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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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new photos. michael phelps celebrating his win with matthew mcconaughey. wolfing down spaghetti with ryan lochte. >> all of the moments you didn't see in rio, now on "extra." ? ? matth on america's golden boy michael phelps. leslie jones on a snapchat spree with team usa. we're behind the scenes in rio. ryan lochte, he's dating this former playboy playmate. >> kim kardashian. the gold medalist she's obsessed with. >> new video bachelorette jojo and jordan moving in together. >> of course, he's shirtless. new photos, mariah busting
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meeting. >> rob lowe going from tv lawyer to tv doctor. >> i'm still learning my way around a stethoscope. does it look cooler like this? >> renee sneak peeking fall tv's new lineup. what michael weather lee is doing to the new kids taking over ncis. >> i'm still on set. >> plus j. lo's nutritionist is revealing the diet. >> it's about eating more, not less. >> and kris jenner getting a reading from the hollywood med medium. >> shut up, mom. >> can he read for you, please? >> now "extra," universal studios hollywood, the movie capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, why some fans are furious about kendall jenner's new "vogue" cover. >> also coming up, how to lose ten pound in ten days. reveals the secret.
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lochte making headlines after a new interview about his dating life. we have it all right now. >> the swim king and oscar winner, michael phelps' moment posing with super fan matthew mcconaughey. the actor spotted cheering on phelps and evening kissing in the stands as phelps became the most decorated olympian in history. he was sitting down with phelps' baby boomer, and nicole. >> debbie bounced back to rule the pool after his 2014 dui drama. >> michael was very drive tone correct things that have gone wrong. >> it's been incredible and the down side and coming back from all of that. >> phelps beating buddy ryan lochte and ryan one of the headlines, and his rumored girlfriend, kayla rae reid looking up sed seen in these
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the today show. >> no girlfriend as of yet? >> no girlfriend. >> so they're not dating? >> lochte confessing he's actually interested in -- >> the volleyball players. >> there's another moment you didn't see. lochte and phelps taking a moment together to down some pasta. lochte diving into a huge pizza on his snapchat. >> it's pizza time. >> now america's newest sweetheart, 20-year-old simone manuel, the first african-ic gold medal in an individual swimming event ever. >> after middle school is when i realized hey, i'm good at this. >> and simone biles, all smiles in this snapchat video and hanging out with leslie jones. >> i'm very proud of you. >> guess who else is keeping up with simone, kim kardashian saying she has a low-key crush on the star. >> everyone is crushing on
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& g family hope where he's about to break a million hearts. >> i married my college sweetheart sonny and became a father to coda. >> now he'll dive into fast food. >> when this is all done i'm getting the big of the cheeseburger in the entire world. >> all right. now bachelorette jojo and her man jordan are done. well, at least they're done with nashville. we have the all-new video. >> this is the brand proving they're shacking up after the big engagement. >> will you marry me? >> bachelorette jojo fletcher and jordan rodgers taking the next big step, moving in together. >> we are just so excited to be able to be together. >> rodgers, shirtless loading up a moving truck at his nashville house, unloading at their new home together in dallas. the lovebirds telling us what's next. >> we had to furniture shop. so we got this house and it's completely empty.
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perfect place to plan their wedding next year and start their family. >> kendall jenner landing the prestigious cover of "vogue". >> i'm so excited! >> now she's the target of an online firestorm and some are furious that she's the face of the issue. twitter blowing up post, after post r.i.p. vogue and others calling it a joke. no joke to kendall and it's the model's true. >> peek a boo, leather and lace. mariah carey cranking up the heat in the motorcycle-inspired getup. the jacket zipped up only half way and her black lace bra and cleavage spilling out for the camera. mariah is not headed to a club and this is what she wore to a dinner honoring the united nations secretary-general. only mariah can pull this off. anthony weiner front page again.
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>> weiner torpedoed his run for mayor when sydney revealed she was his cyber mistress and his online alias carlos danger. huma, hillary clinton's righthand woman stood by him and now leathers tells page six she's been contacted by a new alleged sexting partner of weiner's and here's what she protected in 2013 to wnbc. he'll continue this behavior. if it's not me >> sydney's advice to the woman. don't go public. the countdown is on until the new fall season of tv shows and how cool is this? they're bringing back a classic from the '80s "macgyver". >> never seen it. >> oh, come on! he made bombs with q-tips and glue. >> in the meantime kevin james is coming back to the tv sitcom world. renee is with your favorite stars and new faces coming to your tv this fall. >> never seen it.
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his "ncis" badge for a license to practice psychology on his new cbs show "fall". >> the catch, the show is filmed in new york and if you have a bad commute, michael lives in l.a. >> being away from the family is the number one hardest thing. luckily, i flew in this morning to los angeles and got to -- we did as much as we possibly could, and my son, number two in the downstairs toilet, everybody. we has hands. >> i'm still on set in my own facetimy way. >> i facetimed with wilmer valderrama via emily wickersham. >> and ncis going into its 15th season and the new agents on the team telling me they're all about weatherly's facetimes. >> yeah. he said keep having fun, man. >> rob lowe joining the cast of
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>> he brings humor, action and a little testosterone. >> a little bit. >> just a little bit. >> have you played a doctor before? >> not really. i'm still learning my way around a stethoscope. does it look cooler like this or like this? >> kevin james back on cbs playing a retired cop and sharing the screen with new tv wife erin hayes in the new sitcom "kevin can wait". >> having your name in the title is a big responsibility. >> i tried to avoid that,y i hate it. i don't like having my name in there. >> katherine heigl hiding her baby bump on the set of her new legal drama "doubt". >> i'm pitching a potted plant that she's carrying around or a small service animal that she's carrying around. >> orange is the new black's laverne cox dominating the airwaves with "doubt" and the rocky horror picture show.
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to be a media whore. >> she's going to go on snapchat right now, by the way. let's get you caught up on the stories everyone's talking about today. it's tonight's "extra, extra". >> this momager is getting a reading from this medium. ? i'm kris. >> he's the one getting a big surprise. >> i had no clue. >> i'm, like, in shock. >> e! star sitting down with tyler henry for his show hollywood medium and khloe gets se >> how did you know that you had your gift? >> what the [ bleep ] is her problem? i want to scream, shut-up, mom. >> i've been a born-again christian since i was an adult. >> can he read for you, please? >> jersey homeboys bon jovi out with their latest hit "this house is not for sale." ? ? >> the soj, a perfect anthem to
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band's upcoming 14th studio album of the same name available october 21st. ? ? is this hugh grant's lost audition for a female role? >> i'm here to audition for a film they know i should have seen, but haven't called mommy dearest and the joan crawford part. >> meryl streep and florence foster jenkins and the latest installment of "w" magazine's casting call. >> no wire hangers? what are this closet when i told you no wire hangers ever! >> no more hangers! >> hugh impressed with his performance. "w" magazine on stands now. >> this is want your dad's "ben hur qwest ", and reimagining the classic role of a slave taking on the empire. >> it's a story that's in its conception in novel form.
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hollywood royalty. his aunt is angelica houston and his family has earned 22 oscar nominations. tom cruise. >> i don't want to be followed. >> the guys with the action, bridgette jones with a baby and the film that's got oscar written all over it. >> everyone's going to be talking about it. "extra "extra's" ultimate fall movie preview. plus we're keeping up w >> khloe is one of my best friends and she's telling me
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coming up, khloe kardashian's workout secrets to
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? ? this is our chance to make a real difference. are you with me? ? ? >> here is a look at the brand new trailer for "rogue one" a star wars story starring felicity jones and the trailer has already 4 million views in less than 24 hours. why? wait for it. yes, that's what i'm talking about. darth vader returns when "rogue one" hits theaters december 16th. bell, it's a busy weekend at the box office and a lot of people loving suicide squad and a few new ones out right now.
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you. sausage party is an r-rated party from seth rogan. >> great title. >> you also leak a family-friendly sci-fi thriller with robert redford called "pete's drag be on". >> this fall there are movies coming near you. we have a sneak peek at them. >> a star-packed kau boy remake and a prequel and bridgette jones has a baby. >> i'm pregnant. >> "extra" w preview. paul degar biddian. >> first up, we have "sully," universal directed by one of my favorites clint eastwood starring tom hanks and that's a winning formula. >> the true story of a hero who landed it when nobody thought he would. >> brace for impact. >> clint eastwood, great director and tom hanks perfect to play sully. >> jack reacher, never go back.
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and seeing tom cruise in this role. >> i don't want to get followed. >> he's able to get the violence that he can't get in the mission impossible movies. >> oh, no, bridget. who is the father? >> bridget jones' baby, renee zellweger returning to her iconic role. >> now she has a babe toe add to that comedic mix. >> what's the plan? i'm always wanting to blow something up. >> because i love me a western, the magnificent seven with denzel washington, chris pratt, ethan hawke. >> i can't wait for this. >> birth of a nation is one that got a lot of buzz with a story about a slave? >> what a strong man broken down is a terrible thing. >> this is a move they could get oscar nominations and everyone's going to be talking about it. >> so much you don't know. >> dr. strange, a very different
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is the star, right? ? he's perfect as dr. strange. he has that different kind of look. he's not your typical leading man and this movie is a darker side of marvel. >> fantastic feasts and where to find them and the harry potter prequel and much anticipated prequel starring eddie redmayne. >> one of the most anticipated movies of the fall. >> just a smidge. >> i think this could be one of the biggest hits of the year. coming up, proving it down 40 pounds showing up her body after breakup. >> i don't really believe in revenge, but if you have to have any why not have a good [ bleep ] body? >> absolutely. >> she's j. lo's secret weapon to getting ripped and new celebrity nutritionist haylie pomroy on how you can lose ten pounds in ten days.
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lose weight. >> how do you spell entertainment? ? ? ? >> the next generation. >> of entertainment news. >> is here. >> "extra." >> for over 20 years, extra has been delivering emmy award-winning entertainment news. now for the second time we've struck emmy gold. >> for outstanding entertainment news don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments.
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well, leave it to the kardashians to show off one of the hot boot trends for the fall. khloe was just spotted wearing these thigh-high suede boots and trace, i think you need a pair. >> i happen to have some. >> okay. there you go! right now khloe is talking about how she got shape with one of her best friends, actor/model and "extra" correspondent dorian renaud. >> a sanctuary. >> this is the first time you and i are actually hiking together. >> i had to save it for a special day. >> this is where khloe and the kardashian clan come to escape the private eye. >> she was in her hiding and she wanted to lose her baby weight and this is where we would work
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sister kim who just revealed she lost all 70 pounds of the baby weight telling khloe is her body icon. this led to this rocking new revenge body. >> i don't believe in revenge, but if you have to have any why not have a good [ bleep ] body? >> absolutely. >> when i was going through my divorce i was super stressed and i didn't know what to do and when my dad died i turned to drinking and destructive behavior and i don't want to go back there. my place losing weight and i thought, okay, this is fun. >> you liked the way you looked in the mirror and you had the curves going on. >> this is cute. >> now khloe is trying to help others do a body makeover with her new show "revenge body" and it got so much leverage from social media and saying i want that type of revenge. i want to turn this into a tv show. >> we asked if khloe was doing any dating. >> i wish i was, but not at the
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>> i'm not worried, honey. i'm not worried, but i'm just, like, busy. >> busy never looked so good. >> here's a headline that will make you pay attention, how to lose ten pounds in ten days and you don't have to count any calories. >> oh, yeah. it's all part of a diet plan from the nutritionist that stars j. lo and reese witherspoon do when they need a tune-up. >> you want to get red-carpet >> many of my clients lose up to ten pounds in ten days. celebrity nutritionist haylie pomroy revealing about the fast metabolism cleanse. >> using food strategically to burn fat and it's about eating more, not less. >> this is a cleanse with benefits. they have a tighter skin, smoother hips and feel incredible and have an abundance of energy. >> step one, start with her protein powder shake. the protein base is made from
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those things that help create lean muscle and burn fat go after cellulite and tightens up collagen and elastin and you'll start with two shakes a day. >> step two, keep the burn going with three other meals and snacks. >> we have a chili that you're just going to luch and we have a stir fry with shrimp in it. there's een a lemon slush. >> step three, amp it up. >> you will work it up to three, four, five shakes a day and it's easy, delicious and it helps increase your rate of burn and give you an abundance of energy. >> how you can get your hands on
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that's going to do it for today's "extra". for the latest entertainment news head over to >> extra is your entertainment news source monday through friday, but when the weekend rolls around we really let our hair down. extra stars, extra fashion. "extra" weekend.
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us. gary, corey and tarhonda with you on this monday morning.. marty is here with a look at your's been see a change this week. at least one person was shot in milwaukee last


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