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good morning to you.. gary, corey and tarhonda here with you this tuesday morning... marty is here too - we can expect a
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tim kaine is here. hillary clinton's v-p pick is in colorado - where he plans to meet with local entreprenuers and business owners. kaine will hold a private roundtable discusssion in lakewood. he'll also discuss clinton's "economic policy plan." that all happens later this morning - at about 9:30. reporter jessica oh will be there, bringing you all the latest. hillary clinton took some time off from campaigning monday -- and made a stop on the jimmy kimmel show. but -- her campaign staff - isn't giggling these days.
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emails were released by conservative watchdog group "judicial watch" -- emails that were deleted, but later found by the f-b-i. the group says -- some emails outline how big donors to the clinton foundation used her top aid to get access to clinton when she was secretary of state. donald trump continues to re- examine his immigration plan. the gop nominee says one thing won't change - he's still planning on building a wall. but -- he also says he will enfore the laws already on the books -- stepping back from his promise to immediately deport all 11 million illegal immigrants. his new plan includes separating illegal immigrants
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ones" will be deported immediately -- and everyone else would go through the existing immigration process in the polls -- hillary clinton continues to lead. a new nbc news - survey monkey poll found that she has an 8 point lead over donald 50 to 42 percent. it's a small change from her 9-point lead last week. president obama is visiting louisiana today. he's going to baton rouge to get a first hand look at the damage-- that severe flooding a week-- 30 inches of rain fell. 13 people died.... and tens of thousands now face the rebuilding process. the president will also meet with local officials to discuss recovery plans - and how the federal government can help. colorado officials want everyone to have the chance to vote -- homeless included. today - secretary of state wayne williams will be out on colfax avenue - encouraging the homeless to register. he'll be with staffers who can help with the registration process - including
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vietnamese and cambodian. in lieu of a permanent address - those who wish to register can use a homeless shelter or other "home base." in kansas - if you registered to vote at a motor vehicle office - you probably didn't have to show a birth certificate or naturalizaiton papers. that's because of the so called federal motor voter law. now -- the state says that's not ok -- and it is asking the federal appeals court to keep people from voting judge said kansas could not disenfranchise voters who registered at motor vehicle offices without that paperwork. but the state wants that overturned. they say - it doesn't make sense to hold people to different standards based only on where they register. but the american civil liberities union says kansas should not block thousands of legal citizens from voting because they can't produce a birth certificate, passport or
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denver sheriff patrick firman has ordered an audit of his own department -- after several deputies released inmates too early - or too late. four deputies have been involved in mistaken releases in the past month. the audit also comes after three deputies were fired earlier this summer -- for using excessive force against inmates. police are still looking for a driver who rammed a denver police vehicle - and then got away. no one was hurt. it happened yesterday-- when police approached a stolen truck near peoria and 39th avenue. investigators say-- the driver of that stolen truck - off. police say the driver then stole a different truck. they're looking for a 19-98 white ford f-250-- with black flames. it has montana plates b-4-8-1-3 if you see it -- call 9-1-1. this november -- coloradans will decide whether to raise the tobacco tax. it would triple the current tax -- meaning a pack of cigarettes would cost a dollar-75
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million dollars, and help pay for things like tobacco education and student loan repayment for health professionals in rural areas. they say the main purpose is to stop youth from smoking. but - a business owner who declined to go on camera told 9news he worries it will shut his tobacco and cigar shop down. the last time colorado raised the tobacco tax -- was in 2004. back then -- the tax went from 20 cents per pack to 84 cents per pack. the jefferson county sheriff's office is searching for two people-- caught on video vandalizing a rock at lookout mountain. someone caught them. ...and the video is "making the rounds," online. neither tourists nor coloradans-- are happy about this.
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reaction on social media. a lot of people are hoping someone can help jefferson county deputies identify the vandals. we've seen a lot of
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summer...all over the u-s and here in colorado... now - officials say the largest one burning in our state is human caused.
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the beaver creek fire -- was human- caused. fire investigators haven't elaborated on how they came to that conclusion. the fire started on june 19th and has now burned more than 37 thousand acres along the colorado-wyoming border. more than 200 firefighters are still working to contain it. they say it will burn until there is a significant snowfall at some point in the coming months. officials in weld county are tracking four cases of the zika virus. all of those cases - are travel- related. across the state - 21 coloradans caught zika while traveling. experts say colorado is too high and dry for the mosquitos that carry the virus. but -- they say this is a good reminder for travelers - to take precautions in
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over in utah -- a different animal has health officials concerned. two people have been exposed to rabies... ... and two bats have tested positive for the disease. the health department says both cases happened over a single week this month. rabies is extremely rare in humans. but it's fatal-- if left untreated. the utah county health department says-- anyone who comes in close contact with bats... should check with their local health department to find out if they were exposed. getting stuck in a snow storm-- no fun. but imagine how much wors it would be to get stuck on a 14er... in a snow storm. yeah... it happened to two climbers yesterday. they were on "capitol peak"-- west of aspen. the climbers said they were stuck in snow - and surrounded by thunder. today -- they're safe at home. it took a few hours for rescuers in pitkin county to reach them.. two rescuers went in a helicopter. 27 other volunteers were on the ground. the climbers are-- a man from longmont and a woman from ann
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there was also snow reported on the peaks above telluride. riders on the train up pikes peak - can vouch for that. it's been snowing on america's mountain for the past several days - although it's still too warm for it to really stick. that will start changing over the next month or so. a lot of parents have a confession to make -- and it has to do with that pesky thing called "homework." and--- constuction and new people in town. it's happening all over metro denver. but residents in cherry creek say they have a plan to
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afford a home in denver -- you need to be making east coast or west coast money. right now -- even if you put down 20 percent on an average home in denver - you would still need to make more than 72 thousand dollars to afford the mortgage. that's far higher than any american city not on a coast. the salary needed to buy a home here -- is 20 thousand dollars above the national average. you know those townhomes that are in really big buildings... stacked next to each other? well, the city of denver has decided to temporarily stop issuing permits for them: the so-called "garden court townhomes." "this" one was recently completed in
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complained-- they looked too much like apartment complexes. the "cherry creek neighborhood association" says-- the structures destroy the character of the neighborhood. council member "wayne new" says-- the city's ordinance is too ambiguous. he says it allows too much flexibility for developers. the council will review the ordinance-- within the next year. parking is at a premium on denver's streets -- we all know how frustrtating it can be. now the city council is taking on the problem by taking aim at developers. normally new buildings - don't have to include off street parking if they're on small lots. but for the next seven months - new buildings on small lots will have to
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study the problem and then make proposed permanent changes. americans still love getting a good deal.. and a new report shows that outlet malls are a huge attraction for shoppers. traffic there - was on the rise again last month. the report says -- 26-percent of american shoppers visited at least one outlet mall or discount center in july -- up four percent from earlier this year. alright parents, admit it -- who takes one look at their kid's homework and immediately goes to google? you're not alone-- a new survey found that 55-percent of parents look up answers to math or science homework -- without telling their children. almost 80 percent go online to look for answers -- while 36-percent ask their significant other in hopes they have the answer.
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only take-home work-- should be whatever a student doesn't finish during the day. for the parents -- he assigns dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside, and getting their child to bed early. hundreds of people on social media have given their opinions - shared experiences - and offered their own advice. we invite you to join the conversation - on our facebook page.
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it's just as easy to get sick -- during the heat of summer. and no suprise here -- the broncos still don't have a starting quarterback. but it looks like we will soon.
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from their third preseason game and coach gary kubiak says trevor siemian will start against the la rams. but what about the regular season? kubiak is still making up his mind between the three quarterback possibilities. fans are split as to who they want leading the defending super bowl champs. we have the former new york jet ... last year's third string quarterback ... and the rookie. denver is one and one in the preseason and luckily those don't count. two more games to iron out the kinks before going head to head with the panthers ... and you
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went. sure - you've heard of flu season, but don't let the hot weather fool you -- you can still get an upper respiratory infection. doctors say -- look for typical allgery and cold symptoms.. if those symptoms get worse - or don't go away with your usual treatment -- you might have the summer sickness. because most upper respiratory infections are viral, the treatment is managing the symptoms, along with rest and drinking lots of fluids. if it's not getting better -- see a doctor to prevent a more serious lower infection, like bronchitis or
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to serenade those wonderful "summer nights". yep -- they belted out the "grease" hit -- and it went viral. they four troopers were working the indiana state fair - patrolling in a golf cart when the decided to jam out. so far -- it's been viewed more than some sun bathers are getting extra crispy with their sunscreen. why one company is hoping people will go for "fried" with their sense of smell- instead of frying their skin in the sun. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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away... luckily the truck he stole next should be easy to spot. tim kaine is talking business in colorado. what brought the vice presidential hopeful today- and why not everyone can see him. plus- a colorado spacecraft... is ready to launch. we're looking at the trip the giant satellite d good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- some heavy rain couls start in parts of the state today. a driver rammed a denver police car- and so far he's gotten away with it. but- police are


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