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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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is at the scene of a car into a garage. it's at the 34- hundred block of evans avenue.. denver fire says there were no injures -- but there is some structural damage to the building - which was unoccupied at the time. gary, corey and becky here with you this wednesday morning.
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loud thunder last
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it can be a tough reality - but airport officials want to be prepared for any possible emergency. centennial airport is doing just that - running emergency drills late last night - and over the next few days. last night - multiple crews gathered to simulate a charter plane crash - burning fuselage and all. south metro fire, araphoe county sheriff's office, the f-a-a and more than 85 volunteers all participated. those drills will continue tonight - and friday night d-i-a is doing a similar drill today. they're practicing medical evacuations in case of a natural disaster. more than 300 people from various agencies
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medical system." it will involve receiving, triage and transport of 150 volunteer "patients" to metro-area hospitals via ambulance and military helicopters. the whole thing is expected to last about six hours. later today -- federal investigators will be here to discuss the pending justice department review of the commerce city police department. the commerce city mayor and interim police chief asked for the federal review last month - citing years of misconduct that has undermined public trust. in recent months- one officer was accused of staging his own shooting and another was arrested on charges that he inappropriately touched women. tarhonda thomas will have the latest - at 5:30. violence and drug use have plagued the 16th street mall for some time now. now -- denver police say they are getting help - and working hard to make it safer. a new security firm is partnering with denver law enforcement to make it a safer
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will be live with more - and whether this will actually help -- later this morning. a carjacking investigation in arapahoe county -- ended in an officer involved shooting. it happened yesterday afternoon. police confronted two men and a woman near federal and 10th. police say - one of them pulled a gun, and one officer fired. no officers were injured. the suspect is expected to survive. democratic no cleveland today.. while she's there - congress will be looking through notes from her f-b-i interview about her email controversy. clinton also told voters that opponent donald trump is a danger to national security - and sends the wrong message to both allies and enemies. and republican donald trump will get his first security briefing today. it's customary for candidates to get briefings at this point in the campaign. trump will meet
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the office says it will be a "big picture" meeting -- they won't be giving too many details on covert operations, nuclear weapons or espionage. colorado republican senator, cory gardner - says voters - should support donald trump. gardner had withheld his endorsement - and even got into a twitter war with the republican presidential nominee - after trump criticized colorado's g-o-p nominating process in april. gardner now says: it's important to elect 'tnt gymnastics all- around champ simone biles captured her fourth gold - and fifth total medal of rio. she dominated the floor routine last night. teammate aly raisman took silver. raisman will leave rio with three medals. and an amazing surprise for the "final five" on the today show... simone biles has been very vocal about her love for star zac efron.. so he decided to
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pitched screams and giggles - and of course - lots of selfies. a well-deserved celebration after the girls dominated rio. a crazy first for beach volleyball player kerri walsh jennings -- she lost. that's never happened in a summer games before. ross lost their match to brazil yesterday. they still have a chance to medal - they'll play for the bronze later today. colorado springs athlete hillary bor will run in the men's steeplechase final this morning. he's a favorite to men's steeplechase final this morning. he's a favorite to medal in the 3- thousand meter race. bor is an army sergeant - his unit was deployed to afghanistan, but he was allowed to
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and the story of two athletes is going viral today... just a day or so ago -- they had never even met. that's right - u-s-a's abbey d-agostino accidentally clipped a new zealand runner during a qualifier of the women's 5- thousand meters. d'agostino and nikki hamblin both went down. but what happened afterward was the best part -- the two helped each other up - and finished the race - dead last, but that didn't matter to
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it's been just over a year since the gold king mine spill.. now one of the nation's largest american indian tribes is suing the federal
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medal count first... 28 is the magic number for team u-s-a today. the united states has 28 of each medal for a grand total of 84. we now have a 33 medal lead over china--which has 51 medals. great britain is catching up to them with 50. russia has 38... and france just cracked the top five... with 29 total medals.
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largest american indian tribes is suing the federal government over the gold king mine spill. the navajo nation has joined new mexico-- pursuing legal action against the epa following last year's toxic spill near silverton. tribal officials say the epa has failed to compensate the navajos for losses. the epa has said it takes responsibility for cleaning up the spill but wouldn't comment on the lawsuit. labor day is almost here!! just a few weekends away. lots of people expected to drive -- and hit the road.
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or if you are on the road often, listen up -- your mileage could
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drive, the higher your insurance rate goes. people who drive 15-thousand miles a year had a car insurance rate that was roughly 8 and a half percent higher - than someone who drove five- thousand miles. the increases vary by state. thankfully - colorado did not make the list of the biggest rate
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washington d-c and alaska. and in north carolina - drivers have some luck -- they are the only state where mileage doesn't affect rates. groupon's food delivery service - "groupon to go" - is expanding.. and it's coming to denver! the company already has food delivery in chicago and a few other places -- but denver will be the first one to have the "groupon to go" branding. you can choose delivery from more than 100 local restaurants. there's some competition - denver already has more than a dozen companies that offer home delivery for food, alcohol and groceries. two more weekends until labor day... the unofficial end of summer is also a very busy travel weekend. if you're looking to jet off for a quick getaway - keep in mind that more than 15 million other people are expected to do the same. don't panic yet -- "airlines for america" projects that those numbers will happen over an entire seven-day period, not all at once. still - it's about a
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travel. and if you're flying with a baby anytime soon -- especially over the holidays, experts say the best strategy is to "expect the unexpected." sleep experts also say - bring new, small toys to keep your baby's attention - but also rely on old favorites. also - keep their sleep schedule as normal as possible - and make sure to accommodate for time zone changes. doctors say - a woman's risk of getting cancer can increase depending on weight. a study done over the past 12 years found that every decade of being overweight - increases the risk of all obesity- related cancers by seven percent. long term weight issues had the most impact on the risk of breast and cancer of the uterus. researchers now have more proof
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chance for alzheimer's. a team at u-c-l-a found that a healthy body weight, physical activity, and a mediterranean- based diet - all resulted in fewer signs of alzheimer's. experts say this is the first study that looks at the brain before serious mental changes develop. if you were wondering - the mayo clinic classifies a mediterranean diet as one heavy in plant-based food. lots of fruits, veggies, grains and nuts. and replacing butter with olive oil - and salt with herbs and spices - is also a goo. the word "cancer" can be scary... but when one teen found out he was sick... he decided to keep his positive outlook... matthew is an honoree of race for research. his family shares
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when the bases are loaded...this player doesn't give up.
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that's what teenager matthew murray did when faced with the biggest obstacle of his life... cancer. tarhonda thomas has a look at his compelling story of survival.
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focusing on his dream of becoming a colorado rockies player. as for the event, race for research kicks off this sunday. you can still register. we have that
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you could start seeing some big
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and a place to enjoy it together. in denver. today's the day private security companies will start patrolling the streets. 9news reporter colleen ferreira has the details in just a couple minutes. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and
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decades after the investigation surrounding jon ne case. how the unsolved case is getting some fresh eyes. the united states continues to dominate the medal count at the rio summer games. we'll check in with cheryl and matt in rio, they'll be talking about a runner form boulder, and cyclist from colorado springs. good morning. corey and gary here on your wednesday morning. we're checking in with amelia... whose talking about a bit of trouble with rtds a line this


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