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tv   Today  NBC  August 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am MDT

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good morning. unprecedented. >> still invincible. usain bolt. >> usain bolt proves yet again he's the world's fastest man becoming the first sprinter to capture three straight 100 meter olympic titles. >> and there it is. nails it on the vault making it three gold so far with two events still to go. while the swimmers from team usa celebrated an unparalleled medal haul in rio including four for simone manual, five for katie ledecky, another six for michael phelps and we get to bask in their glow when they join us live "today," monday, august
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>> she just flies higher. that's all there is to it. >> it doesn't matter who gets the lead, they are going to get caught. >> and she hammers it home. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is special edition of "today" at the olympic games with matt lauer live from rio de janeiro, brazil, and savannah guthrie live from rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this monday morning. another beautiful day at the beach. i'm matt lauer along with hoda kotb. we'll check in with savannah in new york city in just a moment. if you are looking to rub elbows with the greatest swimmers in the world, this is where you want to do it today. >> we are talking about the greatest olympian of all time just arrived a few minutes ago. michael phelps will be with us.
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simone manual. so many more of those medal winners will be here from team usa and we'll talk to all of them coming up. >> also we'll talk about that scary incident over the last 24 hours for another group of american swimmers including ryan lochte. they were robbed but unarmed. we'll hear from ryan exclusively. savannah, back to you in new york. >> you look great on the beach. a lot going on at home including a chaotic scene at jfk's airport reports of shots fired led to panic, mass evacuations and grounded flights. a scary scene there. police say those reports were unfounded but it was quite a frightening situation for thousands of passengers. we'll have the latest. wait until you hear what actually caused all of that raucous. back to you in rio. >> all right. we'll see you in a couple minutes. let's begin with natalie and get a full wrap-up of the olympic action from rio.
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event of track and field. men's 100 meter dash and for the third straight olympics, usain bolt reigned supreme. >> here he is. s sill invincible. >> usain bolt destroying the competition in the 100 meter dash, third consecutive gold medal in the event. first prsprinter to ever do so. the crowd in the stadium and his hometown erupted with cheers. after a slow start, bolt passed gatlin in the final seconds. later, bolt embracing south africa's wade who stunned the world sunday. >> they come to the finish. >> in his first olympics, the 24
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beating michael johnson's record set in 1999. his coach, who also happens to be his great grandmother, looking on. in gymnastics, superstar simone biles once again taking gold delivering an amazing performance on vault to become the first american gymnast, male or female, to win three golds in a single game and she could pe beam today and the floor exercise tomorrow. her teammate, madison, took silver on uneven bars. great britain won its first gold medal in the floor exercise but brazil stole the show on the floor taking silver and bronze. men shed tears of joy in front of a hometown crowd.
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american swimmers racked up 33 medals, 16 of them gold, led by superstars michael phelps and katie ledecky. >> she hammers it home. >> overnight, team usa crushed australia in women's beach volleyball. kerri walsh jennings and april ross celebrating their win in front of an ecstatic crowd including "snl's" leslie jones basketball team. they move to the semifinals against brazil. in tennis, triumph and disbelief. monica winning olympic gold. first ever for puerto rico. the 22 year old overcome with emotion after her two-hour match. andy murray repeats as men's singles champion becoming the first player to ever win back-to-back gold medals.
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right now, u.s. with a commanding lead followed by china, great britain and russia. so what can you look forward to today? the final of the women's billion beam featuring simone biles and the men's 800 meter final and women's 400 final and quarterfinals in men's beach volleyball will get under way. >> now the man responsible for six medals you just talked about in hrio. a record setting olympic career. five games in all. 28 total medals including 23 gold. if phelps was a country by himself, he would have more gold medals than all about 32 of the 205 countries competing in these games. michael, good morning. how are you doing? >> good. just kind of trying to let everything set in.
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it's been pretty awesome the last couple days being able to spend time with boomer and the family and seeing everybody before they took off either this morning or yesterday. it's the best way to finish. >> you know that old expression, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, same on me. we sat in london and you said done, done, done. >> you're going to get the same response here. done, done, i think like we talked early in the year i wanted to come back and finish the career the way i wanted. this was the cherry on top of the cake. >> you told me when we got together that you fell in love with swimming again. so i'm wondering if now you won't miss it more. after london you weren't in love with swimming. i thought i can understand why he would want to get out. what about now?
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thing between now and london is i was so much more emotional during these games. i think that showed at times on camera. i think that's the difference because i knew this was the last time. i knew this was the last race i ever had and last olympics that i ever had. everything just really hit hard. and i guess some of it some people saw where as soon as i walked into friday night the tears started filling my eyes. bob and i shared some of those emotional moments together. my last warm up. last warm down. last time putting on a suit. last cold tub. is this the last time we get -- >> i have a feeling not. you always kind of give me the straight arm when i ask you about your olympic goals, which i understood.
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year old leaving swimming behind with a long life ahead of you. >> this is a part of my life where i get to start this whole new chapter. continuing to build a family with nicole and continue to travel and change the sport of swimming in some way that i can. i really want to try to not only in the u.s. but also change drowning race that we have. that's a goal of mine. we've been able to teach thousands of kids. i want numbers higher. we have a full plate of schedule and things. i still have goals. >> ryan lochte has had a rough 24 hours. he's okay. before the incident with the robbery he stopped by here. i want to show you what he >> can you look in the camera and say, michael, i will see you in tokyo? >> you know, i can definitely
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>> do you really? >> i think so. i really think so. so michael, i'll see you in tokyo. >> he might be there. i won't be. i'll be there watching. cheering everybody on. but i will not be in the pool competing. >> last thing people often wonder about the future of swimming without michael phelps. would you look across there for a second and is the future in good hands with the young lady named katie ledecky? >> we are in great shape. not only with katie but with the team that we have now. she's breaking records every time she gets in the pool. you know, it's been an honor to be part of the team with her and some of the younger guys we have coming up in the sport that are going to take over. i told a bunch of them i won't be far away. if they ever need anything, to reach out. this has been such a passion of
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guys as much as i can. >> thank you for giving us a front row seat to a great run. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ] hoda? >> katie, while michael is still over there -- he's taking his victory lap. how about you look at michael and tell us what impact has he had on swimming. i mean, he's been your mentor throughout this. >> a huge impact on a lot of the young swimmers that are on the team this year. we all looked up to him when we were 6 years old and to be on a team -- i didn't mean it like that. i'm sorry. i started watching him when i was 6 years old first starting to get into the sport and to be on a team with him is such an hand nor, and to see his impact in the pool and outside of the pool. that's why we came away with
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headline before you leave the olympics. your headline was katie ledecky had fun. tell us, how much fun did you have when you were at the olympic games? >> i had a ton of fun. i had my goals in the water, but one of those goals was also just to have fun. i couldn't have asked for a better time here with my teammates seeing them succeed and the fun we had outside of the water as well. it was the best. >> matt, she looked like she was smiling in the pool sometimes when you were swimming. you had a smile. were you feeling that good wn >> it's fun to swim fast, yeah. i'm happy with how this whole week has gone. >> talk about swimming fast in the 800 you crushed the competition and you beat your own world record by two seconds. afterwards you said something like i just thought i would go for it. makes it sound like you can drop a world record at will. is that the case these days? >> i mean, it's never easy to break a world record, and it takes a lot of hard work and every day getting into the pool
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and i wanted to remember it really well. >> there's a lot of hometown love. you're from maryland. the capitals are playing against the braves. >> the nationals are playing against the braves. >> they decided to just stop and watch you on the big screen. were you able to see a clip of that? >> i saw a clip of that. >> what does that make you feel like knowing the hometown crowd is cheering like that? >> it means so much to me to t i've received so many messages from everybody back home. i can't wait to get back home and celebrate with them. >> katie, michael over there, the usa is awfully proud. awfully, awfully proud. congratulations on great olympic games. michael, thank you, bud. all right. let's go back to savannah in new york city. >> all right, guys. so fun to see those swimmers. we're rooting for them hard here for sure. let's turn to the news now.
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new york's jfk airport after reports that shots had been fired. police evacuated terminal a at 9:30 last night. flights were temporarily grounded. multiple emergency agencies rushed to the scene and about 45 minutes after that, a second terminal, terminal one was also evacuated. this all started when a woman coming off a plane said she thought she had heard gunfire. it turns out cheering, clapping and loud celebrations from people watching, yes, the olympics may have been gunshots. both terminals were searched and eventually cleared and things are back to normal there. now to politics and major developments in the presidential race this morning. the conservative op-ed page of "the wall street journal" is calling on the republican party to essentially abandon donald trump if he doesn't change his ways on the campaign trail. nbc's hallie jackson with the latest on all of it. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning.
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not change, that he is who he is, pushing back against any talk of a pivot as his campaign hits back now this morning against a new report linking his top adviser to russia. this morning new questions about trump's ties to russia. a "new york times" report linking his top 'd to a pro russian party in ukraine. paul manafort's name appears 13 times in a ledger, saying he was paid $13 million in cash payments over a five-year period. the report not verified by nbc news. overnight the clinton camp pouncing saying in a statement, trump has a responsibility to disclose any advisers ties to russian or pro-kremlin entities. paul manafort responding saying to nbc news, i never received a single off the books cash payment as falsely reported by "the new york times" nor have i done work
7:16 am
or russia, calling the suggestion he accepted cash payments unfounded, silly and nonsensical. among a blistering ultimatum by "the wall street journal" saying if by labor day donald trump doesn't shape up, the gop should give up, to focus instead on keeping its senate majority. the editorial wraps up with a warning. quote, trump needs to stop blaming everyone else and decide if he want president or turn the nomination over to mike pence. another round of trump versus the media. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. >> reporter: the candidate in a tweet storm argues he would be winning by 20 points if it weren't for what he considers unfair coverage. >> he's appearing before 10,000,
7:17 am
working contrary to what the media is saying. >> trump will be out on the campaign trail focused on foreign policy today. in a major national security speech, a senior adviser telling nbc trump will paint the fight against isis as an ideological battle. clinton is on the trial and she'll be joined by vice president joe biden in his hometown of scranton saying biden will portray trump as the least prepared nominee ever. savannah. >> hallie jackson in washington. thank you so much. 7:17. back to rio. you all look so cute this morning. >> thank you. >> so do you. >> thank you. you look great. let's get a first check of the weather. mr. roker is here after a late night for you. >> i got to tell you, our hearts and thoughts are going out to everybody in louisiana. it is awful there. president declaring a state of emergency. at least 20,000 high water rescues. at least five deaths blamed on
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more heavy rain and floodwaters will continue to rise. and we've got this misery coming for other parts of the country. that tropical moisture gets pulled up into the midwest as wave after wave of upper level low pressure systems develop and push their way in. rainfall amounts will equal anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain stretching from texas into louisiana and parts of arkansas as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next ? especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there.
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>> that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you very much. don't forget, you can catch nbc's prime time coverage of the olympic games tonight starting at 8:00, 7:00 central with gymnastics and track in the spotlight. comiing up, guess who's her? simone manual is here with us live in the studio and looking good.
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exclusive interview with ryan lochte. what happened when he and three fellow americans were held up at gunpoint here in rio.
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coming up on channel 20. >> good morning. i'm corey rose. here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 7:00 a.m. hillary clinton is in scranton, pennsylvania today along with scranton native joe biden and donald trump is in ohio today where he shifted his focus from crooked hillary to the crooked media. we will have details on channel 20. and we are lucky enough to live in a state with some
7:27 am
take the kids with you next time, it might even be free. let's check weather and traffic with amelia and marty. amelia, tough drive this morning. >> huge delays here and a lot to talk about. let's get up to sky 9, they are over wadsworth near 36 and showing us the backups there, light getting out to boulder so talk about our cdot cams as we come down to ground level and university. backups close to an hour and a half leading up to hamden hampden. the wreck that's been here since the 6:00 a.m. hour is still blocking up part of the highway and because of that, 72 minutes is the drive time with a 13-mile-per-hour average. other wrecks southbound 25 near 20th in the clearing stages downtown but, marty, we are over on channel 20, going to have to keep talking about this one because it's a huge slowdown. >> monday in every sense of the word. dry haze, anticipate a buildup of clouds with very
7:28 am
plains after 6:00 p.m. beyond that, the potential rain across the state is very, very limited, most of us at well less than 1/10 inch even if you manage to get a shower today, which a lot of us won't. 80s, 90s around here today with mainly sunny sky, brief wind producing thunderstorms today, tomorrow, wednesday and
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7:30 on a monday morning. ? >> 7:30 on a monday morning. the 15th day of august, 2016. how can you beat this? >> stunning. >> unbelievable. down there on the end of the screen, that's our home away a beautiful day. here's what happens when you take an olympic legend and put him into the crowd. a great moment for people coming to the olympic games for 10, 20 years, and now they get to meet michael phelps in the flesh.
7:31 am
and we thank them for coming down and doing that. >> the minute steps out, the crowd just starts going for it. all right. we'll begin this half hour with your olympic headlines. usain bolt proved once again that he is the fastest man in the world. capturing a third straight gold in the 100 meter dash. justin gatlin took silver in that one. >> and sarah robles won the first weightlifting medal for the u.s. in 16 years. she got a bronze inhe kilograms category. >> con gradgratulations to her. >> and great britain's justin rose captured the first gold medal in golf in 120 years. stenson took silver and matt kuchar took bronze. matt will join us live, the other matt, in a bit. and women's golf starts on wednesday. >> they call that matt, kuch. >> all right. >> let's turn to an incident that overshadowing some of the celebration here in rio.
7:32 am
ryan lochte held up at gunpoint over the weekend. now ryan is opening up about what happened exclusively. nbc's keir simmons has more on that. keir, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. ryan lochte was on "today" friday morning. within 48 hours he had a gun put to his head. we retraced the route he took and there are still many questions. where is the taxi driver they were with? why did he pull over? before he was robbed at gunpoint saying overnight we are safe and unharmed telling "today's" billy bush in an exclusive interview the robbers pretended to be police. >> we got pulled over in our taxi and these guys came out with a police badge. no lights, no nothing. just a police badge. they pulled us over.
7:33 am
they told the other swimmers to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. >> reporter: forced to the ground, says lochte. team's u sshgsa gunnar bentz, j conger, and jimmy feigen celebrating with him. >> i refused. we didn't do anything wrong. so i'm not getting down on the ground. and then the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it and put it to my forehead. he said get down. i put my hands up. whatever. he took our money. >> reporter: witnesses say ryan lochte left club france in the early hours of the morning and got in a cab. they had bought popcorn just outside of the club. and looked normal, she says. then heading home to the athletes village. somewhere on this route lochte says he and his three teammates were forced off the road. it was near a gas station. the swimmers handing over money.
7:34 am
and all of the cash. >> reporter: this former police chief knows the area. you think it's possible whoever stopped the vehicle knew who was in the vehicle. >> it's possible. >> reporter: the athletes will be interviewed, police say, investigating a high profile armed robbery after a largely crime-free olympics. overnight gunnar bentz tweeting fans, thank you for your love and support. and ryan lochte is looking forward to getting home to map out his future and representing team usa in tokyo 2020. ryan lochte stood up to these things, and that was a brave and dangerous thing to do. >> no question about it. they tell you to do just the opposite. no matter what country you're in. keir, thank you very much. we should mention billy will have more with ryan lochte tonight on "access hollywood." >> let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hi, al. >> the heat is the other big story along the eastern seaboard.
7:35 am
come until later this week. you can see the jet stream up to the north and so that keeps the heat and humidity locked in from new york down to charleston and on into indianapolis. behind there you have cooler air. look at temperatures. tomorrow in the 80s as you get around the great lakes. the 90s feeling like 100 degrees along the coast. it's not until the latter part of the week that we get below 90
7:36 am
>> don't forget to always get your forecast when you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. u.s. gymnastics star simone biles was back in action last night along with several members of the final five. >> and once again biles struck gold. natalie is here with more on that. >> biles as you said won gold in that vault final adding two more records to her name. the first american woman to win that event and first to win three gold medals in one olympics. the question now, can she complete her quest for five golds overall? >> five olympic gold medals is the most that simone biles can win. she goes for number three today. >> simone biles vaulting her way toward olympic history sunday. russia's 2015 world champion was leading the pack. >> the new leader is russia. >> that was before biles.
7:37 am
that's all there is to it. >> she could do better and she did. >> and there it is. >> biles winning her third gold medal. >> this is the first time an american woman wins a gold medal in vault. >> on the uneven bars, it was teammates madison kocian and london's golden girl, gabby douglas. a disappointing night for douglas. >> there's no room for major errors like that. gold, russia went first. >> super hard routine done super well. >> followed by team usa's kocian. >> gorgeous. just floats. >> despite nearly flawless execution, the russian level of difficulty reigned supreme. >> madison kocian is going to come up short. >> team usa stunned as kocian walked away with a silver. >> biles is 3 for 3 in her gold
7:38 am
she goes for number four today on the beam. >> thanks, nat. >> let's bring in tim daggett and nastia liukin. can i ask you a question? i'm a golf fan. in his prime, tiger woods not only physically dominated the sport but emotionally. he intimidated people who only thought they could win second place. is simone biles in that area right now? >> without question. she's physically unbelievable but she's so unaffected by all of herro circumstances and deliver. she's one of a kind. >> nastia, we think she has a couple events coming up. do you expect the same results as we've been seeing here? >> yeah, absolutely. >> yeah. >> i think after all-around competition and two events she had beam and floor to go. those are two event finals still to come and she's 3 for 3. no pressure or anything. two more.
7:39 am
horse? alex nadaur, were you surprised? what did you think? >> as an athlete, a gymnast, certainly you dream of going into the olympic games and you just hope and pray that somehow you can have the greatest routine of your life on your biggest day. that's exactly what naddour did. he had to wait four years for it. he was an alternate in 2012 in london. he sure got the job done. >> congrats to madison kocian. she got silver by a sliver and gabby didn't have her best. >> she didn't have her best performance yesterday. i talked to madison this morning :0 why are you awake? she said i couldn't sleep, i was so excited. she obviously did an amazing routine. the best she could have done. silver medal is a cherry on top. >> why are you awake? because you called me, that's why. that's why. all right. thank you as always. great to cover this with us. up next, the world's newest swimming sensation, simone manuel is here to talk about the significance of her medals in rio. four of them.
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? >> announcer: "today's" olympic start is sponsored by kellogg's, what gets you started. >> we're back with "today's" olympic start. simone manual competed in her first games here in hero and she certainly made the most four medals overall including the first gold for an african-american woman in swimming. we'll talk to her in a second but first simone's highlights from a sensational week in the pool. >> manual is going to do it! >> with her historic swim in the 100 meter freestyle, a gold medal but yet so much more.
7:45 am
medal and i'm so blessed. >> simone manual, the first african-american woman to win gold in an individual swimming event. >> this gold means so much. it means so much more for our sport. i can't begin to tell you. >> in breaking through the sport's underwater ceiling, manual was just getting started. >> in she goes with a second lead over denmark. >> swimming the anchor history again. >> give her a lead and there's no way she'll give it up. >> giving team usa its 1,000th ever gold medal. the journey to the podium starting at age four. her talent and determination taking her to stanford and then to rio where along with her gold, she's taken two silvers. not to mention a selfie with her
7:46 am
instagram shout-out that says it all. inspiring for so many especially young black girls. my daughter was watching with me. how happy are we to have simone manual with us this morning. hi, simone. >> hi. >> okay. how crazy was it to see lebron james tweet like that realizing that his daughter is looking up to you? >> it was amazing. i looked up to him for a long time. just after watching finals and hearing his postgame interview, it inspired me a lot. that's something i took with me the whole time in rio. >> random tweet from someone. this is from a mom with her daughter and do you see that little girl standing up front saying my little swimmer says i got next. do you realize how historic this win is not just for you but for a lot of people in the african-american community.
7:47 am
people to look up to when i was younger so hopefully it inspires other african-americans to get involved in the sport. >> do you see this -- i know it's historic. for you as a swimmer, was this something you were conscious of or were you just swimming your races? >> i swim for myself. i love it. i have fun. just representing my country is the greatest honor i could ever had. i went out and had fun. >> i can't watch this without crying. after your last race whenou won the 1,000th gold medal. you were looking for your family. that must be so important just to see them and to get that support from them. >> my family means everything to me. i have such a great support system. i wouldn't be here without them. i definitely have to thank them for everything they've done. >> can we bring in your posse. we have lilly king and kathleen baker here. dana vollmer had to head home. because you won the 1,000th
7:48 am
will be hung up by usoc. how does that feel to know that you made history together. >> it's pretty special. relay medals mean more to us and to bring home 1,000th goal for usa happened by chance but a special moment for us. >> i saw you guys dancing when i was watching you after you were doing interviews. you were hanging out and dancing. do we have a little something. i a little shoulder. can i hold this? we'll go out on break. ? >> thank you, guys. coming up -- congratulations to these ladies. why al says i'm to blame for a lonely night in rio. i don't know what that's about
7:49 am
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>> i'm gary shapiro. here's what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. this morning. unrest in milwaukee continues after an officer- involved shooting there. parts of the city chaotic overnight, but a lot of neighbors are now asking for peace. we will have an update. today is the day, just a couple of hours broadway will be ready for people on their bicycles and we will talk about the new lanes that they have installed there. and don't label her as your typical millennial. university of denver graduate
7:57 am
whales to see some of our country's most iconic sights. we will talk about that. i-25 the hot spot today, whether it's your hampden drive, 25 near downtown, your exits towards the city, it is tough all around. we are going to start off at 38th avenue. while the earlier southbound wreck is cleared at 20th, now it's about a 25 minute ride coming in northbound because of the wreck at 38th avenue blocking the right shoulder and this is the big one, ut clear, it's a 22-mile-per-hour ride leading up to hampden. hampden is delayed eastbound, still planning on 45 minutes from downtown into the tech center. over on 20 we will talk about the rest of your freeways coming up. and a warm day for us today, dry start, hazy, but generally dry for us the rest of the day as well. a slight buildup of clouds in the afternoon, really small thunderstorms for you in a few locations for the front range, central colorado, south park,
7:58 am
drifting out onto the plains during the evening tonight. not very much rain out of these storms today. it's mainly going to be lightning and wind for you, especially for those of us living up and down i-25, temperatures in the mid-80s to near 90 degrees here with sunshine most of day. you have to wait until 3:00 or 4:00 before a brief buildup with a couple of gusty storms late in the afternoon or this evening. we have a pattern that's going to continue along vein tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. we do turn cooler with a slightly better chance for light showers heading into this
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, third time is the charm. >> here he is. still invincible. >> usain bolt does the unthinkable winning his third straight gold in the 100 meter dash. the first sprinter ever to do as simone biles dominates the vault winning her third gold of the games with a shot at more. and after an unprecedented haul in the pool, michael phelps and the stars of team usa join us live at the beach. plus hitting her stride. lester catches up with four-time gold medallist allyson felix
8:01 am
>> you have to get to that aggressive place and turn into someone else when it's time to compete. and al by himself. >> amazing match so far, isn't it? hoda, you're enjoying it, right? >> roker calls out hoda and billy on their olympic no-show. will he get over the olympic size snub, "today," august 15th, 2016. ? >> i'm a peace corps volunteer and i'm happy to be in rio supporting team usa. >> shout out to my two children. sending you love from rio. ? >> i have seen michael phelps
8:02 am
olympics. team michael phelps! ? >> we are back now 8:00 on a monday morning, august 15th, 2016. look what's happened here on copacabana beach. first week we're at the olympics to get a few people here. mostly looking for doughnuts. and now this second week starts and look what we've gathered here. >> can we show the crazy crowd? >> uncle sam is here. >> why are they here? this looks like the waiting room at the olympic cupping therapy room. we have some of the greatest swimmers in the world here meeting with some of their fans and our fans and we can't thank you guys enough. we'll talk to all of them again in just a couple minutes. >> it's so good to see you all
8:03 am
patiently waiting back in new york city. savannah, this is an impressive sight. >> pretty cool, right? >> i'm glad they have that upper body strength to carry their medals around their neck. we'll tell you about a new report that claims donald trump's campaign manager got multimillion dollar cash payments from pro-putin pro-russian forces. we'll tell you what the trump campaign has to say about that this morni election going on back in the united states. >> they had forgotten. >> is that still going on? >> let's start this half hour with the latest olympic action including the highly anticipated crowning of the world's fastest man. nbc's peter alexander has more on that. hey, peter. >> good morning to you. lightning may not strike twice but usain bolt has now done it three times in the 100 meters. an unprecedented performance
8:04 am
greatest olympians ever. >> here comes bolt. >> jamaica's usain bolt torching the track proving once again he's the world's fastest man. >> here he is still invincible! >> reporter: bolt, overcoming a slow start, surging past his american rival justin gatlin winning gold in the 100 meters for the third straight olympics. bolt's celebration included snapping selfies with fans. >> the to joke around and have fun. it goes together for me. >> reporter: in gymnastics, that girl is on fire. simone biles vaulting her way to victory. >> and there it is. she just flies higher. that's all there is to it. >> becoming the first american gymnast, male or female, to win three golds in a single olympics. her teammate, madison kocian taking silver on uneven bars. for the men, alex naddour collecting the bronze on the
8:05 am
>> the first u.s. men's gymnastics medal in rio and the first u.s. pommel horse medal since 1984. >> michael phelps. >> after collecting his record 23rd gold medal saturday, michael phelps is vowing this olympics is his last. >> phelps grabbed the lead. >> leaving fans with an epic finale, part of the men's 4x100 medley relay team that set an olympic record. phps >> i was more emotional during these games. that showed at times on camera. that's the difference because i knew this was the last time. >> another record setter, katie ledecky, is the first woman to sweep 200, 400 and 800 meter freestyle events in 48 years taking home four golds and a silver. >> the united states is way out ahead.
8:06 am
in their 4x100 meter relay. simone manuel also winning silver in 50 meter freestyle. >> justin rose under pressure coming up huge. >> in golf, great britain's justin rose securing gold in the first olympic tournament since 1904. the 36 year old squeezing by henrik stenson to win by two strokes. and matt kuchar shooting a 63 on the final day to take bronze. and these games not without controversy after ryan lochte and three other american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. lochte telling "today's" billy bush in an exclusive interview the robbers posed as police. >> i refused. we didn't do anything wrong. i'm not getting down on the ground. the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it. put it to my forehead and said get down.
8:07 am
he took my wallet. >> reporter: the good news, most importantly, the men an their medals are all safe this morning. brazilian police are now investigating. you can see more of billy's interview with ryan lochte tonight on "access hollywood." here's your medal count. team usa bolstering its lead. we have a full day on tap today including simone biles going for gold ith beam. on track, allyson felix expected to add to her medal count and in volleyball, the men's usa final against mexico. back to usain bolt, this man is worth every second. he made $32 million while running just 274 seconds in competition. so by our count, that means bolt averages nearly $120,000 per second.
8:08 am
matt and hoda? >> that's cool. peter, thank you. >> billy bush here with the scoop on this ryan lochte interview. how did that happen? >> i was shopping. i came down from christ the redeemer. went over to the usa house to do shopping. things have gone back and forth. we heard something happened to lochte and other guys and ioc said it didn't happen. then i see lochte as i walk out of usa house. i went over and said did it happen? he said, yeah, it did. i same come with me. >> come with me. >> come with me. we went across the street. i realized, i started taking out the iphone. so i pulled out the iphone and we talked about it. sure enough he confirmed it. >> more on "access hollywood." did he say any more guaranteeing phelps would be in tokyo? >> he didn't mention that? >> the finger wag. >> there it goes. >> we've seen that before.
8:09 am
>> good morning, guys. we'll start with the presidential race and this morning donald trump's campaign manager denying a report in "the new york times" that raises questions about his ties to russia. it appears to link manager paul manafort to almost $13 million in undisclosed cash payments from a pro-russian political party in ukraine where manafort was a consultant for many years. this report has not been verified by nbc news independently. manafort says he has never received a single off the books cash payment. trump meanwhile is making a foreign policy speech today in ohio. hillary clinton campaigns with vice president joe biden in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. one more note, we'll sit down with democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine and his wife for an exclusive interview that airs wednesday morning on "today." now to this growing flood emergency in the deep south. there were more water rescues in louisiana overnight but the death toll there is rising. let's get right to nbc's gabe
8:10 am
gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. president obama has declared several parishes here in louisiana federal disaster areas. at least four people are confirmed dead so far. it was a weekend filled with dramatic water rescues. more than 20,000 people rescued so far. about 10,000 or so spent part of the weekend in emergency shelters. as we take a look at live drone video, you can see this neighborhood in east baton rouge inundated. residents say it's unlike anything they had ever seen. several rivers in louisiana have just crested. that means the waters in some places are beginning to recede. the governor says this disaster is far from over. a piece of this storm system is bringing rain and a flooding threat to other states like missouri and illinois. here in louisiana, one area got more than 31 inches of rain and residents here are continuing, good samaritans, going out and rescuing more people today.
8:11 am
disaster will take quite a while. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. a wildfire 90 miles north of san francisco has forced more than 4,000 people from their homes. the so-called clayton fire started saturday afternoon and by sunday it had spread to 3,000 acres. it jumped over a road and burned along main street in the historic town of lower lake destroying at least ten homes and businesses there. there are no reports of any serious injuries. there are ten other large wildfires burning across that state right now. finally, grammy award winning singer adele is not ready for football. adele said she turned down an offer to perform at the 2017 super bowl halftime show. she told a los angeles audience over the weekend "come on. that show is not about music. i can't dance or anything like that." she added, "i'm sorry but maybe next time." the nfl and sponsor pepsi deny making adele a formal offer. back to matt and hoda, gold
8:12 am
>> we do have an impressive sight. we'll look over here. coming up next in presence of greatness, the stars of the u.s. swim team take over copacabana beach. >> we love them being here. meet the athlete who left the medal stand with a silver and a diamond. the sweet story after these messages. poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim the only label that matters is olympian.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
double means double. >> announcer: "today's" athlete to watch is sponsored by citi, proud partner of team usa, proud sponsor of progress. >> "today's" athlete to watc winningest u.s. swim team in more than three decades. michael, nathan, ryan, lilly, simone, katie, conner, good morning. how are you? who wants to start off with the best moment of your olympics. nathan, why don't you start? >> best moment of my olympics? >> of the olympics for you? >> i think maybe it's selfish but getting to anchor the relay after him laying down a monster
8:17 am
finish it off was great. >> anyone else? >> for me i think the team has been fun and my favorite moment was probably blasting music in the locker room and just really all of the countries staring at us. we had so much fun doing it. >> connor? >> the first time i saw the video of michael doing the face in the ready room. >> i don't even know what it is. >> did you have any idea go? >> as soon as i heard somebody ask me about it, i thought, the camera is up there definitely getting all of this footage right now. i'm sure i have a couple looks on my face that aren't pretty. >> katie, you and simone are roommates. when you look back at how you'll remember these games, how are you going to remember them? >> i'm going to remember the collective effort by our team and how much fun we had doing it. i know when simone was swimming
8:18 am
i pretty much lost my voice and was so excited for her to get back to the dorm and give her a big hug. >> simone, for you? >> i have to agree with katie. the memories i've had. these are some of my best friends and to do it in a sport i love is the most amazing thing. >> can we ask a dumb question. ryan, you set a world record in the first leg of the 4x100 medley. does that count as the world record right now even though it's a relay? >> yeah. it was super special to do it with these guys and being on a relay with cody, michael and nathan gave me that extra adrenaline i needed toh that off. >> michael says he's done, done, done. raise your hand if you believe it? >> we have a finger wag here. >> what's the over/under on this? >> i don't know. >> we hope not. >> guys, thanks for great moments here at the olympics. we appreciate it. >> let's go over to al now for a
8:19 am
all right, jimmy running all of the way over. show those nice people. show more people. there you go. what's going -- show more people. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening -- i'm moving jimmy around -- this is >> sorry. >> all righty, gang. you know what it's time for?
8:20 am
edition of "what's trending today." >> what's the first rule of athletics help your teammates, right? there was a soccer game. women's soccer. australia one of the teams. player goes down injured. they were tending to that player on the field when this happened. take a look. the team captain at the far right of the screen goes for a water bottle. there's the player down. the team captain at the far right of the screen asked for a water bottle. her teammate gives it to her. watch. you might want to drink out it the correct way or you squirt your teammate. >> that's a good save. >> americans falling in love with laurie hernandez nicknamed the human emoji. there was a time she mouthed to herself i got this before the routine and went to the judges before hopping on the beam.
8:21 am
making the rounds on facebook shows her at an even younger age performing her little heart out. you can see that she had talent even back then. the video from flow gymnastics has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. she's always had it that little one. >> look at her. >> al, you were up late last night. >> went to team usa's beach volleyball. >> who did you go with? >> i was waiting for billy and hoda. we were going over there >> you know where i was. >> i didn't know at the time. >> he was under the weather. >> it was midnight when it started. i got a text that said i guess you're not coming at 11:58. >> is the segment called standing up al? >> what happened to supporting your team. >> i got to tell you this is an amazing match so far, isn't it,
8:22 am
late. >> al, we have men 4:30 local. >> it was midnight, baby. >> natalie, we weren't invited. >> i was. >> so i wasn't invited. great. >> billy, take it away. "pop starts." >> all right. we're talking about the stars getting into the olympic spirit. here is salma hayek. she has a cousin competing in rio in the long jump. she's playing for mexico. they have never met but on instagram salma wished her cousin good luck. >> i like it. >> earlier we talked about puerto rico winning its first olympic gold medal thanks to tennis star monica puig. so she celebrated along with monica on instagram jumping up
8:23 am
>> first gold for puerto rico. and next to floyd mayweather. he's in town. he's not here to box. he's looking for new talent. he's scouting. found time to do sightseeing visit christ the redeemer snapping this selfie at the top. >> everybody has to go through christ the redeemer at some point and finally gisele showing everyone how it's done posting this stunning photo on instagram capturing rio in all its glory. terrific and for more pop culture news, head to "today's" facebook page. >> thanks, billy. >> announcer: "today's" olympic moment is sponsored by walmart, save money, live better. >> all right. it's time for "today's" olympic
8:24 am
the medal stand. take a look. china's he zi was all smiles after receiving her medal for springboard diving but then came the real surprise of her life. suddenly appearing with a glass encased rose and red box, boyfriend and teammate qin kai who won a bronze medal in his synchronized diving event last week, getting down on one knee, he took his biggest dive yet. >> wow. >> asking for zi's hand in marriage. >> a proposal to cap off a gold medal performance. >> the proposal itself an olympic event. would she say yes? zi spent 57 seconds on bended knee before he got his answer. a head nod. the two met six years ago are the second high profile proposal of these olympic games. last week olympics volunteer majorie enya proposed to her longtime girlfriend isadora
8:25 am
>> everyone is crying. >> love taking over the olympics for an unforgettable moment. >> so sweet. >> she waited a long time. >> i think she was overcome. a lot going on. >> just ahead, team usa's men's golf team on the sports return to the olympics. >> we'll catch up with allon
8:26 am
good morning. i'm tarhonda thomas. here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. scary moments for team u.s.a. swimmers robbed at gunpoint by people dressed as police officers. how other team u.s.a. swimmers are reacting to what happened. donald trump picks a different target this week in his run for the presidency.
8:27 am
hillary clinton. find out who he is going after now and details on where clinton is campaigning. a scam promises you $150,000 saying you want some kind of -- won some kind of a lotto and for some people it's convincing. what to watch out for in situations like this to protect yourself and your money. let's check weather and traffic now with amelia earhart and marty coniglio. good morning. >> good morning, tarhonda. not quite done yet with the drive. that's where we are at. we've got new crashes coming in, 25 and 50th, big slowdowns see the laundry list of crashes just grow, they are frustrating. eastbound sixth is the latest around wadsworth, 270 and i-70 still very sluggish with the westbound wreck leading up to 270 and now a new one at colorado. we've got a northbound semi truck stalled out at 38th avenue and then this is the big one, that southbound 25 crash at hampden, still 38 minutes even though it happened in the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> goodness. it's a sunny, hazy start to the day. storms few and far between during the afternoon for the
8:28 am
south park and the arkansas valley. they will wrap up on the plains, gusty wind, i think strong wind gusts will be the biggest feature today. those few places that do get rain, this is your potential rain and it is not very impressive at all. 60s and 70s in the mountains today, 80s and 90s east and west before any thunderstorms start today. it's a sunny, hazy start, that brief afternoon or evening storm that does tend to cool us of knock temperatures back by just a few degrees and then bring in that windy thunderstorm late in the afternoon. we have a chance for rain on friday, not necessarily very heavy, but at least it will be cooler as temperatures drop into the 70s for friday and
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> set me up for the header. >> ladies and gentlemen, good morning! it's the "today" show live from the copacabana beach. and now first, from new york, usa, ladies and gentlemen, make
8:31 am
super spike, here comes the boom here comes the boom, boom, boom! so very nice. now she's terrific. come here, please, hoda kotb. >> hit me! very nice, guys. now, introducing partner, this guy over there, s here and join us, al roker. ladies and gentlemen, please let it go, let it go, natalie morales! >> all right. we are back. 8:30 on this monday morning.
8:32 am
announcer of any sport anywhere in the world. >> we hear him every night from our hotel room. spectacular. >> phenomenal. >> good to have you here. we're going to take on a different type of sport in a while. footvolley. it's like beach volleyball but you can use everything but your hands. >> you can head it. >> what can go wrong with that? here we go. >> also ahead, sprinter allyson felix opens up to lr challenging her alter ego as she goes for gold. >> salty, smoky and grilled for hours. hoda got the tough assignment of getting to go tracing it back to its birth place. >> can we do something and bring in four guys standing patiently in the background. golf made it back to the olympics for the first time. the tournament wrapped up
8:33 am
>> matt kuchar won the bronze. good morning, guys. good to have you. >> so did golf do itself proud after 112 years? what do you think? >> it was awesome. the event went so well. fan support was incredible. blown away by how many people turned out and to make the podium, just amazing. >> bubba, we got to see you a lot not only on the links but you were out and about with other athletes having fun. you really did enjoy your olympic experience. >> the greatest sporting event of all-time. everyou part of it, to see other athletes. >> who did you love? >> the boxer said that i was kind of a big deal. when a boxer says that you're kind of a big deal, that's when you know you made it. >> he's known as booba in rio. >> have you made rahoda. >> what was your favorite
8:34 am
you're an olympian onsite and golf hasn't been here for 100 and some years so just being part of it is amazing. >> rickie, what did you like? >> everything. i mean, i was the only one down here for opening ceremonies. i wish these guys would been able to join me for that. that was pretty special. bubba and i got a cool opportunity seeing some of the swimmers before one of the big nights. they rang the bell for us as we walked pool. it was pretty cool to look back and hear them chanting usa for us. >> staying in the village. my wife wasn't here. rickie was in the village. for us to stay in the village and meet other athletes and hang on the floor where we all gather, healthy snacks there. we didn't eat much. got to hang out with other athletes and learn from them and talk to them and support them. it was really fun. really amazing. >> booba, thank you.
8:35 am
aren't you? >> i'm left handed. you have to come in there. >> bubba watson. >> here we go. >> all right. thanks. great to have you. >> here comes the boom. >> congratulations. rickie, great to see you. pat patrick, way to go. >> now, it's time for al and natalie's portuguese olympic golf version. we thought we would figure out how to say hole in one. >> fore! >> you probably know this by now. buraco emum. >> everyone knew that. >> we talked about large rodents running around the olympic golf
8:36 am
capybaras. you thought you were ordering a drink. >> they're big, right? >> they were big. >> billy bush was riding one. >> and finally we heard so much about golfers that didn't come to rio. you might want to tell them wish you were here. there you go. that's al and natalie's -- mostly natalie's portuguese weather? >> here comes the boom. let's show you what we have happening for you. for today looking ahead to the weekend, it's going to be a wet one. eastern half of the u.s. a real mess. heavy showers and thunderstorms. flooding makes its way into the mid mississippi river valley. as we get to midweek period, looking at the week ahead, we'll look by late week more wet weather mid mississippi river valley into southeastern
8:37 am
toasty out west. you can see above normal temperatures early part of the weekend out west along the eastern seaboard. below normal midsection of the country as we get to the midweek period. on the cool side because it's raining so much in the lower mississippi river valley and by latter part. week we have plenty of sunshine and heat returns out west especially into the pacific northwest. this
8:38 am
>> announcer: "today's" athlete to watch is sponsored by bount y, the quicker pick upper. >> another athlete to watch, allyson felix. lester holt is here with her story. lester, good to see you at the beach. >> good to see you. allyson felix heads to 400 meter final after finishing first in the semifinals she's still recovering from an injury, one she told me already cost her a race she badly wanted to run here. some wait years to hit their stride. for allyson felix, it takes just 20 seconds. >> i'm a super laid back person in my real life. you have to get to that aggressive place and kind of turn into someone else when it's time to compete. >> that time is now. felix has come to rio to
8:39 am
before. >> the 200 has always been my favorite race. i always call it my baby. 400 is a new challenge to me. i'm not as comfortable with it. definitely outside of my usual realm. >> i caught up with her at ucla's drake stadium this past spring. for people who only follow track every four years of the olympics, to be clear 400 is one time around. >> one time around. >> doesn't look that hard. >> for anyone who has ever run a 400 slow or fast, it' there. you just don't feel good in it. >> rio will be bittersweet though. at the olympic track and field events last night, felix nursing an ankle injury from april saw her hopes of a golden repeat in the 200 come to an end. she placed fourth losing by the narrowest of margins. how many times have you run that
8:40 am
i mean, it was so close. it was unfortunate about the whole ankle thing and not quite enough time. >> the gun sends them on their way. >> a fierce competitor, felix has raced since 2004 collecting four gold medals and two silvers along the way. describe the moment when you know you're going to win it. >> sometimes you don'tno when you know at that final moment and you zip for the line and you think you have it, it's just joy that all of the hard work has paid off. >> felix was known as chicken legs in high school but her parents call her by a sweeter moniker. >> shug. >> short for sugar? >> short for sugar. >> is she hard on herself? >> she is very hard on herself.
8:41 am
think she loses gracefully. >> her brother, wes, has always been by her side both at home and on her track. he's her agent. wes, how have you helped try to keep your sister focused given all she's been through? >> she has done the hard work. i keep her focused on her goals and all you have to do is break it down and stay focused on one step at a time and do the best you can. >> do you two anymore. >> we are close now. our mom loves that word bicker. we heard that a lot growing up. >> felix aims for the sky in rio. ? happy birthday to you ? >> her close and deeply spiritual family keeps her grounded. >> we have a tradition before the competition she does call if i'm not with her and we have prayer together and talk about things that are important in
8:42 am
race. >> it helps me put everything in perspective. i love to have that prayer with her and know that it's bigger than track. it's bigger than winning a race. it's good to remember that. >> allyson felix will be on the track tonight. if she wins gold, she'll have more gold than any other female track olympian. >> i like the fact that it's a family affair too. >> very close. all hanging out together here. >> lester, thank you very much. up next, meat, meat and more
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> announcer: "today's" rio is sponsored by coca-cola. open a coke and enjoy the game. >> does it smell like steak in
8:45 am
time for "today's" rio. this morning there is a whole lot of meat on the menu. >> meat is on the menu. we took a trip to the birth place of beef, chicken, lamb and pork. it's a tradition spread all over brazil and beyond. meat is on the mind. >> it's a simple way to cook meat on charcoal open fire. >> the tiny brazilian village of 3,500 people is thought to be the birth place. >> most is all over the country and abroad came from families
8:46 am
>> the tradition of salting meat and grilling it for hours over hot coals was brought to southern brazil in the 1800s by the south american cowboys and ranchers. >> the guys stop any place and put a fire in the ground and they cooked and have a meat and they keep going working and traveling. >> and today in some s important as religion. >> it is the most popular male in southern brazil. it's part of who they are, upbringing, for every family gathering, every festivity, it's present. it's part of their culture and tradition and their way of life. >> where you can find the restaurants on every corner and city block slicing up beef, chicken, lamb and pork tableside
8:47 am
everything along with vegetables, rice and beans. an experience that's been brought to the united states with restaurants. >> it's now part of the lifestyle of brazilians from north to southeast and west. it brings people together. it's a celebration of life. >> spices, salt and boom. >> where is >> exactly. >> we went the other night. >> how was it? >> we had meat sweats. >> took me four days to recover. >> best ever. >> we're going to try our hand and make that our feet at the and make that our feet at the brazilian sport of footvolley and make that our feet at the brazilian sport of footvolley real milk vs. almond milk ingredient spelling bee lecithin lecithin. l-e-s (buzzer sound)
8:48 am
m-i-l-k milk wins.
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moms know their kids need love, encouragement and milk. with 8 grams of protein, and 8 other nutrients. 9 out of 10 u.s. olympians grew up drinking milk.
8:50 am
we're back now in rio with a sport we first saw a couple weeks ago. we were walking down and hoda said there are guys in speedos. i said, wait, they're playing an interesting sport. it's called footvolley. not an olympic sport but you will see it on the beaches around here. >> we require different attire here. it was invented on copacabana beach in the '60s and these guys are actually going to teach us how to play professional footvolley. you are the top drawer footvolley player, right? and what's your name? >> roberto. >> you'll show us how to. >> no hands. >> no hands. use your chest. knees. foot. >> your head? shoulders. everything. >> no hands. >> how about your arms? >> no. >> the net is lower than a
8:51 am
>> 2.2 meters so about 6 1/2 feet. >> in the beginning, it was much higher. now, smaller. >> how do you serve since you can't use your hands. >> like this. >> show us. >> you make a mound like a sand tee and put the ball on top. are we playing for real? >> we're going to see him serve here. >> let's go. >> i'm >> got to make the mound. >> right here. >> stay with me. get it. >> hoda, you went right for the hands there. >> try again. come on. let's play. >> i'm with you. >> use your head, hoda. >> that can't end well. >> there you go.
8:52 am
you made contact. >> you serve to him. >> get ready. >> natalie, come on in. >> that's you why see these little mounds. >> these guys are good. >> come on. >> go, hoda! >> good try. >> all right. by the way, he does something very special, right? >> do it. >> take the ball. throw it in the air. >> higher. >> give me the ball.
8:53 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
? >> it's been 32 years since u.s. gymnasts have won a medal on the pommel horse but that streak was broken on sunday. >> by this guy right here.
8:55 am
what did it mean to win that? >> it meant everything. it meant a lot to me and my family and my teammates. i smiled before i went. i thought of my daughter. i'm just going to go out there and do the best that i can and see where it ends up. >> when you're watching the scores come in, there had to be hand wringing making sure you made the podium, right? >> before i went, i knew i needed 15.7 before anything happens. 15.7 came up and i knew it would come >> tim daggett said there's something special about a guy that knows he has to do his very best at the end and that's what you did. nice job. so much more from rio and copacabana. take a look at some of these great images from our good
8:56 am
8:57 am
this is 9news. >> hi, everyone, i'm gary shapiro with a 9news update. police are looking for information regarding a bold robbery, four people, three men and a woman, robbed a denver dispensary in the middle of the afternoon sunday. all we know about the suspects, three are black men, had their face covered during the robbery, at least one of them was armed. they say the woman did not have her face covered. no shots were fired. police aren't saying what the group got away with but anyone with information is asked to call marty joins us now with the weather forecast. it's going to be a pretty nice week, i guess, but not a lot of rain. >> not a ton. even though you will see a lot of thunderstorm symbols on there, it's a situation where we have more wind and lightning than rain anticipated. that's true here for the front range, stretching down highway 285 through the fair play area down to buena vista, salida and southwest. we may see a couple of severe storms in the nebraska ?? panhandle of all places.
8:58 am
see much happening other than wind and lightning during the day today. it will be nice to get a cooldown this evening after daytime highs reach the upper 80s to near 90 degrees for the front range. warmer still around grand junction and in southeastern colorado. 90 with sunshine, haze, that haze gets kicked out a little bit this evening with some gusty winds, we will do that again tomorrow, wednesday, thursday, showers possible on friday, won't necessarily be heavy, gary, but at least with temperatures in the 70s, it will be something different. >> something different, yeah, a little cool-off. we like that. we will be back in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
michael phelps, a gold medal in the final olympic race of his career! ? >> the second week of and it's begun with picture perfect weather here in rio, on day 10 of the 2016 olympic games. and from our studio on copacabana beach good morning welcome along, i'm rebecca lowe. anybody who saw usain bolt last night is still shaking their head, whether here in rio or wherever you were watching. his third straight 100 meter win just electrifying. today more track and field ahead during seven hours of olympic daytime coverage.


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