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tv   9 News at 5PM  NBC  August 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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away. >> france is going to challenge. >> a challenge coming. >> christenson likes this serve. inside out. it's a tough one for a lot of receivers to handle. you serve from about seven feet inside the right hash mark and you work back to the small side of the court. >> ball was called in. grebennikov, matt anderson, all waiting. tillie has helped his team with two challenges. that's good for two points. >> put that on the stat sheet. >> what would the score be under the old system? the united states -- it would be
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>> holt again. combination. not there. ngapeth gets the ball up again. back to aaron russell out of the back row. >> he's not happy with the way he's played. he's attacked the ball pretty well with 14 kills but his overall game is not as good as it has been and he set the bar awfully high. ngapeth so court attendants coming out making sure it's dry. here's the service story for the united states. three aces, ten errors. for france, 13 errors, 4 aces. back row combination and that
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ngapeth and rouzier tied for the team lead for france with 17 kills. shoji not a good pass. that was a relatively easy shot and then a stuff block . >> that allowed him to get there. that's a big right hand in the seam. >> remember the scenario, the united states got out to 0-2 start. they're now 1-2 after the win over brazil. france is that's a gift as that ball drifts out of bounds. it's a must-win situation. united states has to win this match. >> nothing changed. after the brazil match, nothing had changed because of the 0-2 start. it was great. it was exciting if you're a u.s. fan or u.s. coaching staff member or player. it didn't change anything about the predicament you put yourself in. >> missed serve by holt. tied at 11.
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needs to side out consistently. >> like i mentioned to you, kevin, ten stuffed block in the first two sets and none since. better offense by france? >> better offense and better passing with fewer opportunities. we've seen the united states also be out of position a few times and just miss playing missed opportunities to block a ball. >> taylor sander jum hang time to get a hand on that ball. 12-11. united states leading two sets to one. and off the block and out of bounds. >> united states has two of its best servers in this match.
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tape. france breathes a sigh of relief. >> with this jump float, united states out to take it overhand. >> russell, what a dig by tillie. and saved. get back on the court, rouzier. and again with the dig. >> shades of 2000. put those two highlights side by side. what an effort. filling the stat sheet on one play. >> overhand pass into david lee. dug by tillie again. and a net violation.
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net violation called against ngapeth and france but they're going to challenge the call. given france's track record, just give it to them right now. they've been really good on challenges so far in this set. >> they is a good way to describe it. excellent way to talk about it. >> there's a net. it was ngapeth's hand. >> they have to communicate whether they did or have numb hand because it was in the net. aaron russell back to serve. if you're just joining us, the united states a stunning comeback in the opening set. they won it 25-22. also on the second set by the same score. france came back. drilled the americans 25-14 in the third. americans out to a 6-1 lead but now we're tied at 13.
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the line. >> le roux. ngapeth. and he's stuffed. finally a stuffed block for the united states. >> talked to kevin earlier. >> easy serving right now for the united states. good play by lee. >> rouzier through a seam in the block and down.
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>> a lot of jump floats from france right now. tight set. taylor sander off the top. what a swing by matt anderson. wow. talk about taking out the trash. >> i'm watching this and france and with kevin le roux out there i would go set to middle. i would exploit that matchup in transition. le roux is taking off way early. >> easy serve again gobbled up. over the top and ripped. the united states serving has really dropped. >> hugely important for
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match with a win in four. save that point in case you end up in a tie situation. you want to have maximum points on your side. three points for a win in three or four. two for a win in five. >> ngapeth with a serve into the net. we don't like the system. it's fine for a long club professional season over 30 or 40 matches but not in a tournament. it is what it is. it's the same for all the teams. 16-15. the united states got toet france has been superb receiving since the first set. back to rouzier. down the line again. >> with the delivery. huge pressure on the block. that's about as far as you can back a ball in this game today. all of the way from the opposite sideline. the american block not able to get there. that is a special kind of set.
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inconsistent from the service line. you never know what to expect. that's the same as a receiver. he served the ball out of bounds. >> i don't think kevin le roux is your thinking man volleyball player. ins ins instinctual guy. perfect pass again. every pass is right on t >> with france's passing capability, you have to remain aggressive. americans have got in errors so they are getting a bit timid. i thought the one hit by micah christenson was a good one and france handled it well enough. >> tied at 17. to holt. there's max holt unloading out of the middle. you called it, kevin.
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>> missed that serve well out of bounds. wow. >> earful from john speraw on that. >> that ball drifts out of bounds. france going with a lot of jump floats except from ngapeth and rouzier and now matt anderson will go back to the line. if someone could put together a serving streak, they'll win this set. if the united states does, they'll win the match. if france does, we'll be playing five. >> look at that pass. good touch out of the middle.
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down and now americans with a two-point advantage. >> this time it's le goff pushing off. watch his body position. way off the net fading to the left side. that's a terrible way to block. anderson takes advantage. >> time-out called by france. the united states leading 20-18 in the fourth. hello. hi. welcome. this is the chevy malibu. it was awarded "most dependable midsize car" wow! what is happening? oh my gosh, it's going up! but the malibu's not the only vehicle that was awarded. this is mind blowing. the chevy camaro, equinox, and silverado hd were awarded most dependable as well. this is extremely impressive. there's so many! doing it once, yea, great job, four times, obviously, they're doing something right.
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only one ace. that doesn't tell the story. he's put a lot of pressure on france. can he withstand the pressure now coming out of the time-out? excellent serve. to ngapeth. what a dig by shoji. taylor sander cannot impersonation and get that ball. >> big-time swing by a player. ngapeth goes over the top perfect timing. >> le goff. another jump float serve. to the middle. no. combination play. not good timing. micah christenson, what a play! i told you he was a former basketball player. that was a two-handed slam dunk. >> he hits right or left handed. this one hanging on the top of
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>> that was a huge play. that was an absolutely marvelous instinctive play. >> time and time again micah christenson has proved himself smart beyond his years, ice water in his veins. love the way he competes. >> pretty good serve. on the overpass christenson again and a net violation. what a coming in to serve. united states leading it 22-19. they lead two sets to one. last group match will be two days from now against mexico for the united states whereas france has to take on brazil. and that ball served out of
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murphy troy out of st. louis and usc. aaron russell will come back on. another jump float serve. should united states receivers move up farther? >> they struggled in this rotation. >> perfect pass by shoji. anderson down the line. >> matt anderson played in big matches in his career. second time in the olympics. multiple time winner of champions league. russian super league. he's not feeling the >> matt anderson had 24 kills against brazil. having another big match here late in the afternoon. ngapeth off the block and out of bounds. anderson's number, 13 of 31. hitting just under .300. taylor sander has ten kills.
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in earvin ngapeth. coming to anderson. outside to taylor sander for the kill. what a swing by sander down the line. and now three match points for the united states. the united states has gotten off the deck after being swept by canada to open the tournament. match and micah christenson misses it into the top of the tape. and it is kevin le roux going back to serve. >> we saw them struggle against brazil. >> time-out called by the united states.
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>> if the u.s. takes this victory, it will be because every player on the court contributed. the kill from taylor sander there. erik shoji fighting off a bomb of a serve. the clutch swings of matt anderson. the another true team effort. >> it was a team effort in that huddle. 20 people chiming in. here's le roux. russell with the pass. here comes anderson. france a chance to get within one. out of bounds. the united states has won! they are now 2-2 in group play and they have put themselves right back in the mix.
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al michaels. >> and on that note, that's the end of our daytime coverage. olympic prime time with bob costas coming up. michael phelps making his final olympic swim live in the medley relay. you don't want to miss it. our whole crew down here at the beach, see you tomorrow from
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this is 9news. it was a warm, dry day across colorado. quite a contrast to what we're seeing in louisiana. deadly flooding has several communities there under water. thousands of people have been evacuated. and major interstates are shut down. meteorologist danielle grant is in the weather center. this major storm is going to miss us, but we have a couple showers and thunderstorms out there this evening. >> we do. but the rain we're seeing is nothing in comparisto coast are dealing with. let me show you the pattern right now. we have a storm system in parts of louisiana scooping up all of that tropical moisture from the gulf and whipping it back around to texas and louisiana. high pressure building just out to the west for us. that means our storms will be a little bit more isolated across southern colorado, a couple light rain showers. a few lightning strikes. one batch of thunderstorms has been pushing across the eastern plains. now into kansas and nebraska.
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warning in place until about 5:45 for parts of yuma county. around denver, over all it's been a really nice afternoon. a couple light rain showers pushing into fort collins. but here in the city, what you see is what you get. and that's nice bright blue skies. our temperatures have been sitting in the mid to upper 80s around here. some cooler numbers in burlington where those thunderstorms should push through. and up in the mountains, 60s and 70s. for us here in denver, only 3/100. typically, we should have a little shy of an in rainfall. we're begging for water. and these folks across the gulf are saying enough is enough. between the passed 48 hours, some locations have seen 1 to 2 feet of water come down. this is a look at the current radar image. you can see we have flash flood watch and warnings in place through tomorrow morning. we're watching for heavy rain over night. 1 to 3 inches by tomorrow morning. and unfortunately i wish we had better news but it looks like
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through next tuesday. >> so much in a short period of time. >> it's just awful. most of the state is under water. >> thank you danielle. speaking of, historic flooding continues in southeastern louisiana. so far thousands of people have been evacuated. flood waters have reached record levels just north of baton rouge. people in baker were rescued by boats when they were stranded inside of their homes. so far at least two people have died from this flooding. and more than a thousand people have been rescued from flooded ho >> we've been living in this area since the mid 80s. i've never seen the water like this. it's unreal. >> 30 minutes later it was coming across. >> more than a thousand national guards men have been called in to help rescues and evacuations. the rain is expected to continue through sunday. a brush fire in northern oregon morphed into fire nato, quite literally a twister of
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that's west of portland, said high speed winds up the fire, it appears to have started by farming equipment in a field. no structures were damaged. this man is in the hospital and lakewood police are investigating an officer involved shooting. it caused major back-ups on sheridan boulevard for hours. officers set up a perimeter around a gas station off first and sheridan. that's where police down a man with seven warrants. the suspect was still in his vehicle. when police tried to serve the warrant, the officers say he grabbed something. they kept their distance and called him on his cell phone. they say it's important to exhaust all options before firing their weapons. during that conversation, the subject told me he was armed. at that point, the west metro swat team replied and they responded to the scene. a swat officer eventually shot
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a 14-year-old boy is in the hospital tonight with serious injuries after providing a car in denver. the teen was skating near florida avenue and alton street. state troopers say he crashed into a car. colorado state patrol says drugs and alcohol did not play a role and that the driver of the car is not facing charges. donald trump is still under fire for saying that president obama was founder of isis. trump is issuing warnings voter fraud. nbc news pole shows trump down in several battle ground states including colorado. minority groups and women overwhelmingly favoring clinton. trump is also down in pennsylvania. where he warned supporters last night that the only way he'd lose in that state is if somebody cheats. >> go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. >> he questioned the voter
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such problems. hillary clinton is asking trump for a different kind of proof. asking her opponent to release his tax returns. clinton released hers yesterday. according to a filing the clinton's made a combines $10.7 million last year. that's down significantly from the 28 million they made the year before. trump has deflected on releasing his own tax returns. instead sending reporters a statement writing that clinton released only the documents that no one cares about. asking instead to see the 33,000 that were horses were killed when a barn in adams county burned to the ground. brighton fire got the call around 2:00 this morning for what was supposed to be a grass fire. but when crews got there, they found a barn on fire near east 118th avenue and pick dilly road. eight horses were killed. the fire is believed to have been started by an electrical issue. a wildfire has forced some people in garfield county out
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has now grown to 500-acres. strong winds have fueled this fire. so far people and about two dozen homes are being told to evacuate. a 12-year-old girl from colorado springs who was seriously hurt during a hike is home from the hospital this evening. she says 75 feet from the top of helen hunt falls sunday. lily baker and her little brother were hiking the falls with their mom when she fell. her injuries included a fractured skull in three places plus a broken nose and ankle. she says all she remembers is being close to the edge of the falls right before it happened. >> i was just like walking over the edge. i wanted to see if i could get back down there like just
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people yelling for help. he was with another veteran, a retired marine core medic. they made their way to lily and stayed with her. lily has her foot in a cast and is pretty sore. her recovery is expected to take two years. a sailor killed in the pearl harbor attack on december 7th 1941 was laid to rest today in colorado springs. he was 20 years old when he died. during at according to historians, he escaped after the abandoned ship was given but went back several times to help comrades out. his body was buried in the national cemetery until he was positively identified this year. he's being reburied at the evergreen cemetery beside his parents. a brother is walking across the country in memory of his sister who died from a drug overdose. brett made it to the top of wolf creek pass yesterday.
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says he's raising awareness of overdose statistics. teaching techniques and providing hope along the way. he started on the anniversary of her death march 15th. according to the website, today is his 153rd day of hiking. he says he plans to end his hike after crossing the golden gate bridge in san francisco. a star wars legend passes away. but you may be surprised that a person was actually behind the character in the first place. literally, all for a good cause. and back to school, a change at a major retailer that could put a wrench in your last
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all right. you better hurry up before it's too late. if you're planning to do it soon. it will close for repairs august 22nd. next weekend the incline will be busy with the pikes peek marathon on that legendary bar trail. if you're looking to go this weekend, it might be your best shot. repairs are expected to last four months. the marines always said they need a few good men. now they say they need women too. recruiters are now focusing efforts on female athletes on high school sports teams.
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core to 1 in 10. the thinking behind recruiting high school athletes is they'll be able to meet the cores rigorous physical standards. including front line combat jobs. recruiters are changing advertising to attract more women. they're also traveling the country to meet with high school coaches and their teams. the actor who played r2-d2 in six star wars films passed away. he was 81 years old. he was 3 feet 8 he suffered from a long time illness. in the movies, the droid helped the rebel alliance fight against the galactic empire. in a tweet, it was written rest in peace kenny baker, the heart and soul of r2-d2. the weight and tons of a boeing 77, the number of special olympic colorado
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will benefit. >> reporter: a game of tug of war. between people -- >> 164,000-pounds. >> and a plane. >> once the plane starts rolling, it goes pretty quickly after that. >> drew hundreds to denver international airport. >> it's a contest to see who can pull this plane 12 feet the fastest. >> dozens raised thousands colorado. >> it should be a lot of fun. >> a boeing 757. is no match for collin wilson. collin has the most positive energy of any human being on the planet. >> kelly is proud of collin and her three other kids all compete in the special olympics. >> it's so important because it brings all people together to
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help each other. we're challenging ourselves for a few seconds. our athletes challenge themselves everyday to do their best. this is our chance to give back. if only plane pulling were a special olympic sport. >> this is awesome. >> high five. >> these guys would take home gold. they pulled a plane today. they'll talk about this until they pull one again next year. in denver teams are made of special olympic athletes, corporate sponsors and 12 law enforcement agencies. each had a goal of raising $1,250. they raised a total of $110,000 for special olympics colorado. >> that looked hard. >> great cause. absolutely. a pretty warm weekend across the state of colorado. but some of you could see isolated storms. danielle is tracking another warm up. we'll check in with her after
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meteorologist danielle grant in the backyard. temps in the mid 80s this afternoon. it's been beautiful around the front range and out to the western slope, some spots looking better than others. we'll start with the good news
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bright and blue with just a couple clouds. but unfortunately, wildfires pushing one once again in mesa and garfield counties. you can see the smoke coming up. it's bone dry out there. humidity values less than 10%. around 12% in the denver metro area. higher amounts of moisture across the eastern plain plains where we've been watching thunderstorms. temps this afternoon, upper 80s in denver, low 90s, in sterling, lamar as low 70s in telluride. sunshine at the airport, back here in the backyard, we're watching temperatures at 87 degrees as well. on hd doppler 9, most of the action has been across southern colorado where we've been watching everything pushing in from the northwest tracking off to the south and east. this strong line of thunderstorms continues to march its way throughout parts of kansas as well as nebraska and it does look like one little cell also in jewelsburg. around the metro area, a couple
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collins. a couple lightning strikes. but over all i think we should stay mostly dry this evening. tonight, 56, mostly clear skies, one or two isolated storms refiring along the eastern plains after 10:00 or 11:00. it should be a comfortable evening. a lot of folks in the 50s. 30s and 40s in the mountains. but here we go, as we go throughout the remainder of the evening, see this one sell, it drops in at 10:00, 11:00. it amplifies tomorrow morning. we will start the day with a little bit of sunshine out there. and the over all trend for your sunday looks extremely dry. whether you're going up to the mountains, you're hiking a 14er, i think you might be okay. in southern colorado, you'll find more isolated showers, hit or miss. but here in denver, it looks good. with maybe one or two refiring along the eastern plains. with the dry weather we've seen, we're unfortunately going? to wash for high fire danger.
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around here, poor quality, air quality going to be unhealthy for sensitive groups tomorrow. we return to the 90s for tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be a hot and dry one out there. just be mindful. 70s in nederland, black hawk, idaho springs around 81. we stay in the 70s and 80s across the foothills. 90s are back. that summer heat is back with a vengeance for the start of next week too. we'll be watching for a couple afternoon/evening storms, tuesday, wednesday, and degree temperatures. we could use a few drops of rain around here. >> absolutely. and the kids are heading back to school. they're like it's still summer. it still feels like summer. >> i don't blame them, it's hot, hot, hot. some area students went back the school. with even more schools starting this coming monday. a change at a major retailer could effect your last minute back to school shopping.
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some changes at wal-mart stores could cost more money when it comes to school shopping. the retailer is doing away with price matching at hundreds of its stores.
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if the price is lower get them at the cheaper price. back in june, wal-mart eliminated its price matching policy at 500 stores. now according to the retail giant added another 300 locations to that list. wal-mart hasn't said which stores or regions are effected. so you might not know until you get to the store. the changes are being announced with blue signs at the registers. are you into garage sales? if so today is ur whether or not you like it, they're big business. according to garage sales generate $4 million each week. the average price is 85 cents. on you can find garage sales in your neighborhood. simply search garage sale. you can find good deals. coming up, we're going to have live coverage from rio. including what was found when crews were building the
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besides winning medals, the u.s. athletes get money bonuses for winning. they award bonuses to a gold medal brings a 25,000- dollar check for a silver. $15,000. and a bronze gets $10,000. after that it's about fishing for sponsorships. with 21 gold medal, the total pay out to olympic champions, the u.s. has the highest count so far. >> cheryl preheim and matt renoux are live. >> reporter: that is an
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the first modern day olympics was in 1896 and in 120 years since we have almost earned 1,000 more gold medals. the first ever gold medal in 1896 was a triple jumper. >> in rowing, womenning eight, we got the only gold medal of the day so far. but watch later tonight. you have to believe it. we'll likely cross that thousand mark with the help of michael phelps in the men's tonight. >> probably his final olympic race of his career. he's all ready the most decorated olympian ever. he's made the biggest individual contribution to that thousand mark. chipping in with 22 gold medals. going into the olympics, russia is ranked second with 473 gold medals germany has 288. it will be a century before another nation reaches 1,000
5:51 pm
around 2100. >> that is dominance for team u.s.a. in every sense of world. let's talk about your colorado athletes. because they're fantastic. they had another good day today, emma from crested butte who trains and lives in boulder had a great run today. she advances on to the finals next week. another colorado athlete cyclist out of colorado springs was racing trying to get gold today in the women's team pursuit. this team has done amazing things to try to get on gold medal stand. they've been racing on bikes designed like no other. team u.s.a. got a silver today. >> the british are always known for bringing out every single stop in the books. so every other nation here is trying to play catch up. >> so sara will get another shot at the gold in the individual event for cycling and that will be later on this week. >> think about all the history
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olympics between the thousandths metal and michael phelps and katie ledecky. but we're in a country with deep history as well. >> a lot of historic stuff around the olympics. brazil has one of the largest populations of african decent in the world. it's a population that goes back to a slave trade that was only recently rediscovered as crews were working to build the olympics. as the city of rio started for the 2016 summer olympics -- >> we're in the location -- >> tour guide priscilla says that the infrastructure for rio's future also revealed fragments of the city's past. >> everyone forgot about it. and nobody remembered. >> staggering archaeological
5:53 pm
the history of the origins of the african culture. all brought to the light after being found buried after olympic work sites now called little africa. >> so there's a story. a symbol of the african heritage. >> a port where ships once delivered thousands of slaves to work in brazil in a slave trade larger than the united states once had. >> it's estimated >> millions worked. thousands of men, women, and children died. their bodies dumped in mass graves. one of those can still be seen today. discovered at this home in rio when the owners were renovating. >> tools of self defense, and objects like jewelry, they were all found in this area. >> reporter: today half the
5:54 pm
a culture and history that helped shape what rio is today. >> these people that fought. >> in fact, it's right here where these old narrow streets connect. >> it's called little africa. because samba is the music of african origin. >> hand carved steps to carry goods and also created the samba. >> we are in the spot where samba was born. >> today brazil has more people of african descent than any other country outside of africa. and many of those people are directly linked to a pass once covered by time. until priscilla says it was time for rio's next chapter in history. >> with the development of new
5:55 pm
history and origin. and the stories of these people started to be retold. >> a lot of plantation owners in the u.s. came down to brazil to work because brazil was the last krill in the americas to abolish slavery. a lot of tour guide companies are saying they're seeing a lot of african americans book vacations and take tours to learn more about slave history in the country. the parks are really busy tonight. because there's a michael phelps swimming tonight. and a lot of other sporting events happening tonight. but one thing to keep in mind throughout the week, wrestling is starting. we have a lot of colorado wrestlers, one just arrived here in rio. he didn't make the opening ceremony here any way. >> no, robby smith out of colorado springs, he's a heavy weight. a roman wrestler who just arrived in rio a few days ago. he says the colorado springs community sent he and the other guys of men's wrestling off to
5:56 pm
party. >> they d an opening ceremony of their own. he said he picked out one over the real thing in rio. >> they put on a great show. we got to carry the torch. we got to be part of it. i mean, i'll tell you this much. if i did opening ceremonies here. my parents would have watched from the third deck. and i would have never seen them and give them a hug and say i love him. i got to walk, i got the light the torch. i got to be part of the ceremony. i got to hug my mom and dad and give my tell them i love them and thank them for all their support. it was amazing. it truly was. >> now that he's finally here, he'll be ready to compete. he's been training hard. it's included throwing me hard to the ground. we did that at 100 days out. 107 days or so ago. it was fun. and i'm still in agonizing pain after all of that. >> we have to get you some cupping therapy.
5:57 pm
that happened live on the air. matt was trying to catch his breath after. like oh, nice job robby. by the way they call robby the beard. for obvious reasons. and the beard really took a toll on the max. >> oh my gosh, matt. i can't imagine how bad your back hurts if you didn't see that coming that's like a whiplash. >> yeah, you know, we talked about it. i said hey, maybe we should try to do something fun in the next live shot and he goes idea and then all of a sudden, my nickname's the rag doll. >> there you go. >> my back is still hurting from watching you fall like that. looking forward to seeing robby and the entire u.s. men's wrestling team perform. thank you so much. we love your coverage. doing great. all right. well we'll talk to them later on. the first broncos preseason game is currently in the books. but the race for the starting qb spot is still going
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sam. the first preseason game for the broncos is in the books. are we any closer to a starting
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made the biggest move was paxton lynch. and you know, i texted you during the game and i used golf analogies. i thought mark sanchez got an eagle on the first touchdown drive. then he got a bogey on the second drive. i thought he had a couple pars. pi he put together nice drives. but he didn't finish. >> i think they all had good nights. all of us who stand there everyday critical of these three guys and almost to the point of being unfair. and i think once you get in a game situation where you're playing at a big stadium. and you're actually playing somebody else. i thought all three of them at various times raised the level of their game. i do think this, to your point, we can argue about sanchez, simeon, simeon sanchez, i think it's that close. i really do. i think it's going to come down -- it may even come down to after the third preseason game.


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