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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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>> reporter: i haven't heard so much crime going on down here. >> she might be one of the only to think so. >> i haven't heard of much crime. i am not sure if increased officers would make us feel better. >> many don't feel comfortable, why the downtown denver partnership hired a private security firm at $1 million, along with a 240-step saf what can the guards really do? they won't be armed or have the power to ticket or arrest people. one denver police officer told me he will be the one they call when security guards see something. since they won't have the authority to do much else. he says their presence is a deterrent to crime and will make people feel safer. >> the larger presence will put people at ease. >> too much bad press. >> great idea.
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new plan won't work. -- thinks the new plan won't work. he is a fward, he thinks hay will walk a-- guard, he thinks they will walk around and witness it. chris says he will keep coming to the mall, even with the iffy reputation and came up with his own solution. >> buy one-way gray hound tickets and send them home. i am sure that wouldn't work. >> probably won't. for next, victoria sanchez. >> w on the private security tomorrow and will learn how they have been told to interact with tourists and the homeless travelers on the mall. we will take your questions for leaders to them, e mail us, or #heynext. our next question deals with a similar challenge in aurora. >> i wondered about why the city of aurora does not have enough housing for homelessness.
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deny. our city, i know, denver does a great job on recognizing it, and i feel like our city denies that homelessness exists. >> we can tell you the city of aurora hired its first homelessness program director, shelly starts this week. here is her philosophy on connecting people with affordable housing and case management. >> rapid rehousing model, where individuals and families get short-term, but intensive support to their lives, get help finding a place. ending homelessness doesn't mean there will never be another homeless person on the streets of aurora. it means it will be short term, and there will be an emergency quick response to get those people housed again. >> aurora's funding this work in part with marijuana tax revenue, $4.5 million over the next 3 years. a note now on a scene on federal this afternoon. we know denver police shot a
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3 suspects are in custody. they are not releasing much more information so rather than speculate for 3 minutes, if you want updates you can find them on the 9 news app on and on our news casts throughout the evening. the navaho nation is looking for more than just an apology from the federal government. the people living down stream from the mine blow out triggered by the epa last year in southern colorado are filing suit against the government over the spill. more t contaminated water crossing into colorado into new mexico in the heart of the navaho nation, they hired a lawfirm, including prosecutor in the case against enron. >> the water is still contaminated. the risks are still present. the impact to human health is still there. the devastation to the navaho economy and navaho people who rely on the water and the economic output, generated there
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>> that suit name s the former owners of the gold king and adjacent mines. the argument is adjason mines send-- adjacent mines primed for the blow out. the epa has not respondd to the suit. the buzz hasn't let off on the cannabis taxes, breaking down where the money is going and isn't. a lot more detail than you typically see and a lot had foll >> lots of you afshged us this, can-- asked us this, can local governments that ban pot sales get a cut of the marijuana tax? the answer is yes and no. local governments do get a cut of the sales tax, the state budget office tells me they pay that money back to the jurisdiction that it came from. so, no, if a town doesn't allow pot sales, it doesn't get that money, but the whole sale tax for school construction doesn't have that restriction. any school district or charter
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for grant money from that program. i want ed all the money to go to schools, how do we make the state do that? call your lawmaker. the whole sale tax on pot is already dedicated to schools in the state constitution. the larger sales tax, it is spent by the legislature, if they gave every penny of it to public schools, it could be a 1.4% increase in k-12 funding. why not put the pot tax towards roads? the legislature could do that but it wouldn't buy a lot of road. c-dot tells me it costs $1.4 million to build 1 mile-long lane on flat land. that means all the pot tax available to spend in the year could buy you 13 miles of new 4-lane highway with no shoulders. for next, i am brandon rittiman. >> brandon's original story is on and the next facebook page. it appears a bunch more neighbors are driving with temporary tags these days and there is a reason for that.
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because the dmv is having them put the mraets where the permanent ones go so law enforcement can get more information quickly and thoroughly, the information on new temp tagicize more complete than-- tags is more complete, the make, model, color. the dmv thinks it might deter auto thieves. there are 90,000 of the new temp plates issued since the start of july. while we are stuck on the back of a vehicle, next viewers asked us about queues and why they seem to be all over colorado license plates. steve staeger is our go-to guy for random information. >> a bunch of people are asking online, what is the deal with all the q's in colorado license plates? it is something you don't notice, until you actually start to look for it. so i decided to get out in the community, not too far from my desk. lets see how many q's we can find on this one city block. there is 1.
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in the meantime we set up an interview down the street. 3 cars with q's on that block. we also found linn granger. >> director of communications for the colorado department of revenue. >> she ought to have the answer . >> until 6 years ago we used a font on plates that made it difficult to distinguish between q, o, and number zero. that made it harlgs for law enforcement officials to distinguish between those 3. >> the dmv only used zers. 6 years ago they made a slight change to the highway gothic font that allows q's and o's and started issuing plates with both letters. >> december 2014, between now and then we had additional 200,000 vehicles registered in colorado. that is about the time we started issuing the q and o on license plates so it would make sense we have a lot more of
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novelty or sheer newly licensed cars would get noticed. >> i think it is funny people would catch on and go, that is weird. >> on our block it didn't seem like a popular letter until the end. 4 cars in a row had q's, making the grand total 12. since then, i have seen q all over the place. for next, this is steve staeger. >> great story to share at a party sometime. not sure if the plate that jefferson county contained a q but the car contained a coloradoan who could appreciate that the deputy was just doing his job, even if it meant getting a ticket. the driver sent a note to the jeffco sheriff's office, the one we are showing you, commending deputy brown for his "exceptional kindness, respect, and work ethic." didn't get the driver out of the citation. that wasn't the point. just a nod from the public to
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noticed-- next viewers noticed an error, i referred to dpd and faa are acronyms, they are not acronyms, they are pronounced like words. we didn't say dipud, or faah. dpd and faa are initialisms. when i say i few barred that is an acronym followed by initialism. neither a bacronym, compromising the integrity of news. one of the leading pro-choice voices says it doesn't matter what donald trump says about abortion. >> it doesn't. mike klis is fired up another broncos legend is denied
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>> started 200 saeb on my shoeld sxr gradually-- 2007 on my shoulder and gradually inside my arm and across my shoulder. >> one tough coloradoan, 123 chemo treatments, and a story written on the body she refuses
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your weather app isn't wrong, we really are headd to the 90s, down to 60s. here is kathy sabine. >> another beautiful summer day,
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business for some areas producing wind and lightning, heavy flooding rainfall south of the city at least so far. we hit 91 at dia, little above the average of 87. with am of the warmest readings in southeastern colorado, a scene to play out again in the afternoon hoursism these storms-- hours. these storms are tracking to the east, in the south flash flood warnings in the colorado springs area, 2-4 inches of rain, aerial rural areas like limon and byers. the area of high pressure, we expect an active evening of weather for southern colorado. in denver, isolated storms early and clearing, low at 58. sunrise tomorrow at 6:12. a lot like today we start with sunshine, tomorrow, clouds by midday but enough sun to get us close to 90. thursday's forecast, similar, friday with the changes, a cool front will arrive dropping temperatures to 70s with a good
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saturday before we see a little warming and drying heading into sunday afternoon. kyle. we would hate to think that colorado has become accustom to mass violence. but i have always been bothered by how quickly we, in the media and in the community, seal to move on from the colorado-- seem to move on from the kurld springs planned-- colorado springs planned parenthood shooting. if the complex conversation around abortion prevented us proposed that question. >> we have spent about 2 decades thinking of the conversation, anything having to do with abortion, as something we don't have in public. so you combine that cultural dynamic, which we are trying to shift, combine that cultural dynamic with normalization and frequency of nonviolence that
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several years, and i think you just get an enormous amount of fatigue, combined with a topic that people aren't used to discussing. >> donald trump used to be pro-choice. he now says he is stridently pro-life. this might be an unusual question to ask you, do you believe donald trump is genuine? >> i believe it is materially irrelevant in the political discourse. >> doesn't matter whether i heart? >> it doesn't. what i believe is donald trump is to take him at his word and his word is if he is to be president of the united states he would enact every anti-choice, anti-abortion, anti-woman law he promised to enact. >> tim kaine says he is personally pro-life but not looking to legislate that view and his legislative record backs that up. there are moderate republicans that have that view.
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second in the senate primary in colorado, you would have spent a boat load of money against him and he has the same position on abortion as tim kaine. >> possibly, that is hypothetical, i can't actually answer unless we were in that race. this is where labels don't service well. we are, you know, i always say, tim kaine is not trying to control my body, i am not trying to control his thoughts. pro-choice is a big 10, there are lot that say that is of but i don't want to sit judgment on my neighbor. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. just an unbelievable decision. >> our guy who knows everything about the broncos can't wrap his
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ou off his chest. >> a hall of fame subcommittee nominated 2 contributors for hall of fame election on february 4, right before the super bowl. those 2 contributors, jeremy jones, owner of the dallas cowboys, still very active, and former commissioner paul tagliabue. they edge out pat bowlen who was right there. it is an outrage that jerry jone ahead of pat bowlen for this nomination, by the way, it is expected to be rubber stamped later by the general board on february 4th. jerry jones as owner of the dallas cowboys does not compare to the success of the broncos. since pat bowlen became owner in 1984, 32 seasons ago, the broncos have had just 5 losing seasons. no team has had fewer.
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years later, had 9 losing seasons. since 1995, basically a little over 20 years, zero conference championship games for the cowboys. 5 for the broncos, they won 4 of them. how about this? in the last 19 years, the cowboys have 2 playoff wins, the broncos, 14. so we all know about that. the sell-out streak, we know what pat bowlen has done for the broncos, he deserves the hall of fame on those merits alone. >> klis is wise. we stories, so personal you write them on your body. karen from greeley has a story that begins at her shoulder and runs down her arm, an account of 9 years she spent facing an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. >> decided that my left arm would be my memorial to that journey, you can see the words "love" written in a bunch of different hand writings and that is my children and grand children, who wrote the word "love." a woman is me, i am the queen of
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enough to do this. yesterday was my 123rd chemo infusion in the scheme of this. >> remarkably tough lady. she says tattoos give the power of the personal stories, she is training to become a tattoo artist. share a story so important you have made it terminant. e mail next or hash heynext--
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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the feedback is kind tonight, michael gifford, strangely fascinated by acronym verses initialism, my ocd is think that would be initialism, then akronism. caleb, love the story about the license plate. who run the world? nerds. robert, we have been watching next since you started couple weeks ago and have been impressed. nice work, take the rest of the day off. don't mind if i do, robert.
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tonight on the "olympic zone," and olympic gold medalist defending her title in rio is also fighting for recognition for her hometown and her country. when longer jumper ja olympics she did it with the support of the csu community and the olympic powerhouse preparing for ten events. next on the "olympic zone." welcome to the "olympic zone," i'm aaron matas. today team usa widened its lead in rio adding eight more medals , we are about to recap some highlights including for women's gymnastics, which has not aired yet. so if you don't want any spoilers, now is the time to beat us for the next minute or
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-- to mute us. >> ?. >> in women's soccer, janine becky and canada fell to germany in the semifinal match. the germans shut out canada 2-0 and will face sweden in the finals. >> simone biles closed out her olympic debut by winning gold in the floor exercise, golds in one olympic games. teammate aly raisman joined her on the podium with silver. >> another gold went to taylor christian in the men's triple jump. >> not a bad way to start. >> he now has back-to-back golds in that event. fellow american will clay claim silver. and immediately proposed to his girlfriend, u.s. hurdler queen harrison, afterwards.


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