that focuses on bulk ordering where customers can get several items shipped in the same box. wal-mart is second to amazon in online sales in the u.s. according to usa today wal-mart will keep jet as a separate brand but will tap into the company's bulk ordering strategy.
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commerce acquisition in history. at&t will pay $7.5 million after a federal investigation found it allowed unauthorized third party charges on its customer's landline bills, a practice known as camera cramming. scammers charge customers about $9 per month for a bogus directly assistance service per month. former and current customers will receive refunds in a check in the let's check back in with cheryl and matt in rio giving us the tour of the olympic park today. >> we sawtennis. now we're going to show you where the u.s. basketball team is going to dominate. >> reporter: we have been working on our shot. >> reporter: just like that. i'm a granny shot guy. >> reporter: whatever works. >> reporter: this is the basketball venue.
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there are three. what's cool about this particular venue is it's attached to a number of other venues. two others where they do fencing and judo. this carioca 1 is the big boy where 16,000 people can pile into the venues where they'll watch the basketball games. most of the seats are sold out. >> reporter: we're pretty tall, but around our pler that way. these nba guys are a big deal around here because they are nba superstars and the nba is popular all over the world. very different than a lot of the other olympians who if they weren't wearing some of their country's jackets, you wouldn't necessarily know. these guys can't hide in this park. >> reporter: no. everyone sees them coming. they're getting pictures taken. basketball is huge in brazil. in fact, you've got volleyball.
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a lot of the soccer fans move over towards basketball and there's just sort of that tie in between the two, very passionate here. they want team brazil which has some nba players playing in the olympics to do well. >> reporter: i'm not an olympian and my quads are screaming. can we stand up, please. >> reporter: next stop the rings. we're going to the rings. sack it up and move it out. i got to gr let's go to the rings. >> heading out. we'll see you soon. >> and they're off. all right, guys. >> matt renoux might make the 2020 team if he keeps practicing those granny shots. maybe you could get up and play some basketball this week. we're expecting warmer weather. it's not going to last. >> becky is back after the break with our next chance for
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sky9 looking over the rocky mountain arsenal great at a lot of things especially capturing beautiful shots just like this. >> you live in the beens and cities. ail lot of clouds out there, but we're heading back to the 90s soon. >> i always think of that as a time thing, becky, back to the '90s. >> it's so nice when we get used to cooler temperatures around here. we got up to 89 today at dia, fort collins and greeley hit the 90s. tomorrow we will see highs in the 90s, but after that we're going to cool off again.
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week's forecast. take a live look outside where we're not only watching some of the warmer temperatures across the front range like in fort collins and a couple cloud but also watching some shower and thunderstorms pushing across the state. like i said, 89 was the official high today at the airport right on average for us, a record high 105. that one has been a tough one to beat. the last time that happened was 1878. we're still sitting at 89 -- 91 in greeley, 92 fort collins, 70s and 80s in the mountains, upper 80s across the western slope. outside in the 9news backyard sunshine, just a couple minutes ago a couple of sprinkles and it wasn't hurting anybody, actually felt pretty good. we're sitting at 88 degrees. now we are watching some heavier showers and thunderstorms down to our south. these not severe at the moment,
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we've got one flash flood warning that's associated with that and that is going to be for this cell that is southeast of colorado springs pushing towards the southeast. your flash flood warning goes until 7:00 tonight. as for the rest of the rain, most of it's been across our mountains. this is the trend that we are going to see the next several days. scattered showers showers and thunderstorms in the mountains, one or two storms cross east of i-25. the denver metro area is a couple sprinkles, not that impressive on the radar, but a little rain crossing through downtown and down around glendale we're seeing a very small isolated shower. the rain over the next 24 hours is not going to be that impressive. we'll see heavier showers out on the eastern plains. that's where we could see severe weather as we get into tonight. so at about 6:00 tonight i wouldn't be surprised if we saw thunderstorms come through the denver metro area.
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north east parts of our state, sterling, holyoke and julesburg. they'll push into burlington by midnight before they move out and we see things calm down around here. there is a chance for more storms tomorrow. they'll start up in our mountains around the san juans specifically about noon, work their way north and between 5 and 7 p.m. tomorrow one or two could cross east of over 25 impacting parts of the denver metro area, but they are not impacting parts of the denver metro area, but they are not expected to be severe. the biggest threat with the storms on the eastern plains is large hail and damaging winds. our moisture is coming around this big area of high pressure that sits off to our south and east. subtropical moisture fueling showers across the mountains. it hold on just enough to push some of those showers east of i- 25. that's been our weather story. the bigger weather story is
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see rain for days. when i say days, let's go through thursday. here's how much rain they'll get. panama city, almost 4 inches of rain possible. new orleans could see 2 1/2 inch of rain by thursday and it's going to -- inches of rain by thursday and it's going to continue into the weekend. while we're looking at a risk of flash flood across parts of colorado now, it's a much bigger concern for our friends in southeastern parts of the u.s. back to our forecast, showers and thunrm tonight, overnight lows upper, low 60s here, low 60s on the eastern plains, 40s and 50s on the western slope. our winds are 5 to 15 miles per hour. we'll have a couple storms on the eastern plains and general thunderstorms tomorrow. 93 degrees the afternoon high, storms between 5 and 7 in the evening and check that out. upper wednesday, middle 80s by
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saturday. every day does include a chance for some isolated thunderstorms out there, but we're actually looking pretty mild as we look ahead to next weekend. in rio right now 72 degrees. let's do a comparison. we showed our forecast cooling off. so is theirs over the next couple days. 80s for highs starting tomorrow to the 70s for highs wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. wednesday they've got a chance for ra. going on probably have to watch out for that. doesn't that forecast look so mild? >> it does. >> 70s in rio, wow. >> looks very pleasant. not if you're running too much around, though. thank you. there some running going on in our town. it is one of the most recognized symbols in the world, so naturally it is an attraction for the selfie takers. >> which our matt renoux and cheryl preheim. they made their way to the olympic rings on their tour of
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think. >> or have they? >> maybe they haven't made it. >> reporter: we made it. >> you scared us. >> reporter: as if the humidity wasn't doing a number on my hair enough. >> reporter: yes. when it comes to doing these park tours, we're ringer. just made it. >> reporter: you know he could never help himself. this is a favorite spot, not just at this olympic park in rio but at every ym rings in this park. there's where we're at and at the other end of the park which might have been a good place to start because we weren't running so much and one at the other end. so there's three stops which is nice because people want to line up and take pictures with these rings. normally the line can take forever. here it's not so bad. >> reporter: let's look. part of the fun is just the people watching. it's so neat. we've seen so many parents with kids. this is a moment they will
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people can climb up on the ring, pose selfies galore. in this line i see brazil represented, canada, argentinian family running up to the rings now they've been so nice. this is a place, oh, i little piece of the ring just fell off. you saw it here first. >> reporter: oh, my, breaking news. >> reporter: that's okay. that happens in my living room every third day of the week and dads are taking care of it right now, no problem. >> reporter: a kid will break front of a line of people. >> reporter: and a live television audience. >> reporter: five continentals are represented by -- continentals are represent -- five continents are represented by the rings. i'm not sure which one fell apart. >> reporter: that's something parents around the world can totally relate to. >> everybody saw that. since the kid broke it, does dad have to buy it? >> reporter: no. that happens at the mega store
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>> reporter: expensive there. >> that is so true. you're always like don't touch. do not touch. >> we got to let you go. >> keep going. >> your next rotation is what i'm being told. >> reporter: i call it the pick up sticks building. we'll leave it at that. go. i got to take off my jacket soon. we are in brazil, after all. here we go. >> reporter: don't run in front of it. >> and they're off. >> reporter: we'll see you at the pick up picture. sorry, people. is that that's an added feature. that's okay. >> the ring looks just fine. they put a little ta btand ?q+ko super glue. looks kehe's done. if yo?4??h?'u just n'still you. >> next the ?crnbenefits of ??p ?old you se don't. would you just stop?
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there it isatqit's a -- to ttle annoying. teachersg;?!d] on this. knowing the best fidgeters around. >> this is good news for people. >> but apparently it's healthy. researchers at university of missouri just finished studying adults who fidget. >> people who sit long periods of time have reduced blood flow to the legs which can lead researchers say toe tapping and fidgeting could lead to overall better health. >> we found people perform about 250 tap her minute and that resulted -- per minute and that resulted in an increase in blood flow doing the actual fidgeting. >> wow. doctors say there is no substitute, of course, for walking or exercise, but any movement is better than nothing
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participants, but the doctors say it's still easy to see the benefits, especially for people who move a lot. >> i notice myself when i'm anchoring that i have to stop and sit and not move because you can see me bumping up and down. >> i thought most people thought had a bouncy seat. >> some people here about find it very annoying. not all the venues in the olympic park in rio will stay after the games. >> some will be repurpose for people who live matt and cheryl are back with
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i'm exhausted for them. cheryl and matt moved on again to give us another part of the tour on the olympic park today. >> we just saw the rings and broken ring. now the other venue that won't be a venue for long.
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it is the universal language i cannot believe my child just did that. >> reporter: keep that kid away from the handball court behind us. he'll break it. >> reporter: i affectionately named this building pick up sticks. i like the game and also it's really what's going to happen to this building. this building that you can see. we're wired for sound. it's all these little sticks put together, but design. they call this nomadic architecture. what's going to happen to this building after the olympic games, they're going to take it apart and it will be put back together in four separate buildings that will be schools. >> reporter: yeah. you're absolutely right. the mayor has long wanted to try to keep costs down with this park. to do that they're doing temporary structure, a couple of them, and we'll get to another one in our next show appearance, but four public
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that handball facility will be turned into after the games and that's going to be something you see a lot of different cities doing in the future with olympic games to keep the cost down and also to try to build some sort of legacy in that city to justify the billions of dollars that the olympics games would cost. >> reporter: 12 billion, but who is counting? >> reporter: you are. >> reporter: in all seriousness in a country that most of its people live in poverty that's important. i see golf cart everywhere. we should have thought this through more careful haven't done this before. we're going to have to ask at some point for somebody to give us a ride, not that this is difficult. this is actually the smallest olympic park that we've been part of as far as the olympics go. it's a little bit smaller than sochi, but it's been a lot of running. >> reporter: as we run in the translator we'll say how do you say may i have a lift on the golf cart in portuguese. >> reporter: like this. >> reporter: let's do it. thumb up. grab the wires this time. we are all attached.
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though. let's go. >> yes, you are. >> reporter: swimming venue, here we come. can someone point us to the swimming venue? does anyone have a golf cart? >> get them a cart, people. i thought about that earlier. they need a golf cart. >> it's fun to watch them run. >> no, no. checking the medal count this afternoon team usa has won four bronze. now you know your numbers. it is the most popular pool in the world right now. colorado's missy franklin will try to set her up for another gold. >> matt and cheryl are on their way to the aquatic center. here's a breakdown of olympic canoeing and kayaking.
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demonstration at the 1924 olympics in paris. they became official sports of the 1936 olympics in berlin, at the munich games in 1972 slalom course racing was added and has been an event ever since. the canoeing events include one or two person boats while kayaking as one, two and four person boats. both din and sprint events. canoe slalom racing, the boat has a minimum length of 3 1/2 meters for one person and a single blade saddle is used to help steer. the whitewater course in rio is man made and will require navigation between 18 and 25 gates. at a green gate it's negotiated paddling downstream with the current direction.
4:50 pm
gate, reverse direction and paddle upstream through the gate against the current completing a 360-degree turn to get credit for clearing that gate. judges line the course to enforce penalties for touching the gates. a two second penalty is incurred for touching a gate and a50 second penalty if you miss the gate altogether. the united states has won a total of 16 medals, five of them gold in kayaking. hungary leads with 77 overall
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they definitely got their workout today. let's check back in with cheryl and matt in rio giving us a tour of the olympic park. >> we know you've made it to your last spots, one of the most exciting places, especially tonight, swimming.
4:54 pm
>> reporter: cheryl has been taking the jacket off when we're running, put it on when we're stopped because of the breeze and taking it off. >> reporter: kim, you understand. there's always a sweater on the back of my chair. it's kind of rainy here tonight. this is the swimming venue and it is spectacular and it is our final stop on the 9news at 4:00 tour. >> reporter: the way we've been running and sweating it looks like we've been swimming, but we made it. our fifth stop the swim at at nighttime because it lights up in purple and the artwork on the side of it. >> reporter: inside 15,000 seats. not all the venues have been full. some have been pretty empty, not this one. this one is electric on these nights and there are tons of fans. when michael phelps led that relay and won gold last night and katie ledecky, this place was going ballistic and it will that be way tonight.
4:55 pm
so they're always in contention. tonight this venue is a chance for colorado's own missy franklin to race. she made a big decision to come back to colorado for her training before the olympics which meant some life changes. you're not 17 anymore. you're on your own. so how is that dynamic different now that you are an adult? >> you've heard jokes about a 21-year-old living in her it has changed a lot. i've been gone for two years. i've been developing myself. i've been growing in my faith and as a person and all these areas of my life and i'm coming back as the same person but having changed in a lot of ways and have a lot more maturity and independence and it's going to be different than how i was when i was 17. it's been especially fun for my parents because they've become
4:56 pm
older. so that's been a blast for us and almost the same with todd where we're able to joke with ?? each other a little bit more. we're kind of able to pick fun at each other a little bit more. it's just the dynamic has kind of grown with each one of us. >> reporter: yeah. it's been great to have that support system around her as she's tried to recover from an ongoing back injury and facing she swims in a semifinal for the 200 free tonight hoping to make a spot in that final race. >> reporter: about 15,000 seats in that aquatics venue. they'll be mostly full tonight. you can bet they'll clear her on and hoping for the best out of missy franklin. >> reporter: we have seen a lot of american flags particularly at swimming and gymnastics but in the park in general which is always so much fun and if any of them saw us running through, they might be a little embarrassed to share a
4:57 pm
i'm not sure. >> reporter: we got skills. >> you ought to get a gold medal when you get back. >> yes. taking us on that tour and capturing the moment when the ring fell apart. that was extra points. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. i thought the dad handled it so well. >> reporter: i think most dads would have said what did you just do? those are the rings. >> clear his kid had before, clearly. >> perhaps. >> it was great to see everything and kind of feel like we were part of it. we really appreciate it. >> thanks, guys. >> sit down now. i hope they get some water and get to chill out. >> i'm exhausted for them. that's going to do it for us.
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next at 5:00 how boulder is paying tribute to the iron man competitor killed along the course during sunday's race. >> also ahead a girl goes missing from westminster for about 20 hours, where the search >> and an olympic sport that is finally getting some well deserved time in the spotlight next on 9news. >> this is 9news. a teenager missing since last night has been found about 10 miles from where she was last seen. search crews had been looking along trails near 100th avenue and simms where the teen was dropped off with her dog. police say her dog got startled and ran off.
4:59 pm
turned around -- ankle, got turned around, laid down and fell asleep. when she woke e went through rugged terrain in the direction she thought her hair was. she ended up at a hair n in superior. her dog chip has not been found. delta airlines canceled hundreds of flights today after a computer outage at the headquarters in atlanta. here's what they had to say about why this happened. >> we have some legacy code '70s and '80s when airlines were first automating and now they have to enter enter -- interact with the web which is 25 years old and the programming languages themselves are 40 years old and it's a very complex sort of problem making those two work together. >> a problem that extended well into denver. delta canceled more than 450 flights because of that


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