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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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good morning. some areas of boulder's university hill neighborhood are very, very dark at night. and the city is spending $2 million to make it brighter and safer. >> it is happening more and more. farmland being taken and developed to accommodat other effects that development is having on the land. good morning. good monday morning. corey and gary with you this morning. starting off the day with a look at the forecast. marty is joining us. a warm dry day ahead and maybe some changes later this week. >> midweek, i like it, for some changes, especially wednesday, and into thursday, but i don't think we will have a stormy weekend in straussburg and love this image with incredible
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barry quiet on doppler and throughout the region, not many storms going and we may get a few in the foothills later in the day and we could also see some clouds here, which will look impressive, i think all of those will do, they will provide you with a little break from the sun and also some cooler winds, and some nice cool winds late in the day. rain forecast, notice how we carve things out here along the i-25 corridor, as storms move off the foothills, and they tend to die, give us raindrops, and very little measurable rain here. in the central and western part was state and several areas of colorado, including here in the front range, now abnormally dry or even with moderate drought going here, so we can absolutely use some rain. unfortunately, amelia, i don't think we will get much today. >> thank you, marty. 6:01. busy drive on this busy start. the sky 9 view, up and above the morning commute. 70 and 270 as that helicopter really scans the city, a lot of
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school and hopefully calm down the number of crashes we have seen. because it has been busy. as we take a live look to boulder now, coming up to the c- dot camera, and the cherry vail view and a look at in and out of boulevard are and today c. u. students go back to school and csu students up in fort colins. fort colins and boulder, in addition to the smaller kids going to school, you will see extra traffic. across the roads in denver, one accident investigation going on, which is causing a major closure here, and avenue. and your alternate routes make a big square around the closure. chambers tower, orchard, and smoky hill, are all going to help you get around the delays. but it will promise to be a busy drive. buckley is a major thoroughfare, especially in the morning and afternoon rush. >> amelia. thank you for that. the sleeping in is over. for a while anyway. and it is time for kids and parents to get back into the groove. some 90,000 plus denver kids are heading back to school today.
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the roads and on the sidewalks. jessica oh joins us live once again from kepner middle school. and jessica, this year dps are taking something called the whole student approach. what is that? >> reporter: the whole student approach is all about improving the lives of students, as best as the school district possibly can. by not just focusing on academics but taking a look at the student's physical, mental and social state as well. we will talk about how the school district plans on implementing that a little later in the ow and so in about a couple of hours, this place is going to be packed with parents, dropping off their students, you may see some peers, you may see a lot of frustration, especially as parents are dropping off kids. you know how it is. and they are always some of those parents who just don't seem to get the etiquette of dropping their kids off. that is something tom poseberg knows a lot about. the superintendent of dps. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are talking about car pool etiquette today. and i know the rules vary depending on which school
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some general rules that parents need to follow. >> important rules. the one is obviously make sure you enter very slowly, and make sure your kids get off on the sidewalk side, not the road side. and make sure you don't double park. make sure when you pull out, you pull out very slowly, and really sort of like an airport, kiss and go, give your child, you know, a kiss and a hug, and let them go, and make room for the next parent. >> i am sure you like me must hear so many stories when it comes to car pool etiquette and their students enter the school before they drive off or the people who linger a little too long, and parents and students have to deal with. >> we want to make sure all of our kids are safe. and also the parents, they have their kids in the car, talk to them and ask them what their day is going to be like and their joys and challenges, and what are they learning, get off the dang electronic devices. and i know if your kids are uncommunicative as my kids in the morning, it is not easy and
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they're learning and about their school and to show your interest and your involvement in their school, and their lives. >> tom, thanks for the one-on- one on car pool etiquette. and we hope parents follow it today. and kids remember, no pokemon go as you're heading to school, guys? >> that's the most important part. >> pokemon go. and kiss and go. >> then you can't see anything. >> thank you much. 6:05 right now. one area of boulder is getting a major upgrade when it comes to safety and security. parts of the university hill neighborhood are getting brand w students and neighbors can see the sidewalk at any time of the night. and 9 news reporter colleen ferreira is live in that area and a little light can go a long way. >> yes, and by the end of the week, corey, this area here, university hill area, right outside campus, will be a whole lot brighter. no doubt. it is dark out here at night. if you're with me in the 5:00 a.m. hour. you saw how pitch black it is out here. and that can lead to some safety and security concerns. i want to give you an idea of before and after of what it is going to look like out there
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and they give you an idea of the new lighting and how it is going to improve the area, but right now, there is only intersection lights, which provide real minimum light for pedestrians, and the city adding in a handful of light posts per block and a little light can make a big difference. i want to bring you back out, live right now, because the sun is starting to come up and i want to show you what the light posts look like, live out here. this is what they look like. real simple, guys. nothing extravagant. l.e.d., the lights like this installed in the university downtown. the commercial district and students here say the lights have a major impact on the walking commute. >> i think that is great. because a lot of kids are walking here at night. and i mean it was pretty dark here last year, i remember. and i think these lights would increase safety. and the feel for safety. >> the city is spending $2 million to put in all of the new lights. why is it taking them so long
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an issue. but also, they were really trying to keep the natural beauty of the neighborhood. the university hill and boulder, one of the oldest neighborhoods in this city and it is really beautiful but then you really struggle with keeping the aesthetics of the neighborhood. a lot of low hanging trees here. a lot of dense cover. and corey, they have really tried to prune a lot of these but that didn't work so now they have strategically placed these lights, in certain parts of the neighborhood, so it will make it a whole lot brighter and definitely have a great impact for the students. are excited about. it thank you for the update. the $2 million the city is spending on that streetlighting project comes from taxpayers. and in 2014, voters approved a community culture and safety tax. it is a temporary three-year sales tax, increase of 0.3 cents. new this morning, things are getting back to normal, at a gas station, off the major road in loveland. and just before 2:00 this morning, a gas truck hit a barrier at a diamond shamrock
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from the truck. loveland fire rescue, c zot, state patrol, haz-mat all came out to help out. and no one was hurt, but crews had to pump the remaining gas from the damaged truck which takes hours to do so. two people were killed, when a motorcycle and a car collided. this happened in the big thompson canyon. both riders of the motorcycle died in the crash on highway 34. in front of the snowy river lodge. their deaths mark the 27th and 28th road deaths in county this year. a growing population is taking more and more farmland in larimer county. in the past 10 years, 71,000 acres have been used for development. and john strousski has been working at the wellington dairy farm for 31 years. his first run-in with growth was in2001 when the government seized 2,000 acres of farmland
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and five or six wells, i think. they are still there. except they are growing grass instead of corn. >> larimer county has 20% more people than 15 years ago and a 13% less agricultural land and water because of development. not a lot of water anticipated around here today. the monsoon has been pushed even farther to the east, into the midwest, and through the east coast. it has really been part of the east. not a lot of for us today. and despite that, with the thunderstorms over the weekend, yet another fatality in colorado, up in larimer county. that brings us to two of the year and nationwide, many people have been killed by lightning so far this year. and if you're working in and around metro denver, and up and down the i-25 corridor, temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees, you might get a break from the sun, with the few clouds building later in the day.
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first days of school. but i definitely remember sixth grade. and it is because the whole summer i was so sick, consumed with the task of remembering my locker combination. i had never had to do that before and so for weeks and weeks i agonized and agonized. finally got to school, practiced and practiced and practiced, and couldn't get the locker open. just had to stand there, i think with my vanilla ice tape and a bunch of books and couldn't get it open. tried and tried again. eventually got it.
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we do have enough moisture moving into western colorado to heki in the day. main whreu from summit county to the -- mainly from summit county to the southwest. we will see a few migrate as far east as the front range mountains and foothills but there won't be much rain along with these guys today. they will sneak over the continental divide, get just a little bit on the east side, and bring some rain, but the farther east you go, as they move downhill, they begin to fall apart. we will have clouds, a cool breeze, during the evening, but rain will mostly be confined to mountain areas, and i would
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sprinkle or two, for the rest of the sound here, at lower elevations. look for 80s and 90s, early in the day, for a high temperature, and 70s in the mountains and foothills and cloudy pretty early there. we continue to see clouds develop over the central continental divide through summit county and southwest where we will see the best rain earliest today, by noon to 2:00, and thunderstorms in the san juans, and they transition up through the arkansas valley, going to aspen, leadville, and frisco, and silver thorn areas, toward the cash flow glenwood springs and grand junction later in the day today. so not a lot of action on the plains. perhaps a stray storm along the arkansas river, in southeastern colorado, and otherwise, most everything happening in the mountains, with temperatures in the 70s today, and we will be in the 80s and 90s, throughout the east, running about four to five degrees above average, and 91 today, and partly cloudy, and if there are rain and thunderstorms, and my bet is most of them, almost all of
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and tonight, clearing out and mid-50s tomorrow, again, we have a day with mostly mountain storms and temperatures mid- 80s. and light showers, at best. and wednesday, thursday, friday, and this frontal system coming through in the middle of the week, it is mainly going to change temperatures, and not change our rain profile all that much. >> take a look at this. if you're about to hop on 225, northbound, right around colfax you need to pay attention and major delays due to two separate wrecks in the will be delayed, coming in from ileff and eventually parker, potentially slowdowns from i- 25. and if these wrecks don't get moved from the highway soon. and two police officers, a fire truck and two cars involved in the crash are right now in the left lane. that fire truck is moving around, so hopefully we will see more lanes open, but you know what, they have to protect the lanes and do their jobs. the backups approaching colfax and the c-dot cameras and the parker road drive, southbound,
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which is absolutely a normal occurrence. and northbounders, a little bit lighter, as you head on through. but we will plan around the delays. and c-470, 11 minutes between santa fe and i-25 and out across the drive to the south and the east, after a previous closure that was shut down for several hours, across buckley and crest line and all lanes are getting through and the accident investigation is wrapped up. for right now, the backups are pretty light across both directions near buckley. >> amelia, thank you. people in southern california are able to return days after the start of a destructive wildfire. more than 100 homes and 200 other buildings burned. as the blue cut fire exploded in the san bernardino county. and it has burned about 37,000 acres. as more than 1,000 firefighters continue to work to get it under control. and this morning, the fire is about85% contained. in northern washington state, firefighters have their hands full with a number of big fires that started over the weekend. two fires combined on sunday,
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it threatened dozens of homes, and it has already burned at least five building, and crews say resources are stretched thin, because of the fire fights in other areas. and the firefighters are estimating to be about -- that fire to been 500 acres this morning. the largest fire in colorado is still the believer creek fire. it has burned a little more than 37,000 acres near the colorado/wyoming border. the fire is 53% contained. more than 200 firefighters are fighting the flames. hoping to get it fully controlled in the xt months. it is 17 after 6:00 right now. the president is back, after his vacation in martha's vineyard. we will talk about what he plans to focus on this week, and where he is heading
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6:20 right now. the president is back to work today after a 16 day vacation in martha's vineyard. president obama says he is ready for a busy fall season and more battles with congress. zika funding, the federal budget and $400 million the administration paid iran this year, sale of military equipment, tops his list. president obama is also expected to campaign throughout october to help elect democratic hillary clinton. president obama will be visiting baton rouge, louisiana, tomorrow. while in martha's vineyard the president got updates on the deadly flooding there. the white house says the president is eager to get there and talk with people about how the government can help. donald trump campaign's may be shifting positions on a key issue. immigration. >> the move comes as hillary
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label trump as insulting. after meeting with a newly- formed group of hispanic advisors, trump may be reconsidering his position to deport 11 million illegal immigrants from the united states. >> we need to quote and fair humane to deal with illegal immigrants in this country. >> as campaign manger said, his position is yet to be determined. meanwhile the clinton campaign says foundation, which raises money to help people all around the world, will no longer take foreign donations if she becomes president. >> so the steps that are being taken if she should become president are unprecedented. we are happy that that planning is taking place. >> back to donald trump for a minute, experts say that his new management team is trying to broaden his appeal to bring in new voters and that's why he might be changing some of his positions. well, it is certainly not
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years since the last total eclipse spanning the entire country. and we want to talk about when you might want to see the upcoming eclipse and when you could see it again, if you miss it this time. a long way down the road. >> the second time, yes. >> but first, here is weather and traffic now. a lot of schools starting today. csu back in session. hello fort early, early risers for the early classes. temperatures in the 50s. and 70s mid morning. and time of lunch, 80s to near 90 degrees in fort colins today. and during the evening, clouds will build. we will have some storms in and near the foothills and as those storms move off the foothills, clouds will pick up around here. and raindrop, few and far between, and a nice cool breeze though, heading into sunset tonight. marty, we are going up to
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i-76, right at the i-25 split. because we've got word of a rolled dump struck. we will stay with sky 9 as they get closer to the view. and it looks like we can see it there. the dump truck rolled on the ramp and this is going to be the ramp i do believe, let's see from the i-25 drive, merging southbound, on to the -- or excuse me, 76 drive on to i-25, and we will be checking this out and we will get the exact location, but there it is, the truck is on its side and traffic is getting through in the far right lane, and we are going alternates around, this and very quickly, let's come out to the c-dot cam, 225 northbound, we are just jam packed coming in from ileff because of two
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welcome back. 26 after 6:00 set your alarm for one year from today. to remind you. for the first time in 40 years, a total solar eclipse will pass over the united states coast to coast at that time. >> even though it is still a year away, the celestial event is causing a stir already. it is called the great american eclipse and with a name like that, it is sure to be spectacular. it will sweep across the country, from oregon, to south carolina, one year from now. luckily, for colorado, it is the best local viewing spot, it
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casper, wyoming. >> the moon starts moving in front of the sun, it takes a bite out of the sun, and then when the moon gets completely in front of the sun, you see the corona, the outer atmosphere of the sun. >> how neat. and so we are still a year away but planning ahead could save you from a long wait. after that, you will have to wait until 2024, and then if you miss that one, 2045. >> yes. >> and i don't think you can set your phone that far in >> but, so you have to drive to wyoming to get the whole thing. but in colorado, we are going to get a good church of it, i do believe -- chunk of it, i do believe. it will get dark out and look pretty cool. >> one year away, looking forward. >> i am sure we will be mentioning it once or twice before that. >> i think so, yes. one of most memorable parts of the olympics, and not even a sport. ryan lochte is back in america and talking about the exaggeration he made about an incident at a gas station in rio. we are going to hear part of
6:28 am
matt lauer. here is a quick look outside right now. fort collins. >> gorgeous. >> horse tooth reservoir camera. the sun advise. what a nice way to start your
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another wave of students heading back to school today. with the largest enrollment
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students, teachers and staff plan on keeping students better balanced this year. >> police need your help finding an at risk man, gone for days, and what we know about him and what you should keep an eye out for. >> and it is the unofficial end of summer. coming up. labor day. right around the corner. we will tell you what you should expect if you are going to hit the road or if you're going to stake to the skies. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. gary and corey with you. cheryl is on her way back from she is going to sleep in for a couple of days. >> for a week. >> maybe for a week. >> yes. [ laughter ] let's send it over to amelia right now. there is traffic news going on. >> all sorts of stuff happening today. a dump struck has rolled on the -- truck has rolled from the ramp 76, on to the i-25 exit ramp. the truck on its side here. we're not sure about the injuries involved in this crash, if any. another dump truck has arrived to the scene. along with emergency crews. and the amount of semi truck traffic coming through this
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from of course, nebraska and the northeastern portion of our state. and we look to the alternate routes and come out to the maps shall the suggestion that i would give -- and the suggestion that i would give, heading into the denver metro area, use 8th avenue westbound to connect with your drive over to 84th and allow you to access i-25 southbound and get into the city. we are all clear at the south and east. at buckley and crest line. after an earlier fatal crash investigation that has the roads closed down for quite a are pretty light. and one spot not seeing light delays is 225. check out the northbound slowdown coming from ileff to colfax. two different wrecks northbound across 225, and they are stacking up. these major delay, we will talk about travel times coming up in the next update. >> thanks, ameala high clouds over the area right now, and denver public schools, back in session today. and the temperatures in the 60s, early on and moving close
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degrees. clouds pick up between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon, and very warm, and dry. and headed home from school today. and dry on most of the state, and hd doppler, i have seen a few very light showers, nibbling at that western border, just to the south and west of the colorado national monument. and there really isn't much going on nationwide this morning, and over the last month, very little rain, this is since august 1, and d.i.a. sticks out as being the driest little rain here so far this month. and unfortunately, during the day, i don't think we have seen much around here at all. a few raindrops possible down here. below 7,000 feet. with upwards of a tenth of an inch in the foothills later in the day. it looks like a warm generally dry day. >> marty, thank you. developing right now, a driver tried to drive off, after hitting a person as a group of people walked across an aurora street.
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at chambers road and midnight. a driver of a 4runner lost control and slid into the group of people. one person died at the hospital. the 4runner rolled over in a parking lot and landed on the wheels and that's when the driver tried to drive away before the engine stalled. the driver and a passenger both went to the hospital with minor injuries. police say speed and alcohol were both factors. back to school, back to traffic. back to the early morning routine. some 90,000 plus kids in denver public schools are going back to school joins us live from kepner middle school. the district is starting a new focus this year. >> reporter: they, are gary. we are very excited to tell you about it. it is an initiative that focuses on the whole student. so not just taking a look at their academics but physical and mental and social state as well. we have tom, the superintendent of dps joining us again this morning. good morning, tom. >> good morning. thanks for the opportunity. >> of course. >> we would love to hear more about the initiative.
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the idea? >> we, from our own experience, from the research, we know how important it is that we support our kids, and their growth, academically, but also socially. and emotionally, that we provide opportunity force them to learn the creative arts and arts and music. and physical education. and in sports. and we see in society, very significant gaps in wealth and opportunity, below average kid, from upper income family, far more likely to go to college, than a well above family. and we know a key to that is not just the academic growth of our students but their growth in the personal field, the character skills, and hard work, and resilience, emotional intelligence and empathy that are keys for them succeeding in college and in life. >> are you working to bridge that gap and it is a critical year to do so with so many students having enrolled in the dps school district. how will teachers work on implementing this throughout the school year?
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give them supports to work with our kids, and provide them the social and emotional support, and build the personal skills and the character skills and also by significantly increasing our supports in terms of counseling, or social workers, or school psychologists, school nursing, to really focus on kids social and emotional health and we have seen a big increase in our arts teachers, and in the sports that we offer our kids, so they really have those opportunities, and creative endeavors, and in sports, which is growing up, and learning and growing as a child. >> and it sounds like you guys are createing so many opportunities around. thank you for explaining that and you are about to greet the parents. >> we are. can't wait to see the kids and greet the parents and hoping for a great school year. >> happy back to school, everyone. and i'm sure parents are happy to know that teachers are not just focusing on academics but
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>> very exciting. >> i think some cheers will be happening this morning. >> as parents send the kiddos off. back to school means back to school pictures. >> we have gotten some great ones. a lot of you have been sharing your pictures the little learners on the first day back at school. if you would like to take part, you can share yours, use the hashtag #be on 9 on twitter or the comments section of our back to school facebook post, we have been getting a lot on both and we will continue to show them on morning this morning. i like that one on the left. that's cute. threats against schools and students are taking a toll on education, according to parents, teachers and police. teachers are working to lessen the impact of those threats. and help students get on with their schoolwork and lives. one program provides a web site so that students can anonymously report potential violence. another offers programs for teachers and students on how to deal with the trauma and
6:38 am
students, so they can get back to their studies. lots of resources out there. >> uh-huh. aurora police need everyone's help finding 71-year- old walter rogers. take a good look at this picture on your screen. police say rogers may have dementia and has a history of strokes. he was last seen on south ukraine street on august 14. missing for a while now. rogers is wearing a brown baseball cap, and blue jeans, and gray or black shoes, if you see him, call police. 6:38 right now. if you want manitou incline, sorry, you are out of luck, for a while anyway. closed for the season. the incline closed down for repairs saturday. it was originally scheduled to close today. the mile long stairway up 2,000 feet is a very popular spot for athletes and amateurs alike. the incline will be closed for upgrades and repairs until december 2. darn, i was going to run up it too. >> bummer.
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mitsubishi are recalling thousands of cars for problems that could increase the risk of crashes. hyundai is recalling more than 64,000, 2013 elantras because the brake pedal stopper can deteriorate, causing transmission to shift out of park without applying the brake pedal. mitsubishi is recalling 2015 to 2016 models of the outlander sport and the 2016 models of the outlander and lancer. due to a problem that can delay acceleration and certain 82,000 vehicles. it looks like travel costs for the upcoming labor day weekend are going to be pretty good there year compared to last year. and low gas prices are still where you are going to save the most. but that is not the only way to save. airline tickets might be a little cheaper, too. and don't plan on using frequent flier miles, they say. be sure to use them sooner than later. but not this time. >> you might never use those
6:40 am
not actively participating in programs. >> yes, but it is going to be blocked out over labor day on a lot of airlines so check on that. another reason is because airlines constantly changing how the airline miles can be spent or earned. well, the flame has been extinguished. and the 2016 summer olympic games officially is over. athletes entered thestate stadium one last time last night. and gold medal gymnas biles carried the american flag, the olympic flag was passed to the mayor of tokyo which will happen in 2020. the japan prime minister made a surprise appearance dressed as super mario. >> okay. the team usa walked away from the games with the most overall medal count. 121 medals. and 46 gold medals. and 37 silver and 38 bronze. and china came in second with 70 medals overall. great britain, russia and germany, rounded out the top
6:41 am
the drama surrounding ryan lochte and three of his teammates is not. the head of the u.s. olympic committee says they quote let down the athletes. the four still face action over what happened at a gas station in rio. lochte first called it an armed robbery and now says he over exaggerated the story and has since apologized. >> we are all frightened. and we wanted to get out of there as quick as possible, and the only way we knew was this guy saying you have money and we got out. >> matt lauer from the "today" show sat down with lochte and more of the exclusive interview will air during the broadcast starting at 7:00. with the olympics over, cheryl preheim and matt renew are packing up. and getting ready to head back home to colorado. >> for a long nap. right. >> yes. >> probably. >> before they, do they said
6:42 am
what an incredible summer games it has been. more than 100 gold medals for team usa. an 19 days of competition. so many incredible stories that come out of the summer whr?pblgs. in a city known for iconic and beautiful landmarks it is our privilege to share it all with you. >> right now, everyone's eyes are on rio. >> i'm a little jealous this morning, guys. >> yes indeed. >> to watch the opening ceref >> last night, jenny simpson winning bronze as well. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. buenos diaz. >> matt and cheryl. taking us to the olympic park in rio. >> go to the ring. >> can someone point us to the swimming venue?
6:43 am
the rings fell off. five continents are represented by the ring. i'm not sure which one just fell apart. >> copacabana. >> emma coburn has a bronze medal in track and field. >> a medalist in the summer olympics. >> we made it. we made it. look at this. >> look at sugar loaf in the distance. i love how the cable cars >> mesmerizing, and you just don't get tiredof looking to it. >> cheryl, we're connected. please don't fall down. >> i think you're going to cause an accident. get off the road.
6:44 am
those two guys are amazing. around here today, very warm conditions. upper 80s. low 90s. clouds build. rain will disappoint. if you live below 7,000 feet. and we also have several areas throughout the region under red flag warnings for extreme fire danger. from western nebraska, through most of wyoming, today, gusty winds, and low humidity. csu, back and starting in the 50s here for the next hour or two. and rapidly going to the 70s. and into the upper 80s, and low 90s, for those late afternoon
6:45 am
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high cloud the day. planning just the next few minutes, the next few minutes, i should say the next couple of hours, we will be pushing 80 degrees by 10:00 this morning. through the afternoon we go. upper 80s to near 90. clouds do thicken this evening. gust of wind. five raindrops and a cool breeze. for the evening. and the next few day, will be very similar tomorrow, and hroufr, cooler on wednesday shall -- however, cooler on wednesday and thursday, and don't get too excited about the
6:48 am
it will be minimal. >> the two big trouble spots in the drive, i-76 and 225, sky 9 is over the 76 crash heading westbound, it is a merge to i- 25 where a dump truck has rolled on its side and the left lane is blocked and the right lane gets through. backups stretch for about a mile. now, alternates i would use 88th to the westbound side. over towards 25. and use 84th to connect with i- 25, and as we peek out to 225, here is the northbound slowdown. coming in from now, il on the approach to 6th avenue as well as colfax and two earlier crashes and one at sixth avenue causing the delays. and folding lawn laundry is rarely considered a favorite chore until now. matt granite will fold your laundry for $13 or add a helping hand. >> absolutely. i am one of the world's worst folders and before we get to the contraption to get the
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seconds, i also collected a lot of requests from 9 news viewers for these things. garment racks. more storage solutions. take a look, first, and i promise i will give you a demo of both products as i profile my favorite commercial grade garment rack. one of the favorite picks by viewer request and this is a hugely well rated clothing folder. the way to get that perfect press in three steps. we found one for $12.99. and e worst clothing folder on earth. our intern cody who put it to the test. >> flip the left side over. bring it on back. do the same with the right side. bring it on back. and flip it up from behind. now you have a perfectly folded polo. >> now, obviously this garment rack is easily assembled. but the important part for me is the wheels.
6:50 am
have awful cheap wheels. this, not at all. in fact, i'm going to show you just how fast this goes. >> so it could have been an olympic event on its own but i rode this around our studio. and it didn't break and we threw it down a flight of stairs and it was also fine. if you head to, you can pick up one of these. [ station audio trouble ] >> oh, no, that is terrible. we forgot to pay the bill. darn >> well, hopefully he was going to say all of the information is on >> i think he was going to say that. >> i need to know. >> really, you need the folder? the folder thing though? you can't do that without it? >> if you saw my folding skills, yes. >> really? >> terrible. >> then it is a bargain. >> $13. cloudy. any rain today? it is nice out there right now. could cloud up a little bit later.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
good-looking day over the area today. early on, we will have a development of thunderstorms later. however, the monsoon has shifted into the mississippi valley and the east. there is just barely enough moisture to kick off some storms in colorado today. mostly from summit county, to the south and west. and dry, right now, across the state. though some showers are getting going east, or excuse me, west of the border, into utah. and partly cloudy start to the day, and clouds pick up during the afternoon, and we will get some isolated storms in the foothills. and tenth, quarter of an inch
6:54 am
foothills, a few raindrops, several areas of thick cloud cover and a cool breeze, for the evening, but measurable rain is really going to be confined to areas above 7,000 feet. 80s, 90s, here early on. after 3:00, 4:00, when the clouds thicken, we will begin to cool off. statewide, dry over the weekend, except for southeastern colorado. and isolated storm or two possible there. and the san juans, four corners area, storms first and they cut upth frisco, and silver thorn and then back up along carbondale and glenwood springs and grand junction, late this evening. rainfall pattern, mostly favoring foothills. and mountains and colorado river valley and of course, into southwestern colorado. which is where it will be cooler, with 60s and 70s, in the southwest, and reflecting those showers, and we are in the 80s, and 90s here, we will go 91 here. and most any thunderstorm
6:55 am
the foothills. very little if any rain makes it off. tonight we clear out and hit the 50s. back to 86 degrees. very close to average tomorrow. mountain storms most prevalent tomorrow and then very light isolated showers wednesday, thursday, friday, and it does get schooler, it will not -- cooler, it will not be a lot wetter. we are back up and over the 76 wreck on the ramp to i-25, and westbound 76, down to a single shoulder getting by. because a du its side. and emergency crews are on the scene trying to upright the vehicle and deal with the mess in the area. right now, the semi truck cars passing through, coming through along 76 westbound, forced on to the shoulder. and a couple of miles of delays. and 76, and 104th to connect westbound, over to i-25. and 76 is our one trouble spot. 225, it is the second. take a look here. at the live view, and 225, northbound, backups coming through now from ileff to
6:56 am
very intense because the stop and go delay leads up to a accident 225 corridor and added up to a 16 minute drive, and as far as alternates go, northbound chambers to parallel 225, because dropping your speeds down 11 miles an hour leading up to the wreck is no fun at all. and northbound chambers can help you connect with i-70. stand by. good morning. i'm jessica oh live at not only back to school day. today is the day to get in the school spirit. we have students and staff very excited to get back to school and ready to greet students about to head in the doors any second now. and dps by the way, one of the fastest-growing school districts in colorado. and they have the largest enrollment numbers they have ever seen. just while students and staff are taking on a new initiative and we will tell you all about it coming up in a few minutes. >> guys, isn't that exciting?
6:57 am
>> yes. hey, threat against schools and students, taking a toll on education. teachers are working to lessen the effects of those threats and help students focus on learning. one program provides a web site so students can anonymously report potential violence. another offers programs for teachers and students on how to deal with the trauma and the aftermath of these threats. one area of boulder is getting a major upgrade when it comes to safety and security. parts of the university hill neighborhood are getting new streetlights to make sure students and neighbors can see the sidewalk at any time of the night. it is $2 million the city is spending on the streetlighting project. that money comes from you, the taxpayers, and in 2014s voters aproved a community culture and a safety tax. it is a temporary three-year sales tax increase, of 0.3 cents. 6:57 right now. police are still deciding whether to charge a 74-year-old woman who smashed into a crowd of people at an outdoor concert in ohio.
6:58 am
the accident happened last night. in parma height, that's about 10 miles south of cleveland. police say the woman hit the gas, instead of the brakes and that's what caused the accident. this week, army sergeant bowe bergdahl will be back in court, trying to convince a judge the u.s. mishandled his pros cute cution. and the first problem is whether -- prosecution. the first problem is whether a general was wrong when he referred bowe bergdahl for court martial rather than standard prosecution. bow burg dal's defense argued the general should not be involved in the case due to his captivity. legal experts say the motions are a long shot. a gas spill in loveland is all cleaned up this morning just before 2:00. a gas truck hit a barrier on eisenhower and north wilson. 50 gallons of gasoline spilled from the truck. no one was hurt. but crews have to pump the remaining gas from the damaged truck which took hours to do so. police are taking a closer look at evidence from a deadly shooting. it happened early sunday morning, at the center fold
6:59 am
dead in the parking lot. no arrests have been made but investigators are working to figure out what the connection is if any between the victim and the suspect. mountain storms today. and tomorrow. that is where we have the best opportunities for some measurable rain. and coming up, through the middle of the week, as cool air mixes in to the front range, a few light showers here, i'm not super impressed by the amount of moisture we will get, we start warming it up, by early next week. running back into the mid and upper 80s. bad of a week in store. >> not al at all. >> hopefully the traffic will improve. >> back to school means an earlier morning for you and thinking about packing the kid's lunch and one of the things to think about. what is the best option? we are going to talk to our 9 news nutritionists about some of the options that you have, that's coming up at 7:45, on channel 20. >> green smoothy. >> yes. >> we're ready to do it again.
7:00 am
right? >> sure it can. >> we're going to channel 20. see you there. good morning. it's good morning. it's a wrap. rio throws a massive party to bring the olympic games to a close. ? ? five-time medalist simone biles leading team usa after an historic medal haul. making headlines. ryan lochte opening up in an exclusive interview about that gas station incident he initially described as armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> this morning why lochte and three of his teammates could be facing more disciplinary action. a softer trump? donald trump's new campaign manager suggests he could be walking back his plan to deport 11 million undocumented


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