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tv   9 News Saturday Morning  NBC  August 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MDT

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81 years old and over the legal limit. we're learning ?g woman who hit and killed a denver teenager. >> dxblt plus, we're making sure they're going the olympics in rio this m orning. and let's take a live look outside u/h ?,p=3#? ountain. look at that. not much going on out there.
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>> the forecast is going to be really nice for our broncos, taking the field this are going to be in the mid- to upper 70s. so ?u84a;pm?f? a difference ?/ give or take a degree or two. the view over the city, bright.
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weather. especially after yesterday's storminess. across the front range. that front just e/?wd?tz0c colorado. it did change our forecast for today. leaving us with these cooler temperatures in the wake. we're going to give you lots of7 clouds will roll in. as the temperatures warm into the mid- to upper 70s. the mid- to upper 70s. chance for any ?g shaded is where we could this afternoon. looks like it will stay mainly dry here in the metro area, with most 9lb]ek: so with the little cool spill that we have, a little l2?zb# fall, or summer, when is it going to warm up again? >> considering it's colorado coastal yut?hhxxg i have a feeling we'll see a
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flooding since hurricane sandy v donald trump was visiting the area this week. president obama will cut his vacation short and head 97p2x?:c more than 30,000 people had to be rescued, and they're c ?p?k"b thousands upon e%2 homes have been destroyed. and nearly 100,000 people have insurance will and it ain't over for a long time. i've lost it several times. j?oj [ choking 9ft: >> federal help is on the way. fema will d
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world have been working now for 20-some days and are packing up. this is like the bowels ?i everything is getting put back into crates. >> all probably one of the least aesthetically appealing of -- will be recycled. but they have to wait for the npwscu(; paralympic activities to finish up first. >> reporter: what a win for the u.s. women's water polo team. my lb
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but more kt fighting for their coach and his family. their coach's brother l?0c passed away, just before the olympics started. >> you bet. adam cocorky watched the team defend their ???(jq yesterday. all the players hung their gold all the players hung their gold lothes on. you could ykk2m >> you bet. a powerful moment. and powerful win, gmm$ wefrm many points in a final water polo =lu7cwu(:mjp4xf?:khtl zk from all over the world. when you're watching the marathon today, look out for ?? runner from zimbabwe.
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and he will never take for g ranted that as he competes he ap he grew up in zimbabwe with his family there. fc?1 and for a local bread. and that's the best the community has, but you can't economic crisis put so many people $b?"lrafon??b?#l+ >> reporter: but he kept r
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world. he's joken that he's -- joked %!
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>> reporter: team usa has shipped more than 77 pallets jb make sure it is safe. and anything they deliver might pinpoint exactly where the truck is w hen&when it will arrive. >> we know wher how long it's been there. and we have the same wires. r k>&?a 3e they serve these athletes, and it is a ca?r business, peanut >> they're called uncrustables.
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i don't know how good those are for them. but now they're going to say .8m8?????txr q#0goo? and halfway through, they ran ?f >> peanut butter and jelly, everybody can rally around that. rdb] >> who knew? >> matt and cheryl? go ahead, cheryl. >> reporter: i just b!@ watch out for today. chloe woodruff is from boulder, =? cross country mountain biking today. and howard durot will ee mountain biking tomorrow. we want to keep close tabs on our coloradans who are here representing team days to come. >> and by the way, a big thank you for your coverage in rio.
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he apologized on instagram for acting half his age in rio. uzjep bentz and jack conger painted a different picture about what happened ?jx he urinated on a plant. people in rio are reacting. jg?u2dpiwd?? s=# i got drunk. i got drunk. i broke a d"thli?x i got involved in cong fusion. big deal. >> yeah, e@ there's a portion where you see
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but we haven't seen any proof behavior, saying he should have behavior, saying he should have been more careful and candid. ?7 game. he won gold in every olympic final ?7a goodbye for the super star. he led his teammates to a victory in >> so fun to watch. so charismatic. >> i moving on. broncos, of course, taking on the 49ers in the second fcj coverage begins at 6:00, with a
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tonight's kickoff. >> and tailgate party. hope you enjoyed some of s+7xqo ?!8"( belen de leon will tell you how cool the weather will get. xl1lr!o&:szd great britain, 60.
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oh, yfae you whistled it. a stunning view.
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but will things change? let's check in with belen belen de leon who is in the cool start. hopefully by game time, though, it will be warmer. >> we'll have temperatures this afternoon in the 70s. but that is rb degrees cooler than where we should be this time of year. and this is why. we had a cold front that swept through colorado. ?j((d front has managed to work its way into o forecast just cooler. we're about 9 degrees cooler than where we were. ? friends up in sterling. temperatures are currently in the 40s and 50s down low. it's a little warm tore the khmfag'btyz?the southea in the high country, we're picking c?1
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but 70-degree temperatures are nice. this is what goldilocks. not too hot, not too cold. but just right. beautiful blue skies. this dn afternoon, especially when you look towards the west. toward ?p$rl?n???55/?h5r we're seeing that ]t colorado. so that could affect the air quality today. it's going to be on the moderate side. and visibility will be ?zga@? our favorite. especially if you want to be outside. ;hn - around lunchtime, things will be great.
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country. mainly to the south of i-70. if you're ?fy steamboat springs. sounds like a fantastic idea. r.> but mainly dry, and those clear conditions will take us into you can watch the game on channel 20. coverage starts at 6:00. the game z/u 98?+ temperatures around 6:00 will be in the mid-70s. i would take a light jacket with you, maybe a hoody, sweater. sweater. because you could use ?c;-+g cooler after that sunset. 52 will be your overnight low tonight. temperatures f tonight. temperatures could drop into the 30s in some spots in the mountains. 40s in northern colorado. ?py ">g+4?rw2m3f
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the high of 87 degrees. so we're back to ev{3#v:?0 so there you go. just a little ([lp xpb/q& in rio? well, the olympics is starting to wrap 95@f they could see a chance for storms. some rain, lightning. and a possibility for those w inds to increase as well. qtz#k you will not see in the olympic coverage. the >> why not? we think you'd f >> well,? today. because we are going to compete. compete. who takes gold. >> you know what is great? we all get a medal. >> we're all winners. >> ? belen when it comes to hula h ooping. we have something that will put a smile y?1,ju6w#r-bkl your face. how about margie. she's looking for a home.
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and margie is one of them who is lucky enough to come to us. >> and being 9 1/2 years old. there are some restrictions. k?n >> i like to ears young. because ?> adcb
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broncos quarterback trevor they faced the san francisco 49ers in ?[ opener. simeon will beat out mark sanchez and earn the job as peyton manning's replacement ?jw the defending super pole c hampions. -- bowl champions. that simple. >> i don't think i'm thinking about it too much that way. about it too much that way. it's goihyu5st>f'u? = j? about it. i think we n field of the league. but it's going to be fun. and make the most of my reps
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and like i have been saying, turn l?a!?"-?w@ d time in{3#v:?0 thing. dall's well that ends well. here's the same p.$hu/%+ah strange but drew. it's bring 9jarshhj today at 7-eleven, customers
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orange and blue, like you ever stopped lj morning. j34 health experts b#(yq0
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later in bt welcome back. big day in sports authority field. field. boys in orange and blue are t hb their second preseason game tonigh2>d"e] we'll keep a close eye on that one. trevor simeon gets a close ?tkcc >> no tickets, no problem. watch the game on channel 20. coverage begins at 6:00, with about this game. but we are in for a cooler weekend. we have been talking about that. but how are the temperatures this morning is starting often cool. yesterday, that cold front swept through colorado. brought us that stormy weather. and well, our temperatures are x
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= gpbh temperatures about that time will be at 75 degrees. i'll take a light sweater. peak. this is fantastic. ?0cyts so up high, it is shining b right. but down low, those clouds are check out walton. 32 degrees. at the freezing mark right t here. temperatures at dia are ?, degrees. afternoon highs. i call these goldilocks temperatures, not too hot, not m"m0 ?h% closer to the foothills. we have sunshine outside now.
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will we see any storms? going lg??8 but it has been a bright august so far. so when will ?"qc::?< los angeles. it's one of six wildfires burning throughoutct crews are gaining the ?+q8pd?1pi but many residents there
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i was lucky. >> the main thing is my family : but you know what? we're lucky we have faith. >> finding the ?s the red flag warning has been lifted there. most residents are still under an air quality alert. )?,>>zbj may have hit and h'0killed a wo on 76 yesterday. investigators believe she c rashed her ?e0ir-ui9e got out of the car and was hit while walking along 76 in brighton, lj1& anything, call brighton police as soon as possible. police have not released suspect. this woman is wanted for robbing a wells fargo bank on south prairie avenue. lu+m bank just before 6:00 yesterday evening, demanded money and w alked away. we don't know
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rimestoppers. ?k sentenced yesterday ?b he was convicted of aggravated ? to first-degree murder. prosecutors say he and 4 2-year- old gabriel flores stole money and firearms ?wro oac/p-imm?j flores and the alle excuse me, flores, ?n friday. while the concern over zika in miami m/6kp% director for the u.s. centers for disease control says officials will not be able h2/1x protect from the d isease. that's because of high-rise buildings and strong winds.
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cancellations. cancellations. do not want to be in zika- iv people now. also, they say zika, very likely is in other areas, db]a=j not detected yet. all right, folks. we're back in session in many districts across the country. and soon g?f? 48 states so far. including colorado.
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first, start with an o ver-the- counter topical treatment, like a shampoo. follow y9z ?-?&n?ja kids don't share combs or hats. >> that's probably important with fm super lice, but juggling kids from one act at this point to another. skip, drive, found that 40% of & is affected at least once a 0? week because of their child's transportation. and get ?(??f taxes. which also can be stressful.
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ampered with accreditation last night. >> apparently, these $&bg/ the athletes were taken to a police station. they didn't say exactly what ; spent a little time in jail. >> never a good idea. >> women are olympic gold all over the finals. ze unprecedented six olympic gold medals. but let's a look back at the amazing pool that has us celebrating the q performance. ? [ music ] ?
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with a stellar performance by ashley johnson and plenty e,?0? and it was wide open in jbvt: second half, outscoring 7-2 in e simply put, the final game was not close, as the italians fell victim to an american team that simply ybqpd>1ptcx/[9?r?g2!e?y4 perfect 6-0 >> the women have eams. celebrating stars and s tripes. a couple in burkes county, pennsylvania is putting all of us to shame when ?fdgb flags in their lawn, each and
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medal. so ! of flags. but it's a lot more than just ba week period of time. we all become one. >> in this time of turmoil$ms#2b this world. we need pride in our country right now. and this is what happen helps to support yh >> couple says they're looking at this in 2018. but much tougher to >> love their view. 9(5&'l6dtbam (y$]5= we may be in the dog days of summer. but today sounds all right.
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welcome back, everyone. we see just a few tiny clouds :? ab;f
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but even at that, it's looking 9?0th crossing our fingers and hoping that chance increases. you know, if you're headed -iu spots, we're starting to see the leaf change. and up on mount werner. you $ like that. we're still 33 days away from the official start of fall. that happened septe season just yet. still going to enjoy summer, a little longer. but in case you m?pr]fbnn@ ml country. l
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got 40 in the high country. temperatures in the 40s. gw
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with upper 40s in fort collins in greeley and 50s in the plains. good news jg,fl headed up to coors field to cheer on our rockies and the &8rff yesterday -- huge rain delay, today is looking better. close to 90 degrees on ? belen. you and i were going to go on a we may be y#ffij?b:wd-?v and 90-degree temperatures soon enough. >> but nasa says the r ecord- breaking temperatures we saw in
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the region is warming twice as fast as elsewhere around the world. making the arctic one of the ??k; planets. 7:46 now. high school football takes off next week. next week. columbine high has moved 93!f)6o state finals. taylor caught up with the rebels in our second summer
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good morning, everyone. zero week begins monday. every football team will start fresh with the same goal of there's always heartbreak along the way.
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one of our special series, ?hf?i summer grind. ? [ music always hungry. >> get better every single ? >> there you go. much better. switch it up. >> even though they're part of a season. =? to no en fcpf five state championships in the school. >> hard-nosed football. bruises j$+?y@
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>> it's not unde&t attack this fall. >> it's hard to go. pvo off last year and see where it takes us. >> reporter: but in order to look ahead, you have to leave the past behind. and down on the knee in huddle. >> reporter: november 2015,
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terrible feeling. i didn't want to let the seniors down like ?f your kids. feel horrible for easton. it's one of those things, like it's like a good punch in 'ofj'z biggest rivals play for the 5a ? been a fairy tale ending. >> i think the hardest lowry. and just everything, building blocks of u8w? ?glu fortunate to win five. ci3fcc9te to win five. whatever may happen. and we just didn't get the luck with it. iv
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erased. >> until about a couple of days ago. >> it's life. life goes on. l6j> it's as if we left a lot of columbine on the ?6?$e3 and kind of like feeling like churning in our guts. so we feel like we got a little unfinished business. ;r6? happened last season. l4=- seniors. but they're up to the task. >> we have a couple of guys b,?b tarted last year.
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footsteps and take what they gave us and apply it to the season. >> ?#q state. no disrespect to the coaching staff. but year in, year out, they s!?w we'd like for it to be us. 0'l!b>a>i.:w$kb8?i holy family will vote to bounce holy family will vote to bounce back this se and as a freshman, he threw for this year, he'll also have more
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receiver joe galter set him up to have j >> i'm just really young right now. and i know that. i understand that. so i'm just >> we treat them like he has as big of a leadership role as the seniors do. >> he's matured a lot over the >> he's matured a lot over the past i think he should be something special down the ro b q=
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welcome back, everyone.
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traffic doesn't really look that bad on spear either. 81 years old. 6xn6/?!op denver teen, coming up at 8:00 [ natural disaster in several y ears. starting to get worse as people start to fg&h of him robbing a gas station surfaced. >> so much confusion.
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welcome. good saturday morning. here we are right next to one of brazil's most famous strands of sand, that beautiful atmosphere along copacabana beach. welcome again. eight hours of daytime coverage. i'm mike tirico. we'll get you trite to the


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