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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  August 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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police need your help finding a missing five-year- old. we have the details of the case, coming up. starting... right where we left off -- winning. the broncos beat the bears in the first preseason game in chicago. we're looking at the game, and talking with fans. history made in rio... we're taking a look at the highest highs... for team usa... and hearing from missy franklin after another disappointing race. what she says she plans to do now. good morning. i'm colleen, in with gary and corey this morning. happy friday! meteorologist marty coniglio joins us.
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while you were sleeping, police
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issued an amber alert for a little girl. she went missing in
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tarhonda thomas is here with more. tarhonda-- police say they know who took the girl. yes, this woman. thirty-year-old lauren perotti- montgomery. they say she "took off" in a truck-- with the child inside. police tried to stop her-- but she got away in a white ford f-150 pickup truck. in the back-- five- year-old analee keller. she has blonde hair and brown eyes... ...and was wearing a glittery grey shirt with black pants. analee is about three feet tall-- and weighs 45 pounds. police say the suspect is an "adult relative" of the child. they also say-- she may have been drunk, when they tried to pull her over in that truck. it's a mid-two- thousands model f-150. but police are not looking for that truck, anymore. the suspect-- lauren perotti- montgomery is 30 years old... five- foot-eight.. 130 pounds. she was wearing a green shirt and brown capri pants. anyone who's seen her, the child.. or the truck... should call police right
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happened at 10:15, last night... in fort collins. corey-- the truck was last seen headed eastbound on prospect towards weld county. new this morning... the drowning death of a seven year old girl is under investio it happened just after six last night, at an apartment complex on florida avenue near south parker road in denver. deputies pulled the girl from the pool and began cpr until an ambulance arrived. the girl was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. the arapahoe county sheriff's office says it doesn't appear any adults were present when the drowning happened. a man is in jail-- facing a number of charges after the swat team had to come out to arrest him. the larimer county sheriff's office says carl coons was inside the budget host motel in loveland. they
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violation of a restraining order. the victim wasn't in the building.. but coons was also wanted on three outstanding arrest warrants. swat officers spent more than five hours negotiating with coons, before using pepperballs to get him out. the denver broncos are starting their pre- season looking in mid season form. they beat the chicago bears in chicago last night... 22 - zip. the defense looked good, even though many of the stars didn't play. broncos insider mike klis says mark sanchez wasn't perfect, but he did shine in his orange and blue debut. he completed 10 of 13 passes for 99 yards... had one touchdown and one interception. trever simien, who is competing for the starting job with sanchez also looked pretty good, but didn't have any touchdown scoring drives. even if it was just a preseason game, fans are still
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one look around stoney's bar and grill last night and it was easy to spot the orange. a crowd filled part of the bar for the game. many of the jerseys seen in the bar were not seen on the field. broncos stars vonn miller, aqib talib, demarcus ware and chris harris, junior didn't play. fans were excited to see some new faces especially quarterbacks mark sanchez and paxton lynch. most of all, they were excited football is back. you can argue the preseason doesn't matter much. but for diehard fans, it's more about the excitement of what's to come and the first chance to see the super bowl champs back in action. for broncos fans-- it's all eyes on the quarterback position. with
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bs. so we're asking you-- which potential first- stringer do you think should start? mark, trevor or paxton? we're looking at your results around 6:35. big wins for team
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swimmer michael phelps-- adding to the list of golds for us. we're checking in with cheryl and matt in just a little bit for an update from rio de janeiro. the united states has been pretty unstoppable in rio this week. we continue to lead in overall medals and gold medals. the u-s has 38 total... 16 gold... 12 silver.. 10 bronze. china has 30 total medals. japan with 22russia has 19...
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in fifth with 16.
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the half way point of the summer olympics in rio. if the last stretch is anything like the start we are all in for a treat. michael phelps and simone biles led another huge night for team usa like any olympics, it brings story lines of the highest high, and the deepest disappointments. cheryl and matt are in rio. you feel so much for the athletes
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along with all those employees an army of volunteers. they are a big part of bringing smiles to olympic park and to us. today as crowds started to fill the main olympic park in rio we caught the samba welcome crewdancing to the music in the parksinginggett ing a great start to the day and having so much fun we just had to jump in and join themwith our own samba and signature welcome to the park dance move now let's send things over to marty for an update on the forecast.
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main olympic park in rio we caught the samba welcome crewdancing to the music in the parksinginggett ing a great start to the day and having so much fun we just had to jump in and join themwith our own samba and signature welcome to the park dance move now let's send things over to
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forecast. the remains of a
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moms know their kids need love. and encouragement. they also know milk is a nutrient powerhouse. with 8 grams of natural protein, plus 8 other essential nutrients. it's no surprise 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk.
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sailor are finally coming home. medal of honor recipient john england was killed in the attack on
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for burial. england died aboard the u-s-s oklahoma on december 7, 19-41. the canadian man killed by national police before he could carry out a suicide bombing is a soldier of isis...that's according to the terror group. a tip from the fbi sent canadian police scrambling to find adam driver. driver was killed when he detonated an explosive device in a taxi as officers shot at him wednesday. authorities say driver had prepared a martyrdom video. let's check in with marty. two very sick
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getting a second chance. the two were rescued from a road-side zoo in
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two very sick lionesses are
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the two were rescued from a road-side zoo in iowa and brought to colorado this week. the animal defense fund stepped in to help save the sick lions. 16-year-old jon-wah was very thin and 18-year-old nijara had cataracts. the two are now at the wild animal sanctuary -- in keensburg -- where caretakers are providing them with the right nutrition and proper care the sanctuary is
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rescued animals and witness their recovery. jon-wah and ni- jar-a will look very different six months from now. adlib amelia traffic
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searching for a missing fort collins girl. they're concerned right now, police are searching for a missing fort colins girl. they are concerned enough about her to issue an amber alert. and they need your help to find this little girl. this is anna lee teller. she was last seen on prospect and fort colins.


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