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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 18, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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tv investigation. is one of america's most fascinating unsolved mysteries close to being solved? >> now on "extra." ? ? there's been a kidnapping. >> 20 years after this sensational murder. >> i did not kill my daughter. >> the bombshell new special about jonbenet. the entire ramsey house recreated. the new clues in the 911 call. >> i can recognize that voice. >> plus dr. phil's new interview with jonbenet's once-suspected brother burke. ryan lochte's rio robbery
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did it really happen? why this security video could be a smoking gun. simone biles' fan girl fantasy come true. >> oh! >> how her super crush zac efron pulled off the ultimate surprise. three new a-list interviews. eddie murphy, jamie foxx and natalie portman. why natalie's got a.j. breaking into hebrew? then inside kendall new crib. plus the stars take the 22 push-up challenge and look out. here comes mario's mini me dominant. >> 50, 60. >> now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, my girl britney spears gearing up for her first
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years. how she's getting ready. >> and how michael phelps' little boy boomer became a media star overnight. it's been 20 years since the murder of jonbenet ramsey stunned the world. now a new tv series is reopening the case and it's packed with jaw droppers. here's jerry. >> who killed jonbenet ramsey? >> god knows who you are and we will find you. will this brand-new investigation break the case wide open? >> they think the call has been >> i want to show you with noise reduction. >> i can recognize that voice. >> and what will her now-grown brother burke reveal in his first-ever sitdown interview. >> my question for you is why now? >> 20 years later, the murder of the 6-year-old blond beauty queen still unsolved, still fascinating america. >> i did not kill my daughter jonbenet. >> "extra" is sneak peeking two new exposes into the shocking
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investigator jim clemente to join forces with the original investigators in the case of jonbenet ramsey. >> this is uncharacteristic of any kind of kidnapping letter i've ever seen. >> desperate to find out what really happened inside the house that fateful december day. >> i didn't think that a stun gun would have been used on a 6-year-old child. >> not just re-examining old evidence, but uncovering new interviews with the 911 operator.>> would have turned the case around. >> 911 emergency. >> new theories. >> we have five different motives in this one crime. >> and incredibly, re-creating the home where she was killed. >> we are actually rebuilding the house. we have a 50,000 square-footwear house. >> there is absolutely no way they could have come in or out through this window. >> and even tracking down her
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he is speaking out for the first time ever in dr. phil's hot seat. >> there were only three people in that house that would know t the identity of. you are one of those three. >> that's september 12th, the jonbenet ramsey case starts september 15th on cbs. new res today about olympian ryan lochte's armed robbery just not adding up. >> the stunning report rocking rio tonight was this. >> a guy pulled out his gun and put it to my forehead. >> all a hoax, and could this video be the smoking gun? the incredible headlines brazilian authorities demanding lochte's passport investigating whether he made up the whole story. he and three other swimmers were robbed at gun point. >> he took our money. he took our wallet. >> that's what he told "today"
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obtaining the video of the 32-year-old and fellow swimmers returning to the village still wearing watches and no sign of his wallet. >> a brazilian judge ordering the swimmers to remain in rio and today lochte's lawyer telling "extra" ryan left the country after fully cooperating with brazilian authorities and insisting his client's story is true. this happened the way he described it. >> now "extra" reveal the latest honor for america's nabbing the cover of "people" magazine as simone biles gets the shock of her life. the fourth-time gold medalist surprised by her celebrity crush zac efron. the "today" show pulling off the cloak ask dagger mission, simone who has a life-sized cutout of the star in her room. >> didn't even do my signature wink. >> the star-struck teen still on cloud nine. >> i met zac efron.
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>> i'm asking. >> now michael phelps' new interview ready for dad and son time with little boomer who has hissen instagram account. >> over 100,000 followers and nicole, i need a picture. i have to keep everybody many. >> it's been a huge year for comedian eddie you ever inny who just became a father again for the ninth time earlier this summer and he has a brand new movie coming out. >> oh, years and he's showing off his dramatic side. he's worth $85 million. his movies have banked nearly $4 billion at the bock office and eddie murphy's happy place is not on a hollywood red carpet. >> my life revolved around being home and nobody's tripping or nothing. you have your kids and family around, and i can just go like that every day. >> that's very special. >> the father of nine, loving the role of super dad, but
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soon. >> a 55-year-old superman flying in the room. kind of old to be in the -- >> your kids would love it, right? >> they'd get a real kick out of it. dad the old superhero. arnold did a terminator movie and he's, like, in his 70s. almost 70. a 70-year-old robot saying i'll be back. come back. i'll be here. kind of old >> fly in with a cape on and kick somebody's ass and then fly off. i don't even believe that to see me do that. man, you see that movie where eddie murphy flew in and he had a cape and flying around and kicking people that was bull [ bleep ]. >> eddie taking on a dramatic new role. >> movies that are trying to be funny and i've never been offered anything that was -- that had this type of emotional
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matter. >> what are you doing? >> starring as mr. church as a caring cook who takes care of a dying girl after she loses her mother. >> you can't choose your relatives. you can't choose them or the people that become, you know, part of your life. >> september 16th, the softer side of eddie murphy in theaters as mr. church. >> all right, now, let's get you caught up on the stories that everybody is talking about today. it's tonight's "extra, >> carrie underwood and brad praisely the non-related brother sister team. >> hey, come get this. >> no. >> the two getting set to host the cma awards schooling each other on the guilty pleasures and his, "game of thrones" and hers, "the walking dead". >> there's only one way to kill a zombie. >> tell me about that. >> you have to damage the brain. >> hollywood's toughest guys
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dominic at home and when i was on the set of "ncis los angeles," i got grief over my form. >> you're not going all of the way down. >> to hopper the veterans who die from suicide each day. >> michael weatherly try to do them all in a row, player. >> 11 -- oh, boy. >> the pratts, chris and ana initiating the challenge to celeb friends like kevin hart, john krasinski, the rock johnny depp's little girl lily rose following in daddy's foot steps. >> this isn't the real world. >> starring with daddy. >> are you guys tripping on the pot? >> johnny and his ex lily's mom starring in the new comedy "yoga hosers" about two canadian yoga enthusiasts who fight off a supernatural evil using, well, yoga. major news for the mtv vma
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officially a performer. >> it's history. >> teasing fans with her iconic "i'm a slave for you" slithering around. >> britney on the stage for the first time in ten years perform. >> and hiking in really short shorts. okay. all right then. ? up next, what to expect when flipping out's jeff lewis is expecting. >> i'm five quality minutes a week with my baby she should turn out great. >> an all-new sneak peek as he and his partner hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time. plus kendall jenner playing celebrity trading spaces with john krasinski and emily blunt. she's opening up the doors to
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coming up, jeff lewis
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then guess who this over the top
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well, "flipping out" is taking on a whole new meaning for tv star jeff lewis. he and his partner are frantically getting ready for their first baby. a.j. is with the proud papa in new york. >> his biggest flip yet. >> our nursery. >> his most personal ever. >> our baby is due in 90 days
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drywalled and we're cutting it real close. >> jeff lewis taking a break from baby prep at our h&m times square studio. >> there are days when we're, like, oh, yeah. we're pregnant. there are days when i forget because we're pretty biz. >> biz we demos and drama on the new season of his hit bravo show "flipping out". >> it's a little girl, right? >> it's a little girl. >> on tomorrow's episode these girl's heartbeat for the first time. also getting a glimpse of her personality. >> she just turned her head. >> she's over it. she wants you to leave her alone. >> how much do you think you're going to change? i think you're looking at the beginning of the new, mature, responsible jeff. i'm thinking if i spend five quality minutes a week with my baby. >> five a week? >> minutes, i'll shut off my phone. spend five quality minutes i think she should turn out great.
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daddy 101. >> diapers. >> onesies. >> everything else, a nanny. >> it's just extra. >> you are the nanny for life. >> i don't know how to swaddle or feed. i don't know if i've even held a baby. >> never? >> not a little baby. >> you have no idea what you're signing up for. understand you will never sleep a full night ever again. >> i'm going to sleep late tomorrow then. >> just don't sleep through the new "flipping out" tomorrow on bravo. i glimpse inside the homes of some of the biggest stars in the world and just take a wild guess whose closet this is. i mean, it looks like nordstrom's. >> mariah carey. >> bingo! that's actually it. yes! and that's just the shoe closet, by the way, because the clothes they have their whole separate room situation. >> unreal. >> there is a look at some more amazing star real estate. >> kendall jenner doing hollywood house flipping. the 20-year-old
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krasinski's hollywood hills home for $6.5 million. kendall keeping up with her mansion-buying siblings making the six-bath five-bed home her home. a rooftop deck and swimming pool. that is living in style. >> jennifer goodwin listing her fairytale los angeles home for $1.5 million. the actress and her once upon a time prince charming husband josh dallas are selling their restored home with restored bookshelves and vintage bathrooms with french doors leading to a terrace with magical views. want to live like a joe bro? just write a check for $2.5 million. they're unleoading their jersey estate and they're expanding, expecting their second child late this year. it features a saltwater pool, putting green and a dam fit for
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cellar in the dining room and a man cave equipped with a jonas barbershop. it's real estate gold for lindsay vaughn, tiger woods' downhill skiing olympian ex dropping $3.5 million on a new four-bedroom, five-bath super sleek hollywood home. >> i have to go for it. >> the brand new home complete with floor to ceiling windows, a stunning swimming pool and private master bell coalcony, b sn osc oscar, but did she have nerves playing the iconic jackie o.? >> i -- >> jamie foxx channeling the president, jack, and fox news ratings king bill o'reilly next. how do you spell entertainment? ? ? ? >> the next generation of
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next "extra," miley shaking up "the voice."
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natalie portman, tracy, is easily one of the most versatile stars in the business. she's played a sci-fi queen in "star wars," she fell in love with thor and she won an oscar as an unstable ballerina in "pla "black swan." she's stepped into role as a director. >> shes with her husband and stepping out to promote her new film "a tale of love and darkness" in hea she has no plans of slowing down. >> time off now? >> no. no. unfortunately not. exciting things happening, though. >> exciting things like stepping behind the camera for the first time to direct a drama she shot in hebrew. >> how good are you? [ speaking foreign language ] >> very good. very good. >> the story based on the best-selling book by the same name about a young boy's relationship with his mother,
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what was that like taking on that task? it was great. i mean, it's of course, scary because there are so many directors i've worked with that i admire so much and i know how much work and thought and preparation they put into their films, and i wanted to give it the same attention and care. >> natalie moving back in front of the camera for her next role transforming into first lady jacqueline kennedy. >> and taking on the iconic jackie o. >> it was very intimidating. i have a lot of respect for her and also she's someone that people really know what she sounded like and moved like. so i really worked hard to get it right. >> see if she got it right later this year. "a tale of love and darkness" out friday. so you've got to love a good flashback photo and check out this one posted on instagram. mario, can you guess this oscar winner? that's a huge hint right there.
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he can act, sing and dance. >> that's my man jamie foxx. looking funny, but cool as always and he proved how cool he is once again when he stopped by our home at universal studios, hollywood. >> a funnyman always creating pandemonium. >> just a few of the reasons why he's an "extra" favorite. >> on top of the super cool list, jamie foxx. >> this, one of our favorite jamey interviews ever stopping by the universal co-star kuf an shanae wallace. >> if there's any indication that america is not the most -- and yes, we can. >> what about shaq? what about shaq? [ indiscernible ] >> now, i didn't know that you do a bill o'reilly, though. >> do i? >> that's what i heard.
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always -- shout out to you, bill. >> the man jamie's most looking forward to getting right. iron mike, martin scorcese rumored to be directing the biopic. >> have you started training yet? >> that and grabbing the quietness of mike tyson. what's interesting is this, when i'm 21 years old i go into my mike tyson thing and nobody laughs and nobody says anything, and why? he was actually in the audience. >> what did he say? >> mike said i was, like, oh. i do the joke and getting a standing ovation and that's when i first met mike back in his heyday and when we talked we talk from a point of reference where i really know him and
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you love summer but it's tough on your feet leaving them feeling rough. discover amop? pedi perfect. it's the beauty secret that's earning five star reviews for buffing away hard, dry skin leaving feet salon pedicure smooth. feel the difference for yourself. amop?. love every step.
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well, that's going to do for today's "extra." for the latest entertainment news head over to see you tomorrow. next "extra," miley shaking up "the voice." kiefer sutherland's first role since "24." all-new fall tv secrets.
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colleen here with you on this thursday morning. becky is joining us this morning... becky- when will we see that big cool down everyone keeps mentioning? it's jefferson


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