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tv   9 News 1100 PM  NBC  August 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm MDT

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championship 400 out of lane 8. >> in world record time! >> this is going to be the most successful women's team in olympic history. >> usain bolt still invincible! >> it's not supposed to be that easy, tom. >> the united states has won the bronze. >> american michelle carter. >> the first sweep in olympic
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the country.
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of a growing investigation into whether the robbery at u.s. swimmers removed from a flight in rio. they're part of an investigation into is the robbery that ryan lochte, and whether it really happened. they were taken off their flight and questioned by brazilian authorities. they said they were robbed early sunday morning. this morning lock and he fagan were ordered to turn over their passport ports and stay in brazil. lochte is already back in the states. nbc's mattllow er vbs during the robbery, locate said that his wallet was stolen. the daily mail which obtained video of the swimmers
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lochte's wallet was detected in an x-ray machine after that supposed robbery. colorado's remaining olympians in rio will primarily focus on cycling events this weekend. tomorrow one of the chances of gold will be on the mat with adeline gray competing in women's wrestling. she is the daughter of a denver police officer and grew up with a bunch of brothers. she made wrestling teams at bear creek and chatfield high school. >> we meant to be on the top of that podium. the united states does not have an olympic goaled medallist. heading into rio is my opportunity to shine. i've really set the platform to go in there and be that first one. i
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>> the competition starts out tomorrow morning against a wrestler from columbia. as the olympics move into their final days, the focus shifts to the team competitions. the u.s. women's water polo team defeated hungary. they'll face italy on friday. this will be the 4th time in five olympic appearances that the u.s. will be in the games. the u.s. volleyball team struggled at start of the olympic tournament. today they had to beat the world champ to make it to the semis. they play italy on friday. the women start their medal round tomorrow with a semifinal match against serbia. both u.s. basketball teams are playing well. the men beat argentina today. the women take on france
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we go into a gym where the olympics are inspiring children to dream big. some starting at 18 months of age. a guy moves to colorado and gets stuck on a mountain. he climbed the flatirons before he realized he didn't have the gear to get down. he shared his story story. >> reporter: jeremy he's got 23 years of experience hanging on rocks in the midwest in. colorado, climbing can be a different experience. >> reporter: it's not exactly the pog jeremy thought he would find himself in. stranded all alone on the flatirons, help not on the way. so much for thinking, right? >> i wasn't thinking a whole lot, to be honest with you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while climbing the
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an unfamiliar situation. it was getting dark, he was fwierd he still wanted to climb. >> i started thinking about some people that have better judgment, would they do this? and the answer was probably, new york you're know idiot, head back. >> reporter: he didn't have an easy way to climb down. he wanted to call for help but thought it would cost him money so he reached out to friends instead. they assured him it wouldn't. >> i refused to believe them. there's gotta be some c and tvrs also like i said -- it was also like i said, a bit of hesitation, kind of embarrassing >> reporter: so he decided to wait until morning, until someone on a trail would spot him. one of his friends called the rocky mountain rescue group. >> i was afraid for my life but also at the same time, i'm listening, this is cool. i saw the sun come up for the first time in colorado. quite
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he's glad he's alive to tell. even if it's not exactly the story he thought he'd share. >> it was a good experience. i'll never forget it. i have a kind look at me, i'm an idiot story to tell. but it was also quite scary. i thought i was gonna crap my pants a couple times. >> reporter: of course this won't keep him from climbing colorado peak. next time he'll be rescue, the group didn't charge him a thing. >> bring some extra gear and a pair of pants. [ laughter ] firefighters work through the night watching for flare-ups from a fire that came at least 3 feet of one home in larimer county. one larger home, a pile
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fire. the sheriff's office says the fire is 55% contained. more crews will join the lines in the morning. the wildfire burning in southern california is being called a once in a lifetime fire. it is spreading at an unbelievable rate and has forced more than 80,000 people from their homes inform two days, has burned more than 25,000 acres and 4% contained. you can see the smoke, 60 miles east of it shut down interstate 15 and destroyed a landmark hotel, the summit inn. there were more issues for the train to the plane today. rtd is throwing everything at this situation. so why not try
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denver to crawl underneath with a wrench. he was here on a business project. he came lobbeg for a massive project to redevelop the great hall at dia. >> things have really changed in this city. you have one of the fastest growing cities in america right now. as you've already changed downtown. and now that movement is going out toward the airport. and i want to be a part of that. >> city council approve $9 million to plan that project. it would move the t.s.a. checkpoint out of the great hall in favor of shops and restaurants. project is expected to be completed by 2019. fans of the old mile high stadium can pay homage on saturday. it does have a name.
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monument. season 26 holders get premiere access. it will not be a fee to tour it. hours for nongame days have not been set, and it is for rent for events, although no rates for that have been set either. if usain bold is feeling pressure, you cannot see it. a er colorado may have a chance to upset the women's basketball team. >> the marathon in colorado might throw a little snow at runners this weekend. >> reporter: make some room in the front row! the broncos are
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team usa closes in on 100 medals in rio. nearly a 40-medal lead over china. 81 countries far81 countries have won at least one medal so far.1 bolt slowed up a bit at the end, and traded smiles. putting the other runners behind him. he looks like he said just catching up with a friend! he'll try to
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women's basketball tournament. serbia knocked out australia, a 3-time silver medallist. and they did it with help from a colorado player! danielle pain went on to play for nebraska, one season in the wnba, and has played overseas since then. we invited people to choose their favorite underdog country on those who went with sweden are at the top. thailand and poland not far behind. images of team usa winning medals in the olympics are inspiring many young athletes in the denver area. >> feet together! nice and tight. >> reporter: somewhere between all those flips, tumbles, and bars are big dreams.
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to pay the price. >> because i just put what it takes in my gymnastics. and i stay confident and i just push myself because i know i can do it >> reporter: in just the past week, more than 50 new girls joined the gym in wheat ridge. some of them as young as 16 months. many were inspired by the stellar performance of team usa in rio. >> y mental focus, good drive, and work ethic. >> reporter: workouts are gruelling. 13-year-old jj has already reached junior elite status. she practices twice a day, 34 hours a week. >> ata girl! nice job! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: she lives an hour
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>> gives meet energy to keep up with her schedule! [ laughter ] >> organizing her schedule is so difficult. and keeping us on a schedule that allowed us to sleep and eat and still have her be a kid is really a challenge. >> reporter: she now hopes to go for the gold. she knows chances are slim. >> i feel like i have what it takes to make it there. >> reporter: that doesn't matter to a champion in the making. scores in a state vault competition. she is one of two junior elite gymnasts. that's hard to reach. i was trying, i couldn't even bend over and touch my toes. >> [ laughter ] >> this is a big investment. >> to get this training it can cost up to $750 a month so much her mother drives an uber cab to
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four years! [ laughter ] this weekend, the second oldest marathon in the country, one of the toughest in the world could be looking for winter like weather here in colorado. saturday runners will take on pike's peak. saturday they'll do the roundtrip runners going up the mountain. forecast both days calls for possible snow near the summit. heiss only in the low to colorado runners, a hearty bunch! i'm cath -- tonight, however don't miss the big bright sturgeon moon! also known as the corn moon. mid-70s by the time you roll into the office, work, school, close to 80 degrees before lunchtime in. the
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is 90 in denver, 95 in lamar, and 84 in eagle. humidity up a bit, winds increasing out of the south, that is east of town at the airport. here the winds have calmed down. we're almost 70 degrees outside the studios. that's have not terribly well. wee seeing a drought scenario begin in colorado and areas to the north. an above average situation for august continues as this pattern begins to shift heading into the weekend. so storms we saw tonight we hoped might bring some rain brought or wind and
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good news regard the historic flooding, louisiana, mississippi, texas, the flash flood watch has been scaled back. earlier today, 11 people people in -- 11 million people affected by that. 60 though people asking for assistance. and only 12% of the population in louisiana having flood coverage. so additional rain expected between dal moisture headed to colorado. the story is the cool front to the north, bringing in enough cool air that you have some high snow saturday morning. in denver,ow temperatures will run 20 degrees cooler than average over the weekend. close to 90 here. triple digits across the southwest. the cool air stays north of us for one more day. and north, drying and clearing there. clouds moving out between
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that moisture pushes in west of the continental divide. showers and storms 11:00, south of i-70. they hold off till late in the day. 3:00, a push of storms move through. pockets of heavy rain. slightly better chance of rain tomorrow, especially down south. and then a 50% chance. showers heading into friday. lows tonight, 46 in buena viv arc 59 in -- buena vista, 59 in time of year. arvad arc lakewood, greeley, castlerock, highlands ranch. in the denver metro area for tonight, we have dry conditions a little lightning off to the east. sunshine a quick warmup again, temperatures below 90. afternoon storms, better chance ever getting rain. more on friday with the arrival of that front
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saturday's high, 70! a little drier sunday. a little warmer on monday. >> and remember the perseid meteor shower? how about this
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problem with these joint nfl practices is they tend to be bad for your joints. four day before their exhibition game, the broncos began working out with the 49ers today.
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hurt, a few fights, and everybody is left wondering whose brilliant idea this was. >> you got grown men out here battling for their families and pride. things get heated. but at the end of the day, as long as we can get the work we need, have a good physical aggressive practice, that's what i enjoy. >> broncos play the niners saturday night on channel 20. mike cliff sounds like he's on the verge of giving up on the pages his notebook. >> reporter: when gary kubiak goes to red box to pick out a movie, something tells me he goes for the mystery every time. he can't get enough suspense out of his quarterback position. come ocoach! who is it! sanchez or siemian? >> i'll probably work on that tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one reason the
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every time he has a nice set with the no. 1s, siemian comes in and does better. and vice versa. against the 49ers yesterday, siemian hit sanders with a deep pass touchdown down the right side. sanchez hit sanders with a deep, d left. both are going to start games this year the way it stans now. only one can start the opener though against carolina. today's rockies game stress-free and stras free. they beat the nationals. colorado handed stephen strasburg who was 15 and 3 his worst beating ever! pounding out 7 runs on 6 hits in the 1st inning! roccos add two more in the 2nd which strasburg did not survive. 9 runs in one
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rockies win. adam eaton belted a game-winning 9th inning grand slam gean the indians while blowing a bubble! river mentioned how much i love sports? >> i don't think so. >> well, i do! now more than ever. valentine's day came early for missy franklin who returned to colorado from the olympics and discovered the frontar covered in handmade thank you notes from neighbors, all written out on individual cutout paper hearts. franklin was disappointed with her performance. but the people she grew up next to wanted her to know they're still very proud of her. i love sports. bobblehead birthday boy, ed mccaffrey. 48 years old tonight. and -- >> this just in!
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learned from my sources that tomorrow at that mini-mile high stadium event in the parking lot at sports authority field, a statue, an 8-foot statue! >> oh, cool! >> will be unveiled inside
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>> olympic late night with ryan seacrest. very exciting. high energy. copa cabana. kids love this thing. [ laughter ] >> and the news will be back
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