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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 4:00am-4:24am MDT

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hookup? calling off her engagement to taylor kinney, the truth about her top secret j. lo's co-star shades of blue ray liotta. three popular cast members just got the axe. the rock's fast and furious new feud. >> why he's calling out his fast 8 male co-stars today basically calling them wusses.
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reunion, together again as one . america's gymnastics golden girls. everything you never knew about gabby, simone, aly, madison and laurie. >> "extra, extra "qwest. >> brittany, kate, mel b. how many bikinis can we slam into one hour. >> is it true you lost 30 pounds? >> plus taylor lautner and john stamos. >> on set. shower scene on scream queens. >> were you there for that? john stamos in the shower? >> were you even meant to be on set that day? >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. ? hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, j. lo's new diet confession. she reveals to me the one thing she's cut out of her daily routine. also coming up, mario, skin
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hottest beach bodies in hollywood. but first, newly single lady gaga dating again after her breakup? jerry has the story everyone's talking about in new york today. >> this is an all-out odd couple alert after her called-off engagement. >> how excited are you to make him your husband? >> very excited. >> is lady gaga moving on with ray liotta? the 30-year-old superstar spotted in a private room in an upscale restaurant with the 61 "goodfellas" star. gaga just seen grilling in a bikini, getting grilled in the headlines a month after splitting with her "chicago fire" iffiance taylor kinney. they left the table a couple of times to smoke. while this is an unexpected cover. >> you kind of remind me of an old boyfriend. >> saying ray is friends with
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find out why it's over for christie brinkley and john mellen camp after a year of dating. head on over to the rock is unleashing rage at his fast 8 co-stars. ? ? >> just posting this violent video to a kid rock song on instagram and lashing out at his male co-stars calling some of them candy expletive and saying they're not professional. while the message could be aimed at anyone from vin diesel t jason statham to tyrese gibson. many say it's aimed at scott eastwood. they may be known for their hit "bye, bye, bye." ? >> but hello! now 'n sync is all back together. >> there will be an 'n sync reunion. sorry, they're not reuniting, but all of the guys including justin timberlake who brought
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chasez. the iconic show parting ways with three cast members before the anticipated 42nd season. the second youngest cast member to ever join the show known for his impersonations of barack obama and jay-z. taylor for his impressions of donald trump. >> you have the same interior decorator as saddam hussein. >> and john all exiting the show. no reason given for the shake-up, but he tweeted a big thank you to all of his fans. also trending today this olympic moment gone viral. swimmer michael phelps giving his opponent the "star wars" death stare. >> talk about game face. he was looking to get into his head before the qualifying race and phelps was having no part of it. >> more must-see olympics goes down today as team usa goes for gold in women's gymnastics.
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>> this is how the most elite gymnasts on the planet-cell brat when they win the olympics. >> team usa's pint-sized power houses are the team in rio. >> simone biles called the michael jordan of gymnastics and mary lou retton calling her the best she's ever seen. landing on the cover of "time" magazine. she's got bieber fiber. her >> and she's helped me mind my strength and power in and out of the gym so i definitely wouldn't be here without her. >> laurie hernandez is the youngest member of the team. some predicting this jersey girl will be a scene stealer making a big/on the world stage. >> madison kocian is a texas girl through and through. she's cheering on her beloved
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going to california this fall attending ucla. olympic defending champ gabby douglas is back. >> "extra, extra" she's the first all-around champ to make the olympic team since nadia comaneci, and she shows off her wild side in her reality show, "douglas family gold." >> she would love to pursue aking and maybe crush. aly raiseman a returning ve. member of the fierce five. the now 22-year-old showed off herr moves in the ballroom and that's what got her ready for rio. >> doing "dancing with the stars" got me to realize how much i love to compete, work hard and how competitive i am. we are week away from the new fall tv season and coming
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and where we set a record for ten amy nominations and they're imagining the rocky horror picture show. >> you also have a tv version of "lethal weapon" movies and the return of "24" minus kiefer sutherland. i know he says he's done playing jack bauer, but maybe we'll see a little cameo. >> renee talked to all of the stars you will see this upcoming season on fox. the scream queens are back. >> this season it's darker and we're in a hospital. >> but it's not all doom and gloom. >> my little sister was, john stamos and taylor lautner on the show. do you get to kiss them? can't tell you. maybe. >> we are both the doctors and surgeons at the hospital. >> they'll be showing a whole lot of skin. >> john sneak peeking a shower scene. >> what kind of prep went into the shower scene? >> you do push-ups and feel kind of silly. >> were you there for the filming of it? >> you were in the shower with him?
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john stamos in the shouer? >> were you even meant to be on set that day? >> i just held the lens. i was, like, you need this? whoa! >> they've added now two more shower scenes. >> because you look that good, and then i got an e-mail on thursday or friday from the lawyer saying they'd like to show my butt in episode two or three, two or four, something like that. >> nothing we haven't already seen in "paper" magazine and co-star lea michelle. >> i'm turning 30 in a couple of weeks and this was the perfect thing to do before that milestone birthday. >> lucifer starring tom ellis as the devil himself. >> charissa, you remember this. we sent you on a date with our host charissa thompson. do you remember? >> i do remember. >> did you call her or -- >> no. >> typical. >> also coming to fox.
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air! >> lethal weapon starring damon wayans in the danny glover and mel gibson roles and wayans signing off after recently removing a tumor. >> how are you feeling? are you all good now? >> it depends if this is a hit or not. if it's a hit, great. if it's not it's because of the tumor. >> launching on fox september ow let's get you caught up on the stories everyone's talking about today. it's tonight's this is one way to say aloha. britney spears stripped down and making sure she doesn't get any tan lines and strategically holding up her bikini top. >> here is a quick glimpse of hawaii. i hope you guys like it. >> jumping off the side of a boat eating a hot dog all while enjoying time with her boys. >> kym johnson showing off how
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bling and it says mrs. herjavec. she and robert herjavec tied the knot in l.a. just over a week ago. i just got off from my own trip to paradise. we took gia and dominic at the riviera maya at the beach by charris ma and gia re-enacted this scene from dirty dancing with a little help from me, of course. >> russell wilson is getting ready for some football, but he's a his why not you foundation. every tuesday he visits the seattle children's hospital advocating for pediatric cancer patients. >> if we can change one kid at a time and one part of the time it ends up being a snowball thing. >> russell telling maria shriver is gaining% peshthive on being a stepdad to sierra's son. >> loving the child because the child has an opportunity to do something amazing in his life. >> jessica simpson proving you
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look hot. simpson showing off her best moves, flexing her fitness and fashion muscles in this new campaign for her activewear line, the sneakers. ? >> yes, that's jessica singing the song for this rockin' video. up next, this is the summer of j. lo. >> hi, baby. >> oh, my gosh. you look amazing. >> jennifer lopez getting real about her tv show and confession that shocked mario. >> is it true? >> no. no. no. i stopped -- >> the celeb bikini bodies, eve a kate and britney. who else made the list and how they got buffed for the beach. mel b. reveals why she ambushed simon cowell when she was a spice girl.
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coming up, new
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hottest bikini bodies and the
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summer usually means vacation time, but for jennifer lopez she's busy putting work. she's got the new single out "love makes the world go round" which i love and she has her vegas show. >> it's an awesome show. a lot of energy and great production at the planet
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and i tried to convince her to bring back an old style trend i personally love. >> no summer break for the super-busy jennifer lopez and j. lo always on the go helping lin-manuel miranda spreading the love with the musical "love make the room go round." only "extra" has a backstage exclusive after her hit sin city show and brace yourself, this shake up your everyday routine. >> you don't drink coffee. >> is it true? >> no. i stopped drinking coffee years ago. >> no, it makes my heart palpitate. >> i can't do it. i can't do it. >> j. lo can do this. this, this and this without a daily fix of coffee. jen working her way through a set of 23 hits like ain't it funny. ? ? >> for her "all i have" residence ney las vegas.
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