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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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gary, tarhonda and marty here with you this morning... welcome back, marty - it was a little chilly coming
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the family of a 20- year-old lafayette man is offering a reward for any information about his disappearance. ryder johnson was working at eldora mountain resort - near nederland. no one's seen him since january 17th. on that day-- he was leaving the ski resort. his car was later
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offering 100- thousand dollars to anyone with information that leads to johnson-- or to an arrest... if foul play was involved. human remains have been found in the eldora area - but authorities do not believe they have any connection to johnson. investigators still want to know what exactly happened - when a known gang member killed a two year old child in his care. yesterday - hasan jones was sentenced to 20 years -- for the charge of child abuse resulting in plea deal with prosecutors -- who say, they don't want rehabilitation. ... this is a punishment. ny-ari jones died from septic shock after investigators say jones "beat" her-- in 2014. according to court records - jones was they only person near the girl when she
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donald trump softened his tone during a speech in north carolina. the change in tone comes days after the republican candidate rearranged his top-level campaign staff - it was a big change from his usual unapologetic tone. and in new york - democratic nominee hillary clinton met with police chiefs from across the country. she focused on community support and good relationships with police. and information
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fbi, clinton told agents that former secretary of state colin powell was the one who advised her to use a personal email server -- except for classified communications. she said she thought that was what she was doing. today - donald trump and running mate mike pence will visit louisiana. they'll be in baton rouge...touring areas hit by massive flooding in the past week. trump's campaign says the candidates will be at a private event, without media. and the clinton campaign has confirmed that it will put new restrictions on donations to the clinton foundation-- if hillary clinton wins the white house. if that becomes the case - the foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations. ....only donations from private citizens and independent charities. department of
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secretary jeh johnson toured the flooded baton rouge area yesterday - where he spoke about the long recovery. johnson said the state is not "out of the woods" - but the federal government is committed to offering as much support as needed. 13 people died as a result of the floods - and more than 40-thousand homes were affected. the effects of the louisiana flooding might remind some coloradans of our now -- scientists, here, have come up with a new forecast model. that could make a big difference in how floods are predicted across the country. the new computer model will map millions of miles of waterways.
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monitor streamflows. experts think it'll help them provide the most current flood forecast possible. more developments in the bizarre, alleged "robbery" incident involved four olympic swimmers in rio. the u-s olympic committee is apologizing today for the quote "distracting ordeal". brazilian police say ryan lochte and a group of swimmers were not robbed - as they originally instead - they say the group vandalized a gas station bathroom and got into some sort of confrontation with security. lochte is already back in the u-s. two others involved - jack conger and gunnar bentz flew home last thursday night. and lawyers for swimmer james feigen say he will pay about 10- thousand-800 dollars as a fine in order to leave brazil. under brazilian law - the money will most likely go
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expected. but he failed beat a previous speed record. still -- bolt is now 6-for-6 in individual olympic sprints.. today - he can try to win gold medal "number nine"--- in the 4-by-100 relay. and you could say ahton eaton literally ran away with the title of "world's greatest athlete" yesterday. the decathlete took gold again -- he did it back in lo athlete kevin mayer - who took silver. eaton is just the third man to ever repeat a gold medal in the olympic decathlon. ' and today in rio -- u-s boxer claressa shields is set to defend her london gold medal. and colorado's janine beckie will take to the field.
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brazil in a bronze medal match.
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on the "blue cut" fire. but - there's still a lot of work ahead. it's a perfect 100 for team u-s-a -- nearly doubling the runner up on the medal count. the u-s has 35 gold, 33 silver, and 32 bronze medals -- 100 in total. china is next with 58... great britain with 56... russia has 44... and japan behind with 36. rain and cooler
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helped the crews battling the hertha ridge fire here in colorado. it's burned 73 acres near carter lan larimer county. the sheriff's office says its now 75 percent contained - thanks in part - to light rain and cooler weather this afternoon. let's hope that continues... crews have made progress on the massive blue cut fire in southern california.. even so -- tens of thousands of people are still under evacuation orders.
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air quality. and authorities could not immediately say how many homes have been destroyed. but they warned residents to prepare for a big number. as of thursday - that fire is 22- percent contained. the u-s air force is changing the foam it uses to fight fires.. this-- after concerns that it contaminated water in el paso county. the air force says it awarded a 6- point-2 million dollar contract this week-- to replace the foam with something more "environmentally responsible." of a lake in washington state -- after health officials discovered it contained toxic algae. officials say people should not swim or even wade in lake tapps. folks should also keep their pets out of the water and not eat fish from the lalke. a dozen people got sick after swimming there last weekend. officials are investigating a potential link between their symptoms and the algae. it's the middle of
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depend on the mazes - to keep them running through the fall and winter. fall will be here before we know it. this year's maze theme - is farm animals. that report came from up in our fort collins bureau. parents are throwing their support behi requirement for an hpv vaccine.. but only on one condition. and colorado has a theft problem -- and new data shows -- it's not getting
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smaller, used car. of smaller used cars continue to drop -- even though used car prices in general - are on the rise. the best value -- is a subcompact car. those prices are down six-point- three percent. overall, though -- used car prices are at an all-time high -- averaging more than 19-thousand dollars. you've probably seen the signs along the freeway -
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your car and windows." new data shows a big increase in the number of car thefts across colorado. the colorado bureau of investigation says thefts in 2015 were up by 30 percent from the previous year. c-b-i says denver was the top place for theft -- followed by colorado springs, aurora and pueblo. honda accords and civics -- were stolen the most. a national survey finds parents support a required h-p-v vaccine for students -- but with a catch. only 20 percent of parents think requiring the vaccine is a good idea. but the approval nearly triples - to about 60 percent - if there are provisions to opt- out of the vaccine. experts say an opt-out loophole contradicts the requirement - and would fail to raise immunization rates. right now - only rhode island, virginia and washington d-c require h-p-v vaccines in schools.
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co greatly affect your health. but it's different for men and women. a new study shows that men who take on more financial responsibility - see a decline in their physical and mental health. but when women did the same -- their mental health improved. the study did not show any effect on a woman's physical health when it came to financial decisions, though. school is back in session for most kids -- and it can be easy to get swamped with all the safety and health tips that come with it. but a new kind of training aims to make some of the more subtle school issues - easier to manage. a new program is taking first aid beyond the typical
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reminded about health and safety. but a new effort is going beyond typical first aid -- and training staff what to do if they see someone having a mental health issue. and as n-b-c's alice barr shows us -- the education goes
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experts stress this is not about
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diagnose or treat mental illness... it's learning to recognize the signs, then refer to professional
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a rare sight in italy
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albino sea turtle was born! even more rare - this little guy was a conjoined twin when it hatched. unfortunately - only one survived. this turtle has a tough battle ahead of it. they can grow up to three feet long. but without the ability to use color as camoflauge, albino turtles can't hide from predators. this is considered a "loggerhead' sea turtle -- which are also an endangered species. scene from a different era... a tall ships festival is underway in duluth, minnesota. well -- except for the giant rubber duck -- that's not exactly historically accurate. other than that - the ships are all replicas of vessels that are centuries old. they sail into the harbor behind a water cannon ship - and pass right under a lift bridge. the festival runs through this sunday.
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4:30... but we hav
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unrelenting -- rising waters in louisiana now moving south. at least 13 dead thousands of homes threatened. and here in colorado scientists have a new way to predict such devastation... seven months later and still no new leads. a family-- now offering hundreds of thousands of their missing son... and to rio -- the olympics winding down but the olympic spirit hasn't left the city. we continue our tour of rio with cheryl and matt -- and look at who could be next on team u-s-a to win the gold. good morning everyone, i'm gary shapiro with tarhonda thomas. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us.


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