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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  August 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MDT

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hail and heavy rain as storms cruise southeast off the foothills this afternoon. meteorologist belen de leon is in the weather center. some areas could see severe weather. we are in the weather center. lynn, we love the moisture but some areas weather. >> that's right. with severe thunderstorm warnings reissued. an we have a frontal system to the south into colorado and it is already caused well some damage up north along highway 85 where severe storms pushed over i-85. hail along the road and right close to the median. that storm has been moved on and in bolder it looks stormy.
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is encompassing near greeley. edenton has had hail up to a quart and in greeley. wind gusts up to 81 miles per hour as the storm system was pushing through. it will continue towards the southeast and here is what is happening. the storms to part of the range mountains and closer to the divide pushing from the southeast to the metro and a little bit of rain toward the west. for this evening, a possibility for you to use those windshield wipers headed home. this area in green in a marginal risk. that means we can see hail up to one inch in strong wind gusts and the tornado risk is low and lightning an issue and a possibility for flooding. we haven't had a lot of rain
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projected rain through tonight from some of the storms moving through. the area with the brighter color up to 3/4 of an inch and an inch of rain. this could pose problems for those of you headed to the rockies games. a chance for storms as the temperatures will be in the 60s. that is a look at your forecast through this evening. it will be a cool one. we will look ahead for the weekend and track storms for you. rounds. >> stormy friday evening. try to make it home from work safely. in a nutshell, that's it. saw smoke north of denver and could it have been this. wood pallets caught fire in denver. this is at 59th and broadway and you can see the flames on the edge of a building. no word on what caused those fires. >> an 81-year-old driver was
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year-old boy in july. 9 wants to learn that patricia livingston had a level of .135 well above the legal limit of .08 when she hit and killed cole sukal. a friend of his was injured. the boys were hit in the bike lane and along the sidewalk at east yale way and south madison street. livingston died after the crash and driving charge. a spokesman says he didn't know the circumstances surrounding the alcohol use. two women wanted for question in a homicide. the bureau of firearms and explosives released this video hope that someone knows the video. shots were fired near the 7-
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yosemite at 11 on a saturday night. no one hurt. ballistics linked it to five other unsolved violent crimes. anybody that has information on who the women are to call denver police (303)575-7694. >> the denver school board and other leaders made the plea. money for school but this is not the only school district asking for repairs. voters being asked to pay higher property taxes for a record total of revenue for schools. nelson garcia looks at the newspaper from just 3 metro school districts. community leaders in denver preparing for a big ask for denver voters. >> the schools are under funded. this is a fact and reality that we must acknowledge.
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overheated. >> the schools don't have air- conditioning and they get hot. >> so they are asking voters for 575 million-dollars just to fix the buildings. in neighboring jefferson county they are asking for 535 million-dollars to fix facilities that are now showing lead and in the drinking water due to old pipes and across the metro in aurora. 3 million-dollars in renovations and repairs. 1.4 billion dollars. more than the budget of 45 small countries. >> in a high gross state you have more demands on school. >> norm proviso says the interest rates are why districts are asking for big bond issues. >> if you have growing list of maintenance projects and a growing list of things produced
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and education, this is the perfect time to do bonds. >> he says construction costs have gone up while state funding has gone down and proviso says there is people opposed to paying higher property taxes. >> it is constant argument are we just throwing money at a problem and not solving it. >> bond supporters say this is a solution and that is why they are asking. these numbers don't include everything. presidential elections bring out more voters as we know. >> while we are on voting. a quick note on language. this november you will be asked to vote on whether it is legal in colorado for people diagnosed with a terminal illness to get prescription drugs to end their own lives on their own terms. supporters asked us not to call it assisted suicide and we want
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among other descriptions to refer to the question. 9 news has no position on the ballot question and we don't take the issue lightly. we do have a duty to tell you about it in simple direct language and that's why we are not going to stop using the word suicide. supporters of the measure argue the word suicide is too friendly to the opposition because it might make you think of someone that ends their life for no justified reason. the proposed law does require a reason. you need to be diagnosed with a terminal illness to ending prescription but in plain english, that is still suicide. mirriam-webster defines suicide as the act of taking one own's life voluntarily especially by a year of discretion and sound mind. the oxford dictionary says the action of killing one self intentionally. goes with the intentional taking of one own's life. all three definitions have one thing in common they don't
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do it on purpose. people want to change the definition and they may succeed. changes can change the language and if you don't believe me find an old dictionary and look up marriage but its not our jobs to change the dictionary, it is our job to use plain language that is current and accurate and that is what we are going to keep ryan lochte broke his silent questions about his account of an alleged robbery and he said he should have been more careful how he described the events. i accept responsibility he says and have learned valuable lessons. according to marketing experts. this will have a huge effect for endorsements because of the
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handled the situation. >> called in to question the person's character and i think brands don't align themselves with people that don't have the level of character that they need to represent their brands. metro state professor darren smith says it affects the reputation of the u.s. team and the olympics in general. an international olympics executive is in jail after his arrest in a ticket scalping scandal. authorities in rio announced that ireland patrick hickey will be arrested. he says he wask transferred to jail today. a spokesperson says the allegations centered around one thousand tickets beloing to the irish olympics committee that were illegally sold. he has stepped aside from his role. he was head of the european olympics body. donald trump's campaign chairman paul manaford resigned. he left because donald trump
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by outside controversy. this week the trump campaign revealed information about work for a russian party in campaign. hillary clinton's manager says it is a clear admission that the connections between russian and ukraine are untenable. steve banon is chairman. donald trump and mike pence toured louisiana. as many as 20 parishes are under water. 40,000 homes are damaged and economists are now predicting a housing crisis and the crisis could cost farmers 14 million- dollars in damage to their
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in the u.s. florida governor scott says five more people were infected including three tourists. the state can't spray the area to kill the area because of high rise buildings and strong winds. the centers for disease control has told all pregnant women to avoid the area if possible. officials have denied the reports that zika was spreading locally. 36 people have been in an area north of miami called winwood. students of colorado state university have more to worry about than the classes starting up. several construction projects on and off campus are making it hard to get around. a full closure of prospect road exit from i-25. and a one lane closure on college avenue near the campus. the timing is rough.
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and the construction is not making it any easier. a list of alternate routes are available. csu recommends getting to harmony road or mulberry street and think about these delays if your heading to the peach festival. >> can't wait for the peaches. good old-fashioned maps may be on their way to ex extinction. >> for the collins is saying out with the old. >> they are simple with design. >> and in with the new. >> i know what a code is here. i have never used one but have seen them.
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>> the younger generation would be more comfortable using them because you see them pop up. >> the city is ditching the idea of maps for these. >> we have seen these in the u.s. and all over the world. >> hoping to get people to explore the city and experience something new. >> an older gentleman comes up on friday morning and walking his dog with his wife and says the pewter river is a 7 minute walk to the pewter river. >> refresher. whip out your phone and go to the app and follow it. >> i think it is a better idea than giving people headphones. >> one hundred of the signs around town. they hope it leads people to the hidden jems. >> we saw people at the festival saying there is that. >> it may not be ground breaking. >> but it is a pretty cool way to explore your city whether you have been there for a day or lifetime.
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dan roseman. 9 news. the city first put up the signs about a week ago and if your old-fashioned, regular maps are still available at the visitor center. regular maps? >> yes. i love my regular maps. so much fun to navigate, they should never go out of style. >> agree. a cool concept. >> campaign shakeups. a lot going on. >> you saw it on 9 news. what happened to the olympic
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at stocks. big changes donald trump's campaign. will it help with the poll numbers. >> hillary rodham clinton supporters are trying to draw a comparison. thank you for your time here. ted, let's be real. the average voter does not give a rip who's running the campaign, do they.
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but when is it this ridiculous, it is like the beverly housewives. manaford is out and racist is running the campaign and kelly con is running the campaign manager that advised i am not a it is ridiculous. >> your thoughts. >> donald trump is having trouble with the polls and he needed to do something and he did. and i think one of the things is that donald trump is in louisiana attacking the people that are flood victims and guilted president obama to -- after his golf trip to visit the people that are in that situation right now. >> so this week the post put out a detailed account of manaford of donald trump with taco bell.
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lose and they want to buy cover to work for another campaign in the future? >> i think that once people leave a campaign the actions are to say nothing or give your own account of things. that manaford is trying to figure out his next move. he has several business deals in the works that have been covered very much by the media and so we will see the next thing on his plate but he is trying to provide himself some cover. >> we learned today that a judge ordered hillary clinton to answer questions from judicial watch. the state department will release more of them. what do you guys think is the best and worse case for her with the email story. it doesn't seem to go away. >> it is a slow drip. something that will be there today and tomorrow. >> are you waiting for another shoe to drop. >> there could be. you would think they vetted it
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of when many of the kids that have come out and the emails. the story is not going to go away. >> i think this hillary clinton will be served and genuinely apologized from her interview and you would just try to sidestep the issue. i think she would be in a better position if she el full responsibility and figure out how to move on. >> and really quickly. you think that this whole news about their being actually a condition for the release of americans in connection to this is getting buried. >> the white house essentially admitted to the wall street journal that there was in fact a ransom paid for people being held hostage in iran for one hundred million dollars.
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silence of michael bennett who has yet to respond. it is a critical issue and nobody is talking about it. >> this is where kelly can get excited about something. it is news that plays their way. >> how much of it realistically could stick to hillary clinton? >> actually very little. i think at this point so much of the electorate college has decided where they will be and difficult for the trump campaign. it is waki we could all day. thanks so much for your time. i appreciate it. coming up next. they are calling them super
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them. >> school is back in session and parents are dealing with what is being called super
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health officials say don't panic. the bugs are found in 48 states and everyone except alaska and west virginia. the insects are drug resistant. here are the best options. you want to start with an over the counter treatment like shampoo. make sure you are strict and you must follow the regimen and if that doesn't work switch the process and once the bugs are gone take them from coming back. there is protective head gear and for soccer players and cyclists. the same team that created the helmet safety rating is at it again working with bike helmets and soccer. >> you look at head injuries. bicycling is a huge component
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>> researchers hope that the helm makers will take note. the first bike and soccer ratings will be released this fall. the team plans to eventually expand the work to every contact sport. ready or not. the ohio turnpike executive director says the toll road could be open for testing of self driving vehicles. randy cole. route takes interstate 80 is set up well because it has a fiber network along the entire roadway. ohio is among several states competing to play a role in the testing of the self driving vehicles. interesting. it will be really interesting to watch as the technology develops and how many people do it. >> there are so many people saying i didn't think the day would come but it is here. >> i don't know if i want it
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the car and play cards and go to the mountains. >> and we will remember when we drove our own cars. >> we will get dryer this week. >> and it will be the cool down
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we are taking a live look over fort collins where it is raining and dark and dreary. it is not a sunshiny friday evening but we like the moisture. >> it doesn't feel summery but what will you do? how bad is it going to be tonight? >> let's get to the forecast. and i will let you know how bad it will be. for right now it is bad and a few spots where we have severe
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but here is a look right now from our thornton cam over looking the mile high and the clouds in the distance as the storms are rolling from the foothills. we have a frontal system that is pushing into colorado. take a look at the winds from the north gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 49 miles per hour winds at dia. i would guess that they are seeing disruptions and i don't know for sure but winds out there at this speed, you can expect them to see some issues. starting to see the the pictures from the viewers, that same storm that moved from greeley and jeremy thanks for sending in this picture and the video from the facebook page. it is clearer there. shane and d clark in kersey.
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towards the southeast and to an area that is kind of open and buyers potentially you will seat showers and lightning probably feeling the strong winds. know watches or warnings. our rain in the metro over c470 and conifer and evergreen seeing lightning the storms traveling to the southeast and bolder will affect us in the metro. from the southeast under the risk for storms. if the stronger storms do develop they could obtain hail up to one inch in diameter and heavy rain. the lightning tracker 477 lightning strikes across colorado. we have an absolutely free
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track the storms and take a look at the hourly forecast and the ten day outlook. the temperatures in the 60s in northern colorado where the cold front is diving through. out east the temperatures in the upper 70s and warm. 56 in leadville and 90s in grand junction. what a contrast depending on where you are in colorado. seeing different kind of weather. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for us. for this afternoon and ten p.m. aren't 10:30. kathy will be here later and the storms will wrap up. and we are left with clouds and see gradual clearing through tomorrow morning. here is a look using the futurecast. the storms in town. that is the green block over the city and scattered showers in the mountains and on the front range and the foothills. as we take you through the futurecast, watch what happens and the line of storms push towards the southeast.
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storms to the south of the city as well. and parts of douglas county and jefferson county. around 10:00. most of the activity that we have around town won't be as intense. the strongers storms will be in southeast colorado. overnight a few cloud and tomorrow morning i wouldn't be surprised if some spots of heavier rain wake up to low clouds and areas of patchy fog. where are we going to get the rain. my the areas where we will see the heavier amounts. the cities and foot hills. the brighter the color the better potential for rain. in the western slope looking dry and same for northeast colorado. but right along denver and to the southeast towards springfield and lamar is where we have a good bet of seeing the soaking rain.
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much cooler. 40s for the overnight low and more 40s in the metro and 44 in fort morgan. in some high mountain spots, above about 12,000 feet some of the moisture is moving its way through the temperatures are cold enough and we could see a dusting of snow on the peaks. 36 for leadville and the western slope in the 60s and 40s towards burlington and northeast do tomorrow, chances for rain decreasing and it goes for sunday the week looking nice. tomorrow a high of 76 and sunday 85 degrees and the forecast for the broncos against the 49ers looking a-ok. around 6:72 degrees and partly cloudy and breezy and mild and as of now rain free. there's the weekend until next week looking like summer highs in the 80s and wednesday at 83 degrees. pretty nice forecast for those
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brrrr. we are saying brrrr but that won't last too long. one good thing about the rain coming our way it makes the soil nice and soft to do gardening, right? >> yes. >> cc joins us now. thanks for being with us. i am thinking summer is practically over and i won't garden but you are saying on the contrary. >> it is a great time to get out there if you right now all of the lettuces and spinach and bolting they start to flower. this is romaine lettuce and that will taste terrible because it has been hot and
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your garden flowering. you can leave the basil or herbs. >> i see the flowers there. >> if you have a ton of basil, big and leggy, you cut them down so you are only leaving about 4-inches. >> make some pesto for dinner. >> yes. or make the ice cubes that you put in your freezer that you can save it and it will start to regrow and be more kept and it won't flower. >> does it make it stronger. >> yes, sometimes when you keep trimming the tops like this, every time you trim a top you get two more sides. you take one and they start and it makes the plant bushier and sometimes you want to take the whole stalk and leave a couple of guys and let it restalk, yes. >> what are some things to start planting right now? >> right now a great thing you can do is you can get all of this stuff out of your garden
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planting seeds like carrot and kale and i like to do lettuce and spinach and some people do cucumbers and there is a 55 day window for some of the cold season crops and things like kale and collard greens and beets will handle the first frost. >> there you go. no. you can clear house some of the things and start fresh right now. >> what is your time frame? does it have to be this weekend? >> you have a little while especially on the kales, you can plant them and cut them as baby greens. >> that's true, too. >> you will get a new crop for the fall this is a nice. >> sarah thank you so much. i didn't know you can plant in the end of summer. people with a green thumb. i don't know if i have one but
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weekend. if you're not gardening this weekend there are things to keep you busy in colorado.
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>> welcome back. with the rain it will still and nice weekend. it always is in colorado. >> we got a list of things to do and the 9 news app. the peach festival is tomorrow. peach pie and peach smoothies and other things that we didn't have time to list. over 30 pounds of peaches will be locations along public road. musical performances on tuesday just throughout the day and also free face painting and balloons for the kids. >> sign me up. i am so there. and denver ped x tomorrow at the merchandise mart. a pet contest and booths with
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against the cubs. the first ten thousand fans get a lapel pin and tickets available because there are always tickets available. >> i love them. give me a pen. >> the obvious thing to do on saturday. watch the broncos games. you forget about it. >> no. >> you can watch the game tomorrow night and coverage at 6 with a special edition of broncos. >> people get in the preseason. >> of course they do when they are winning. >> betting for the 49ers we will have to see. >> a lot of talk. >> of course we have to get in as much olympics watching as possible because the games are almost over. >> what will i watch?
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show. as we come back. here is a live look at the olympic flame in rio burning in the caldron outside of church. because the games sadly wrap up on sunday. cheryl and matt working so hard and they have been giving us great images. team usa gobbled up one hundred medals and more could be on its way. >> yeah. >> the women's 4 by 100 relay with controversy and it will
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dropped the baton in one of the exchanges and you can make an appeal which they did and watched the tapes and someone elbowed them and caused the baton to drop. it will be exciting night in track and field and usain bolt running tonight. >> a lot celebrate with team usa and they may get another reason. at the team usa house lotteries. normally a school for 600 children and when they move back in, it will be much better than before. >> on the streets of rio de janeiro. >> it is our home away from home. >> when team usa found their
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>> we love the idea of a school. >> picking this school near the beach normally full of kids. >> 600 students. >> but during the olympics have been transformed. >> we work with the sisters that run the school that create the vision and to create the legacy that we were going to leave behind. >> to a gated sanctuary for u.s. athletes complete with art? on the wacr >> you may notice the handprint, that's the 5th grade class. >> in return team usa fix broken walls and painted and rewired electricity and added wi-fi and air-conditioning and resurfaced the floors. >> all of that will be left behind for the children. >> so that long after the olympics the kids at this school will continue a golden education. >> they will have a new school
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for the years to come. >> they call that a legacy gift. it is winter in south america so the school made it to coincide with the winter break so the kids did not miss school. >> one of the legacy projects during the olympics because team usa stays good stories to come out of this. >> the not so good story that you have been hearing about is lochte, the lock next monster. >> or liar, liar, speedo on fire. >> there is a lot of that. >> swim laps of judgment. >> we have heard a lot of that. >> and there is another case you may not have heard about. >> this is a story on 9 news
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we didn't break it. >> didn't touch it. >> no the rings broke and it was the kid climbing on them. >> there is an argentina family running up to the rings and they have been nice. this is a place. a piece of the ring fell off. >> a piece of the ring fell off. >> it just fell off. >> it just fell off. >> oh, dear. you remember from last week giving a live tour of the olympic park. a child climbing on the ring for a picture acde our live camera caught it. it proves that kids anywhere in the world can embarrass their parents at that worse moment in time. >> but rings have been fixed. and all of that aesthetically pleasing and now there are green rings falling apart. there is a gate and sign keeping people from messing
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games will end. and i don't think the rings will handle another week. >> yes. >> we have pictures on the rings and didn't realize they were going to be jungle gyms. we thought it was a moment that any parent could relate to and when it was like no, please. what is happening. >> don't break the rings kids. >> and then that was us. opened. >> and once you tell people don't to touch something. >> no live cameras in denver. >> we have been enjoying this. >> brandon, you are right it is a good thing there are no tv cameras. >> we will go with that. >> my favorite thing is liar, liar, speedo on fire. >> i couldn't top what you came up with. >> you can't top that. >> you had all day to think about it. >> yeah. yeah. >> keep working on it.
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it. trust me. >> i am sure they are. thank you guys so much. >> matt and cheryl we will talk to you soon. >> here is a look at the medal count. 37 gold medals, a total of 103 and the country behind us is great britain with 57. that's all right. that's still great. if you win one medal. m >> you can watch track and feel and diving, the gold medal finals in the men's hammer throw and women's five hundred meter 4 by 500-meter and pole- vault and the ten meter platform diving prelims.
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coming up on 9 news.
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blaine and kathy are tracking the bad weather. hail and rain and lightning. >> a lot off of the foothills that will mess up your commute. so we will take a deeper dive and get into more olympic coverage for the last weekend of the olympics. thanks for watching and don't go away. we next at five. >> where severe storms threatened to cause the most damage during the commute. >> ahead. a single mother's perspective on whether colorado should raise its minimum wage. >> and what could be the long- term impact of ryan lochte's
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this is 9 news. hey everybody. we got severe storms already dumping hail and and blasting us with winds. storms northeast of denver and rolling off of the foothills kathy sabin joins us. >> we have severe weather north to south on the i-25 corridor. outside cloudy and about 15- degree cooler than yesterday and gusty winds and large hail and one inch recorded outside of fort collins and greeley and keysport for the buyers area for another 15 minutes. this has a history of producing damaging wind at 18 miles per hour and to the west of denver we are bracing for storms
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foothills across the city. the storms are capable of heavy downpours and large hail as the evening rush gets under way. tracking through theey hours. as the front drops south. the cooler air settling in tomorrow and keep an umbrella and light jacket handy and we are hoping the rockies will get the rain in. go prepared and go prepared to root on our team against the cubs tonight. here iwh the heaviest weather between now and 11:00. the storms tracking from the northwest towards the southeast. temperatures are cool and coming up in the main weather segment we will have a detailed look at the forecast and the broncos play tomorrow and everybody has outdoor plans on one of the last weekends of summer. >> people want to know what it will be like and dia doesn't have a count on flights but check with your airport because


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