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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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--adlib-- denver's oldest youth hostel is closed- the conditions called "unlivable." so where did all the people staying there go? a sheriff defends the decision that cost one of his men his life. the latest report on the park county shooting- at a high risk eviction. good morning. gary and tarhonda with you . . . corey and cheryl are off today. marty coniglio is here though . . marty- it's a lot cooler out there this morning. new overnight- several roads are closed in boulder...
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closed in boulder... while police hunt for a person with a gun. this is a live look at the scene. the boulder daily camera reports-- police are investigating a call of "shots fired." the swat team is there. is the boulder police department's armored bearcat vehicle. they've closed foothills parkway from baseline road to arapahoe avenue. amelia earheart is tracking any day along with the rest of the morning drive. right now- denver police are still
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one person was shot in denver's montbello neighborhood. the shooting happened tuesday evening on maxwell place. the victim went to the hospital. we're working to find out how that person is doing or why someone shot the victim. the "international youth hostel" in denver-- won't be reopening its doors any time soon. the hotel task
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code violations." there was also an evacuation. the hostel is on 16th avenue near the fillmore auditorium. firefighters have decided the building is unsafe... and uninhabitable. the red cross and salvation army opened a shelter on high street-- for the people who were staying at the hostel. their website claims it is the longest-running hostel in denver. it's been hosting visitors from around the world for 25 years. we have new information on the shooting outside a over the weekend. police say the victim was a teenager. 18-year-old os- baldo za-vala- hernandez was found in a parking lot behind the centerfold show club on sunday. denver police haven't made any arrests... but they are looking for a suspect. they are trying to figure out whether the teen had any connection to his killer. the park county sheriff's department could face a lawsuit-- after losing one of their own. the colorado bureau of investigation released a report with hundreds of
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"corporal nate carrigan" was killed. carrigan and seven others were serving a high risk eviction... when the man inside the home started shooting. carrigan... two other deputies... and the man inside the home were all shot. park county sheriff frank wegener was part of the team serving that eviction. now-- for the first time-- he sat down with 9news to answer some of our questions about "what happened." the sheriff maintains-- he didn't do anything wrong. according to the c-b-i... a few weeks prior to the shooting, the jeffco sheriff's office got a complaint about martin wirth making threats. he said he would shoot the first officer he saw. still ... sheriff wegener says they thought wirth would run or barricade himself inside this home. "that's" why he didn't bring out his
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this morning, the officers involved in the shooting will receive medals. two of carrigan's family members will accept the department's "purple heart" and "medal of honor"-- on his behalf. the sedgwick county sheriff is accused of sexual assault- and we expect to learn more today about the possible charges against him. tom hanna was arrested tuesday- he's at the logan county detention center right now. no formal charges have been filed at this time. hanna will face a judge later today. he has been the sheriff in sedgwick county for two years. he started with the department in 2011 as a deputy. a denver-based veterans affairs executive- might be wasting the agency's time. a government watchdog agency
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"melanie murphy" is a regional director for the "veterans benefits administration." the report says-- she couldn't show she had worked for all or part of up to 14 days. the inspector general of the v-a says she was also frequently late to work. murphy told the associated press- she disagrees with the report. she's been working for the denver office since 20-14. a loaded handgun was just a few hundred feet away from an elementary school in fort collins- and police don't know how it got there. someone te handgun outside beattie elementary over the weekend. the principal says police and staff went over the rest of the school grounds to make sure everything was safe before students went back to school monday. today- students at the university of texas at austin will go back to school.. and many students will be carrying more than just books and laptops. a new law this year- allows students to carry guns in all classrooms and buildings at public universities. three professors tried to sue- to keep their
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they called the new law "dangerously experimental" and referred to the more than 20 shootings on college campuses last year. but- a judge denied the request this week. americans have a lot of prescriptions. and-- as it turns out-- we're paying more for them than people in other advanced countries. experts say prescription medication now makes up nearly a fifth of total health care costs in the u-s. they blame policies allowing manufacturers to set their own prices and hold on to exclusive rites fo production of cheaper, generic drugs. if you're planning to create history...
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the proposal to put some experts on the past-- in the white house. and more athletes caught- and mroe medals stripped. the latest doping accusations include a world record holder. plus- the final five are everywhere. what the "team u-s- a" olympic stars are doing in new york
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italy says a town is gone after a powerful and deadly earthquake struck this morning. this is a live look at the town of ama- trice. it was one of the hardest hit areas. you can see buildings are reduced to rubble. dozens of people are still missing. as many as 37 people died. and that number could go up. buildings reduced to rubble... roofs are caved in and people fill the streets in shock. this is all from a powerful and deadly earthquake that struck italy. the 6-point-2 magnitude quake rocked the central part of the country early this morning. dozens of people are missing. as many as 37 people died. and that number could go up. the town of amatrice was one of the hardest hit. the mayor there says the destruction is so bad... the town "isn't here anymore" turkish forces are on a special mission
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they're backed by a u-s led coalition. the forces launched an "intruder mission" to wipe out the militants. the turkish army begam firing artillery rounds along of the border of jarabulus. this while warplanes dropped air strikes. the attack happend-- just hours before vice president joe biden arrived in turkey. he's there to talk about a number of topics including recent developments in syria. tigers, birds, and monkeys were scared, starving, and dying. now, some zoo animals in gaza have a chance at a better today, four paws animal welfare group finished rescuing 15-animals from what's called the 'worst zoo in the world.' the khan younis zoo was torn apart by war in gaza. zookeepers say the facility was never able to recover. four paws says this rescue mission is extremely expensive and are asking for donations. historians think u-s presidents don't know enough about u-s and global history. two harvard
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asking whoever wins the next election- republican or democrat- to appoint a team of historians it help in decision making. they want a "council of historical advisers" to help tackle present day problems- by looking into the past. neither clinton nor trump's campaign said right away whether they support the idea. these ladies are from the empire state building... to broadway... to jimmy fallon.. the team usa final five are taking on the town in new york... celebrating their big olympic win. but first, lets check in with marty
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athletes who cheated. three olympic champion weightlifters and eight other medalists will lose their titles. these are the three chinese champions- competing in beijing in 2008. all three won gold. their doping samples from the
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the other eight medalists are from russia, kazakhstan, azerbaijan, ukraine and belarus... they include the current world record holder from belarus- who won silver in 2008. the olympic flag is in the next host city of the summer games. this is a look at tokyo's governor carrying it off the plane today. tokyo will host the 20-20 summer olympics. the city's leaders accepted the olympic flag-- in the closing ceremonies of the rio games. it was complete with an appearance from japan's prime minister dressed as mario. the last time tokyo hosted the olympics was in 19- 64. this story has a lot of sports fans talking this morning. even finishing dead last in the olympics can earn you a medal- in a few very rare occasions. american runner
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from new zealand were named as the 18th and 19th winners of a sportsmanship medal... after they helped each other finish a race after an on track collision. it was one of the more memorable moments from the games in rio. before now- the medal has only been awarded 17 times in all of olympic history. the u-s gymnastics stars from the rio games- are the most popular ladies in new york right now. they made appearances all over the city yesterday- touring and celebrating their dominant wins. the "final five" are--
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laurie hernandez... gabby douglas... and madison kocian. and- they stopped by jimmy fallon's tonight show.. to play a game of "hungry hungry human." they also made a stop at the empire state building... before seeing the always sold out "hamilton" on broadway. the five won a record nine medals during the olympic games.
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get your "air
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guitar" skills ready. today- the best fake guitar players in the world are facing off. today is the start of the 21st world air guitar championships. the competition happens in finland- but people from all over the world fly out to compete. they say their goal is to "spread the peaceful message of air guitar across the world."
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sit the pledge of allegiance out. in the next half hour- thousands of parents are mad- over one back to school permission
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city. why the biggest it is all about the money when it compensation to marijuana in one colorado city. we are going to talk about why the biggest city in the state could ban sales, is now changing its decision. >> it is a big job taking care of colorado's resources. we will tell you about the huge effort to make sure denver's growing population has all of the water it needs. >> always an issue. and a pledge not to say the pledge of allegiance. the back to school permission
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angry. >> good morning. i'm tarhonda thomas along with gary shapiro. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us now. marty, this is the first time this morning that a lot of people will be reaching back and maybe dig out a sweater or light weight jacket. >> and rain gear as well. it is not going to be any downpour for us here today. but there will be pockets of rain off and on. through the day. and i wouldn't be surprised sometime in the next two or three hours, when i am out here, if we wille reflecting the city lights, at present, here over the metro area and showers continue up in logan county, and it has been raining there off and on for the last hour or so. and we also have some rain, in and around kenosha pass. up above 12,000 feet, it is in the form of snow. and that happens quite frequently. this time of the year. so some of our foothills friends getting a bit damp this morning. again, very light rain possible at any time between now and the end of the commute.


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