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tv   9 News 1100 PM  NBC  August 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm MDT

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pass it off. walsh jennings tapping. still alive. make it 20-18. now, the second match point. right now for the brazilians. they can win it here. agatha. puts it away! that's it! brazil h states.
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>> incredible play by agatha and barbara. and heartbreak for the americans. technically, it's really not an upset. brazil ranked number two. united states, number three. but we all know the truth. r first match loss in olympic play. so agatha and barbara, they will play for the gold medal against germany. the united states, meanwhile, will play for the bronze. wow. that had everything.
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atmosphere. kerri walsh jennings had been 26-0 in olympic competition. her first ever defeat. what a setting for it to happen. it's possible that brazil could occupy two of the three places on the podium in this event. they will play the americans for the bronze, and they will play germany for the gold. and we'll come back here to wrap things up on this tuesday night in rio after this.
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this broadcast is presented by authority of the international olympic committee and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form without the express written consent of the international olympic committee. wednesday, the games of the xxxi olympiad continue from rio de janeiro. in daytime on nbc, the u.s. men's volleyball team squares off with la champions women collide with hungary. in prime time, the world's fastest man, usain bolt, returns for the 200-meter semifinals, sprinting one step closer to another historic three-peat. in the final of the women's 200 american tori bowie takes on a powerful jamaican contingent. in the 100-meter hurdles, a deep american team looks to over power the field.
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under way. an nbcsn, kevin durant and the usa tip off against argentina. on the golf channel, the women take to the links following a sterling finish to the men's tournament. you can watch the olympics in spanish on telemundo and nbc universo and on and nbc sports app. as the games of the xxxi olympiad continu okay. here is a look now at the medal count brought to you by mcdonald's supporting athletes on their journeys. the u.s. has opened up a wide gap. more than 30 medals ahead of china and great britain. not pictured here is argentina. brazil's sports arch rival. they collected their second rio
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olympian. last year longa was diagnosed with lung cancer and had his left lung removed. as he came to shore his sons, who also competed in rio, jumped into the water to greet their dad. longa said afterwards that rio was a very emotional games for him. he said watching the racing of my sons and my sons watching my racing and then celebrating today with them, it's just been too much for me. well, as we medal ceremony for the women's floor exercise earlier today. simone biles capped her impressive olympic debut with her fourth federica gold medal games while aly raisman collected the silver. her sixth over all. joining them was amy tinkler of great britain who took the bronze. and that smile from simone
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americans who only a few months ago might not have known who simone biles was are more than familiar with that beaming smile. and she has had ample reason to show it to us time after time here. five medals, four of them gold. and already, by acclamation, the greatest female gymneast in history. aly raisman with six career golds one behind the american record ofev gymnastics held by shannon miller. here they are on the podium awaiting their national anthem. ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] coming up in a bit, it's late night on copacabana with ryan seacrest.
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april ross, right after their defeat a few moments ago. just up the beach in the morning, it's the "today" show with matt and hoda. good night. since it's past 1:00 a.m. here in rio, technically perhaps good morning as well from brazil.
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this is 9news. a colorado runner makes american history tonight. jenny simpson became the first u.s. woman to ever within wynn a medal -- win a medal at the meter game. as the liters started to run
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nearly took second, letting out a scream and she found out what happened. earning her a bronze medal. >> oh my gosh! can you believe it! that american flag looks beautiful! >> oh, thank you. i don't even remember the last 200 meters. i just remember crossing the finish line and ugly crying and being like, i can't, i can't believe this is happening. >> reporter: and you hav history. >> i wanted to race as hard as i could and be clean and be someone that people could really be proud to cheer for. my little sister told me to enjoy the view, i kept thinking about it, take your time, enjoy it. you're not guaranteed to get these moments. and so, i just really wanted to go around and see every person with an american flag and thank them for being here. >> and tonight, an example of good sportsmanship that went
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to the best of humanity. the women's 5,000 meters was just a few, d' agostino tripped up, there was a hand on her shoulder. giving her a hand and saying you have to get up and we have to finish this race. the american's knee was badly hurt and new zealander became the one to share the fight. they were deemed not responsible, both did advance to friday's final, although it looks as though d' agostino will not be able to run. colorado's hammers bringing back the second medal, the cycling version of the decathelon. she was eighth after monday apts events and moved up to the standings. silver in the same event in london and also a silver in the team pursuit from rio.
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jumper who won bronze in london. hoping to make it to the finals in rio, rather, to do it she'd have to overcome problems from an ankle injury she's dealt with all year. denver sitting in the middle of the second driest august, we'll take the rain. boulder and along the foothills, mrenlt of lightning -- plenty of lightning to be seen on our coors field camera. staying on the west side of the metro area. nothing like what they saw this colorado springs this afternoon. near academy and woodman, a combination of rain and hail ha turned the streets in to snowy rivers. for a couple hours, they were under flash flood warnings as the small storm sat and dumped rain and hail. kathy sabine tracking, we'll see her in a few. even by california standards, the wildfire blowing in the southern part is exploding in a way rarely seen before. more than 80,000 people have been ordered to evacuate as the
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the blue cut fire, just started this morning and has grown to nearly 15,000 acres. it moved so fast, they were temporarily hurt. the fire shut down part of the interstate, between southern california and las vegas. structures have been seen on fire more than 34,000 homes could be in danger if the fire does not slow down. there, rain would be welcome. in louisiana, it's the very last thing they need. the red cross is calling the flooding in parts of the worst disaster since super storm sandy. flood waters are moving down stream toward communities doing everything they can to hold back the water. tomorrow, federal investigators will be here to discuss the pending justice department review of the commerce city police department. last month, the mayor and the interim police chief asked for a federal review. they cited what they call years of misconduct by police that's undermined public trust. in recent months, one commerce city officer was accused of
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of inappropriately touching women during traffic stops. what started as a carjacking investigation out of arapahoe county ended with denver police shooting a man and arresting two others this afternoon. police confronted the three at 10th and federal. investigators say one of them pulled a gun. an officer fired and wounded him, he's expected to survive. another man and woman were taken in to custody. no officers were hurt. 12 months of work paid off with 47 pounds of heroin, 11 weapons, $30,000 cocaine, and 17 people in custody. the dea, denver police and west metro drug task force have been working to bust this ring for a year. they say it was importing heroin from mexico and selling it by the pound on the streets of metro denver. the dea says the heroin supplies hundreds if not thousands of users. >> in the last five years, the number of heroin overdoses has increased almost 350%. and we're not talking nationwide, we're talking here
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>> the heroin seize had a street value of more than $2 million. eight suspects have been indicted and identified but at this point, they have not been arrested. it looks like a disaster scene tonight at centennial airport. it's actually a classroom, learning what to do if a real one happens. 9news at 5:00 reporter noel brennan shows us. >> reporter: they train all the time, but mostly during the day. this is an opportunity to test their skills at night during an emergency exercise her behind me, this is basically the type of response that you would see had a big charter flight actually crashed near centennial airport. this exercise started with a fuselage on fire. ha smoke was so thick we could smell it, even taste it from our vantage points 100 yards away. they made their way to the fuse language, putting out the -- fuselage putting out the fire. the helicopter taking on and
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as well like the arapahoe county sheriff's office, the faa. there are also more than 85 volunteers, those volunteers are posing as victims in this training. firefighters say this kind of training is so helpful because it seems so real. >> we've got a multitude of different angles that need to be addressed. live fire, patient care, safety, and like i said, without there being an actually plane crash, this is as real as we can get without having the real thing. >> reporter: south metro training for the -- completed the training for the night, grouping now to discuss how it went. centennial airport is not required to do this large scale disaster drill. they do it because the airport is such a busy one and they want to be prepared if something like this were ever to happen. keep in mind this training will happen again tomorrow night. again on friday, as well. so if you're in the area, see any black smoke or those emergency lights out here, just
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airport, noel brennan, 9news. a community is concerned for a cat stuck in the house, no people for weeks. 9news reporter vicent looking in to it. >> reporter: the cad can the be in -- cat could be in trouble, not known how much food or water it has, no one's been seeing at that home for awhile. it was at this small neighbors spotted a cat all alone. at first they say there was concern. and then fear. >> horrified. horrified! >> reporter: the home is isolated, and the owner was nowhere to be found. >> nobody had been seen for three weeks since july 20th. >> reporter: cleo and her neighbors felt something was wrong. >> and we just all started trying to e-mail he and the girlfriend whose cat it is. we called on all their phones,
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to, help with this cat. there was absolutely no reply. >> reporter: so boyd called the jeff co county sheriff and evergreen's animal justice center. >> the first thing we need to get this poor animal out of the house tomorrow. and then we'll see what kind of condition the animal is in. >> reporter: we saw the cat several times while we were there. we also saw notices from the jeff co sheriff's department animal control division. and the state's bureau of animal control. ey times since august 11. but neighbors believe the cat's been alone much longer. >> and we all just want to break in and rescue it, and at least take it to the jefferson county shelter. >> reporter: the sheriff told us the cat's owner is a truck driver who told him today he was stuck in the floods in louisiana. and that he had left plenty of food and water. not much consolation to animal lovers. >> i think this is atrocious. >> reporter: who just want to
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>> the sheriff's office said the owner said he's overnight a key so they can go in and take the cat to the shelter. the spokesman says no charges are expected since the cat does not appear to be in any kind of distress. >> more of a dog guy, but that cat looks disgruntled to me. >> pretty lonely. kathy updates the storms, we might see more thunder and lightning this week. team usa still has a lead in the standings, although a golden streak dating back to beijing came to an end. and the world's fastest man admits sometimes he is slow just like the rest of us. and later in sports, the pro football hall of fame really
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. the u.s. has more medals than any other country and it's even steven now for gold, silver and bronze. america has 28 in each, gold, silver and bronze for a total of 84 medals after tuesday's events. great britain closing in on china for second in the medal standings and is standing it comes to the gold medals won. while it might seem like the gold rush is on for team usa in rio, a streak stood since 2008 has been broken. american athletes have one gold every day of olympic competition. until yesterday. it hasn't happened since the 12th day of the beijing games on august 20th, 2008. that said, u.s. did add two silver and four bronze medals yesterday. tomorrow, usain bolt goes
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that means going for the 100, the 200, and the 100 meter relay for the third straight olympics. he won his opening round heat in the 200 this morning. he was asked if he had the race he wabt wanted and he -- wanted and he said no, not a morning person. something many of us share with the greatest sprinter of all time. skwuft a reminder -- just a reminder, keep your head out for hillary bore, the 3,000 meters on wednesday, he won the heat yesterday, the same day won a bronze in the women's chase. oh, it's calm and quiet out in the 9 backyard now. you should've seen me here two hours ago, crazy wind, lightning, and rain. typical summer day and evening in colorado. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine, moon's coming up over the fence, almost full. roads are dry again, that's what you will find when you step out the 8:00 a.m. temperatures in the mid 60s warming quickly in the mid 70s, just before lunch
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crazy good! oh my goodness, these storms nonsevere for the city, but packing some wind, lightning, and some ominous clouds off in the distance. so many of you sharing your weather stories with me tonight, thank you. 91 degrees at dia, that's just a little above the average of 87. a little cooler in the high country this afternoon, leadville at 68 degrees. currently 67 at the airport. winds south at 11, finally calm here in the backyard. humidity values are up but the showers have come to aend. moisture, this is our monsoon month, august and running well below average in terms of precipitation. that is all about to change though with the pattern shift on friday in to saturday. timing's not great. but oh well! tonight, the showers that have formed over the city have pushed south and east. still quite the light show over fort morgan and sterling. these nonsevere, but my goodness, castle rock, colorado springs, two to four inches of rain and then the hail coming
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fountain and manitou springs, nasty there with flash flood warnings issued south of callahan and limon. active for some parts of our viewing audience tonight. things really calmed down here. same cannot be said in texas. lus, mississippi, just this -- louisiana, mississippi, this amazing flood event continues to play out. from laredo to houston, memphis tonight, the 10 to 40 inches rain, another six across corpus christi and alexandria tonight. the numbers staggering. 40,000 homes impacted in three days, 11 killed, 30,000 people rescued from homes and vehicles. federal government declaring that area major disaster, and the rain numbers were still tallying those. we watch as the rain increases up the golf, notice in colorado, a lot more moisture returning our way. we have two relatively quiet days coming up before our front to the north moves in, friday in
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weather picture. that close to 90 for the next couple days, head's off to the southwest ask plain states, to the south -- southwest and the plain states, good travel day, no issues. thunderstorms west of the divide early in the day. you know the story. in the foothills by 2:00, one or two drift over the city, some of the heavier storms drop south, compact a little bit of rain, wind, and lightning, but the best chance for rain, friday and saturday. 65 grand junction, 42 and 59 in greeley. southeastern colorado, comfortable in areas like grand junction and up around the gunnison area and montrose. city forecast for tonight, showers thunder endings, clearing our skies low 58. tomorrow 60 degrees when you step out in the morning, 82 lunch time outdoors below 90 degrees tomorrow. couple high based gusty storms wednesday and thursday. cloudy and cooler, heading in the weekend.
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saturday. drier sunday. temperatures rebounding early meks week, beautiful -- next week, beautiful summer pattern shaping up as we move in the early part of next week. and oh, those clouds just make for a picturesque sunset around the area. but, adele and i were remarking about the summer sunflower shot. this one i thought was a piece of art and adele thought it was a dinner plate. [ laughter ] >> well, it has that circular look. it's round, it looks like a dinner plate. >> you're always hungry! >> i am always hungry. >> break the tie or it sit. that's fine. thank you, kathy. when the broncos take the feel for the first preseason game, fear not, fans, the concession stands in regular season form. and this for some baffling reason is considered to be news. they will have taco pizza that they will be offering whatever those are. and helmet sundays. and also the stadium it this year, orange pale ale. perhaps that is of interest. on saturday, fans will get a
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mile high. clearly not the old stadium. it's a mini version, but in the exact same spot where the original was. has a couple of the hundred of old seats of what was home of the broncos for decades. we've been watching it go up and we do get a tour we're told later this week. we will share it before it opens
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from colorado sports leader, here's aaron matas. >> good morning, coors field, wouldn't you know it ended up raining cats and dogs. hopefully none of the four legged were scared, there was plenty of it. two run shot over the wall, tying the game at 2-2. then a two hour weather delay after
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rockies lead 6-2 in the eighth. pat not going in the hall of fame, and mike clis is all fired up, he took it all up in his notebook. >> pat boling got robbed. could've made the choice and submitted for rubber stamped approval contributor. instead, jones that's sub-committee presented jones an active owner instead of bowlen is an outrage. the cowboys haven't been to the college championship game since 1995, largely, i might add, because of jones's meddling. bowlen 's broncos have been to the championship game five times since then and won four. and jones is no match for bowlen's contributions to the lead.


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