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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 9, 2016 4:00am-4:29am MDT

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>> now on "extra." the billion dollar box office king versus the billionaire presidential hopeful. >> as painful as it is to hear donald trump talk -- >> painful, embarrassing. how far will smith is going in his new anti-trump attack. renee zellweger's new face-off. what she's saying about the plastic surgery rumors. golden boy again. beauty queen wife and adorable baby, boomer, who inspired his
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>> do a little acting. you still got the bug a little bit? >> best new picks of the day, bachelorette jo jo and jordan's day at the beach. plus -- >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> bad chad's tirade with spoilers. >> has he apologized? >> have we seen the last of chad? and mario asks mrs. clinton this. >> in a movie about your life, who plays meryl streep. >> now we take it to merrill. >> oh, my god. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, a-rod's next move after the yankees, is a tv career in his plans? tears, bikinis and bad boy
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paradise." fresh off his weekend at the box office "suicide squad's" will smith taking aim at donald trump. jerry has him sounding off. >> the king of the summer blockbuster. >> no money, no hon. >> i trying to take down the king of political controversy. as the donald opens his economic playbook today, "suicide squad" assassin will smith opens fire. >> as painful as it is to hear donald trump talk and as embarrassing as it is as an think it's good. we get to hear it. we get to know who people are. now we get to cleanse it out of our country. >> smith, whose star-packed movie raked in $135 million this weekend sounded off in dubai, a country that's 60% muslim. smith recently revealing trump was one of his inspirations to get into his evil character, blasting him for his rants against women. renee zellweger stepping out in los angeles looking gorgeous
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now she's lashing out over claims she had plastic surgery. in an open letter to huff po, renee says, quote, not that it's anyone's business but i did not make a decision to alter my face have & have surgery on my eyes. the 47-year-old bridget jones' star furious about media speculation she had an eye lift. some even calling her unrecognizable after this photo went viral. brand new photos. jojo fletcher and jordan days after his amazing "bachelorette" proposal. jo jo revealed how tough it's been to keep quiet. >> it's been some of the best times of my life and you want to talk about it, but you can't. a-rod's teary good-bye to baseball after 22 controversial years. >> this is a tough day. >> new york post cover blasting the $300 million man suspended in 2014 for
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a-rod could be grabbing a gig as a fox sports broadcaster and he'll be getting the $27 million he's owed as part of his $270 million ten-year contract. also trending today, everyone, of course, talking about the olympics. america already taking home a dozen medals. >> oh, yes. of course, the return of michael phelps to the swimming pool, adding another gold medal to his collection as they edged out france. >> his return to swimming was in question for a while. his entire life was spiraling out of control. the most decorated olympian of all time, 23 medals, 19 gold over five olympic games. >> i've had a great career. >> that was the 2012 living legend michael phelps ready to go out on top and walk away from the sport that made him a household name. >> i always told myself i would never swim past 30. i just don't want to be that guy that, man, people are talking
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struggling with alcohol abuse, rehab and a dui arrest. now 31-year-old swimming sensation is searching for redemption in rio. >> i came back because i wanted to. i wanted to do this for me. >> he's also doing it for his son, boomer, and the woman who helped change his life, fiance nicole johnson. michael and nicole getting emotional as they watch this under armor commercial for the first time, revealing the grueling training and painful sacrifice he has had to put in >> that commercial shows a lot of amazing things about me that probably the world has never seen. >> as good as he looks in the pool and out, michael told us after he's done with swimming for good he's not headed to hollywood. >> i'm not a good actor. i'm a terrible actor. i swim and that's about all i do. >> and he's doing it one last time with what could be another record-breaking run in rio. so, any time we ask a star who is the one person they would
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time they say meryl streep. the other 5%, well, they've already worked with her. renee is with merrill now. 3 oscar wins, meryl streep can pull off any role, including headline making hillary hyping convention speaker. >> hillary clinton will be our first woman president. >> so, when we showed her what the presidential hopeful told mario. >> yeah, because i really want to see it? >> in a movie about your life who plays hrc? >> if i had my choice because she can play anybody any time, anywhere. >> her answer kind of surprised us. >> would you play hillary in a movie? >> oh, my god. i don't know. i don't know. i think that's very lovely of her to say, but then she might not be happy with the results. >> oh, come on. do you think that's possible. >> streep showing us it is possible to make the world's worst singer look this good in "florence foster jenkins" true
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dreams of becoming an opera singer. >> was this the biggest challenge for you, having to play the worst singer ever? >> the dirty little secret is that i sung as well as i could. it wasn't how bad she was but almost how good she was. >> reporter: hugh grant plays the supportive husband who won't take no for an answer. >> we have to help her because without loyalty there's nothing. >> reporter: i spoke to hugh. he said how terrifying it was to work with you in the [ bleep ] >> you do realize you have this affect on actors. >> hugh is not afraid of anything. and that is sort of why he's great. >> hugh, meryl and some truly awful high notes "florence foster jenkins" in theaters friday. meryl is just one of the stars stumping for hillary clinton. i just sat down with the democratic nominee to talk about why she and many americans believe it's her time.
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hillary clinton. >> how are you, mario? >> i'm doing very well. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> telling me about her life's mission. >> if you break that glass ceiling for girls and you have a woman in the white house it sends a great message here at home and around the world. >> right before making history. >> the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. >> speaking at her star-studded convention backed by the president himself. >> i >> revealing her plans to make america stronger to me while on the campaign trail in new york and "extra extra." >> i watch your show. i do. i enjoy it. >> this one-man show -- >> we are going to start winning again. >> is still trying to take her down. >> i think a lot of what he has said has been really inflammatory and destructive. he has not put forth any real policies. he has made a lot of claims. i am certainly looking forward
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election. >> reporter: her vp pick, tim kaine. >> believe me. >> no doubt voters want someone in office that they can trust. why are you the most trustworthy candidate? >> i think people can trust me
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tonight is an all new
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>> chad still wreaking havoc in paradise as he packs his bags to leave, not before launching this insensitive attack on sarah on the premiere. >> dude, i think you've got to go. >> he has made his apology on twitter, which i don't find to be very therefore, i'm not accepting it. if he's really sorry, he should apologize to my face. >> is it really an act? >> it wasn't an act. if anything, people ask us, if anything, they probably didn't show all of it because there's air time. it was that bad. >> his behavior was next level, scary. >> i'll murder everyone here. >> this season face-to-face with his old nemesis, the guy
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instead of him. >> nick has taken amanda out already. honestly, i don't care. >> what's the deal? >> we can't talk spoelers. josh is going to show up. and there's always, you know, people are going to know each other. it's early on. >> there is so much that's going to happen. it's only the beginning. >> before they left i had to ask the big question about the latest bachelorette and her man. >> do you think jo jo and jordan are going >> i hope so. >> uphill battle. >> good luck to both of you. check out "bachelor." >> headline all-star celebration in vegas this weekend all in today's "extra extra." jennifer lopez, antonio berardi celebrating caesar's golden
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>> tony bennett and calvin harris also on that list. >> great honor to be here. >> tony still celebrating his 90th birthday and belting out the classic "i left my heart". ? in san francisco ? >> capping the night off with their rendition of -- ? viva las vegas ? >> back on tv. >> i want a divorce. >> are you drunk? >> sarah jessica parker opening up in a marie claire cover saying she hopes loyal "sex and the city" fans will tune in to her new series "divorce." james franco, paul rudd and seth rogen premiering their craze new movie in nyc. >> wanted to be the first people to make a cgi movie. >> mission accomplished. >> so glad god put our packages together. >> sausage parties, no idea they're meant to be eating.
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>> i thought it was an amazing idea. >> good title. mark wahlberg workout confession, saying staying in shape gets harder and harder the older he get. >> got up at 4:00 this morning, then i'll hit the rope, bag, push-ups and resistance bike another 30 minutes this afternoon. >> "extra" behind the scenes of zoe saldana's "people en espanol" shoot. >> celebrating what cuba is, which is beautiful. >> first time the magazine has ever shot on the island. coming up, carrie underwood's "extra" a-list interview, workout secrets and why she's making swimsuits for real women with real curves. >> i take things to the dressing room and end up feeling defeated, you know. >> which songs barbara stra str just revealed to mario she
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cooking up for her fans. >> i have someone with me that's very exciting.
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now off to music city where superstar carrie underwood is talking music, fashion and how she gets that rockin' body. >> she single h from her stage-thumping "church bells", carrie underwood is just plain hot. >> saw you on the cover of "us" magazine. it was amazing. >> oh, thank you. >> amazing. your body is ripped. >> this is a shocking affection to her rise to fame. people actually called you heavy or fat? how did that impact you? >> it was definitely an
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catalyst for me as well to say, okay, i'm not making some healthy choices and maybe i could do more of that. not for those people, but for me. >> carrie, taking on "extra" alicia davis home to her high school, shooting the new campaign for her activewear line. >> i love that it's all about just being real, you know. workouts don't have to happen in a gym. we've been outside. we've been in a pasture, walking horses around, been on the softball it's been great incorporating some amazing real girls, real life. >> real girls with real bodies will love her swim suit. >> swim wear was definitely important to me. i find myself like in a store like, i can't wear any of this. what is this? i take things to the dressing room and end up feeling defeated. >> don't we all? >> you want a body like hers? >> work on your legs and booty. >> she's showing you how at
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even born, barbra streisand was belting out number one hits. and now the legend is belting out names and told me all about it. ? so excited to hear about this tour. congratulations. now, barbra streisand is taking them on the road. >> some of the people singing on the album are going to join me. >> teaming up with jamie foxx py "the sound of music." ? >> and anne hathaway from "a chorus line." ? he said maggie if you want to dance ? >> dropping this shocking confession to me, revealing why she's not excited to belt out her classics on tour. what can we look forward to? >> i know everybody wants to hear the hits but i've sung them over and over and over again so i look forward to new material. some things are kind of
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thought i would sing, but -- but i'm going to do it. >> and she's also going to keep fans guessing, confessing she's bringing a mystery man on the road with her. >> i have somebody with me that's very exciting. >> really? can you -- >> because it's called the memories, the music and the magic. except he's not a magician. he's somebody that i saw do this amazing whatever they are -- mental -- i don't know how he does did things that were so mind blowing. i thought he would be a great guest star. >> find out who he is when streisand brings the magic americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d.
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>> that's going to do it for today's "extra." before we go, friends with benefits. >> from hairstylist wendy isles, winner of the best hairstylist at the 2016 star beauty awards. stars like kate hudson, just some of the big products. hear to tell us about the formula is wendy herself. wendy, an amazing line of products you have. what makes these so special? >> yes, they are. our formula repairs all hair types instant ly, delivering lustrous, sumptuous, beautiful hair i guarantee it. >> for your chance to win, head over to right now. we are hooking up our lucky audience. who wants some beautiful hair? >> next time, scream queens just
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new look on his new show. >> looked pretty good on your instagram account. >> i feel a little dirty. >> mel b is dropping weight. you didn't have 30 pounds to lose. >> i'm curvy so i kind of hide it well. >> and secret from her spice girls past with simon. >> you kind of ambushed him.
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good morning - happy tuesday. gary and tarhonda here with you this morning. marty's here too -- it's nice now, but it's going to get pretty warm out there today... delta airlines plans


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