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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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good morning -- happy friday! corey, gary and colleen here with you.. marty is here too -- marty- i could feel
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right now... police across the state are looking for a five-year-old girl from fort collins. she went missing last night. 9news reporter tarhonda thomas joins us now with more- police sent out an amber alert, overnight. yes, they did. they're concerned for the safety of "this" girl: five- year-old analee keller. police issued an amber alert for the girl, fearing for her safety. they say she's with this woman: lauren perotti- montgomery. police say she's a relative of the child. an officer saw analee in perotti- montgomery's car... when they tried to stop her, last night. that's when --
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erradically. she may have been drunk-- according to the police. she got away from officers-- and they're still looking for her.... and the little girl. analee is tiny-- only about three feet tall... weighing 45 pounds. she has brown eyes and blonde hair... ...and was wearing black pants and a glittery grey shirt. perotti- montgomery is five-feet eight-- 130 pounds. she was wearing a green shirt and brown capri pants. the two were in a white ford f-150 pick-up. but police say-- they're not looking for that truck, anymore. take a good lo photos. if you've seen either of the suspect... or the child... call police. a 7 year old girl died last night after being pulled from an apartment complex swimming pool. deputies from the arapahoe county sheriff's office responded to an apartment near parker road and east florida avenue. they pulled a 7- year-old girl from the pool and started c-p-r. it was not clear how she got in the water -- or how long she was there. the child was taken to a local hospital,
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pronounced dead. if you're in rio, if you know someone who is -- there might be some trouble when it comes to catching a cab this morning. taxi drivers are planning a strike today. they're protesting against the use of uber -- especially in and around the olympic park are. the u-s consulate warned visitors that organizers plan to close avenues around the olympic venues -- so be prepared for bad traffic. more gymnastics gold... dynamite simone biles is still undefeated - after winning gold in the women's all-around competition. teammate aly raisman took the silver. it was a night of intense competition - both biles and raisman were behind russia's bronze medalist aliya mustafina - before coming back to take the lead. and where does michael phelps even keep all those gold medals? phelps now has 22 gold medals after winning the 200 meter individual medley. he's the only olympian to win four consecutive golds in the same event. and meet simone manuel - she is the
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win any individual swimming medal -- and it just happened to be gold. coming up later this morning...matt renoux and cheryl preheim will join us live from rio.. they've been busy -- and will have updates on everything from swimming to soccer. at risk of sounding like a broken record -- rtd's a line - the train to the plane - was out of commission again yesterday. service was out for about 7 hours due to a damaged power wire. that was the second day in a row with a major outage on the a- line. passengers were bused between the 61st and pena station and d-i-a. the a-line has struggled with a series of high- profile failures since it opened in the spring. r-t-d's new b-line
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service between union station and westminster went down due to power issues - leaving passengers to rely on buses. the trains began moving again around three in the afternoon- about the time sky 9 flew over.. a 13-year-old boy in new mexico is accused of driving drunk... and his grandmother was in the car with him. deputies with the santa fe county sheriff's office say -- grandma was under the influcene as well. they pulled over a car that was swerving between lanes...and found a 13 year old bend deputies say they smelled alcohol on his breath -- and the young teen later admitted to drinking a beer he found on the car's floor board. his grandma was also in the car -- and was highly intoxicated and uncooperative. she faces charges of child abuse and contributing to the deliquency of a minor. the 13-year-old has been charged with aggravated d-w-i. two people are dead -- and nearly three dozen injured -- after an explosion at a maryland apartment complex. firefighters don't
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missing from the complex in silver spring. for now they've stopped the search, saying it's too dangerous for rescue workers -- and they don't expect to find anyone else alive. today will be the funeral for the young boy killed on a kansas city waterslide. on sunday -- 10- year-old caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury on the ride. a go fund me page was set up - and raised more than 30-thousand dollars for the family and funeral expenses. the denver broncos looked in regular season form for their 1st preseason game. they beat the chicago bears in chicago last night... a total shut out. the final score: 22 to nothing. all three quarterbacks had a good night . . . and mark sanchez and trevor simien seem still about even - chasing that starting job. the broncos take on the 49ers next week for their second preseason game - which is in denver. even if it was just a preseason game,
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football -- and proved it last night. one look around stoney's bar and grill last night and it was easy to spot the orange. a crowd filled part of the bar for the game. many of the jerseys seen in the bar were not seen on the field. broncos stars vonn miller, aqib talib, demarcus ware and chris harris, junior didn't play. fans were excited to see some new faces especially quarterbacks mark sanchez and paxton lynch. most of all, they were excited football is back. some might argue the preseason doesn't matter much. but for diehard fans, it's more about the excitement of what's to come and the first chance to see the super bowl champs back in action. alright early birds -- all eyes are on
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position. with peyton manning alright early birds -- all eyes are on the quarterback position. with out.. it's down to three potential q- bs. so we're asking you-- who do you so we're asking you-- who do you think should be the broncos starter? tweet us your pick- hashtag mark, trevor or paxton? and make sure you use the hashtag be on 9. we'll look at the results later this morning.
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avalanche -- is out. he announced his sudden resignation yesterday...saying his vision was different than the organization's. he also listed his lack of say in team decisions as a reason for stepping down. roy took over three years ago -- but the club has under-achieved the past two seasons. today is alex rodriguez's final major league baseball game. the new york yankees face the tampa bay devil rays at yankees stadium. after the game, rodrz released by the club from his player contract. he will serve as a special advisor and be assigned to work with various players. his new contract will run through december 2017.
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marty now.... for another check of your fri-yay forecast. three students in arkansas are safe after a dramatic rescue from the depths of a cave. three students in
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after a dramatic rescue from the depths of a cave. the united states has been pretty unstoppable in rio this week. we continue to lead in overall medals and gold medals. the u-s has 38 total... 16 gold... 12 silver.. 19 bronze. china has 30 total medals. japan with 22russia has 19... and great britain is
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pretty happy to be above ground today -- after getting rescued from a cave. the arkansas state university students say they went spelunking on wednesday -- and got lost in the process. they spent the night yelling for help until rescuers reached them. no one was injured -- they were in such a tight area that it
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two of the cave dwellers say they're never going back. the third one says he's still open to it -- but added it will probably be up to his wife. here's a nice change for airline isn't upping their fees for once -- they're making something free! to heart health, kids might not be your first thought. but new research shows -- they're falling short of
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now going to provide all of its in-flight entertainment - for free. movies, tv shows, music and games will all be complimentary moving forward. ' already free - but until now, travelers were charged for new movies and premium content. delta airlines did the same thing last month. american will be making the changes on all their flights throughout this month. new smart watches are launching in the u- s. they're trying to make wearable
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apple and samsung - a run for their money. a chinese company is trying to introcude "ticwatch 2" - the second generation of a smart watch that connects to both androids and iphones. still - some tech experts say - it might be better to wait for the technology to advance - before jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon. well after all that -- you might not be surprised to find out that one group isn't doing so well when it comes to heart health. a new study found that a majority of children don't excel- when it comes the study from university of minnesota found that 91 percent of kids had poor diets - full of high calores, sugar and not enough fruits and veggies. when it comes to getting exercise -- about 60 minutes a day -- only half of boys - and a third of girls - met that standard. however - most kids did meet the standard for healthy blood pressure. coming up -- you
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this.. 9 neighborhoods is taking you to loveland's long- cherished cherry orchards...
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loveland this week. loveland is 46 miles north of downtown denver. the first settlers arrived in the big thompson valley in the late 1850s. this is what it looked like in 1879. a lot of dirt and a few buildings. in the 1920s. loveland's cherry orchards produced over a million dollars worth of cherries each year. i went to colorado's cherry filled past and en super: kristi lehnert - colorado cherry company loveland is home to cherry heaven - a shop that truly cherishes the colorado cherry. 7:39 this place has been here over 50 years, we are now 4th generation kristi lehnert's in laws started the colorado cherry company in the early 60s. 7:56 they hulled juice and cider out of a van that van along highway 34 evolved into a sweet little store. 10:29 we are family owned and operated so we take a big part in everything we make we produce everything and there's pride that comes in that local colorado pride that started with local colorado cherries. 8:30 masonville which used to be right down the road used to have the largest orchards west of the mississippi so this really used to be cherry country 9:25 people remember going to pick cherries and making cherry pie nowadays, cherry season in colorado
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the local cherries they bring won't place a place this dedicated to the tiny fruit. jams, juices & jellies.salsas, sauces & salad dressings. they have taken the cherry to a new level.while also keeping grounded with the long standing star.the cherry pie. like the pie.this place is a staple along highway 34 and in the hearts of many visitors and locals alike. 8:19 its kind of irreplaceable 10:10 i really hope it will be here forever. we've survived two floods so i kinda think we have a 9
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along highway 34. be sure to join our 9neighborhoods instagram tour this
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that greenland sharks are earth's oldest living animals with backbones. they estimate that one of those gray sharks was born in icy arctic waters roughly 400 years ago -- and lived until only a couple of years ago. keep in mind though -- the study had a pretty wide margin of error - at least 100 plus years. until now, the record holder was a bowhead whale that hit 211 years old. already off to a strong start-- can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store. we're taking a look at the win-- and the fans, already excited for the upcoming season -- rememeber to use the hashtag "be on 9" and let us know your pick for quarterback! that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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police need your help finding a missing five-year- old. we have the details of the case, coming up. starting... right where we left off -- winning. the broncos beat the bears in the first preseason game in chicago. we're looking at the game, and talking with fans. history made in rio... we're taking a look at the highest highs... for team usa... and hearing from missy franklin after another disappointing race. what she says she plans to do now. good morning. i'm colleen, in with gary and corey this morning. happy friday! meteorologist marty coniglio joins us.


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