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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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a six-point-two magnitude eartquake hit central italy early this morning -- destroying and damaging homes and buildings in several towns. at least 37 people are dead. the mayor of a town called amatrice, says quote the town people started feeling tremors around 3:30 in the morning. the shaking could be felt in rome - about 100 miles away from the epicenter. italians are asked to give blood and donate emergency supplies such as blankets, medicine and water. good morning. i'm tarhonda thomas... here with gary shapiro and
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little chilly this morning... right now... --
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have shut down "foothills parkway" and as "shots fired." according to the daily camera -- police and the boulder county sheriff's office are looking for a man they believe is armed. "foothills" is closed from baseline to arapahoe. we're working to get you more information. also happening this mornings -- denver police are still looking for suspects... after one person was shot in denver's montbello neighborhood. it happened tuesday evening on maxwell place.
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there's no word yet on how that person is doing or why someone shot the victim. and police say there are no suspects in custody. ever since the shooting death of park county sheriff corporal nate carrigan, there have been questions over what happened... and why it happened. for the first time since the deadly shooting ... sheriff frank wegener sat down with 9news to answer some of our questions. the "colorado bureau of investigation" looked at what hundreds of pages from the report. on february 24 ... eight park county sheriff's deputies ... including the sheriff himself....came up with a plan to remove bailey resident "martin wirth" from his home. within minutes of arriving to serve the eviction notice ... three deputies -- and wirth -- were shot. according to the c-b-i... a few weeks prior to the shooting... the jeffco sheriff's office got a complaint about wirth making threats. he said he would shoot the first officer he saw. still ... sheriff wegener says-- they thought wirth would run... or
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out his swat team for the eviction. corporal nate carrigan's parents disagree. he died in the confrotation. his parents are considering suing the sheriff and his department. the sheriff says-- he hopes carrigan's family can forgive them. but he stands firm in saying that his department did nothing wrong. this morning-- the officers involved in the shooting will receive medals. two of carrigan's family members will accept the department's "purple heart" and "medal of honor"-- on his behalf. we expect to learn more today about sexual assault allegations against the sedgewick
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tom hanna is being held in the logan county detention center. he'll go in front of a judge today for an advisement hearing. no formal charges have been filed against him yet.... but sources told 9 wants to know that's he's accused of sexual assault. he has been the sheriff in sedgwick county for two years. hanna started with the department back in 2011 - as a deputy. the man shot dead outside a strip club over the weekend--was only a teenager. 18-year-old found in a parking lot behind the "centerfold show club" on sunday. they're trying to figure out whether he had any connection to his killer. denver police haven't made any arrests.. but are searching for a suspect. a denver based veterans affairs executive- might be wasting the agency's time. a government watchdog agency says melanie murphy - a regional director - can't account for about two weeks of work. the inspector general also says she was frequently late - sometimes starting work an
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due. murphy told the associated press- she disagrees with the report. she's been working for the denver office since 20-14. a new federal ruling says - police in kansas can't pull you over - just for having a colorado license plate. the concern was-- that they'd pull over people from states where marijuana is legal... so they could check for "pot." a colorado driver had filed a lawsuit against two kansas highway patrol officers.. they stopped and searched his vehicle. the rights. today marks the first day of class at the univeristy of texas at austin. but a new law means students can now carry more than just books and a laptop. as of august first -- state law allows students to have concealed guns in all classrooms. three professors at the university sued to keep their classrooms gun free - but a federal judge denied their request. this month also marks the 50th anniversary of the
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- when a gunman killed 14 people on campus. hillary clinton remains under fire today - especially from opponent donald trump. a new report from the associated press found that more than half of the private citizens clinton met with when she was secretary of state -- were also donors to her family's foundation. the clinton foundation has said if she wins -- they'll reorganize the foundation - and bill clinton will step down from the board. this all comes as a court has ordered the fbi to release 15-thousand emails recovered from her server, that were not part of the first release. the clinton campaign says if any of them are work related, it supports their release. donald trump is in florida today-- a must-win state for him in this election. and he's "doubling down" on his call for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's email scandal. he also says -- it's
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between their foundation - and her place in public office. and in his campaign -- trump continues to change his strategy this week. he's turning more of his focus toward minority communities. parts of central
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devastation this morning after a six-point-two magnitude earthquake.
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colorado's air. he wants a 35 percent cut in greenhouse gas pollution over the next 14 years.
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wants state agencies to work on ways to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions. the proposal is being discussed with stakeholders. the governor's office won't say-- who those stakeholders are. the e-p-a has set similar goals for the state. ...but lawsuits have put those plans on hold. republicans want the governor to wait for those lawsuits to be resolved-- before pushing forward with his plan. we're working to find answers for you - on whether thornton will see a topgolf development in their area. the city met last night -- and discussed topgolf's building permit. it was a packed council meeting. the proposed topgolf would be located at i-25 and 136th street. it would have 102 bays and a 170 foot fence. the company tells us it will be very similar to the one it in centennial. some people, though, fear the new one in thornton would create a lot of noise and glaring lights. but others are happy to see it come.
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spokesman says the company wants to meet all the guidelines. and partner with local communities. again -- we'll update you on thornton's decision - as soon as we learn more. paying your college tuition on a credit card...could have some expensive -- and unexpe - and as technology gets more and more advanced, many are wondering -- how much time is too much - when it comes to screentime for the
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if you're paying for college with a credit card -- beware of convenience fees. a study from "credit cards dot com" found-- that students who use credit - can be hit with costly convenience fees that fee can be more than "two and a half percent"... meaning students can rack up an e spend on tuition. a consumer alert for you this morning -- about 91-thousand baby play sets have been recalled -- after reports that the toys were a choking hazard. the recall includes building toys made by the "alex junior" brand. "the baby builder", "first pops", and "first snaps" have small parts that can fall off -
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they were sold at barnes and noble, land of nod, and zulily dot com. parents can contact alex toys for a full refund. americans are paying more at the pharmacy... prescriptions now make up nearly 20 percent of total health care costs -- more than other advanced countries. experts say - the u-s allows manufacturers to set their own prices -- and doctors often prescibe expensive drugs -- eve available. in florida -- there are new concerns that the zika virus there-- is spreading. florida's governor announced a new case -- in tampa... hundreds of miles from miami -- where the origninal outbreak was centered. governor rick scott says that person did not travel - and has not been to miami -- so they're still working on figuring out where the person was infected. there are now 42 cases on non- travel-related zika
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a summer camp in upstate new york is less focused on canoeing and hiking -- and more on cameras and lenses. the filmmaking camp is teaching students a craft --
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regular part of childhood. but new technology -- tablets, phones and the like -- have some parents wondering about the right amount of screentime for young kids. pediatricians say - if a child is under two years old -- there should be no screen time at all. it's not dangerous -- but doctors are concerned about the effect it has on developing minds. once kids are a bit older -- doctors recommend no more than two hours of screen time in a 24 hour period. a unique summer camp in upstate new york - is helping deaf learn about the art of filmmaking. our sister station in utica -- has more on how these students are ready - and eager - to one day sit in the director's chair. you can find more information about
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you can find more information about
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fi org". it's official - the denver broncos have the naming rights to their stadium. a judge signed over the naming rights of "sports authority field at mile high"-- earlier this week. the broncos made a move for the naming rights earlier this summer-- after a bankrupt sports authority missed a payment deadline. this order just makes it official. the broncos say - they do not know what the stadium will be renamed -- or when that will happen.
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for the next four years. tokyo will host the 20-20 summer games. the flag arrived on wednesday - with tokyo's governor proudly carrying it off the plane. preparations for 20-20 have already started -- and construction on tokyo's main stadium should start by the end of this year. they've done this before, but it's been a while -- tokyo hosted the olympics back in 19- 64. te try her hand at a different sport. ledecky lives in maryland - but she's a washington d-c native. and tonight she'll throw out the first pitch at the beltway series game. that's between the "washington nationals" and "baltimore orioles." she's had time to perfect her throwing arm. this will be the third time ledecky tosses out the
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here's some wednesday
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cuteness for you.. a 16-year-old cat has adopted a baby monkey -- after the monkey was abandoned by its mother in a russian zoo. so -- the director of the zoo introduced him to her cat -- who has never had babies of her own. the cat adopted the monkey -- and the animals have been living together ever since.
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--adlib-- denver's oldest youth hostel is closed- the conditions called "unlivable." so where did all the people staying there go? a sheriff defends the decision that cost one of his men his life. the latest report on the park county shooting- at a high risk eviction. good morning. gary and tarhonda with you . . . corey and cheryl are off today. marty coniglio is here though . . marty- it's a lot cooler out there this morning. new overnight- several roads are closed in boulder...


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