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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  August 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MDT

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next at 4:00 on 9news a ballot initiative allowing smoke marijuana in more places. >> also ahead an effort by the state's largest school district to test what may be harmful in the drinking water in its campus numbers. >> and new poll numbers show hillary clinton gaining support over donald trump in colorado next at 4:00. >> this is 9news. right now you're only supposed to smoke pot at home,
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this november. 9news reporter maya rodriguez is here to catch us up on a couple of pot-related issues. >> supporters call it the denver neighborhood approved cannabis consumption pilot program. it's a mouthful, but this is the heart of it, asking voters whether pot use should be expanded into new or existing businesses as long as it gets the neighborhood's approval. now the supporters of the proposal delivered 10,800 signatures to the denver businesses to provide a space for people 21 and over to consume marijuana and marijuana- related products out of view from the public. they say they're trying to address the issue that while recreational marijuana is legal in colorado, not everyone can smoke it where they live because of landlord restrictions and the like. all this while still complying with the clean indoor air act by having people light up either on a rooftop deck or patio. again supporters say out of
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approval of a city registered neighborhood organization and the director of excise and licenses. the group smart for colorado say they have concerns about the proposal. >> our concern is that denver is already the epicenter for mass commercialization of marijuana in our state and we still have big issues in denver to really work before we then turn around and expand this commercialized environment. >> they just don't have of -- have a place to go. so we've sort of created this paradox where people can buy cannabis and they actually can't use it anywhere. that was our intent, to solve this problem there's no place to consume cannabis in a manner that works for the most people possible. >> election officials say they have 25 days to confirm at
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turned in today are valid. they expect to have an answer about that by labor day. >> then we'll wait to see because it's a polarizing topic. thank you. police arrested the former fire chief of sterling, colorado, and his wife accusing the pair of stealing. curtis vogel is currently the eagle county fire chief. he and his wife hope are accused of stealing more than $120,000 of money, equipment and memorabilia from the sterling fire department before they left back in april. in addition charge, curtis vogel also faces charges of attempting to influence a public servant, official misconduct and forgery. a 5-year-old girl reported abducted last night in fort collins has been found safe and police arrested her mother following an amber alert overnight. lauren montgomery was taken into custody from fort collins police after they requested an amber alert about midnight. police had tried to pull over the 30-year-old. she does not have legal custody
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the colorado bureau of investigation says a protection order was being issued when montgomery began driving recklessly and eluded police with the girl in the vehicle. police caught up with her and arrested her about 6 a.m. some parents of kids at jeffco schools got alarming news. the district says it's finding high levels of lead in some water fountains and sinks. some of the results are much higher than government limits. for a breakdown on what this needs and what parents need to now we've got 9wants to reporter jeremy jojola. how concerned should parents be? >> hi. when you hear your kid may have been drinking lead contaminated water, it's hard not to be concerned. the district says the health risk is extremely low, but it's concerning enough to immediately shut down water fountains and sinks at many schools. so far the results are in for about 72 elementary schools in jeffco. now the good news here, about 90% of the results so far are
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there's some really alarming results here. one sink in a 4th grade classroom, for example, at red rocks elementary came back at 246 times higher than what the government allows for lead. a parent whose kid was in that classroom is not happy about the news as the district promises to fix the bad water. >> i'm having my kids tested to be safe on tuesday for a blood test just to see if there really are elevated levels of lead in their system because you do complaints about people's health because of our water, but why take that risk? we know it's not healthy for kids, so let's fix the problem before it becomes an issue for our kids. >> reporter: so for the most part according to the district, when high levels are found, it is usually from sinks that are rarely used. again the district says the risk to health here is extremely low, but there is still a concern. >> so is there anything they can do short of tearing out the plumbing and fixtures and all
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do they think it might take? >> they're starting to replace faucets. if that doesn't work, they replace pipes. if that doesn't work, they dig deeper. it's expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. the mother of a 7-year-old girl who drowned in a swimming pool at an apartment complex in arapahoe county has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death. the sheriff's office says 27- year-old eve gbeurge into custody when investigators determined the child got access to the pool after being left at home alone for an undisclosed amount of time. investigators say the girl was unsupervised in the pool. they don't know how long she was in the water before someone saw her and called 911. she was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. the clouds were back this afternoon and it did cool off a
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today. we've got a few storms popping up along the mountains and palmer divide. we could see a few of them. we'll check with meteorologist danielle grant. could get a little gusty as well down here? >> yeah. one or two little thunderstorms producing wind gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour and then they're long gone. low 80s at this hour in denver, boulder, greeley and fort collins 84, fairly dry across eastern and western colorado with relati between about 10 and 20%. the higher numbers will be in the mountains. nothing but blue in downtown denver from this vantage point. out in the foothills a few more clouds and up in modern colorado. on hd doppler 9 you can see the one batch of showers starting to just fire up in parts of douglas county as well as just south toward colorado springs, a couple strong cells, but you can see they're few and far
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south toward trinidad, one or two thunderstorms turning severe. the biggest threats are for stronger winds and possibly hail. we have a couple mild days as we head toward the weekend. we will watch a couple storms. i'll let you know which day i think is better for outdoor plans as far as watching for more sunshine. then we turn up the heat, not only on that barbecue but as far as the metro area, we'll return to the 90s very soon. >> hey, it's still summer. the barbecue might have to wait till after the weekend is what you're telling me maybe? >> one day looks a letter better than the other. you'll have to stick around. >> effective teasing. >> you're not going anywhere. in the race for the white house the latest nbc news wall street journal marist poll shows hillary clinton is gaining some ground in some of the most diverse battleground states. in colorado the democratic
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before the conventions it was an eight point lead. in florida which president obama won in 2008 and 2012 clinton is holding her advantage over trump by five points among registered voters, 44-39%. in north carolina, a state obama won in 2008 but lost in 2012, she is leading by nine points and in virginia clinton is up with a 13 point advantage over her every, 46-33%. if she were to -- her opponent, 46-33%. if she were to win those four states in her election, donald trump would have a difficult path. there is more pressure being put on donald trump to release his tax returns. hillary clinton's campaign today released her returns from 2015. her husband bill clinton reported $10.6 million in adjusted gross income. they paid $3.6 million in
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her running mate virginia senator tim kaine and his wife ann reported 300,000 in gross income. kaine released tax returns dating back 10 years. to be clear, there is no law that requires presidential candidates to share their tax returns with us, but it's been a longstanding custom in politics, a layer of transparency with the voters as it's intended to be. donald trump has refused so far because he says he's in the middle of an audit. scientists say they have determined one of the world's oldest animals with back bones.
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a bit of a mixed day wall street. the dow lost 37 points, the s&p 500 down just under two and the nasdaq actually up 4 1/2. traders were bummed by weak retail sales today. a woman in aurora and her brother were diagnosed with the same cancer within months. her brother did not survive. now she wants to tell others how she became cancer free. 9news reporter jessica oh has the story from the university of colorado hospital. >> reporter: grandma, it's a title that makes donna
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faces just brings so much joy back. >> reporter: the 63-year-old from aurora hoped to watch her grandchildren grow up. last year doctors told her she may not ever get that chance. >> and i just kind of stopped breathing, you know. it was like what? >> reporter: doctors diagnosed donna with lung cancer, but it's how they were able to find the cancer that ended up saving her life. >> this hazy sort of spot right here is early stage lung cancer. >> reporter: in 2014 started a lung cancer screening clinic with the hopes that low dose ct scans would detect cancer early. >> the problem traditionally with lung cancer is that they're diagnosed at a late stage because most people don't have symptoms until it is very advanced. >> reporter: the screenings are working better than health officials thought it would. early scans already detected lung cancer in four patients at university including donna.
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screening, in several years she may have ended up much like her brother. >> and he had two months to live. >> reporter: donna's brother was diagnosed with lung cancer just months after she was. >> and as it turned out, the exact same week i was having my surgery to remove my cancer my brother passed away. >> reporter: she can't help but think he may be alive, too with the help of early detection. now she's urging others to consider taking this potentially life saving measure. >> the early screening saved my life. my broth to be there to see that with it his grandchildren. >> reporter: in aurora jess -- see that with his grandchildren. >> reporter: in aurora jessica oh, 9news. >> early screenings decreased lung cancer deaths by 20%. the process is covered by insurance and takes about five minutes. federal land management enacted plans to protect the sage grouse only found in colorado and utah.
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was released last night proposing restrictions on energy development, roads and grazing. the gunnison grouse is related to the greater sage grouse which you can find across 11 western states. federal wildlife managers decided in december not to protect the greater sage grouse under the endangered species act, but some conservation restrictions are planned on public lands. there's a 90 day window for anybody who wants to make a public comment to the blm which you can do online. scientists now calculate that greenland sharks are ea with backbones. they estimate that one of those gray sharks was born in icy arctic waters roughly 400 years ago and lived until only a couple years ago using a new data technique. an international team of biologists and fizzists estimated the age -- physicists estimated the age of 28 dead female sharks. eight of them were probably 200 years old or older. a marine biologist at university of copenhagen
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was 392 years old with a huge 120 year plus or minus margin of error because of the uncertainty of the new technique. until notice the record holder was a bow head whale that hit 211 years old. the study was published in the journal of science, legendary. >> wow. so is it because of lack of predators or just the way they're -- >> i honestly don't know. >> it's clean healthy living apparently for the sharks. they're making good choices in their lives. i don't know, that's interesting. so the university of colorado school of medicine accepted a new class of students. >> next the family connection 9news has to today's white coat
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the university of colorado school of medicine welcomed its newest class of medical students with a formal white coat ceremony today at the anschutz medical campus giving them one of the biggest symbols of their chosen profession. >> it is a symbol of the
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physician and therefore, the special responsibility you have as a physician, to listen to your patients, to advocate for them, help them make tough decisions. >> the white coat is kind of a culmination of all the work we've done so far, but it's also a mark of our responsibility in the future. we're going to be interacting with patients pretty soon and it's kind of -- it's exciting, but it's a big responsibility. >> there you see her, one of those starting medical school students we the daughter of our own dr. john torres. ally torres and her proud dad are here. so nice to meet you. >> so glad i could be here. >> so exciting. you guys got a good gene pool because because your brother and now you. >> right. >> what made you say this is it, this is my field? >> honestly a lot of it was growing up watching my dad. i was a kid when he was going through medical education, so i
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getting into. i don't like to admit it, but he's kind of a hero of mine. >> to us, too but we don't like to admit it. >> you any you kind of know what -- think you kind of know what you're interested in? >> i want to go into e.r. right now. that will probably change a couple times. >> because you don't like reasonable hours? >> obviously. >> i think it sounds like exciting work and you can do a lot with it, especially disaster medicine. >> and that's true. most people when they go to medical school, they change multiple times because you do rotations your third year and gets a taste of everything and you find out the things you're good at or don't like as much, so it's good. i couldn't be more proud of her. that white coat ceremony again cu med school had, that we didn't have it when i went through l.e.d. school a few years ago. it's basically -- through med school a few years ago.
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that people will expect things out of you that they wouldn't expect from anybody else. like she said, it's exciting, but it's a big responsibility as well. >> you know we're about to have an opening. i'm not sure if everyone at home knows this. dr. john is moving on to nbc news national. >> for a few months out there working with their medical aspect. >> frankly, i'm enjoying talking more with your daughter. it's been so great to have you around here. do bother when i have a little problem now. >> just call me. >> you said one of the funniest things about being a doctor is people accost you at church. >> all the time. they'll tell you things they wouldn't tell anybody else in environments you wouldn't expect them to. you'll get used to that quickly where they'll say things and you keep it in confidence and tell them your best advice. most of the time your best advice is you need to see your own doctor.
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it's one of those things when you enter medicine, you have the white coat, stethoscope, a very serious responsibility but it's also a lot of fun. >> and somehow you go back to eating your sandwich after you work on a bunion. what was harder to learn, medicine or tv? i think i know the answer. >> medicine. tv has its own quirks. they're both fun. i'm glad i together. >> we wish you the best of luck, ally. we know your mom is a big influence, too much she's also in the medical world. >> she's the bright one of the family. >> you guys are kind of like the manning children when they told them to keep having more children. >> more nurses and doctors and medical professionals in the world. >> it's been great meeting you and congratulations seriously.
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everybody dreams of having a doctor in the family. hey, we'll expect a little stormage tonight possibly moving down the front range. belen will give us the odds
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southeast of byers where there's a new grassfire that's popped up, not a ton of information yet, but you can see the flames, a nice little clean front right there making their way across this grass field. >> we've seen a couple of these in the last couple weeks. they pop up quickly and usually fire crews have been really great to just jump on them. >> this gives you some perspective because there's a vehicle on the top end of this right now. they're trying to flank it a bit. >> yes.
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up against either something they've cut or maybe a dirt road on the end there where the wind is pushing it. so that's good news. >> a reminder that we are still plenty dry out there. >> no kidding. >> we've had a lot of 90-degree days in colorado and looks like we're cooling down and going to go back up. >> absolutely. i don't think we'll see any storms across the eastern plains later tonight, those mainly staying south of i-70. did you stay up late last night, maybe catch a quick glimpse of that perseid meteor shower? i didn't. man, was it a spectacular run, ray delio capturing this awesome shot with shooting stars and meteors everywhere you could see if you were in the right spot where mother nature cooperated. this afternoon stormy -- blue skies along the san juans. temps this afternoon 80s for a
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a nice break from the 90 degree heat, but it's coming back. 65 in leadville, upper 80s in grand junction, southward cortez, durango 83, low 80s at dia, mostly sunny skies, winds out of the north only 8 miles per hour and once again humidity at 19%. it is dry around here. here in the 9news backyard our temperature readings in the low 80s. it should be a really pleasant evening, maybe thinking about doing dinner outside. do it because e right now we have high pressure anchored off to our west. it actually is allowing the storm track to stay just east of the denver metro area affecting portions of kansas into missouri and parts of the midwest. that's where we'll watch for flash flood watches in place through tomorrow morning. that will affect them quite a bit as basically that bull's eye, that fire hose, so to speak, is scooping in throughout parts of texas and making its way into the midwest. another storm system just off
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lot of rain, 3 to 5 inches across parts of the gulf coast. in colorado a couple isolated cells that have fired up in the foothills and rolling off down here to the plains. you can see in parts of douglas, el paso county along the i-25 corridor a couple pockets of strong cells, nothing severe yet. but a good heavy downpour, a little lightening with these, potentially some hail as well as gusty winds and then they'll be long gone. tonight we'll go with partly cloudy skies. it should be mild with across eastern colorado 50s as well. it will be a nice break from the 60-degree overnight lows, 37 in grand lake, low 40s in frisco, aspen and ouray. so far we've picked up a couple hundredths yesterday evening, .03 at dia, about .8 shy of where we should be. isolated showers here and there tonight south of i-70. by 10 p.m.
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and tomorrow morning 6 a.m., it's bright, beautiful and in the afternoon we'll watch for a few more clouds and storms. tomorrow i anticipate the storms creeping up across eastern colorado, perhaps a couple strong ones in southeastern colorado and also up in the mountains, too, maybe one or two into the metro area, but i don't think it will be a total washout. as far as seeing them turn severe, it doesn't look in the cards for much of the state tomorrow. look at these numb today, but hey, still below average for the middle of august. soak it in while you can before that summer heat makes a comeback. 90 degrees in ray tomorrow afternoon, low 70s in the mountains and the heat to the west. in the foothills tomorrow afternoon if you go up early doing any hiking or mountain biking, trying to get up and get fresh air, do it. temperatures should be fantastic and down along the plains i think the storms will be more isolated, few and far
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watching for the rain showers by tomorrow afternoon. there it is on sunday, most of the moisture stays in the mountains into the foothills. we'll warm up by a hair. then the 90s make a comeback for the workweek, 92 monday. overall it's dry statewide. we'll reintroduce a chance for a few showers tuesday and wednesday primarily in the foothills but can't completely rule out one or two across the urban corridor. we'll be hot friday, but another front pushes through as we go toward the end of next week. we're thinking about our friends in rio dejaneiro with 70s on tap tomorrow. we'll see another jump up with the numbers for the tail end of the weekend into the start of next week, upper 80s, similar to what we're seeing and perhaps another round of rain next tuesday. kind of a mixed bag but still a good looking winter down there. >> fantastic. here we get 80s and 90s. it's just a matter how wet it
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that day. weekend looking good. >> we'll take that, thanks. we'll go back to sky9 and take another look at this fire which fortunately it looks like there's not as much of an active front on this. just moments ago we saw some troubling signs around a storage container out there. >> right. we didn't know what was in that shed or what was going on. the flames were close and we saw a couple folks out there trying to open a door and firefighters responded quickly and got i'm sure the building is lost. >> brush truck went over to it and sprayed it down, but there were some people close to it. fortunately it looks like they're okay and looks like they should be able to get the rest of this thing buttoned up. we'll watch it as well. as we make our way through the olympics, we see a lot of pride for our athletes, but what about pride in the workplace? 9news reporter byron reed shows us one local educator who is proud of a new addition at work.
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gessesse or miss g, taking pride in where she works comes naturally. >> i let our students know i have all the raider pride. >> reporter: passing along that tradition of pride to incoming freshmen is something she's happy to do. >> i was in their shoes not too long ago. i know what it felt like to walk in these hallways. i've had some of the same teachers. >> reporter: betty was the first to go to college in her family and shetch wants to them succeed -- and she wants to help them succeed, too. that's one reshe helped to start rangeview high school's new college career and resource center, the only one to open in the entire school district. >> i think it's not only important to have someone to talk to in here, but to have a plan and guidance. >> scholarship applications, financial aid applications, i really need help with the fun
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that translates to grown-up success. >> it's always nice to have a plan and from day one have a rough outline. it's okay to change up every once in a while. >> reporter: it's the kind of guidance these seniors hope the incoming freshmen take full advantage of. >> if they take advantage of the center, i'm sure they'll probably have a better idea of what they want to be when they grow up. >> reporter: because growing up and giving back is miss g's sense of pride, something this rangeview grad hopes to pass on to her students. >> i want to be step of the way making sure they feel like they have the support and guidance they need. >> reporter: in aurora byron reed, 9news. >> the college and career centers are open to all rangeview students. the aurora school district says it has future plans to expand that program into their other high schools. the status of your love life could affect how much you drink according to a study of twins by researchers at university of virginia. they looked at alcohol consumption over 2,000 sets of twins.
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divorced twin sibling and they often drank less often. co has been take thing twins -- cohabitating twins drank less but more than cohabitating married twins. the study is published in the journal of family psychology. >> interesting, i guess, putting data on maybe some things that sounded intuitive already. >> yes. but idl lot of interesting things about dna. track and field events began today at the olympics and we've got more swimming coming tonight. >> next cheryl and matt will join us live from rio to catch
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badminton was a demonstration sport at the 1972 olympics in munich, but it took two decades before the sport was officially added during the 1992 games in barcelona. in rio there will be five competitions which include single and doubles for both men and women as well as a mixed doubles event.
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roughly 43 by 20 feet, much smaller than a tennis court. the net is about 5 feet high. like in tennis the server alternates sides on the court after each point, but the badminton racquet is much smaller and lighter than a tennis racquet. the shuttle cock weighs less than an ounce. it has 16 goose feathers attached. the clear is when the shuttle travels high over the opponent's head and lands in the drop just over the net and a smash, a direct overhead shot that goes straight to the ground. each match in the competition uses a best of three games. the winner is based on the first of 21 points. if there is a tie at 20-20, they play until somebody wins by two or reaches 30 points. the united states has never medalled in olympic badminton while china has won38 of the 91
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track and field started today. we've got more swimming tonight with michael phelps and katie ladecky both set to make more olympic history. >> the story today in rio is a shocking one for the women of usa soccer. they're out. they lost in a shootout in sweden. cheryl and matt are in olympic park. we could say this is a big giant understatement to say no one expected this from the women's soccer team. they're ly >> reporter: i know. it wasn't even on really anyone's radar that they could lose to sweden. i mean think about this. u.s. women's soccer has won four out of five of the last olympic gold and they have never failed to make a final match at the olympics since soccer started being a sport in 1996. i think a lot of people just assumed they were going to come here and win gold. >> reporter: it's difficult to medal at the olympics, but this
4:43 pm
thought well, bronze, silver most likely gold for sure. they're the world cup champions. they were trying to do something that's never been done by winning gold here. they were so confident no. one expected them to get -- confident. no one expected them to get knocked out in the quarterfinals. >> reporter: sweden moves on and the united states is done. we have to give recognition and love to two of our colorado women on the team, mallory pugh, the youngest on team usa just graduating high sc lives in highlands ranch with her family. she got hurt today. i think she'll be okay. lindsay horan from golden have been a big part of the effort and they are a big part of the future of team usa. colorado, you can be very proud. you'll see a lot more of them in years to come. that game happened 500 miles from this olympic park. >> reporter: yeah. there are stadiums and incredible soccer stadiums all over this country. this is the national sport in
4:44 pm
so they take their matches very seriously, especially if they're played out in an iconic stadium. you'll find people with a deep love and passion for soccer. [ singing ] translator: you must go early to meet your friends. >> reporter: there is game day in brazil. >> drink some beer, make some baue this country's most popular team flamengo sending a sea of red and black jerseys. >> red and black is our i like to say national colors. >> reporter: swirling into the historic americana stadium. >> this is one of the most modern stadiums of the world. right now the stadium has a
4:45 pm
reserved for visiting teams are empty because of this. this is flamengo country. >> our nickname is the nation. everywhere you can find a fan. >> reporter: where fans don't just watch the team. they cheer, dance and always stand to be part of the team. >> i think that if you are a real fan, you like to stand and clap and sing similar to college football championship games, only this stuff happens a few times a week in rio. a tradition brazilians have grown up with passing their love of soccer down to their kids. who become the next generation of brazilian soccer fans. >> you must support the team. >> reporter: showing up for game day. >> you must be a member of the
4:46 pm
>> reporter: it was the most crazy thing i've ever seen in my life going into that stadium. it was just a passion unparalleled of even whentheir team wasn't winning, they were behind them. >> reporter: first day of competition in track and field and quickly a couple names to watch out for throughout the weekend, jenny simpson. she lives in boulder, went cu. she's no. 1 in the world in the 1,500 now. she races in a little less than an hour in her first run. emma coburn who also trains at cu boulder, grew up in crested butte, she runs the steeplechase tomorrow and also mason finley throwing the discus and he made it to the finals and he's competing. janay deloach coming up next week in long jump.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: she won bronze in london. >> reporter: in the long jump. gymnastics always a favorite and we've been getting a lot of questions about the specific leotards the young women are wearing. we did a little digging for you. they sure sparkle on tv. that's because there are a lot of crystals. >> they bedazzled the competition, blinded them. >> reporter: all the way to the gold medal podium. for team usa. that will cost you $1,200, not for the team, for each one. that's changed a lot. it's gotten a little fancier over time. nastia liukin was saying her leotard in beijing when she won had 184. they sure are fun. kim and brandon, it's interesting. the coach said part of the reason they make them really
4:48 pm
given up most of their life. they're not going to prom or getting dressed up with their friends. they're spending their lives in the gym. this is the one time they can kind of feel like a teenage girl. >> it's 22 times the bling. i've done the math. there it is. >> reporter: 22. i'm glad you did that because that's well over my head. >> i'm glad somebody could do it. thank you, matt and cheryl. >> have singer, songwriter of
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supergroup: crosby, stills and nash. this week -- singer-songwriter graham nash came he is best known as 1/3 of the music supergroup crosby, stills and nash. this week singer songwriter graham nash came to colorado performing in support of his new album this path tonight.
4:52 pm
his long career and what he loves about colorado. >> reporter: graham nash, welcome back to colorado. first of all, you've been here a few days. what have you been doing in your time off? >> a couple of times i went to actually experience something i've never experienced before. i've been smoking dope for 50 years, but i've never bought any legally and colorado being the smart state that it is various places where you can just walk in and buy marijuana and i've never experienced that before. at 74 i thought hey, go in there and buy some legally. i mean and it was a very interesting experience. so i've done that twice now. i just wanted to experience it once in my life. >> reporter: do you remember your first time in colorado and, if, so what was that like? >> the first time i came to colorado it was about under 8
4:53 pm
steven stills lived in golden in colorado. >> reporter: you've been back several time since then? >> yeah, many times. >> reporter: what's your favorite venue to perform at? >> red rocks. how could you not love red rocks. i don't know whether you've ever stood on the stage, but it's an enormously awesome sight. those two giant rocks that are hundreds and hundreds of feet up in the air and then when you go to where the people are sitting and you look back at the stage, you can see denver in the distance. whoever thought of putting a venue there was a genius. >> reporter: let's talk about your new album. you had not put out an album for nearly a dozen years? >> 14. >> reporter: yeah. why now? what was that sort of drove you to do that? >> i only can act and write when i feel and this path tonight, the record you just mentioned, is my emotional journey i'm going through right
4:54 pm
people and that i have made them think about their lives and that's what i wanted to do. >> reporter: caribou ranch, a famous recording studio here, what was that like? >> when you went to caribou, you weren't even in colorado. you were somewhere else. it was a completely contained creative environment where you could create 24 hours a day if you wanted to and we stayed up many, many nights at caribou. it was creative place to create. it really was a very special place. >> reporter: do you have another album in you you think? >> in me? of course. i never thought i'd be 74 years old still doing this, still creating, still making decent music. >> reporter: it must feel good to be. >> it does feel good, but, you know, when you think of all the incredible people that we have lost this year alone and we're
4:55 pm
you know, started with bowie, of course, and all the way through glenn frey and sir george martin, a lot of people we have lost. we have really got to take care of ourselves and yes, i'm amazed that i'm still around at 74 and still feeling creative and still feeling very much alive. >> graham has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame twice, once for with crosby, stills and nash
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usa looking pretty good. >> you're doing the math. you just keep track, okay? that's going to do it for us. 9news at 5:00 is next. thanks for joining us.
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next at 5:00 marijuana will be on the ballot again in november, this time whether to allow people to smoke pot in public. >> also we look at the newest presidential polls, hillary clinton now holds the largest lead over donald trump since polling began in several states including colorado. >> it was like we went straight down and then we like jerked rate is back up and like -- straight back up and like >> severe turbulence injures dozens of people on a cross- country flight. >> and an olympic upset, the latest from rio next on 9news when one of the u.s. teams is dealt a devastating loss. >> this is 9news. a grassfire southeast of byers appears to be in the mop- up stages. it started and was contained in the last hour thanks to the work of firefighters and a farm
5:00 pm
rural area. there is a met metal container there that was smoking. there was lead in several of the schools in jefferson county. testing was coming back dozens, even hundreds of times higher than federal limits. some of those sources are water fountains and classroom jojola tells us what parents want to know and the what the districts are doing. >> reporter: from water fountains and cafeteria sinks you'd think the water would be safe for your kids, but jeffco parents like michelle carlisle are getting alarming e-mails. >> when you got to the area that listed the levels, they were toxic. >> reporter: announcing lead is in the water at their kids' school like at red rocks elementary, water from a 4th grade classroom sink tested at


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