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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am MDT

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the new security video exposing what really happened that night in rio. >> now on "extra." ? ? ? ? ? ? they weren't robbed at gun point. they trashed a gas station, and it was all caught on store security cameras. breaking lochte's olympic skavcandal. did he really post this on snapchat as the true story emerged. robin williams' daughter zelda's new tv interview opening up how she got past her father's suicide. >> that's all you can do. new video. adele without makeup. why she's apologizing to her fans today. >> i'm really, really sorry. >> live at universal.
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"qwest. >> i don't know who is more excited to have you here, me or me. >> charissa putting jack houston through the gauntlet. >> just take your shirt off. >> the best pics of the day, why is beyonce jumping 30 feet off a boat. plus rob lowe naked and afraid. an extra sneak peek at the rob roast. >> what are you doing in my bedroom? >> nothing. now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. >> hi, everyone. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up, kim and kanye trying to score a free $30 million rental from air bnb? >> also coming up, mario, our ultimate sneak peek of fall's new tv. the bombshell twist of ryan lochte's olympic scandal that reveals ryan and his teammates weren't actually robbed in rio.
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sensational headline as we expose one secret tape that could prove ryan lied about his held up at gun point story. >> he took our money. he took my wallet. >> this is the stunning security camera footage just revealed by brazil's globo tv and ryan and his teammates with their hands in the air at a rio gas station where police claim they drunkenly broke down a bathroom door to get inside. >> the gold medalist who had partied that night first pulled over in their tax i by a fake cop. >> the guy pulled out his fwgun and put it to my forehead. >> two armed gas station security guards confronted the the bathrooms, both pointing ed- their guns at the swimmers, that was not seen in the video, but may have been edited out. >> the story unraveling after two of lochte's teammates
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fabricated, gunnar bentz and jack conger pulled off a plane. lochte posed with a flight attendant and posted this pic walking through the airport and was already back on u.s. soil. today just as the security footage was revealed, lochte instagraming this bizarre goofy video with fellow olympic swimmer elizabeth feisal. >> the 32-year-old who has worked as an extra special correspondent and told mario. >> t w just completely go into my own world. >> really? >> and those are ryan lochte moments. >> telling us only hours before the incident he planned to continue competitive swimming. >> i will come back. i definitely want to come back. >> but now his future and $16 million in endorsement deals in doubt, rocked by an international scandal. well, another olympian getting plenty of attention right now is simone biles after winning her fourth gold medal,
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meet her celebrity crush zac efron and today her brazilian boyfriend is calling zac out. >> i saw her first! that's brazilian gymnast arthur mariano's warning zac efron, arthur who simone calls her brazilian boyfriend, posting this pic stealing a kiss from his golden girl. mariano and biles hanging out together for weeks in rio and he's having fun teasing simone's celebrity crush smooch on the "today" show. don't worry, no romance drama here. they're just friends who joke about being boyfriend and girlfriend when they see each other at international competitions. your move, efron. zelda speaking out about how she's coping with the loss of her father. >> i just kept going and said today i'm going to wake up and love what i do, and tomorrow i'm going to wake up and love what i do and then the next day because that's all you can do. >> the 27-year-old sitting down
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it's been two years since robin took his own life, but the actress did manage to find a silver lining in his tragic passing. >> a lot of great stuff came out of that. i ended up writing 12 scripts which is great and then you're, with me and i didn't see wrong - daylight for a while. new video, adele stripping off her makeup and apologizing fo i've had a cold and i've been pushing through it and i loved it and i pushed too hard. >> sending this message after rescheduling her second phoenix show to november. >> i'll come back and i'll smash it for you. beyonce taking a terrifying plunge off the side of a gigantic yacht. here's queen b jumping off a luxury liner and some estimating a 30-foot drop and that's like stepping off the top of a
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from the return of some of our favorite tv shows and today charissa and i will break down the dram as that are getting some buzz right now. >> everything from your favorites like "how to get away with murder" and cast changes on "ncis" and "bull" and one i want to check out "this is us". >> prime time is getting ready to take over your tv. >> one of the most talked about shows of the fall season "this is us". >> yeah. in fact the trailer went viral. it got more than 50 million views. >> which one of you is pregnant? >> the nbc drama follows the intersecting lives of people all turning 36. the buzz over at cbs all about "bull" starting michael weatherly. >> you're lying about something. >> his first gig since "ncis". >> the guy i had the crush on. >> based on the real-life story of dr. phil. >> code black's big return. >> now they've got rob lowe joining them. >> in this case he's going to play a doctor and he'll
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feathers. >> abc enlisted tv tough guy kiefer sutherland as the designated survivor. >> he played the famed role of jack bauer on "24". >> the government is wiped out and he's the designated survivor. >> insert trump joke here. >> sir, you are now the president of the united states. >> more drama on abc, "notorious" covers a high-profile murder case. >> it's loosely based on the relationship between famed defense attorney mike geragos an >> who is a friend of "extra." this is who you want to play you. piper perabo. >> gina davis doing a reboot of the horror classic on fox. >> "the exorcist". >> is one of the greatest horror films of all time. >> you'll get mad at me. >> you've never seen it! >> i don't want like scary
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another reboot on television, lethal weapon and damon wayans in this one. >> lapd, put your hands in the air! >> one of my favorite franchises starring mel gibson and danny glover back in the day. >> i have seen that one. >> oh, nice. good for you. one of the five. okay. so we've got another showdown at the box office this weekend. matthew mcconaughey and charlize theron are bringing their animated family pic "kubo" and >> while "war dogs" the real-life story of 20-year-old arms dealers. >> i want to check that out. and they'll square off against the big budget remake of the classic "ben-hur" which i also want to check out and charissa is with the film's star. >> he is the star of the mega-hit movie "ben-hur" with me now is matt houston. how are you, jack? >> i don't know who is more excited to have you here, me or me. >> oh, my god.
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character in "empire" and in the remake of the classic hollywood film that scored 11 oscars. >> you should have killed me. >> they're at the big premiere taking a night off from watching their beautiful kids and time out to tell me about shooting the epic film. >> what was your favorite part of making this movie? >> we shot in italy for six months. >> yawn. boring. >> no time for this 33-year-old to get bored while getting ripped to play a prince turned >> how long were you a slave? >> five years. >> i lost 30 pounds for the slave ship while in italy which wasn't easy. >> how did you do that? that seems impossible. >> with a lot of training and strict diet and regime. >> just take your shirt off while we're here. it's hot out. >> i wish. the movie was a long time ago. not in great shape. >> what is your name? >> ben-hur. >> make sure you check it out. >> thank you for being here.
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one, two, going in for the second? >> congratulations. >> thank you. up next, new video. rob lowe in a limo wearing nothing, but a bow tie. >> imagine everyone is fully clothed and you're naked. a sneak peek at what to expect from his comedy central roast. then we're keeping up with the kardashians. new kim k. rumors from exploding butt >> so the butt of the joke. >> to gossip she and kanye are trying to score a $30 million vacation pad for free. plus, celine dion reveals her fashion game secret weapon.
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coming up, why oprah refuses to ask anyone for a favor. then our new interview with
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okay, trace. kim kardashian and kanye west are apparently in a new york state of mind and in the market for a luxury apartment in manhattan. >> that is right. according to "the new york post" they're reportedly hoping to land a $30 million rental from air bnb for free and it looks like they got that idea from kylie and kendall jenner who recently scored this over the top turks and caicos estate from
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that seems like a fair trade. >> no luck yet. they don't need the penthouse until september 8th when new york fashion week kicks off. >> let's get to some of the other stories people are talking about today. here's tonight's "extra, extra". >> rob lowe, ready to take the burns and digs from his labor day comedy central roast in the only way rob knows how. >> imagine everyone is fully clothed and you're naked. much better. >> you can't be a fan of them and then when they you say i can't possible. >> the hunky 52-year-old star has the perfect roast master, david spade. >> hey, sexy. >> what are you doing in my bedroom? >> nothing. >> more concerns for lamar odom on this sunday's "keeping up with the kardashians". >> lamar hasn't followed through recently with so many things. khloe still worried about her ex's recovery about getting to basketball shape. >> going to a basketball camp is
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>> kim k. fans should look forward to kim answering rumors on her official app including rumors about her supposed butt implants exploding. >> so the butt of the joke. oprah winfrey. >> on the cover of the hollywood reporter revealing she broke her own rule when she asked eva to direct. i never, capital >> the queen sugar cast gushing about miss o. about the thr photo shoot. >> i was intimidated when i met her. she takes you in and looks at you. ? well, if you ever needed an example of how to persevere with grace, look no further than celine dion. >> oh, yeah. i can't even imagine. she lost her husband and brother to cancer within days of each other this year, and she's doing
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she's putting those emotions into her work and using it to help heal herself and her family. a.j. is with the powerful interview with the five-time grammy winner. >> she's transforming her fashion by stealing her stylist. >> we change, like, 16 times a day. >> celine dion glammed and gorgeous in a print jumpsuit, jet setting in yellow and getting a major makeover from la rosh. >> my manager is not happy right now about that, but we'll try her fashion game. >> she's bridging me new things to discover and i want to feel good on them. >> and her new album, encore and the her upcoming edge lir album "recovering". ? . >> it's not recorded yet. >> and the grammy winner dropping new details behind this
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icon award of the billboard music awards five months after her husband rene died from cancer. when i saw my 15-year-old came out and present me this award i lost it. i wanted to be so strong, and that was a real surprise. >> she's moving on, moving forward, finding comfort in the fact he's still with them. celine going further memorializing rene with a tattoo. >> rene gave his best and his he's the only man of my life that i've known, and i see him through the eyes of my three boys. coming up, 50 women fighting to become his football wife. >> and you know who can turn that down, you know? >> charissa's got nfl star turned catching kelsey reality star. plus, hollywood's pretty little secrets revealed. what you can do for five minutes
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how do you spell entertainment? ? ? >> the next generation. >> of entertainment news. >> is here. >> "extra". >> for over 20 years, "extra" has been delivering emmy award-winning entertainment news. now for the second time we've struck emmy gold.
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you love summer but it's tough on your feet leaving them feeling rough. discover amop? pedi perfect. it's the beauty secret that's earning five star reviews for buffing away hard, dry skin leaving feet salon pedicure smooth. feel the difference for yourself. amop?. love every step. and right now save $15 at next "extra," the untold obama love story. >> michelle was hard to get.
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>>well, i know millions of people including our crew are fired up about this. football returning to l.a., but you know my heart, of course is with the hometown chargers until they move to l.a. it will work out fine. >> it's emotional to be a chargers fan, isn't it? >> in the to a star of the nfl who spent the off-season shooting a reality show. >> he plays for the kansas city chiefs. ? >> now the 26-year-old nfl star travis kelsey. >> when i'm off the field i am still in the spotlight. >> is really ready to play the field in "catching kelsey". >> there are 50 of you and one of me. >> i am always fascinated why someone like yourself would want to throw yourself into a reality show like this. >> i've never had really that much time to think about family, think about having a girl.
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where i got to pick between 50 different women and you know who can turn that down, you know? >> i need a woman that will fit into all aspects of my life. >> what will viewers be most surprised by? >> the girls on the show are absolutely hysterical. >> i am also known for my dance moves. >> okay. >> eyes are up right now. >> am a born-again virgin. so i am not a virgin, from now on, or from a few months ago on, reaction that this was going to happen? >> typical travis. my mom knows i like to have fun. ? ? >> what are you looking for? >> i'm the kind of guy that's very focused in what i'm doing. i need someone who is success driven, as well. >> did you find that? >> yes. >> i found that. >> you have a lady in your life.
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>> watch "catching kelsey" on e! >> what is the beauty trick to getting gorgeous skin like you have? >> you know what? i'm all about organic. i love coconut oil for breakouts. >> whatever you're doing it's working, and here are tips and tricks to help you fool father time. >> she rubs elbows with the rich and famous and erases years off the faces of everyone else. >> you are you can't fool mother nature, but you can trick father time. >> veronia aesthetician and owner of veronica's skin and body care in malibu for over 40 years. would you believe she's almost 70? now this ageless expert is revealing the five thingious can do to avoid going under the knife. step one, use ret in-a. >> the superstar of all skincare. it helps with pigmentation, sun spots. it smooths the skin. >> pamper yourself with a facial. women should start incorporating them into the beauty routines in
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results. >> microdermabrasion helps fight fine lines and wipe away wrinkles by gently scrubbing off the top layer of skin. >> it gives you the glow so it looks like you have young skin. >> look for products with active ingredients. alpha lipoic helps with scar tissue. damd is an antioxidant that keeps your skin firm and vitamin c helps fight off free radicals. >> get a device like the n our,face microcurrent. >> use this five minutes a night and it helps lift and tone the
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that will do it for today owe "extra." for the latest entertainment news head over to we will see you tomorrow. next "extra" the untold obama love story. >> michelle was hard to get. john legend's new movie showing how it all began.
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gary, tarhonda and marty here with you this morning... welcome back, marty - it was a little chilly coming


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