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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  August 24, 2016 1:05am-1:46am MDT

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? ? i lie awake
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i'd gladly trade my l i mean, no sheriff wants to lose one of his people. >> six months after corporal carrigan was killed in an ambush, now opening up about the loss as he faces a possible lawsuit from his family. another colorado top cop finds himself behind bars, the reason why remains a mystery, except for two words. >> i'm more proud of hill than i can even describe. he lost his life lending a hand in a war zone.
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memory survives. a popular entertainment venue has its sights on a second location near denver, but some say no way! and after a gloomy tuesday, many of us could wake up with showers. as for the weekend, well, kathy will tell you. 9news starts now. it's been six months since the shooting in park county that left a sheriff's deputy dead and two sheriff fred wagner talked about the night that corporal nate carrigan was killed. also hundreds of documents released from his investigation. he spoke with victoria sanchez to talk about an eviction that ended tragically. >> reporter: on february 24, eight park county sheriff's deputies, including the sheriff himself came up with a plan to remove bailey resident mcworth from his home.
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>> nobody thought when we'd go in and get him he would ambush our officers. >> reporter: usually two deputies are used to serve an eviction. but they knew wirth was a threat. according to the colorado bureau of investigation, a few weeks prior to the shoot, the jeff co sheriff's office got a complaint saying wirth made threats, he would shoot the first officer he saw. still, they thought he would run or barricade himself inside his home, which is why he didn't bring team for the eviction. >> we didn't feel it rose to that level, it's probably a double edged sword. if i sent the s.w.a.t. team to do an eviction, everybody would've said you overreacted. at this particular time with the situation we had -- information we had, it was a high risk eviction, we decided that's what we wanted to do. >> reporter: carrigan's parents disagree and are considering suing the sheriff and his department. >> all i can do is pray for his parents to forgive us.
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>> reporter: he says he understand their pain. he knew carrigan since he was a kid. carrigan was known to residents as a man with a big heart, always willing to help. which is why according to the cbi interview, he was the first man sent in to deal with wirth that day, hoping his kindness would help the situation. >> memorials are all around, prams one of -- perhaps one of the most meaningful on the sheriff himself. >> i'd gladly trade my life for his. no sheriff wants to lose one of his people. >> we're going to look through the hundreds of documents to see what they reveal. martin wirth was shot 10 times, carrigan was shot once. tomorrow morning, the officers involved in the shooting will receive medals. two of carrigan's family members will accept the department's purnle heart and medal -- purple
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>> so the two deputies wounded, how are they? >> they're back o work. we have colby martin, shot in his legs and groin area. he just went back to work two weeks ago. and then captain mark hancock, luckily just grazed by a bullet near his ear and he is back to work. >> all right. we'll wait for an update on the documents. thanks. we should learn more tomorrow about the case against the sedgewick county sheriff, tom hanna will appear before a judge arrested, the sedgewick building by the colorado building of investigations. while no formal charges have been filed, hanna is accused of sexual assault. he's been the sheriff in sedgewick county for two years. he started with the department in 2011 as a deputy. denver's medical examiner has identified a man found in a strip club parking lot.
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oswaldo hernandez died from a gunshot wound. his cause of death has been ruled a homicide. his body was found at pt center fold strip club. denver police not made any arrests. jefferson county deputies identified both men caught on camera vandalizing rocks, stetler was charged, a second man not charged. someone who saw them spray painting the rocks them. according to the jefferson county sheriff said stetler was found because someone recording the video got the license plate number. there's a fight brewing over golf tonight in the metro, top golf known for its entertainment complexes around the country, including one in centennial wants to build a new location, this one in thornton. many residents, especially those who live nearby consider it a
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9news reporter vicente shows us why. >> reporter: people love the peace and quiet. so imagine with lisa -- >> it's where the two trees are. >> reporter: found out top golf was planning to build near her backyard. you're close to this place. >> we're the closest, 800 feet. >> reporter: too close, even though she loves golf and the course already outside her fence. >> at first it was a surprise, that's such a small lot behind us, we didn't understand how something so >> reporter: top golf wants another place like the one in centennial, if approved the new facility would have 102 bays and 170 foot fence at i-25 and 134th street. >> it's a piece of property undeveloped and right next to a major thoroughfare and a highway. so most cities and towns have success in developing pieces of
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that. >> reporter: ronstadt agrees. >> we need more entertainment in the area, in our area, not having to go to westminster or a lot further out. >> reporter: but some homeowners are afraid of glaring lights and noise. a top golf spokesman told us we work hand in hand with the city to make sure we meet all the guidelines and work hard with the local communities to make sure we're a great community partner. sunling articles it's not -- argues it's not facility. she's just hoping the golfers she sees are those already there. >> tonight's city council is holding a public hearing to decide whether to give top golf the green light to go ahead and build in thornton. so many people showed up at the council meeting tonight, the fire marshal was there to check out the crowd and an overflow room was set up for those who want to have their say. that meeting is still going on right now, ryan. >> vicente, they say they worked all this out, what does top golf
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they get the approval, they'll figure out what to do next, but they're not saying just right now when they might build and when that top golf facility would go up in thornton. >> we'll keep an eye on it, thanks. for more than a year, a man from denver who said he was a doctor operated on people without anesthesia. he was not a physician. car loez fernandez made -- appearance, he did liposuction, a face lift and a tummy tuck. prosecutors say he once worked as a surgical assistant but was never a surgeon at local hospitals as he claimed to be. >> it appears at this point that many, if not most of the people that he was seeing were spanish-speaking and that some, if not many may have been undocumented as well. >> the allegation also includes the fact that during these procedures, they did not have the benefit of anesthesia.
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disfigurement. >> hernandez fernandez is out on bound and due in court, he faces a long list of felony charges. before you see a doctor, it's important to look up their license first. we do have a link to the state's database on there wasn't much sun around colorado today. the clouds made sure of that. however, they didn't hold much rain. at least for the metro area. most of the showers staying in the high country. that could change by tomorrow. we'll check in with kathy in a few minutes and find out when the sun returns. president obama arrived in louisiana for his first visit to flood ravaged areas. he's facing criticism for not visiting sooner. but he did promise government money today that he says will last for months to come to help with that recovery. it can't come soon enough for thus of people who have been left with nothing. -- thousands of people who have been left with nothing. a fema inspector surveying says the damage is overwhelming. >> 10 a day. 80,000 homes that may be affected, that's a lot of man hours.
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continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >> this is the worst natural disaster in the u.s. since super storm sandy in 2012 and more than 100,000 people have registered for assistance so far. but according to the american red cross, donations are barely trickling in. jerry sandusky's attorney seems optimistic about his client's appeal. a three-day former penn state assistant coach wrapped up today. sandusky was convicted in 2012 of multiple counties of sexual abuse of children, serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. today it focused on commikt -- xwlikt -- conflicting statements from a man who settled but never testified. seeing whether sandusky deserves a new trial. florida's zika virus outbreak may be spreading across the state.
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announced five new non-travel related cases in the state. one is the first report in the tampa bay area. that's nearly 300 miles away from winwood in miami beach. pinellas county is working with the person who tested positive to see where he or she could've gotten the the virus. sprays have already started, east of tampa and includes st. petersburg and clearwater. there have been hoping to have his body back home soon, the candle light memorial for shirley, today would've been his birthday. fighting alongside kurdish fighters in syria. many people came to support, something his mother takes to heart. >> you never get surrounded by this many really amazing, wonderful friends.
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my son back, but to not do this alone, you couldn't, you couldn't do it alone. >> during the ceremony, levi's family also offered their condolences to the family of jordan mctaggart he died earlier this month while fighting syria forces as well. establishing a legacy in denver, patsy's has served its last meal, claiming to be denver, it closed at 37th and navajo. the decision was hard to make but they're proud of their long history. they announced the closure on facebook on monday. it came as a surprise to customers who showed up today, including colorado state senator cook. >> i was going to meet a friend from evergreen, we're meeting for lunch, i know this great italian restaurant in the highlands area, so i suggested coming to patsy's, and i'm a little disappointed they were
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been sold and another restaurant will open there. she says the closing of the restaurant is like losing an old friend. viewers shared their memories and stories of first dates, engagements and anniversaries at patsy's. we enjoyed your sharing yours, if you have some, using #beyond9 sauf. >> feel left out, i never went there, wish i had. a teenager who beat an in everyone it strikes. >> could you guys give me an oh yeah? >> oh yeah. school with no homework? a teacher has a different approach that started a debate far from the classroom and now she's talking about it. a romantic night out doesn't always go as planned when rescuers have to bring down a wall, it's time to rethink your
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a florida teenager has survived an infection that kills nearly everyone who gets it. 16-year-old sebastian de leon developed a headache so severe he couldn't stand anyone touching him. doctors in orlando discovered he'd been infected with a rare brain eating amoeba. it lives in water, it can travel up the nasal passage and up the brain causing nasal swelling. he's one of four people known to last 50 years. >> we are so thankful that gaut has given us the miracle through this medical team and this hospital. >> doctors gave sebastian a drug that kills the amoeba. it's made in orlando and arrived in the hospital within 12 minutes of the diagnosis. three hours later, signs of the amoeba were gone. sebastian is able to make a full recovery. the teacher in texas who sent a note to parents saying
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homework says sheen been blown away -- she's been blown away by the response. the note encourages parents to help their child succeed by instead, eating dinner together, playing outside and getting to bed early. it has people talking all over the country, the teacher, brandy young thinks the plan will work well for her second graders. but she doesn't think it should be a district wide policy, saying homework still has its place in certain classrooms. >> you have to take it with a grain of salt. and all the different. i don't want to send home tasks that are pencil and paper and not meaningful to their learning. >> thousands of people from texas to colorado have shared their thoughts on social media, find those and share your own on the 9news facebook page. a great conversation to weigh m -- weigh in to. the next time you have the bright idea to impress your date, keep this story in mind. a man was trying to impress his woman by showing he is c?k?
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he could not, falling in to a gap three stories deep. he survived but it took awhile to reach him. undaunted, he waved to the tv cameras as he was taken to the hospital, no word if there's going to be another date. >> not if you're my sister. >> at least he's okay. >> yeah, he's okay. he hurt his ankle. >> you know, he's been watching wayoo right? >> what was the ending? >> we haven't heard if she's going out on another date. we'll keep you posted. >> how could she not? >> how could she not! he's anything but boring; right? it's raining in the backyard, cloudy and dry all afternoon, finally local rain moving in the area. as we take a look around the area, we do have a lower cloud ceiling and really kind of a nice evening. tomorrow, there's the chance
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part of the day. with temperatures in the low to mid 60s between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.. hopefully some clearing so you can catch a glimpse of a great sunrise or sunset. take a picture for me tomorrow and send that in. 87 our high in denver today. 94 pueblo, close to 100 in lamar. at the airport this hour, 70 with a brief rain shower, winds west at 10. picking up here in the 9 backyard, 67, light showers. something we actually welcome coming out of this temperatures that are way cooler than average and also, precipitation that is below average. and for the year, we're down by about an inch for liquid precipitation and that is our monsoon moisture month. we certainly would welcome a change in that. showers starting to taper off here in the backyard, but more rain is coming as indicated by our model here which it does show some of the heaviest precip in the western and southern foothills in the next 24 to 36
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mix about 12,000 feet, all part of an area of low pressure, the moisture moving up from the southwest, interacting with the cool front to the north. flash flood watches have been cancelled for southwestern colorado but concerns for heavy rain and mudslide due to the heavy rain falling all day. out ahead of the main front, severe weather develop from minneapolis from omaha to the wichita area, tornadoes and damage and large hail. the thing you'll notice tomorrow the most is the temperature drop, along with the cloud cover. there's a chance for a few light showers off and on and even during the but the severe weather threat does shift east. wichita, omaha, st. louis and chicago dealing with travel delays due to severe weather. we enjoy a cool pool of air that will stay in place for 48 hours time, very fall-like, september-like if you will. tonight the rain and snow showers way up high, we have a few light showers along the front range and the potential for some of those to move through during the morning drive. there will be embedded thunderstorms in the afternoon
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day. notice by 5:30 in the morning, it is dry but a few late showers that move in only to return in the afternoon. not an entire rain out but certainly a cooler, cloudier day. 56 grand junction, 57 denver, 59 springfield, some of the warmest temperatures in southeastern colorado tomorrow. but we have those cooler temperatures hanging on in the foothills with only 71 lakewood, 61 in grand lake. city forecast for you for tonight, chance for a shower, rumble of thunder, a low 57 for tomorrow in the mid 50s, warm to the low 70s, that's about the best we'll do. light showers, thunderstorms, something we'll see wednesday and thursday both. but the timing is good. drier friday, warmer for the weekend, a warm weather trend that continues right in to the middle part of next week, and of course, this is wonderful news for our broncos, they take the field on saturday night, the game here on channel 20 and check out those temperatures, not too bad. so, pretty fun to see our guys take the field in a wonderful
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it was fun last weekend. >> all right, kathy, it thank you. we're getting more information about a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in italy. the epicenter about 100 miles east of rome. it has done major damage according to reports. the mayor of the town of amatrice says buildings have collapsed, people are buried underneath, it was followed by several after shocks. and state broadcaster rai says four people h that earthquake. the last one that hit there, a major quake was in 09 and that was a 6.3 magnitude that killed more than 300 people, about 55
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from colorado's sports leader, here's drew soicher. >> simmon participated in practice butnl shortly after tossing an interception during last weekend's loss to the 49ers. even so, trevor still presumed to start saturday amsz fr amz ever of ever -- saturday's exhibition game. he's so close he can touch it, as long as he doesn't have to lift his arm too high. >> he just couldn't throw today, like i told you, a very sore shoulder. we made the tackle the other night. in practice, took individuals in it, unable to throw today, we'll see where we're at tomorrow.
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like, as we're getting ready to go. colorado state planning to announce their starting quarterback when they line up against cu in the rocky mount showdown. whoever wins it will be the right amount of arrogant, kind of like 9news sports reporter aaron matas. >> reporter: mike bobo doesn't need a manager. >> i need someone who play the position like he's supposed to be playing, don't turn a bad >> reporter: last year's starter nick stevens is back but he continues to be pushed by graduate forward fouta and hill. >> i want a guy who can handle pressure. >> reporter: he's looking for a guy that can step in there with attitude, some confidence. actually, more than that. >> if i've got a quarterback that's not confident in himself and believing in himself, i've got the wrong guy. quarterback's got to be
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the guy. >> reporter: bouta and stevens are the favorites for the job. how about it, are you cocky? >> i wouldn't describe myself that way. i'm not going to disagree with coach. so, yeah, i guess i have to, you know, be more cocky. [ laughter ] out on the field. >> when i want to be. in this kind of environment, no. but when we're out on the field, i can promise you there's, if you're looking for the baddest dude on the field, it's probably going to be me. >> reporter: we will know soon. >> going t decision, is it going to be popular with those three guys? no, popular with one of hem. >> reporter: -- one of them. >> reporter: and if he gets it right, that one will be just brash enough to know it was his job all along anyway. aaron matas, 9news. rockies pitcher gray set a team record but they still lost. beaten by the brewers, gray tossed six terrific innings by a
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again. perez tripled in the go ahead run. rockos lose by a final score of 6-4. still of the night comes from denver. broncos wide receiver thomas responded to former carolina panthers quarterback norman's criticism by tweeting his super
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a little light rain in the city, a lot more coming tomorrow. we actually could see that rain mix with snow around 12,000 feet. temperatures fall lifelike in the low to mid 70s. >> no, it's saturday. >> look, it's saturday! >> like saturday! >> yesterday. you approve? >> two for two, on the preseason games, kathy. good on the regular season, very nice. fantastic in the exhibition season. >> it hasn't happened yet.
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lyin' ryan. mounting a hollywood career comeback? >> "dancing with the stars.? the bachelor, is lochte lining up a top-secret tv gig? now on "extra.? ? ?
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prime time tv? his million dollar sponsorship sunk. what he's doing in l.a. >> "dancing with the stars.? you would do it? >> hillary clinton. comedian in chief. clowning around with kimmel reading the most outrageous trumpisms. >> oh, i can't read this. >> oh, is it bad? we didn't make these up. >> secrets inside her hollywood fund-raiser hosted by justin and jessica. making a rare red carpet appearance for usher and they're getting an eyeful. >> my ass is out. so be careful if you bring your kids. >> plus usher's voice co-star blake shelton on his new music. did it help him get over miranda? >> it's an outlet for me in helping me get through a rough time. >> celebrity wedding disaster. >> the new bride who just revealed her wedding gown caught fire. plus, who is dennis quaid's
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interview about aging. >> you look at a picture of yourself and you go ooh, god! now on "extra" from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, amy schumer's explosive new howard stern interview accusing her ex of a shocking crime. fellow olympian ryan lochte in l.a., sparking all kinds of rumors about his next gig. >> millions down the drain. his career in tatters and lampooned on late night. >> for all of the bright and shining stars in the u.s. olympic team none was less bright than ryan lochte. >> is the disgraced gold medalist turning to hollywood to rehab his image? >> ryan lochte arriving in los angeles with rumored girlfriend
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>> how proud of you are your man? >> the swimmer may be in negotiations to hit prime time tv. >> would you ever be the bachelor? >> i don't know. i'd give it consideration. >> ryan with renee talking dating and dancing after the last olympics. >> "dancing with the stars," you would do it? >> i think i would. >> what's your go-to move? >> i can't tell you. you have to wait if i'm on the show. >> if selected he'd list of olympians who have done the show. >> the world's fastest man at it again? new pics of usain bolt in london early this morning taking two women back to his hotel after partying until nearly 6:00 a.m. the photos after the 30-year-old made "the new york post" covered photographed with three different women 48 hours earlier in rio. photographed with three different women 48 hours earlier in rio. the paper claiming his girlfriend model casey bennett is used to seeing the gold medalist flirting all the time. amy schumer's shocking new rape confession.


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