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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  August 17, 2016 3:30am-4:00am MDT

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tonight, hollywood's nastiest divorce battle comes to an abrupt end. why amber heard dropped her domestic violence case against johnny depp. >> it's been reported she's going to get about $7 million. >> what the embattled exes a an affair with billy bob thornton. has justin's feud with selena gone too far? why she's apologizing now and what you need to know about bieber's new gal pal. and why justin timberlake is crashing weddings. plus -- hot stars, shirtless workouts. yes, please. >> okay, here we go. >> why are these celebs all doing push-ups?
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this is "entertainment tonight"! >> johnny depp and amber heard have settled their divorce case a day before they were supposed to face off in court. so why so fast? well we have learned it's because of all the scandalous allegations that were leaking out and it is wild. >> bananas. fits of rage, questions of an affair with billy bob thornton. even a severed finger. nischell turner has details inside johnny and amber's last-minute end to the war. >> johnnyd joint statement before this morning's court filing and for such a contentious divorce, this was surprisingly civil. here it is, and we're quoting -- our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile. but always bound by love. neither party had made false accusations for financial gain. there was never any intent of physical or emotional harm. amber wishes the best for johnny in the future. and we were with johnny depp's
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to get about $7 million. >> i'm, can't comment on any of that. we're happy that it's resolved and we wish both of them the best. >> amber! is johnny depp's lawyer trying to intimidate you? >> a source tells "e.t." some of the most significant legal maneuvering in the case didn't happen in court, but in the media. the salacious leaks included a photo which was allegedly taken after depp cut his fingertip during a fight. dipped it in blue paint and wrote on a mirror with paint and depp allegedly wrote amber and billy bob thornton's name on the mirror. he accused her of cheating with the actor. they appeared in the movie "london fields" together. billy bob has strongly denied the affair allegation. >> i think what they did is held back as much as they have until right before the day of reckoning. which is right now. >> "e.t." with former prosecutor michael crowd at court today, he's been following the case and does not represent either party.
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negotiations is both parties walk away feeling like theyrg?+ saved face and also feeling like -- they lost something. >> well according to the joint statement, amber will donate money from the divorce to a charity. it doesn't say which charity or how much money. can we move on to a real crisis? first justin bieber threatened to make his instagram account private which i don't think rattled a lot of folks over the age of 30, but for his teenaged followers, eight million strong, it's realnd his account. is this real? or does this feel like high school between justin, his ex selena gomez and his new ritchie stayed numb last nit,
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girl" clothing line. number three, she turns 18 next wednesday and four this is odd, she actually met selena gomez once back in 2009, at selena's very first concert. let's move on to two singers who are sort of like the anti-justin and selena. blakeelton and gwenstefani. it seems like gwen would be a fish out ofater at blake's oklahoma ranch. this couple is?? sho?$wing the e world that ei country strong. >> we're here at the ranch. here we go. >> gwen and her camo, makeup and blake in his signature button-down and denim. gwen treating her boys and back-up dancers to a day in the country. riding atvs through streams and 2-year-old apollo approved. >> say yee haw!
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>> what are you making? graciou opened up his home to gwen's crew where they did their laundry, played pool and discovered blake's got some interesting stuff in the bed of his ??pickup. >> stefani. >> that's for stefani? we'll take you on it. and the couple has1g? plenty t
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what the heck is vin doing inside a sweaty gym? do 22 push-ups. >> wait wait wait hold on.?j it doesn f >> will dodge 22 push-up challenge to raise
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[ laughter ] >> i'm sure bradley cooper will get involved in this very soon. last night he was on the red carpet and all eyes were on his bushy new crazy beard. >> you look tan, have you been having a good summer? i'm serious, you look good and rested and tanned. >> yeah. >> you bin to a good start? >> resting a lot. >> broke out a rugged mountain ma
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howo"war dogs." >> i'm against this war. >> ts isn't about being pro war this is about being pro money. >> before joining the guys,es t send-off from his model dm?f girlfriend, kaley sperry and natalie portman rocked four different outfits for her press day in new york and brought her hubby to the premiere of her new obviously to do a lot of these premieres and this is a completely different feeling having it with my own film. >> breaking down natalie's different look, she chose a pale green dior, a change to a valentino and dior, champagne for her premiere arrival.
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chloe. a "bachelor in paradise" medical emergency. why some fans are crying foul. plus eddie murphy gets real about his nine kids. his hollywood path and what's next for the star. >> never done anything like
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what tv show would you kill to make a cameo in? >> "the bachelorette". >> i'm with you, kendall. that's kendall answering 73 questions for "vogue." who knew she was such a big "bachelorette" fan? one of the guys on "bachelor in paradise" needed a medic last night and shocker -- bad boy chad had nothing to do with it. >> with evan, wouldn't wake up after he had been drinking
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his former flame, carly. >> medical issue. >> a medic issue? >> what's going on. >> no e?0mdxplanation was given the father of three's mystery condition. and chad was seemingly left to sleep it off in the sand. the real winner of last night's episode, was former "bachelorette" andi dorfmnan who wasn't even on the show. >> there was verbal abuse claims in the book. >> andi slammed former fianc? josh murray in the book. >> andng the fictional story that my ex has written
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>> it doesn't have to rise to pompeo's hollywood mansion. why she wants to team up with taylor swift. and justin timberlake, the wedding crasher? the lucky couple is only talking to "e.t." what happened when the singer swung by.? and eddie murphy tells me why he took a break from hollywood. is he getting ready for a comedy hollywood. is he getting ready for a comedy comeback?
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right he
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justin timb >> all of a sudden he's walking around the corner and -- obviously being a big fan of his, i was pretty excited. ? ? >> chelsea gaudet and ryan park got surprise of their lives when mr. sexy back dropped in on their new hampshire wedding and this ph gone viral. >> he came over, shook my stoode >> the newlyweds skyped with us from their honeymoon in cabo. it came about when the bride's dad met jt. and the next thing you know, a moment they will never forget. >> kind of like the best day ever and i was like -- all set for getting married. but mainly because of justin timberlake! ? >> the moment was quick, jt had to get into his own suit and tie. to go to another i do ceremony. >> i have another wedding i
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thank you very much. >> thank you, justin! >> some were upset they didn't get to meet justin. >> well speaking of weddings, "grey's anatomy" star, ellen pompeo has been happily married for nine years and they have two daughters. who knew that ellen's family also includes chickens. one of the things we learned when ellen opened the doors to her l.a. home. >> do i have any hidden >> behind the pristine walls of ellen's villa, a down-home world where her very own flock of chickens rule the roost. >> the chickens are amazing for kids. it shows children how to treat things with compassion. >> her 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old daughter are getting a real education right in their own back yard. >> they get an understanding from the whole garden, the chickens and garden, they get an
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husband, chris ivory, ellen loves being at home. but we were with her on the set when "gray's" was a dream that first started. >> i take it week by week. >> with season 13 right around the corner, she has a few dream guest stars in mind. taylor swift and mr. and mrs. tatum for starters. and it kind of helps to play doctor on tv. >> for sure there's things i've learned from the show. being on a medical show for 12 years. >> all in the latest issue of "good housekeeping" on stands now and ellen's boss, shonda rhimes, guest-edits the magazine's first-ever awesome women award, which you can find
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man and say pick me, choose me, love me. never. >> because here i am, begging. >> i let them beg me, i'm not begging anybody. >> does she have to beg anybody to chilean up the chicken coop? i just sat down with eddie murphy to talk about his first film in four years and we had to get into his ever-expanding family. he's up to nine chiln. children. what is it like? >> noon of my children are old. >> they're grown up. >> none of my children are gray or balding. >> you have old chilleding. >> you have grown chilled. >> my oldest is 26, 27. >> what's the dance like? >> pretty natural. a natural thing. >> eddie heads up a modern family.
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got together to support daughter brieia at her premiere of amateur night. >> brightest part of my life is my kids, my relationship with them and my world revolves around them. bald ones. the old gray bald ones. >> you gave me the most important thing life can offer. you gave me a family. >> why four years, eddie? >> i think it's four or five years. >> why so long? >> audiences, if they see you all the time, they'll get sick of looking at your face. i've been around for years and years, and i'm no different from any of the other faces you know. if you're out there all the time. show somebody, i don't want to see eddie murphy. know who is doing the laugh.
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give the audience a break. after 35 years i've been making movies and i've been blessed that i've been able to play everybody from a donkey to an old lady, to talking to the animals. i've done all of those different types of stuff. and i've never done anything like this. if you get something that you've never done before, after you've been doing something all these years, that's a cool thing. >> and eddie's planning another return. >> i was thinking about doing stand-up again. and the only way you c material for stand-up is to have a foot in the world with everybody else. >> are you going to do stand-up again? >> yeah, eventually. i'm curious to see what would come out. and i write stuff all the time. and eventually. >> you know, keeping with the stand-up comedy theme, remember eddie murphy's outfit from "delirious"? >> the red tight leather suit? >> he said one night keenan ivory wayans was playing around,
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small. eddie dared to go to the club with the outfit andw?fnd k went to the club, tore the suit to shreds. which stars is blowing out candles in cuba? steve carell, madonna or angela bassett? we'll be right back with the
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her friendship with vicky gundleson? all at travel consideration provided by -- steve carell, madonna and angela bassett are all celebrating birthdays today. but which one is blowing out candles in cuba? that is madonna. who turns 58 today. and there she is, cutting loose at a birthday bash. >> speaking of cutting loose, that's what amy schumer is going to do right here tomorrow. >> it's so good.
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amy schumer on her racy new tell-all. >> it's a huge secret. >> her one-night stand, message forrer ex and dating advice for all the single ladies. >> i really want to empower women. then the abs, the man bun, "survivor"'s sexy new bad boy. >> i'm definitely a free spirit.
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amy schumer's darkest, most painful secrets exposed. beaten up by a boyfriend, betrayed by her own mother. >> now on "extra." ? ? ? amy schumer opening her bombshell new memoirs today. >> it was a little painful. >> held at knife point by an abusive boyfriend, her mother's taboo affair. the pain behind amy's comedy revealed. new details on ryan lochte's armed attack in rio. was it an inside job? ivanka trump and her husband jared voting with the enemy? wait until you hear whose mega


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