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tv   Today  NBC  August 19, 2016 7:00am-9:01am MDT

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p. good morning. 100 and counting. team usa hit the medal milestone. ashton eaton winning gold in the decathlon to retain title of the world's greatest athlete. book once again. and vandals not victims. overnight two of the u.s. swimmers involved in the gas station incident with ryan lochte leave rio after surveillance video proves they weren't robbed. third swimmer agreeing to donate $11,000 to get passport back and u.s. officials issue an apology for their behavior today.
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>> now all by himself, comes to the home straight away. first ever olympic gold medal for a women's wrestler in u.s. history. >> now he's really working. >> and good in split edition of today during the summer olympics. i'm matt lauer on copa cabana beach. take a look down from the chopper above. some of our athletes from team usa spelling it out for us here on the beach. and including or included in that group, seven medal winners
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total to 100 medals, including ashton eaton, the world's greatest athlete times two. winning the decathlon yesterday. >> by the way, that's a beautiful sight. very nice. >> don't get me wrong. i'm looking forward to going home, but i'm going miss it here. >> i've got two words for you. wah. a major developments overnight in the robbiery scandal involving four swimmers including ryan lochte. two of the swimmers heading home overnight after speaking with police. we still haven't heard from ryan lochte. what does this mean for his future and endorsements. we're going to look back at what an incredible two weeks it has been at the venues and here on our set. right? >> really has been great. now let's go back to new york
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this friday morning. >> i'm all at some point and times because you guys are coming back. we'll get you caught up on politics. a surprising shift from donald trump as he does something he never does on a campaign trail. expressed regret for making statements that caused some people pain. we'll hear from him in just a bit. >> savannah, thank you very much. let's talk about the scandal that continues to evolve. it involves the u.s. swimmers, including ryan lochte. have been debunked by rio officials. the usc apologizing. at the gas station where it all happened. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning thchlt is the gas station you're about to see in security foot j. what stunning this morning is an altercation here could turn into an international incident. as you can see, there are security cameras surrounding this gas station. there was never any chance that
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come out. overnight a broken deal with brazil. jimmy feigen's attorney saying the swimmer has agreed to donate nearly $11,000 to a brazilian charity to resolve the case. >> anything you want to say to your supporters? >> reporter: hours earlier, jack conger and bentz leave brazil. after giving statements to police, brazilian lawyer taking a shot at ryan speak with any journalists or lie to any journalists. they were just quiet and didn't know what was happening. the u.s. oc now confirming the police version of events. investigators saying the gold medallists were never robbed. the evidence security video from early sunday. at 5:47 a.m. swimmers ryan lochte and jimmy feigen are seen leaving a party with bentz and conger. took a taxi back towards the
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at 6:07 a.m. you can see one head toward the back of the gas station near the bathroom. a minute later the four emerge followed by a gas station employee, concerned police say because the swimmers had vandalized the bathroom that's one of the security cameras that filmed the footage. the swimmers walk through here. and further down as you can see, an advertisement appears to be been pulled from the road. badly damaged. testimony swimmers returned to cab. at 6:09 driver gets in. a security guard approaches reaching out. it's unclear if he has something in his hand. at 6:12 after a discussion the swimmers exit the taxi. at 6:14 we see a p different angle. you can see the swimmers put hands up and sit down. a guard approaches with a hand on the hip. one guard told investigators he did draw the weapon to get
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with four large athletes. one who of whom was getting aggressive. police let them go after handing over $50 to pay for the bathroom damage. this a very different story. >> we got pulled over in our taxi and these guys came out with a badge, a police badge. no lights, no nothing. just a police badge. pulled us over. pulled out their guns guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. put it to my forehead. >> in the days since that interview, lochte changed some details, but sticking to his story that they were robbed. the american embarrassment forcing u.s. oc to apologize to the people of brazil. the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor does it remit the values of team usa or the conduct of the vast majority
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occurred not here at the gas station, but beside it at the car wash. this is where you can see in the security foot j sitting at the curb side. having a conversation with gas station officials. what the swimmers say is no one there who spoke english. brazilian officials say there was a translator. the swimmers perhaps didn't understand why they were being asked for money. the brazilians say they were making it perfectly clear. all of this was lost in guys. >> thank you very much. we can confirm that gunnar bentz and jack conger have landed back in the united states. they arrived just before we went on air this morning. also we have spoke on the jimmy feigen this morning. he confirmed he has revised the statement he originally gave to police. he agreed to pay $11,000 in restitution. that will apparently get him his passport back. he's not in possession of his passport right now.
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leave brazil tonight. >> no word from ryan lochte yet. >> not yet. bring bob costas, prime time host. so many incredibly great stories over the last couple of weeks, but this is dominating the headlines over the last three days. in the future will this be seen as a footnote to these games or something more. >> i think it might be more than a footnote, but it's not going to be a dominant story. so many historic things sports wise happened here. although we have our fingers crossed and s left, there have been a few glitches. by and large none of the things we feared about an olympics in rio have come to pass. they have done a good job hoetsing. the people have been wonder. . we had a good experience. we come away with dozens and dozens of memories and great sports events and people we met and interacted with it. i'm not trying to minimize it. i don't think this in the end will be something that is, you know, at the top of the list or
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sensitive spot in rio. the fact there was these robbers with badges and things like that. how much bigger could it get because of this. >> they are rightly concerned with the image of rio as a place that leaves security you associate with olympics and terrorism i aside. they have a litigate issue with street crime. no one denies that. if this had been true, they want the wd have pursued whoever responsible: if it turns out not true, they don't want this to smudge the reputation when they've done a good job hosting the olympics. >> what's in the future for the swimmers. in particular ryan lochte who is the most well known in terms of endorsements, in terms of his future in the sport. >> he's an old face name. the others get a pass they were ynger, not a big deal. and swimmers make most of their
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he's probably cost himselves millions and millions of dollars. >> all right. stick around. going to be back in the next half hour. talk about the question, are we seeing the best athletes. is this the best u.s. team ever here in rio. >> speaking of competition, usain bolt was back on the track last night as team usa reached a special milestone. here with the highlights. >> really great number. our athletes now the fourth straight summer games. seven coming on thursday while usain bolt struck gold again. >> reporter: the fastest man alive, usain bolt, rushing the competition in the 200 meters. >> he makes it look easy. >> winning the sprint in three consecutive olympics. bolt's parents looking on as their son makes history. prior to the race.
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home. in the race, the olympic champ breaking out early and never looking back, but despite another gold, bolt was disappointed he did not break 19 seconds. >> i'm always happy for the win, but i wanted the fastest time. >> reporter: bolt has said rio will be his last olympics. going for a triple, triple. medals in the 200 and relay in three straight olympics. >> that's the heart of a champion. >> day and night for team usa wracking up five gold medals. american ashton eaton maintaining the title of the world's greatest athlete. >> everybody behind me for all those years, this is for them. >> back to back olympic gold in the decathlon. >> muhammad is out fast. >> reporter: in the 400 meter hurdles, delie la muhammad the
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taking the bronze. on the men's side, improved on silver in beijing winning gold in the 400 hurdles. in the shot put, american ryan also grabbing gold. hurling the 16 pound shot put over 73 feet for a new olympic record. team usa joe takes a silver delivering a one-two pun in women's wrestling, another gold. crying tears of joy on the podium. >> i did not start as a tough girl so i lacked a lot of self confidence and wrestling has given me that. >> on the court, the american women steamrollsed france winning the semifinal match 86-67 now getting set to facele
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and finally,a relay redo for the american women initially failing to qualify in the 4 by 100 meter relay after allyson felix made contact with a brazilian runner. >> they dropped the stick. >> causing this botched baton handoff, but the americans were allowed to run again alone. >> she has the baton. >> in take two, the americans managed to qualify for tonight's final. >> so the standings in the medal count remain unchanged. usa, china, great britain with a commanding lead there. take a look, 100 through thursday. fourth straight summer games of 100 medals or more. how much do we love that? coming up today, the men's and women's 4 by 100 relay. the gold medal match women's soccer.
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>> you mentioned that gold for ashton eaton in the decath lon. the world's greatest athlete is on with us in copa cabana beach. the world's greatest athlete times two. how does it feel the second time around? >> i'm a little bit more sore now, but it feels good. >> this goes over two days. you're known for building up a lead. how were you feeling going into theec lead? >> i have to admit they were times i was doubtful, but it was a good thing because there's young kids coming up really pushing me and that challenge me and i drive on and rose to the challenge and i'm glad i did. >> thursday during the poll vault, you had that amazing pass. the emotion you showed after that kind of said it all. describe what that was like for you. >> at that point, i was
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if this is in the bag. and i think at that moment, i knew that all my training, not just for the last four years, but really my whole life, physical and mental led up to that point. >> all comes down to the 1500 meter. how much pressure were you feeling standing at the beginning of that race. >> you know what, normally i'm very nervous and feel a lot of pressure. i thought i'm willing to run myself into the hospital if i have to. i was in a cold shower going to step up and be able to do this ashton, and i made a pact with myself. >> you got some ridiculous criticism for we'ring a canadian cap. you were cheering her on. >> yes. >> competed, you won bronze as well. how do you split the focus? concentrate on your own event
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>> it was easy for me because i went first. it was tougher for ashton. i don't know how he does it. >> i got inspiration from her. four years ago she walked in gettin andg11 she said i'm not going this getting 11 anymore. i want to be on the podium. to see her make that transition and make that dream a reality was powerful. >> are we going to be sitting with both of your in tokyo. >> man, no pressure. >> we have no idea. >> we can say we loved and enjoyed everything up until now. >> okay. thank you so much. world's greatest athlete times two. thank you. >> we're going to have much more from rio just ahead. don't forget you can catch nbc prime time coverage of the olympic games tonight. 7:00 central time and the closing ceremony sunday night. >> in the news this morning, we
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florida. at least two more cases apparently traced to miami beach. nbc carry sanders there are for us this morning. >> good morning, savannah. the florida department of health confirms now 35 cases of locally acquired zika in south florida. the majority of those have been concentrated in a neighborhood in miami called win wood, but now sources are telling nbc news that the health officials strongly susct two cases of zika here on miami beach. acquired again from local mosquitos. to get at that this morning, the mosquito control efforts on the beach have taken off with a vengeance. they are spraying with insec insecticide. at risk not just pregnant women, but also a tourism industry that's valued at $24 billion. overnight the city sent residents an em about this saying it is important to note that at this time, the department of health has not
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beach, however we have been informed that cases are being investigated and the mayor says the battle on the beach is now a full on war. >> we have all hands on deck. this has been going on since january. i wouldn't want to be a mosquito on miami beach. that's for sure. >> to try to get an understanding of how important this is here, not only $24 billion, but since zika was discovered in south florida, tourism, advanced booking in hotels has dropped 72%, but of course we need to factor into that that it's the end of summer. people are getting back getting ready to go to school. getting their kids ready. may not be directly linked to zika, but certainly something they're watching closely here. >> tourism so important where you're standing. thank you. now we move to the presidential race. a rare admission from donald trump. the republican nominee expressing regret for the first
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the comments he's made along the way. nbc is in charlotte where trump had a rally last night. hi, good morning. >> hi, good morning. for donald trump and his running mates in charlotte to baton rouge. the two will be making an unexpected stop in louisiana to tour the flood damage there. not the only surprise. as you mention 0, it's something we never heard from him, rare admission of regret. about as close to an apology as he's ever gotten. sounding sin in charlotte. listen. >> sometimes. in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that.
7:20 am
it. >> trump today is rolling out his first general election ad hitting hillary clinton. $4 million ad in four battleground states. he's on the air and on attack going after president obama. and by extension hillary clinton after the state department confirmed a $400 million payment to iran was tagged to the release of american detainees. clinn this morning. foundation saying if she's elected president, the foundation will stop excepting foreign and corporate donations. >> holly jackson on the tlal for us. 7:20 let's send it back to rio. matt, i love your shirt. i love your shirt. and also if you like pina co-lad da and getting caught in the rain, you should wear that
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>> i'm already tweeting from that shirt. just so you know. >> it's got its own account. >> we'll see you in a little while. what's happening weather-wise. >> unfortunately in the west we still get the heat. not helping the fire in california. gusty wind in the mountains. dry warm into the weekend. see red flag warnings. also looking at record heat in the pacific northwest. records today and saturday. cooler into next week, but in the meantime from seattle all the way down to med digits. actual air temperatures getting down into northern california. we're going to go to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. poor foster kid black immigrant cancer patient small muslim
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that's your latest weather. guys. >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up with big names dominating like michael phelps the final five and usain bolt his real home to the greatest group of olympians ever assembled. >> we will get into that with bob cost tas. this is "today" on nbc. assembled.
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just ahead on our last morning in rio.
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with keeping up with the judges. police flipping pancakes. when and where you can enjoy a great breakfast and help out a great cause. let's check traffic with amelia earhart. >> starting off down south where we have got a view of our i-25 northbound accident at county line on the approach to dry creek and i know it looks like a still shot there -- actually, that is a still shot. we have a moving camera but the traffic is not moving anywhere, only the two right lanes are en we have also got a full closure of westbound 76 at 136th avenue adjacent to bar lake. the alternate route to get around this investigation which backups now spread for over a mile, you can link up with 136th westbound to highway 85 southbound and that will take you into the north side of denver. and around here this afternoon anticipate storms through the afternoon and through the evening. it won't be a one shot deal. several areas over the front range getting thunderstorms this afternoon and evening,
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through the day. the storms will track to the southeast and blow up over southeastern colorado during the evening. we are capped in the 70s today before those storms begin, look for them to start up around 3:00 and last through the evening tonight. tomorrow clears out, really gorgeous day. very chilly start tomorrow and then we warm it up even more on sunday before our next chance
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we've been showing the beautiful beach all week long. now we're going to show you a great sight here at the beach. we're back at 7:30 on a friday morning. gu and take a look at all of the athletes from team usa who have come to join us on this friday morning. getting a nice welcome from the crowd here. >> so emotional. beautiful. beautiful. we're going to get you caught up on all of the olympic headlines. u.s. olympic committee is apologizing to brazil for the
7:31 am
including ryan lochte who will claimed they were victims of an armed robbery. investigators determined that's not what happened. the group actually vandalized a gas station bathroom. gunnar bentz and jack conger were allowed to leave rio last night arriving in the u.s. this morning and jimmy feigen agreed to pay nearly $11,000 in restitution to get his passport back. that money goes to charity. >> last night was a big one in track and field. usain bolt cruised to gold for the third straight olympic. american ashton eaton won a second straight gold in the decathlon and delilah muhammad became the first woman to win gold in the 400 women's hurdles. >> and the women's basketball team will advance to the final. they will play spain on saturday.
7:32 am
>> let us begin with a rare do over at the olympics. a baton botched appeared to drop the women out of the relay. defending champs filed an appeal and given another shot at making tonight's final. >> felix now to garner. >> they dropped the stick. the united states is out. >> a botched baton exchange leaving team usa frustrated. >> see if we >> i felt contact and it tripped me up. >> allyson felix quick on her feet kept hope alive encouraging her teammates to finish the race so they could file an appeal. the successful protest disqualifying brazil and giving americans a relay redo. a race against the clock alone on the track a shot at
7:33 am
chance to qualify for tonight's final. >> she has got the united states in the final. >> we definitely feel vindicated. our job was to come out and qualify for the finals the first time. we bounced back. we're confident. >> team usa once again in the running as it prepares to defend its gold medal from the 2012 london games. >> it's been tough no doubt. i have an amazing team and these ladies have lifted me and encourage me just to keep going. >> now advance to the final but they did so with the fastest qualifying time and you can see that race tonight here on nbc. >> let's get a check of the weather right now from al. >> this is pretty -- this is amazing really. look at this. a parade of olympic athletes all here on our deck just hanging out. all together. look at this. you're not going to see this anywhere else, ladies and
7:34 am
how exciting is this? wow. all right. i'm just going to walk back again because i can. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather as we head into the weekend. upper midwest looking at some strong storms from minneapolis all of the way back into the mid plains and down into texas. there's a meandering front that will cause problems bringing strong storms from iowa into oklahoma. tomorrow from chicago down heaviest rain is going to be focused down in texas where over the next several days we'll be looking at anywhere from 3 to 5 inches. some areas locally could pick up
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>> don't forget get that weather any time you need it on the weather channel on cable. so proud. >> that's amazing, al. coming up. what pressure usain to moments before the biggest race of his life. >> first, taking the game to new heights. is rio the greatest gathering of is rio the greatest gathering of olympic champions ever is rio the greatest gathering of olympic champions ever hi! hey!
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? ? ? the new ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility. be unstoppable. welcome back to rio. day 14 of the summer olympic games. for two weeks we've seen record setting performances from some of the biggest names in sports. >> it got us thinking, how can this be topped? nbc's peter alexander is here with more on that. >> nice to see you. what great lineup assembled here today. we have 64 more gold medals left to be awarded at these games but
7:41 am
indelible mark. phelps, ledecky, biles, final five, it's like a mt. rushmore of modern sport showcasing a stunning cast of stars. in the pool -- >> michael phelps is going to do it again. katie ledecky looks like she'll win another olympic gold. >> on the track. >> usain bolt still invincible. >> and through the air. >> that is an olympic gold medal winning moment. >> games aren't nearly the best in the world but perhaps the best ever. >> a u.s. sweep. the first in olympic history. >> one more time for the ages. >> michael phelps calling it a career after a record 23 gold medals. >> done, done, done. >> with five coming here in rio. >> michael phelps is going to do it again. phelps passing the swimming torch to katie ledecky.
7:42 am
meter free by more than 11 full sec seconds. >> this is something historic we have here. >> team usa clinching gold number 1,000. >> because you won the 1,000th medal, you get this framed picture. >> equally unparalleled, the u.s. women's gymnastics team. the final five winning all-around by a mile. margin of victory the biggest in history. the olympic motto is higher, stronger. this summer at these games here in rio, athletes are living up to that greatness. that mantra on display at newsstands. "sports illustrated" calling them the greatest and "people" crowning america's sweethearts and the freakishly past usain bolt after cementing his place as the world's fastest man for the third consecutive games tonight looking to complete an
7:43 am
world his signature celebration one last time. and usain bolt's jamaican team and u.s. face off in a sprint relay showdown. bolt is looking for another three-peat this evening. a win would earn him a ninth gold tying him for most track and field medals ever for a man or woman. >> peter, thank you very much. >> look at us. >> bob upstaged. no pressure, bob. is this the greatest gathering, not only team usa but all of the athletes here in rio, the greatest gathering of olympic athletes ever? >> you could make that case. i think peter used the term mt. rushmore. if there is a mt. rushmore of olympics all-time, usain bolt and michael phelps are obviously on it.
7:44 am
farewells here. simone biles is already the greatest gymnast of all-time and debuts here. who knows what katie ledecky may do. everything happens in context. i think back to 1960, we did a piece called wonders of rome. wilma rudolph was in the games basketball team was all college players then including jerry west and oscar robinson on the same team. you can make an argument. with these people standing behind me, i'll say this is the greatest collection of olympians ever. [ applause ] >> can we talk michael phelps for just one second. he had a couple stumbles in london. he came back.
7:45 am
>> not after seeing him in omaha and talking to him in omaha. he was in better shape physically and emotionally than at 27. he achieved what he hoped to. he did not surprise me. nothing he does surprises me. >> what about someone like katie ledecky. is she a once in a generation athlete? >> for this generation, yeah. i don't know that she'll rank as greatest of all-time. it's a subjective it isn't just that she won as often as she did here, she out distanced everybody. if the 1,500 was an olympic event for women as it is for men, she would have won that going away as well. and her range from the 200 to the 1,500 is incredible. >> just a little bit of a footnote here, the glasses, you're not trying to tell me something, are you? >> i'm trying to tell you -- >> i'm leaving tonight.
7:46 am
but the power went out on seecrest last night. i had to do last night. i'm on two hour's sleep. >> ladies and gentlemen, bob cas costas. >> images that may prove that synchronized swimming in the
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coming up on channel 20. >> i'm gary shapiro. here's what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. today. the devastating floods in louisiana reminding a lot of people about colorado's 2013 flood. now a team here in colorado is working on a computer program to help predict these kinds of events around the entire country. we will talk about that. the family of a missing man from lafayette is offering a reward for any information on his disappearance from the
7:57 am
the 20-year-old disappeared in january. his car was found later but no sign of him. and astronauts venturing outside of the international space station today. two nasa astronauts will be installing the first two docking adapters and it will be their first spacewalk since january. right now let's check the weather and traffic with amelia and marty. >> be nice for them to get out and stretch their legs. unfortunately a lot happening in that denver castle pines and castle rock is a real struggle because of a crash that's still blocking multiple lanes on the approach to dry creek and county line. here's a look at the slowdowns leading up to that wreck, 4 miles per hour at c-470, even 470 eastbound is slowing down into the 30s approaching quebec, we are still completely closed down at westbound 76, 136th avenue, there's a crash investigation taking place so you can exit the highway at 136th, take that westbound over
7:58 am
to the week, we will have storms this afternoon along with wind and much colder temperatures, cold front comes through this afternoon, gusty winds, storm, rain, hail, even wind through the afternoon and through the evening, anticipated to be wet past sunset tonight. moderate to heavy rain from 1/2" to more than an inch possible along with the hail that's going to be dry for lower elevations on the western slopes so from summit county to the east quite stormy this afternoon with early day highs in the 70s. tonight we drop into the 40s before a beautiful saturday and
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." 100 medals strong. team usa adds to its impressive run here in rio. ashton eaton takes home gold in the decathlon, retaining his title as the world's greatest athlete. and again. dashing to gold in the 200-meter race. his second three-peat of the game. and model behavior. >> wow. >> you look good. >> al and i shop until we drop with super models as we try on some of brazil's hottest trends. >> you forgot to try these. you promised me.
8:01 am
>> a gold medal in the final olympic race of his career. >> from the medals and milestones to the surprises and sights on our final morning in rio we'll look back at the highlights and fun we've had "today," friday, august 19th, 2016. >> hey, to our moms, friends, dads back in philly. let's go, team usa! >> gold in brazil! >> shoutout to columbia, south carolina. i'm on "today" in rio. >> we miss you, savannah! >> go team usa!
8:02 am
>> all right. welcome back, everyone, to our final special split edition of "today" from rio and from new york. we're just hanging out with the people on copacabana beach. >> we need to vote on matt's shirt. this is debatable. a thumbs up for matt's shirt, let's hear an applause. thumbs down? >> that means i don't have to take it off live on the air which is good. >> let's bring in savannah. she's back in new york. savannah, we are just a couple days away from getting back to you. >> two thumbs up for the shirt. it has been so lonely and boring around here without you guys. just ahead, we're going to give you a little peek at what i've been doing here at 30 rock to entertain myself for the past two weeks. that's just ahead this morning. >> we're looking forward to seeing that, savannah. first, the latest olympic action
8:03 am
that incident involving ryan lochte and three teammates. peter alexander is here with the latest on that. >> this story has been developing about as fast as these guys race through the pool these days. within the last hour, two of those american swimmers returned home to the u.s., finally touching down on american soil in miami after resolving their status with brazilian police. also new this morning, a third swimmer, jimmy feigen, telling us he gave police a revised statement about that night last step closer to finally heading home. overnight hours after giving statements to brazilian authorities, american swimmers jack conger and gunnar bentz allowed to fly out of rio. their lawyer says they were let go because they cooperated with police. he says they were never charged with anything and they were never investigated. they were just witnesses. this is surveillance video that has ryan lochte and three olympic teammates in hot water.
8:04 am
from a gas station surveillance cameras prove that lochte lied when he said he and the others were robbed at gunpoint. instead, the athletes vandalized a restroom before armed security staff stopped them from leaving, demanding they pay for the damage. lochte is already back in the u.s. this morning jimmy feigen tells nbc news he's been asked to pay nearly $11,000 to resolve the case. the usoc apologizing releasing a statement in part saying the behavior of these athletes is not acceptable nor does it represent the values of team or the conduct of the vast majority of its members. despite the distraction, more thrills on the track. superstar sprinter eusain bolt playing to the crowd before the 200 meter. >> and there's the gun as bolt jumps out of the blocks. >> adding to his legend, becoming the first man to win gold in three consecutive olympics in the 100 and 200 sprints. >> he makes it look easy. >> later celebrating with fans striking that signature
8:05 am
will be his last olympic race. the men's 4x100 relay tonight. >> it's a team event. i know it will be fun and exciting. i'm looking forward to it. >> for team usa, the hurdlers hauling in more gold. americans dalilah muhammad winning their respective races in the 400-meter hurdles. american ashton eaton dominated the decathlon vaulting, hurling, sprinting to the gold for a second straight games. >> the world's greatest athlete. >> eaton talking about his achievement earlier on "today." >> there's these young kids coming up really pushing me and that challenge is what i thrive on and i rose to the challenge and i'm glad i did. >> the first woman to ever win
8:06 am
volleyball, brazil hauding to the host country's gold medal count. the dynamic duo of alison and bruno pulling off a stunning victory over italy in front of a raucous hometown crowd. brazil. >> taking back the title for the first time since 2004. so with seven more medals on thursday, team usa brought their total to 100 in all way out in front of china ahead of great britain, ahead of russia as well. 22 more to be handed out today. today women's soccer gold medal game, sweden versus germany. i was at athletes village. swedish king was greeting players. these guys are going home for royal treatment when they're done with these games. >> we talk about medals but for us it's been great to hang out with you guys. really nice.
8:07 am
let's go back to savannah in new york. she has the other top stories of the morning. savannah? >> let's catch you up. this morning donald trump released his first tv ads of the general election. also he plans to visit flood victims in baton rouge today after a rally in north carolina where the first time he acknowledged some of the things he had said during this presidential race may have gone too far. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that. and believe it or not, i regret it. >> meantime hillary clinton met thursday in new york city with top police officials from around the country. she called for restoring bonds of trust between police officers and communities. for the first time, a member of
8:08 am
$400 million cash payment to iran in january and release of four american captives there. on thursday defense department spokesman john kirby said the payment was used for negotiating leverage. he also acknowledged the money was withheld until the americans left iran but the white house denies the payment was ransom insisting it was money owed to iran for a failed 1970s arms deal. some evacuation orders have been lifted in san bernardino, california, where the blue cut wildfire has forced more than 80,000 people from their homes this week. firefighters made significant progress thursday and the fire was 22% contained by last night. now, although it's been slowed, the fire is still threatening canyon and hillside communities east of los angeles. the zika virus may be spreading in south florida. health officials are investigating two new zika cases possibly tied to miami beach. it's one of the world's top tourist destinations of course. the mayor of miami beach says
8:09 am
outbreak. earlier this month federal health officials urged pregnant women to avoid miami's wynwood neighborhood because of zika infections that started there. we may have the beginnings of a new olympic sport. see what you think. snake wrangling. these workers in rio have the havoc of removing a snake spotted on the olympic golf course on thursday. they did manage to catch it and drop it safely into a bag. that work. we'll send it back to the guys in rio. >> all right, savannah. thank you very much. up next, synchronized swimming in the spotlight. is it the most captivating sport of these games? >> plus, the moments that will come to define the 2016 olympic games as we get set to say good-bye to rio. >> and al and i go on a little shopping adventure in rio
8:10 am
>> i'm not sweating. >> come on, billy. nanas bendy? probably because they grow towards the sun. how do they know where the sun is if they don't have any eyes? well, because they can...feel it. so...bananas have feelings? i...guess that's what i'm saying. do you hear that, alfie? bananas have feelings! sorry, banana, this isn't personal. mmmm! technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing,
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8:13 am
poor foster kid black immigrant small muslim the only label that matters is olympian. i'm not sweating.
8:14 am
"what's trending today" from rio. >> usain bolt is the man of the morning winning gold in 100 and 200 meter races. how does this guy get ready for a race? >> how? >> he does what hoda does. he dances and he sings. other runners take a lap around the track. they get warmed up before the race. not usain. he puts on his lost in the music oblivious to what's going on around him. you know what? it works for him. >> i want to know what he's listening to. >> i want his playlist. >> we'll show you a sweet moment from the triathlon that happened. way out in front. he's leading by so much that he stops running and he walks to the finish line. he then collapses to the ground. a few seconds later the second place finisher comes along.
8:15 am
that's his younger brother. >> i love that. >> he crosses the finish line and he, too, falls to the ground. brothers taking gold and silver in the race. they're so overcome they embrace on the ground. >> that's fantastic. >> brotherly love. that's everything right there. beautiful. >> billy, what is it you always tell me, you love synchronized swimming more than any other sport in the olympics? >> i do. >> especially when al -- we t we're there every night. >> al and i have done it. >> it was epic. >> people don't see a lot of it. the event unfolds so fast it can be easy to miss how incredible these routines are. look at these stunning pictures. they show how athletic these ladies are. they flip through the air and the water twisting and turning upside down all underneath the
8:16 am
they perform in perfect harmony. we did try it. we almost drown. >> we really did. it was not pretty. >> i feel sorry for the underwater camera. >> billy, "pop start." >> here we go. this morning we're looking at some of the most liked olympic moments from the stars. here we go. instagram sent us the numbers. they say this. the top three posts all involve -- don't be too surprised -- zac efron. aside from that the other top posts users love this photo. gisele was a big hit on instagram. her picture from opening ceremony catwalk racked up big numbers. and adriana lima released this photo and alessandra ambrosio
8:17 am
that's your "pop start." >> mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> looking at more wet weather. a cooling trend. good news for parts of the country that have just been dealing with all this heat. look at the temperatures dropping back into the 70s and 80s back through the plains. we see that cooling trend making its way all of the way down into the southeast. unfortunately in the northeast it doesn't get
8:18 am
>> announcer: "today's" olympic moment is sponsored by walmart. save money, live better. >> are you ready for "today's" olympic moment? an upset for the ages producing the first gold medal ever for a u.s. woman in wrestling. take a to head. the difference huge. the u.s., a reigning world champion against japan, a three-time olympic gold medallist who had not lost a match in four years. the first period ending.
8:19 am
turn. >> big second period. >> getting the first takedown. and then pushing her opponent out of bounds gaining another point. >> able to get the push out on the edge. >> 4-1 with 30 seconds left. it was too late. >> the first ever olympic gold medal for a woman's wrestler in u.s. history. she does it against the nearly unbeatable japan. >> her third loss in 14 years. >> both women in tears for very different reasons. >> i did not start as a tough girl so i lacked a lot of self-confidence and wrestling has given me that. to have a gold medal, i'm on the mat, really, me? >> the stunning upset and incredible history making moment.
8:20 am
us. wait. >> in the flesh. >> here she is with her gold medal. >> congratulations. that was amazing. i kind of liked what you said about how you couldn't believe that you were the one who was going to win it. that you had insecurities. it makes us all feel like we can sort of relate to you. that's part of who you are, huh? >> definitely. i think i looked at being a gold medallist as this elite club and you had to be perfect in order in my training leading up, i was lacking confidence because i was looking perfection realizing i was never going to find it. once i took a step back and my pastor told me christ is in you and you're enough. >> so nice. >> where are you going to keep your gold medal? >> right now around my neck. >> don't take it off. >> i'm hoping it will weigh me down.
8:21 am
you can keep it anywhere you want. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, matt and al go shopping with some supermodels. >> first, a look back at exhilarating, inspiring and memorable games in rio. >> the waiting is finally over. >> go usa! >> the games are under way. >> the most >> usain bolt still invincible. >> superman is hanging up the cape. michael phelps, count them, 20 gold medals. >> number 20 in the books. >> one more time for the ages. >> a gold medal in the final olympic race of his career. >> i wanted to come back and finish my career how i wanted. >> thank you for giving us a
8:22 am
>> we are the final five! >> that is an olympic gold medal winning moment. >> gold and silver medalist, one, two for team usa. >> there it is. >> oh boy. >> wow. >> laurie hernandez. >> do you remember you said that if a certain person you would need a defibrillator. do you remember that? >> live from the copacabana beach! >> boomer, let me start with you. what's the best moment of your
8:23 am
michael doing the face. >> usain bolt, the first man in history to win three 100 meter races in a row. >> a dive by miller for the line. >> that's allyson felix, the most decorated u.s. woman in olympic track and field history. >> it is a u.s. sweep. >> simple act of kindness resonates with people. >> he stumbled on that first hurdle. he gets up and he keeps going. >> having a parade. >> we did it. we got the shot. >> amazing match so far, isn't it, billy? hoda, you're enjoying it, right?
8:24 am
>> katie ledecky smashes her own world record. looks like she's going to win another olympic gold and she does. manual is going to do it. >> the americans have gold again. >> i didn't have that many people to look up to. hopefully it inspires other african-americans to get involved in the sport. >> seeing your face during that ceremony, that's why we love covering the olym. >> he won gold and he won so many hearts. >> the world's greatest athlete ashton eaton. >> the united states has won the bronze. >> we didn't lose. we won this. >> dalilah muhammad to win the gold.
8:25 am
>> savannah, i don't know if you know how much we miss you.
8:26 am
coming up on channel 20. >> here's a look at what's happening on channel 20 for 9news 8:00 a.m. police in brazil say ryan lochte is not a victim. he's a vandal. the video they say proves he wasn't robbed and now lochte is apologizing. also you want judges to enforce the law to be fair,
8:27 am
certain state supreme court justices remain on the bench even though they have gotten bad reviews from the state. also 9 neighborhoods takes you to the tennyson neighborhood. see the unique local businesses that line the streets. let's check weather and traffic with amelia and marty. a tough drive out there. >> tech center, up along 76, across our c-470 cameras here and take a live look outside. i can move pa okay. i can make it through. we are going to take a look here at our i-25 drive down to the south, we've got the southbound crash at yale, josh is clear at county line but westbound 70 at kipling we have a crash clearing up 35 miles per hour is your delay there threading up to -- leading up to both sides of that wreck and the other big one is 70 at havana. up north 76 is still closed right at 136th so highway 85 is still the alternate route and that's the westbound direction. >> that's going on a couple of hours now. >> yeah. for us clouds hanging
8:28 am
boom, boom, boom, it gets stormy this afternoon and this evening, especially after 4:00, showers here lasting past sunset until almost midnight tonight. heavy thunderstorms could be severe for those of us here in the front range from ft. collins to boulder, denver, down all the way into southeastern colorado late in the afternoon, early day highs in the 70s, all these will be reached in the front range before 2:00 this afternoon, after 2:00 the thunderstorms start and they will just waves through the rest of the afternoon and evening. we have a chilly start to the day tomorrow but we rebound with dry conditions tomorrow into the 70s, gorgeous weekend, frankly, around here and speaking of gorgeous, we will take a live look in rio de janeiro are the olympics are in their final days.
8:29 am
8:30 am
? >> why not? it's our last day here in rio. back now 8:30. back on the east coast of new york. 9:30 here in rio. we have entertainment here from
8:31 am
she's put news the mood all morning long. >> if there's music that makes you feel like you have a warm hand on your heart, it's what she's singing right now. that's beautiful. brazilian musical culture for the games playing for the most high profile natevents. >> coming up, matt and to do shopping. we'll show you what we tried on and purchased. we'll see matt's modeling it right now. we hit the stores with alessandra ambrosio and adriana lima. >> another day shopping with models. >> don't forget good times from these games are heading back to the plaza. we want you to deck yourself out to show us your olympic spirit. come to the plaza for a chance to win $25,000. we'll take one person each day
8:32 am
ball pit. you find it, you get the $25,000. >> we'll keep going every day through thursday until somebody finds that winning ball. you can check out for more info on that story. >> all right. we told you that we got to 100 medals for team usa. we're surrounded by seven athletes that helped us get to that total so we want them to introduce themselves and tell us what they did on summer vacaon >> i got gold in 400 hurdles. >> dalilah muhammad, gold in 400 meter hurdles. >> i'm ryan krauser. >> gold medal in women's wrestling. >> often times we don't get a chance to say where you're from.
8:33 am
where are you from? >> i'm from the great state of oregon. i want to let everyone know back home that this one was for you. thanks for the support. >> i'm from trinidad originally. i live in gainesville, florida. thank my family for being here and witnessing history. >> i'm from queens, new york. my beautiful sister, i love you so much. >> i'm from indianapolis, indiana. i have my beautiful family wonderful support system back home in indy. >> i'm from oregon but my hometown is called boring, oregon. >> not anymore. >> not too much. just like to say thank you to everybody back home especially my training partner. he didn't make it, but i wouldn't be here without him. >> i'm from pennsylvania. i want to thank my friends and family who couldn't be here and the 14 family members i have
8:34 am
nonstop and i don't think they slept since they've been here. thank you to them. thank you so much. >> i'm from maryland. i want to thank everyone back home. i have my family here. carrie, i know you're watching. you love the show. >> let us bring savannah back in. she's in the control room back home where apparently you've been spending a lot of time we hear. >> this is my new possible. it's been so fun. we've been seeing how much fun you've been having in rio. i want you to know i have not been twiddling my thumbs. trying to keep myself busy. take a look. >> we'll send it back to the folks in rio. >> natalie is here with the roundup. good morning. >> 7:16. let's send it back to the guys in rio. >> with zac efron. >> her voice goes up four
8:35 am
>> and we're clear. you're all set. >> "today" show. matt lauer is not here right now. do you want his e-mail address. sure. it's easy. >> what is trump thinking about? he's actually talking about possibly -- >> still running a dr. doolittle campaign. >> i'm sorry. hold on. are you doing okay? >> hi. >> >> i am a big fan of the show. we'll talk offline. >> thank you, savannah. >> hi, everybody. i'm al roker from the "today" show. welcome to the behind the scenes tour at nbc studios. >> look up for familiar faces. you never know who you might see. savannah, are you doing the tour? good to see you. >> are you willie geist? >> i am. >> can you take a picture of the two of us. >> sure.
8:36 am
where we assemble the "today" show. they're putting it together while they're out in rio. >> all right, everybody. standby. animation and music. five, four, three, two, one. animate. fade up. music. okay. roll 81. standby animation. animate d diss music. standby. cue matt. >> easy like that. >> i'll take it. >> impressive. >> amazing. >> wow. >> you have a director in you. >> we'll make sure you're not bored. >> barking orders came natural to me. can i just say, being here and getting to hang out with our crew and in this control room has given me even more respect for what they do every day.
8:37 am
day. i'm so proud of them. it's been really, really fun. just wanted to give a shout-out to them. also, apparently they eat dog food here at the control room or this is my reminder to tease that next week on the show we have a great surprise. we're getting a new puppy. this is going to be a puppy with a purpose and we'll tell you about that purpose next week. i have a little sneak preview. i'll show you a picture of the litter. >> which one? >> our little guy is in there. find out which one. how cute. >> so cute. >> really cute. >> adorable. >> glad you made yourself useful while we were gone. >> exactly. >> can't wait to see you. >> by the way, since you couldn't be here, we decided to pick up a few things for you. a basket of gear for your family from team usa
8:38 am
jenna. she's back. thank you so much. >> we couldn't bring you any drinks so we brought you baby clothes. >> so cute. >> we love you. it wasn't the same without you. >> thank you so much. >> you popped. >> i did pop. matt, you're going to have to hoist me on the chair next week. you'll see. you'll need >> see you next week. thank you so much. >> see you next week. >> we'll see you. take care. jenna, thank you very much. how about your portuguese lesson? >> our very last one. feeling misty. all right. so, natalie, how do we say we've had great time in rio. >> you give it a shot. go ahead.
8:39 am
>> we'll be home soon and finally tomorrow this is this guy's birthday. a special day. so i'm going to take this one. ? >> thank you. >> one more! our runners. they have been amazing. our life line in rio. >> thank you for everything.
8:40 am
here we go. >> that's your latest weather. >> we've been talking about you. michael johnson, 12-time gold medallist and olympic world champion starting in the early '90s. close to a decade on top racking up world records in gold medals thrilling us at the '96 games in atlanta. >> he's here in rio as a commentator for bbc and involved in los angeles 2024 olympic bid. you've been watching usain bolt
8:41 am
>> wow. how has it been watching usain bolt for you? >> it's been fantastic. he's been so amazing for the sport of track and field and for the olympics. not only a fantastic talent on the track but he entertains the crowd. he's having such a good time. it's all authentic. in 2008 when he first came on the scene doing all of this stuff, everyone is like he's arrogant. everyone has embraced him over he is. he's fantastic. >> he makes it look so easy on the track. let's look ahead. 2024, can l.a. get it done? >> absolutely. our bid is sustainable and as you know the cost of hosting the games have become astronomical. over 80% of the venues are in place in los angeles. the focus is on really supporting the athletes and
8:42 am
but also an amazing experience for the fans. >> we have our fingers crossed. you are a big part of it. good luck to you guys. >> appreciate it. >> bring back some great memories as well. >> coming up next, tirico! >> mike is going to hand out his cheers and his jeers from the rio olympics. first, on a friday morning, this
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> announcer: rio cheers and jeers is sponsored by mini saluting u.s. olympians that defy labels. >> couldn't leave rio without checking in one more time with al's nemesis, mike tirico, host of nbc's daytime olympic coverage. >> my official name now?
8:45 am
jeers. number one? >> katie ledecky. you can go phelps. so many performances. katie ledecky i'll never forget the performance because it was mike mom and ducklings following behind her. something i'll never forget. >> you love the return of golf after 112 years. >> we talked about this last week. justin rose winning proved that major champion could win a gold medal and matter just as much if not more. for a long time. >> we talked about how usain bolt makes it looks so easy. >> not just that he wins. it's the style. i was there last night. when he walked in, the whole building changed. usain bolt, the chants and then the way he celebrates. >> you're number one jeer i would agree with involves the goalie for u.s. women's soccer team, hope solo. >> it's not that they lost but
8:46 am
in their style of play. they built an amazing house that u.s. women's team stands on, for hope to act that way hurt a little bit. i think they know that shouldn't be the way they act. >> it was disappointing. >> sports brings nations together that are sometimes at odds. in judo when the egyptian athlete didn't shake the hand of the israeli athlete after losing. >> everyone who saw this said, you know what, that's not what the spirit of the olympic games are about. we've seen too much the spirit is there. that was disappointing. >> more than disappointing. that was awful. it's been great having you. thank you. >> up next, al and i do a little shopping in rio with the help of friends.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're about to peak at the olympics. it was shop until you drop time in rio. >> two of brazil's top models, alessandra ambrosio and adriana lima asked al and i to go shopping. i said i didn't want to go. al said we should really do this. >> what! >> shopping trip. looking for that brazilian style. some help. >> hello. how are you? >> worked out nicely. >> we'll shop first at this beautiful very typical brazilian fashion store. are you ready? >> ready. >> let's go. >> after you. >> i would suggest this. you cannot leave brazil without a t-shirt. >> it looks like what i actually need.
8:50 am
>> speedos. >> adriana, seriously? >> not even to try? >> you know the chances of this are very slim. okay. no problem. >> put it on your arm, al. >> a fitting room. >> we're not going together. >> that's up to you guys. that's up to you. >> do you want to go together? >> good luck. >> wow. >> >> thank you. >> you guys look great. >> fantastic on you. >> that's fantastic. very nice. >> you guys are 1 for 1. all right. let's try something else. here we go. >> matt, you forgot to try these. you promised me. >> al, you promised. >> oh boy.
8:51 am
hey, al. do you have yours on? >> i do. >> are you coming out? >> no way. >> good. >> are you ready for your final look? >> yes. i like it. >> turn around. >> my gosh. >> and we have some sunglasses for you guys. the gold shoes really represent the olympic spirit. the gold medal. >> matt, we need to get you something. some bling. >> thank you so much. >> in the olympic spirit. >> i present you with this laurel and hardy handshake. >> now you know why i bought the
8:52 am
>> all right. just ahead, all of the good times and adventures we've had in rio. first on a friday morning, this
8:53 am
>> we want you to look at some of the very, very hard working
8:54 am
members of our staff that have done an amazing job. >> great job, guys. >> couldn't have done it without them. >> we want to mention favorite thing here. >> favorite thing just that rio pulled it off. so much negativity and i was so proud of this city and the brazilian people. >> mine were some of the athletes that showed great heroism and sportsmanship like abby d'agostino when she fell. >> i agree. i got temple of football and see a game featuring brazil. that was unbelievable. >> i think the time we've all had together. crew, cast, everybody. it's like summer camp. you don't get a chance to bond and have a good time with people. it was really special. >> summer camp. >> let's spend the weekend together. >> there you go. >> time to go home. >> one more installment of the things that have made us smile here in rio.
8:55 am
rio. >> matt lauer! ? >> do a happy dance for hoda. i kept a secret. ? >> usa! ? >> three. good morning all you medal winners. ? >> go, hoda. >> how perfect is that?
8:56 am
>> we love you. >> boomer did not like that. didn't think it was funny. you seriously took 45 seconds because you couldn't get your phone to turn on. >> look at the pictures.
8:57 am
this is 9news. >> hi, everyone. i'm gary shapiro with this 9news update. relentless flooding forcing new evacuations as the rising water moves south in louisiana, it's a devastating scene that many in colorado saw back in 2013. now researchers in boulder have some answers they say could help, scientists at the national center for atmospheric research have a new computer small waterways that the current models can't measure. noaa is going to start using this new computer system next week. marty joins us now with the weather forecast and we are going to see some rain tonight. >> we sure will. we are going to have some pretty good gully washers here down at lower terrain and in the foothills today, not necessarily flooding rains but you will see some pretty heavy rain over street areas throughout the afternoon and evening.
8:58 am
with these storms. they start early afternoon and they really don't wrap up until after 10:00 or 11:00 tonight with locally heavy rain up to an inch or more, stretching from the front range through southeastern colorado during the afternoon and evening. stormy friday evening coming up after highs in the lower 70s, we cool off rapidly as the rain showers begin, the upside is, cold start to saturday, beautiful afternoon and even warmer on sunday. >> marty thank you much. an update on 9news at 11:00
8:59 am
9:00 am
she is a 4'8" giant and they're going to spay the "star-spangled banner again. it's the finalriday of these games in rio de janeiro. and it begins with the familiar sight of sunny skies on day 14 of the 2016 olympic games. from our studio here at copacabana beach, good morning, welcome along. i'm rebecca lowe. last night, all eyes were on usain bolt in the 200 meters. he won the eighth olympic gold medal of his career. tonight in prime time he'll race


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