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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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the rock and vin diesel taking veiled new shots at each other? the latest as their fast and furious feud gets ugly. >> now on "extra.? ? ? new video of vin diesel today as his war with the rock blows up. >> i will tell you everything. >> the new he said-he said as both stars take to social media with cryptic clues. >> there is no greatness ever achieved alone. >> breaking new details on donald trump's daredevil super fan. >> who is the famous actor that fans thought was climbing the trump tower? olympic couples news. did ryan lochte meet his playmate girlfriend on tinder? >> what he's telling mario about diving into the dating pool.
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>> katherine heigl back on the red carpet for her primetime return with a baby on board. >> my bare naked body double, right? >> secrets and spoilers from tv's fall new series. from michael weatherly's new show to a "friends" reunion with a twist. >> playing -- >> a very pretty woman. >> plus how kendall jenner just proved she's the world's top model. >> and what's kerry washington chatting about with mrs. clinton? >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hey, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, my exclusive with alec baldwin and why he's grilling me about having baby. also coming up, kim kardas kardashian's unbelievably skinny new waist. the video she's shared with fans.
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just posted new videos amping up een more rumors they're at war. here's jerry. >> their fast and furious tension brewing for months. >> fast an furious, baby! now vin diesel speaking out as his beef with the rock dominates the headlines today. >> straight after the rock called his male co-stars unprofessional and candy expletive then drops this video message that has his fans wonderin >> i will tell you everything. everything. >> "people" mag saying vin actually accused the rock of being late to set as he hits instagram. >> after being on set since literally christmas. >> sending out a very cryptic message saying he's focusing on being happy about his 1-year-old daughter pauline's new world. >> little angel learned a new word. it's more important than anything. happy.
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with claims vin would be late to set taking a new swipe at his co-star in this new video posting surrounded by the fast 8 crew. >> there is no greatness ever achieved alone. >> now to the trump skyscraper scaler. >> yeah, guys. he made headlines on the front page of today's papers, but fans mistook the climber for a popular actor. >> that actor "supernatural" star jerry pataleki. >> i don't know who you are. >> social media overrun with tweets today the actor assuring fans he's not the trump tower suction cup climber after a look alike frenzy calling the man a bizarro version of himself. the real climber, a 20-year-old man from virginia sending a dark youtube video to trump. >> i'll get my contact information to your campaign. >> nabbed by the cops on the 21st floor, trying to get a face to face with the donald. today, trump's face melting down
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now did christie brinkley and john mellencamp split over trump? reports today are that she's hillary all the way. he's got some leaning toward trump and she's, of course, the uptown girl and he a country boy who still lives in indiana. breaking wedding news, after dating for seven years and being engaged for two. >> will you marry me? >> kevin hart and model fiance eniko parrish are finally >> she loves loving me, and i love loving her. that's why we're happy. and they have a little problem with the shows real husbands of hollywood. >> she definitely got mad at me last season for kissing everybody. also trending today, the u.s. swim team's domination in rio and tonight phelps and lochte will go head to head and we know one gal in rio that will be cheering for team lochte all the way. >> ryan lochte's playmate good
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rae reid, revealing this dating bombshell he was on tinder, i might be on tinder. ryan telling extra he's definitely slowed down his life in the fast lane. >> i don't really go out as much anymore. i take care of myself outside the pool. >> and once talked dating with mario. >> i want to give my heart to someone and spend that with the rest of my life. hopefully that one person is out there for me. >> the swimmer and the sex symbol seeing each other since spring. i wonder what she thinks of his new minty 'do which he died silvery blue, but the chlorine turned it green. his mom telling gma's robin roberts the look is growing on her. >> it's better than the grills and i've gotten used to everything that he possibly could do so this is an okay thing. >> snl star leslie jones just touched down in brazil. >> oh, my gosh. we're in rio. >> hired by nbc to do commentary
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of the games on social media. >> look what i got, son! they do not know i do not know how to swim. >> matthew perry and his odd couple co-star thomas lennon joking with renee about crashing the diving competition. >> i'll wear the suit. >> and "ncis los angeles" star l.l. cool j giving us his olympic rap. >> i'm just happy, you know, for america. and i hope we come home with a lot of gold medals. well, for 13 seasons michael weatherly helped "ncis" become the most watched show on tv, however, he will not be back for season 14, but some new faces will. >> you're right, jennifer esposito and wilmer valderrama are joining "ncis" as full-time cast members. >> weatherly will, however, remain in prime time in the new show "bull.? renee is with some of the stars you'll see this far. >> a pregnant katherine heigl celebrating her return to primetime, launching her baby bump with husband josh kelly by her side telling me earlier in the day she's worried about
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>> my bare naked body double, right? or will they shoot me from behind? >> that's fine, from -- you know, waist up. don't shoot my butt right now. >> what's wrong with the butt? >> it's just all growing. >> the crown prince of cbs. >> renee. >> my favorite! >> michael weatherly following his 13th season run with "ncis" with his new series "bull.? >> i hate surprisy. >> michael playing a character loosely based on phil mcgraw. >> he's about getting to the truth of something and the truth is in the heart. >> l.l. cool j and chris o'donnell revealing major shake-ups to come on "ncis los angeles.? >> we have a mole in our office. >> we're losing someone? we're losing a soldier? >> yeah. former "friends" stars matt leblanc and matthew perry, getting ready to share monday nights on cbs joking about appearing on each other's shows, "man with the plan" and "odd couple.? >> that would be fun.
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come on the show playing -- >> a very pretty woman. >> oh, really? >> you were talking about having him on as a homeless person just this morning. >> james brolin gearing up for new episodes of his hit sitcom "life in pieces. >> she is the mayor of doggie pac city. >> brolin revealing the secret to a successful hollywood marriage, counseling. >> we always agreed that if there was ever question between us that someone would come in and the couple of times we did that it disappears by the end of the session. >> brolin and his tv wife are back in season two october 27th. all right, now, kim kardashian took to social media to admire her shrinking waistline, posting this video for her fans. >> doesn't my waist look, like, photoshopped?
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achieved one of her goals. that tops today's "extra.? a dream come true, kendall making it to the coveted cover of "vogue's" september issue in a white proenza schuler dress. the entire kardashian clan and ryan seacrest. >> we're so proud of you, kenny! >> kenny continuing the party in turks and caicos with little sis kylie celebrating her 19th birthday. the two got wet and wild in the surf and spent chill time on the yacht before ending the day with a bang. new scenes, tom cruise returning to the big screen as jack reacher in "jack reacher never go back.? >> you followed me in here. that was a mistake. >> really? >> this is your first look at the new poster for the film due in theaters october 21st. tom playing the retired army major turned private investigator for the second time, and you can bet it won't be his last.
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be turned into box office gold. abs of steel and a mega-watt smile. > hey, everybody. i'm julianne hough. the blond beauty showing off her curves and celebrating her body in the september issue of "shape" magazine. >> i love my shape because it's nobody else's. it's mine. i work hard for it. >> the 28-year-old dancing darleying usually does five days of hard-core training, plus hiking on the weekends. >> cindy crawford's mini me showing thwo doesn't fall far from the tree in the pages of teen "vogue.? 14-year-old kaya gerber following in her mom's famous footsteps. >> i try not to let her on camera that it reminds everyone that i am really turning 50. >> cindy interviewed her daughter for the magazine and says kaya is so much more confident than she was. the rising star revealing what a good role model her mom is. saying i've watched you be nothing, but kind to everyone on set from the photographer to the
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set of scandal with kerry washington. >> olivia pope. >> revealing what's next for tv's hottest political fixer. >> i think she's grown a great deal. >> alec baldwin's "extra" a-list interview dishing as a game show host, his baby on the way. >> when you have a third kid you get crossed into another dimension. >> and grilling mario about more kids. >> let me ask you a question. plus amazing new i haved why inside outside and above ri hamptons mansion. how much it will cost you to live like a supermodel coming
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coming up, why alec baldwin thinks trump is bad for america
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we have a few details about season sf trace. >> shonda rimes is teasing a new triangle and the big question is will they work on a baby since star kerry washington is currently pregnant. >> oh, yeah. >> i just talked to kerry about the show and the very high-profile guest that stopped by the set. >> taking us behind the scenes and sitting down for this "extra" exclusive. >> hi, charissa. >> nice to meet you. >> "scandal" star kerry washington. >> olivia pope. >> kerry who landed an emmy nod
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>> the hbo film she produced. >> revealing why this was a special project for her. >> i really fell in love with producing. i love it so, so much. >> what do you love most about it? >> i think in a way you get to be a real-life olivia pope because you're problem solving all day long. >> "scandal" co-star tony goldwyn both supporters of hillary clinton. >> #i'mwithher. >> she was with us. so amazing. and pumped after the epic set visit surprise wh filming "scandal.? >> her fund-raiser ended early and we were still working so i was, like, why don't you come here? >> you were texting hillary? >> i was texting someone in her staff and not her personally and they figured it out. >> hillary stopped by and paid us a visit. that's how we roll. >> she got to have fun here. >> kerry will be back onboard for season six of "scandal." >> the minute that dinner is over she will hand one of you the state of florida.
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>> still having fun playing the washington fixer. >> i think she's grown a great deal through the years, but i think she's fundamentally still dealing with some core issues around figuring out how to be in healthy relationships. >> a new season of "scandal" returns next year. >> new picture alec baldwin all smiles with his daughter in new york as she learns how to ride horses. >> oh, yes. he and wife elaria are getting ready for a new baby and their third child in four years. >> wow! that is amazing. exclusively to alec about his growing family and his new summer gig as a game show host. >> hey! >> he's weeks away from becoming a new dad again. >> when our son is born in september i will have three children three and under, adding to his beautiful family with wife elaria. >> who is still doing yoga while pregnant. >> i have to say, mrs. baldwin snaps back into shape than any person i've ever seen.
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>> alec's turning the tables on me. >> let me ask you a question, how many do you have? i have two, but we've been working on three. i told my wife, i have to rub up on alec a little bit. >> do you want to have more kids? >> we'd like a tiebreaker. we have a boy and a girl. >> when you have the third you cross into another dimension and you have to move to the suburbs. >> the 58-year-old just about to wrap hosting the summer series "match game." h swear i would lay in bed with my wife and my wife would say what's the matter, baby? i said i think i'll end up hosting a game show and i have to support my family. >> not before filling in this election day blank. >> i do believe that a certain woman will become the president of the united states in november. >> and if it's not hillary. >> we've had people serve as president before who weren't the best candidate that was running, but we didn't lose the respect of the world and if trump wins that's what concerns me is what
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>> right. >> we'll all find out in just three months. >> coming up, jamie dornin shares pillow talk from the sexy sequels to "50 shades of grey.? >> back-to-back. >> and the question that made jamie turn 50 shades of red. >> i just, like, you know -- >> plus which famous funny lady just dropped $10.5 million to move into kim and kanye's neighborhood? we'll reveal who it is next. how do you spell entertainment? ? ? >> the next generation. >> of entertainment news. >> is here. >> "extra.? >> for over 20 years, "extra" has been delivering emmy award-winning entertainment news. now for the second time we've struck emmy gold for outstanding
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hot doc.
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well, trace, just because a relationship ends doesn't mean the love is gone. check out this sweet message from melanie griffith to her ex antonio banderas. saying happy birthday to my ruggedly handsome ex-husband. i will always love you. >> how sweet!
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celebrating birthdays this week. hers was on the 9th and dakota johnson posted this flashback photo of mom wishing her a happy birthday. we just talked to dakota's 50 shades of gray jamie dornin who has a few reasons to celebrate himself. >> this guy is 50 shades of biz. >> we had a baby and had two 50 shades back-to-back, and i'm very ready for a break.. >> we had a baby and had two 50 shades back-to-back, and i'm very ready for au. >> we had a baby and had two 50 shades back-to-back, and i'm very ready for as. >> we had a baby and had two 50 shades back-to-back, and i'm very ready for a busy. >> we had a baby and had two 50 shades back-to-back, and i'm very ready for a break. >> dornin back as handsome billionaire christian grey for two sequels to the super fan favorite "50 shades of gray.? >> you're here because i'm incapable of leaving you alone. >> we are shooting on location in france. it was kind of terrifying, but it was nice to have the support. >> the father of two getting honest about juggling 50 shades, family and two upcoming movies, the period drama andrew boid and the supernatural thriller "the ninth life of louis drax." >> we're not supposed to use miracle. >> i'm thankful i'm doing jobs i'm pleased with and i have a
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bring them wherever i'm working, which is great, but it's a balance, and i find myself for the moment having a bit of choice in what i do. i have absolutely no intention of playing the same kind of character over and over again. >> his newest role runner-up losing out to taylor swift's boyfriend tom hiddleston. it's an award i'm quite happy to not win, to be honest. >> second place still looks pretty good. all right. now it's time to see who is moving in and who is looking to check out. here's today's "star real estate.? >> so this is what 62 looks like if you're lucky enough to be christie brinkley owning her age, celebrating her social life magazine cover with mini me daughter sailor. this is what living like christie looks like if you're lucky enough to have $29.5 million. yeah, you better back up the brinks truck. "extra" taking you inside her up for sale massive hamptons mansion with nine beds, 11
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amazing pool and a tower. yes, a tower. empty nester christie moving out after 18 years of luxury living here. she made her name living on the d-list. >> as far as the celebrities, they've been running from me for years. this is nothing new. i thrive on this. >> now funny lady kathy griffin is moving into an a-list neighborhood. she can borrow a cup of sugar from new bel air neighbors kim and kanye proving it pays to be funny. she dropped $10.5 million on the 13,000 square foot contemporary mediterranean estate with
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that's going to do it for today's "extra," everyone. for the latest entertainment news head over to see you tomorrow. next "extra," rob lowe. >> the hot doc. >> have you played a doctor before? >> i'm still learning my way around a stethoscope.
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good morning -- happy friday! corey, gary and colleen here with you.. marty is here too -- marty- i could feel


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