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tv   9 News at 6pm  NBC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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this guy did last year. >> i am so sorry, i didn't mean to be so irresponsible. >> we are getting a rare look into the moments after a drunk driving crash, when it is too late to learn the lesson, anastasiya bolton has the story. >> i am so sorry. >> we need an ambulance, we need a fire truck. >> apparently wit emergency, the drunk riccardo was driving twice the speed limit. >> someone was going through the intersection, hit a car, the car exploded. >> dardia doesn't remember much. >> i kill somebody? >> he would be wondering this. >> i blacked out. >> blacked out on a monday morning last august. it was rush hour, people near
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>> i don't remember what i did. i don't want to be in trouble no more. >> a accident. >> what happened? >> steven and his friend were driving to a job when gardia plowed into them and the jeep caught fire. >> i figure i must get out of the jeep and put myself out. >> the other later died at the hospital. >> i feel bad i didn't when i heard screaming. >> hughes will be dealing with that the rest of his life. >> my face didn't get burned luckily, my ears got it pretty good, the back of my neck, my shoulders, and my arms and the upper half of my torso down to my finger tips. >> during gardia's first interview with denver police, he hadn't died yet. >> anything you would like to say? >> i am so sorry, i didn't mean
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more sorry now, on his way to prison, sentenced to 24 years. for next, i am anastasiya bolton. >> if you are thinking a lot of people who drive drunk and killed don't get sentences that wrong youshgs are right, that was a previously convicted felon with a long criminal history. i guessing you have seen the video, 2 guys confronted for spay painting rocks on look out mountain, jeffco deputies are on the look out for them. coloradans will be m state. if those guys are caught it is a misdemeanor hand slap. we ran into someone from out of town just as ticked off as any colorado native. >> doesn't get any better than this. i am close to the clouds, i feel like i could reach out and touch it. i can't imagine anything being more beautiful and spectacular. this stuff is out here for all of us to enjoy and tagging the sides of rocks in a national
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or any kind of facility like that is worse than tagging the side of a building in new york city. we shouldn't be disrespectful to everything we appreciate. a lot of us drive thousands of miles just to see this. i don't want to see a rock tagged with some idiot's logo, i am kind of a red neck, they are twisted in the head. i call them a moron and they need to learn to respect nature. they didn't create that. tear up what you bought and what you created. don't tear up the rest of our >> we often will blur out spray painted symbols so we don't give attention to taggers in the city but these guys spray painted words and a body part and the skill level suggests this is either their first attempt, or they don't know about english or anatomy. denver police are looking for a really bad get-away driver, ideally in a get-away vehicle, you want a bland car,
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police cruiser checking on a possibly stolen truck took off in another, flashier truck, a white ford with black flames painted on it and montana plates. taken near evans and holly this morning, the officer involved is okay and the search is on for the bad decision maker with the white truck and black names and montana plates. -- flames and montana plates. it will be interested to see if coloradans want to triple the tax, coloradans bought more cigarettes in 2015 after a decade of declining year-to-year sales, our 84 cent is tax compared to other states. we would be from the 12th cheapest to 11th most expense sxfb that money would-- expensive and the money would fund health programs. dogs lost privileges finally got poop in a group and
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were not responsible enough to pick up after dogs. they told folk physical you clean up the park, you can are it back and people did over the weekend . we stopped by, it was nice and clean and all the people we saw were picking up properly. kauldage students on the hill-- college students on the hill in boulder are getting lit, $2 million worth of street lights, taxpayers are funding with temporary 3-year sales tax increase of 0.3 cents. today school for denver public schools, crossing guards, bus drivers, teachers welcoming kids. there are those behind the scenes, photo journalist chris handsome, who specializes in being awesome behind the scenes, thought some of them deserved a shout out as well. >> hi, this is pam calling from the dispatch office.
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because we are talking about people's children. >> this is a very central barn place. this is route 373 into palmar, please. >> i am pamela noble, this is... barbara foster? >> 3 minutes away from south, granny. >> they call her granny. >> because i am old. >> i love my job. >> i was a bus driver. 395, yes. 395 school buses. >> we have to keep our cdl license and if there needs to be coverage, we jump on a bus and pick up kids ourselves. >> it takes a lot of patience, it really does, lot of patience, lot of parents yelling at you. >> you know, the way some of them talk to us, i don't think they know how much we care about their kids. >> okay. >> absolutely.
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waiting at a bus stop. they all catch the bus, i was nervous this morning and so i understand that perspective of the parent. >> were they able to get on the bus this morning? >> do the students need a ride to school? >> i will. >> thank you, bye. that is number 1, getting our kids to school on time in a safe manner. >> we know how that works now. the job becomes more complicated in the winter and they are in extra early to make sure kids and drivers are safe. theyon thank you. here it is: thanks. a friend of ours is leaving, friend of yours too, that is how it works when someone is as wonderfully talented and kind as kyle dyer, for 2 decades she has been sitting here as you sit there, having a conversation about what matters in colorado. she joined 9 news in 1996 and she announced she will be leaveing for a new adventure. >> those of you who are overcoming great challenges, with a positive attitude, you inspire me, and for the other
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great inovateive programs to better the-- innovative programs to better lives, your de-termination wows me. those in the medical community, you are coming up with technology and treatments that are saving lives and improving lives, your brilliance flors me. a lot share personal stories with me, probably kind of hard, your heart will always touch me. >> kyle isn't able to share details on her new adventure yet, her final here on "next" sometime next week. we know it will be told in kyle dyer's signature style, compassion, insight, and unmatched lover for our community. so much left to do on next, got to get matt and cheryl out of rio safely, need to find why the colorful colorado signs aren't. there must be an explanation for where the miller moths went this year. perhaps mike klis knows why the broncos aren't just starting the quarterback that all the
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another hot day here in denver, high of 91 degrees. in the high country, we got our first snow fall in telluride, you canee the tippy-- can see
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snowfall. there is a opportunity for more snow on those peaks and many other peaks, for the gentleman that keeps calling and asking me to help with his office pool, when will we see the first snow? sir, i cannot help you but in the past 5 years our first snow has been november or october, good luck to you. what we are seeing now around the city are darker clouds, stronger winds, a few storms that have developed, none are severe, though, the storms we do have lined up are to the south and to the east of area, with stronger winds, some lightning, but most of that stormy weather is in the high country. we zoom out a little bit more and that is where our next frent is out towards the pacific northwest marching in our direction and will shake up our weather pattern. tonight, 58 the overnight low, few storms early, tomorrow, high of 85. the weather changes in the afternoon as the cold front arrives and after that, lasting through the end of the week. thanks, so this is
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on twitter said lynch would be the new starting quarterback, it doesn't seem possible that a bunch of random people on twitter could be wrong about sports but apparently coach kubiak decides, weird. our broncos guy, mike klis, probably understands this better than most. >> today was like last year all over again for broncos head coach, gary kubiak, there is a game on the weekend, he had a monday press conference, before he met with the press he had a team meeting, he told quarterback would be that week. he didn't declare a permanent job, he just said this week the starting quarterback is here. he then walked into the press conference and he announced to the press who his starting quarterback would be this week. the only difference was, instead of a young brock osweiler starting instead of veteran peyton manning as happened 7 consecutive weeks last season, it was young quarterback trevor
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season. this puts siemian in the drivers seat to start september 8 against carolina. but kubiak did not announce siemian was the starter in the regular season opener, i think after siemian played well but threw that pick-6, he didn't quite do enough to get the job permanently. he wants to see him play one more week and also, look for paxton lynch, the rookie, to get some first team reps a the competition for siemian, not mark sanchez. >> we are never going to complain about security lines at dia again, not after seeing these photos from our cheryl preheim and matt renoux as they tried to leave rio, brazil. them and everyone else after the olympics ended last night. matt tweeted this is the single busiest day in the rio arment
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history, they are planners and arrived 6 hours ahead, they got through in an hour and we will see them soon. they are flying so they don't get the see the welcome to colorful colorado signs, all over the colorado border, c-dot says there are 40 dotting the boundaries of our rectangular piece of america. the signs aren't actually colorful, next viewer michelle wondered why. they went up were rustic and woodsy, they wanted it like cabins and lodges. some say the signs should not be colorful and they should stand as neutral contrast to the natural beauty of our state. may i ask for a recommendation? this is usually where we make a recommendation, something you can check out. today i could use your recommendation. turns out there are lots of books on how to be a good parent. surprisingly little literature
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next biggest and smallest fan, meet my niece rr, adlen james-- niece, adlen james, she has wonderful parents, best grandparents, and one really useless uncle. how does one go about being an uncle? need uncle advice. stat. adlen james, just know uncle kyle loves you and i will try to figure it out by the time you are old enough to remember if he is clueless. some years they are a nuisance and some years they are not. >> before we celebrate that the miller moths aren't around this year, maybe we should check to see that is not some vine of environmental doom.
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we try to be problem solvers
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the 10th time, but we are available to sort through marital difficulties, like when you can't agree on something. why seek out a professional? first up, john and julie, the marriage imperiled by a question: smoky bear? or smoky the bear? the mascot has crealted a rift and-- created a rift and they reached out. john says it is smoky the on the line to save your marriage. >> smoky bear does not have a middle name. and i believe the confusion is caused by the song where you sing "smoky the bear, smoky the bear," that is where the confusion lies. >> julie, you win, smoky bear.
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only you can prevent forest fires. next question, where are the miller moths in colorado this year? we heard from a bunch of people, recently margaret, we went to denver museum of nature and science, they said the answer is not very definitive. >> nobody will have a good response to that. if less insecticidess moth develop in-- miller moth develops where places where no insecticides are applied, that helps. it might be the odd hail storm coming in, when they are still little caterpillars or it is just getting warm very late in the year. or it is too dry. probably they might be back next year in a really nuisance and then i get calls from the press, why are there so many miller moths?
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every time, he said it is hard to predict what will happen next year with miller moth. he says don't worry, the animals that eat miller moths, like birds and bears, will find another protein source, bears eat miller moths, they pick up rocks, boom, snack time. we are getting some feedback, stacks of it, actually. we do read each and every message complimentar they carved out 30 minutes for something a little different." he had one solid suggestion, he wrote "stop wearing so much blush. you look like a christmas nutcracker." there are a ton of responses that come to mind, not one appropriate for television so our editors will handle the response and i can admit christian has a point. bad news, no blush, i get red when i am worried about losing my job. speaking of that, we need to
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if this doesn't work and we are forced to pack up the next office and we hit the road, we found our vehicle of choice, a license plate of a hurst in colorado springs has our name all over it, somebody shared this, wasn't kind. we will choose not to read into it, we will read your feedback and a lot of heart-felt, wonderful things on how to be a good uncle. nancy's suggestion, my brother
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you can try that in a few years. brian, krispy kreme plus chucky cheese equals great uncle, and fat uncle as well. jeff says it is a tremendous responsibility, the one thing you can always do is always have gun. i will always have gum if you, uncle kyle has your back.
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leonardo decaprio's car crash caught on tape. m eyewitness accounts. how leo's romantic hamptons get away ended with an ambulance and mangled miny. >> blake shelton and gwen stefani's onstage pda. is adele's recent illness worse than she is letting on? what happened backstage. a "brinlt jones' baby" exclusive. only we are on set with renee
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original. >> return of a reality tv guilty pleasure "toddlers and tiaras" is back. for august 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." i'm in hollywood while kevin frazier is in new york city. >> this is the place to be, big stars, big news all going down as long as you can deal with the drive out to speaking of drives, we have the video of leonardo decaprio's joy ride that ended in collision. 4:44 saturday afternoon. the impact. an eyewitness exclusively tells "e.t." leo looked like he was in shock. this mini cooper came out of nowhere and ran right into the back of the range rover. our report from authorities


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