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tv   9 News at 4 O Clock  NBC  August 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm MDT

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got a call? one of the neighbors said they talked to you and planned on having a shootout with the police. >> oh, well that -- that's interesting. never called me. >> reporter: our 9 wants to know team spent the last two days going over the documents and they'll have more detail in their story coming up at 5:00. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a motorized glider to crash near telluride. this happened yesterday in the bob sanders. sanders was the pilot. he owned and operated a glider tour company. the other man is not yet identified but he is from colorado. more clouds this afternoon over the metro area. it's already rainy. you can see some on the lens in boulder. commute could get soggy for folks? >> yeah. slow going too.
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metro area. some of the gusty winds in the backyard. far cry from this morning. we're looking at all this sunshine over downtown denver and still waiting on a little rain. hitting folks from the south and north and still in the isolated pocket. for now in douglas and elbert counties, 232 lightning strikes and also some small hail too. colorado, up to the east. heavier showers and more on the way out there in arvada as well as evergreen. snowfall, yep. upen the high country across rocky mountain national park. the showers and thunderstorms with us for the next several hours. could be heavy at times around dinner time in weld county and throughout this evening, 8:00,
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thunderstorms. the showers beginning to break apart. still with us in some areas overnight. temperatures keeping it cool today. hit the low 70s. now with these thunderstorms pushing in, cooling us off to the 60s and 70s in denver. ray 81. in the 50s in leadville. and gunnison. so the rest of the evening anticipate the showers and thunderstorms for the several hours and through dinner time and start to wind down just a little bit. if you're a fan of the summer sunshine i have drier days ahead and when in the world will we hit 90 degrees? are we done with the 90s? or will we have a few more days? i'll let cow know in a few. >> reporter: that's effective. people want to know. weekend coming. >> it's looking pretty good. >> we'll see how good [laughs] thanks a lot.
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can't afford it but the company is not coming down on the price. instead the company is calling for prescription drug reform. mylan was outed for hiking up the price 400% over the past decade. an epipen is a life saving pen used in an emergency of someone having an allergic reaction. they are reducing the cost through a savings card. patients will out of their pocket cost by 50% do the eligibility for its patient assistance program that will eliminate out of pocket costs for uninsured patients. but still they're not coming down on the overall cost. >> here is the preverse thing. had we reduced the list price, i couldn't insure everyone who needs an epipen gets one. we went around the system. this savings card is equivalent to cash. $300. so effectively we're cutting the price in half but we're
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control of that. >> reporter: the price of a 2- dose package topped $600 earlier this year. that is up from $94 just in my opinion years ago according to a price tracking data base. it came at the same time that many top executives got a big raise. and of course the high cost has people asking about alternatives to the epipen if there are any at all. john torres joins us live nbc in new york. great to see you. we know you have been covering this from a national perspefkt all week. -- perspective all week. >> reporter: great tosy you as well -- see you as well. this does impact a lot of families. this is a life saving medication but people have to be able to afford it. it's one of the things i tell patients all the time you have to figure out if you can afford
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companies. they're a little more complicated and that's the big concern. epipen is the one people have known about for years. there is another one called adrinaclick. it's a little more complicated and different but still quite easy. just have to know how to exactly use that in an emergency. there are some people that are going the old fashioned route of using the vile and syringe and needle and that's even more complicated. you can imagine if life saving situation and have to draw something out of a vile and inject that, that can be pretty time consuming and the adrenaline is flowing in your own body. >> it's of course -- that's of course if you're with your own child. a lot of times i have a friend who has a 2-year-old son that just dropped him off the other day. had an allergic reaction from someone else's kid. we're talking having one with
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home. this is more than just one or two. you want to eliminate the complication and you want to make it as easy as possible for whoever is watching your child. >> exactly. comes in a 2-pack. that 2-pack you usually have to keep it together. the child might need a second dose. you don't necessarily want to separate the two-pack. they're all at $600 each. the adrina click is under $200. insurance companies don't alwaysr the price depends on your insurance and doctor and pharmacy. it is a chieper aul -- cheaper alternative. and this price increase -- i remember getting this this -- prescribing this 10 years ago and it being under $100. now people are saying do you know how much this costs? it's $600. and as a doctor that alarms you
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saving medicine. >> reporter: there is serm not -- a misconception sometimes if your child doesn't have a food allergy, is not impacted. this is not just a comfort drug. this is a life saving drug that families have to have and i think after a year it expires. so then you need another one. this is constantly a cost you have to invest in. >> reporter: exactly. you know if you need three different boxes, six of these around the schools, at home, it expires after a year, you're buying six more. it's not because somebody had a rash or might have had a hive. it's somebody who has a reaction. they stop breathing and their blood pressure drops. that's an emergency situation and this medicine is the only medicine you can use for that. it needs to be used in minutes and that's why we have so many
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. >> reporter: certainly this conversation will be ongoing and caused quite the controversy recently. thanks for the insight. we always appreciate it. >> you bet. there has not been much to cheer about in italy after yesterday's earthquake but here is an exception. rescuers pulled a little girl out of the rubble in central italy. injured 365. the quake did most damage in small towns and people could feel it 100 miles away in rome. rescuers need to dig through debris looking for survivors. local authorities don't know exactly how many people are missing because they had runs -- hundreds of tourists in the area. no responsibility for the athak that killed -- attack
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militants used grenades in a 10- hour attack in the school. 160 ended up locked in classrooms. special units rescued them. a state department spokesperson says it doesn't appear any americans died. just two weeks ago someone kidnapped two university staff. authorities have not found them yet. reports indicate ryan lochte is being su police reports say that he is requested to testify but he won't face a penalty if he decides not to go. he would not be aible to engage in plea negotiations unless he is in brazil. no charges have been announced in this case. police are expected to finish their investigation this week. he originally said he and three swimmers were pulled over and
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story. donald trump is striking a more moderate tone on immigrants promising will wall -- walls and mass deportation. he promised to unveil his new policy over the next week ortwo. he met with young conservatives from the new york area who are members of a fellowship program and he said he will continue to emphasize outreach to the black community. >> a very rt african american community. they have really been let down by clinton and the democrats. >> trump has shown us who he is and we ought to believe him. he is taking a hate movement main stream. >> reporter: in the last few days trump signaled he is backing off his original plans of mass deportations of the roughly 11 million people enthis country. trump originally planned to be in colorado today and postponed
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date for make-up yet. a mexican priest is appointed to be the next bishop of the archdiocese of denver. he will assist samuel aquilla. the 61-year-old will also continue to serve as the pastor of holy cross parish in thornton. he taught theology in rome for many years before moving to colorado and continued to teach about finding out that the pope chose him to be a bishop. >> i received a phone call. i was upstairs and, you know, it was from washington telling me the holy father has appointed you bishop and that you are are -- shocked, no? i said wow that cannot be happening to me. >> reporter: when he is ordained in early november he will be the second hispanic
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rodriguez speaks english, spanish, and italian. the ski train is coming back. we get a look at the new platform today. express trains from denver's union station to this platform at winter park resort this season. amtrak running january 7. go through march 26 of next year. the lines going to run only on weekends. saturdays and sundays. starting tuesday you can buy tickets any day of the upcoming kids. amtrak hopes a good amount would rather pay that than sit in traffic. >> be able to avoid driveing up i-70 or i-40 to get to winter park resort and have a nice relaxing ride. shot right up from denver. 7:00 a.m. departure. just in time for the opening. >> reporter: the train will head back down at 4:30 in the afternoon.
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larimer and weld counties have been working to connect ismajor cities with the puter trail. last night they made more progress buying 34 acres near windsor. a string of purchases will allow the trail to stretch from fort collins to greeley. greeley worked to purchase seven plots of land. much of the money is from a $5 million go program first issued in 2012 to project. >> the river is why settlers came out. why we continue to grow. and a river cystic that connects us socially and culturally and an important part of our identity. >> reporter: loveland is also working on purchasing 73 acres of land just west of the town to go toward the connections.
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national parks. the national parks service turns 100 today. we have four of them in colorado of course. 59 u.s. national parks cover 52 million acres across 27 states. last year all told they saw a record of 305 million visitors. the google doodle today is a little bit of a nice movie about all the national parks. coming up in 10 minutes we'll have a look at some of the biggest issues that face colorado's four parks. new head coach. they hired jared bender today. replaces patrick wah. bedner won the calder cup champion of the coach of the monsters last season and the kelley cup in 2009 with the south carolina stingrays. file this under category of bad ideas. deputies are looking for someone who took a dennis
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team helmet at a signing. these are photos of the suspects from the sheriff. deputies say a player who has not been named set his helmet down and talked to fans. the man with the orange hat then took it and passed it off to another man wearing a number 8 team jersey. it's a revolution speed classic valued at more than $400. call crime stoppers if you recognize the men. no way you'll get away with that. no way. >> yeah. it's a pretty distinct piece of memorabilia. >> you tell anybody? busted. homeland security is investigating the hack of an actres's website. and a problem with wildfire protection in washington state could impact indian reservations all across
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stocks didn't fair so well and that dragged down the market. bio-tech companies continue to fall over their practices. and things about drugs quently. snp lost three and the nasdaq edged down 5 and a half. .
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security to users. computer forensic experts say the spyware takes adadvancementage of three previously disclosed weaknesses. the flaw lets hackers break into an ios device and spy on information from the victim's apps like facebook, what's app, face time, you name it. citizen lab notified apple. apple says the update will fix the issue. homeland security is getting involved in a hack involving leslie jones's website. the hack exposed personal information and nude photos of the saturday night live star. there were also hateful and racist images posted. her website was taken off line yesterday. last month the actress was targeted by people using racist images. twitter banned several users as a result.
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-- attended colorado state university. ride sharing services pulling out of austin over regulations there, a tech company in bolder is an an -- boulder is getting an opportunity. running an app called fare. uber and lyft left the market in austin when drivers were required to give fingerprints as a part of background checks. in phoenix. the national parks service is celebrating 100 years today. >> and with age, well, it got a new set of concerns for next hundred years.
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welcome back. we are having a garden nine line today. gardeners are here from the master garden to answer
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call (303) 698-0999 lines are open until 5:30 this evening. so here is one if you're going on vacation, might want to take note. at least going to d.c. one of the nation's most iconic tourist attractions could be shut down a while. it's going to close the washington monument to the public for in my opinion months. that's a long one. they're renovating the elevator system. it's been closed since last week after sera the elevator and its control system. >> probably the most used elevator in the entire world so you can't measure its life by other busy elevators. and that's what they have done and we are going to have a period of almost a year when the monument itself is going to be closed down because it's elevator will be under complete reconstruction. >> reporter: so the fix is supposed to cost between 2 and
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they're going to get started on working on the fix. it became official on august 25, 1915. the national works service was established. now 100 years later the service operates 13 different sites in colorado including four unique national parks. we asked jonathan gonzales a big old fan of national parks to epi -- help us celebrate. >> when you get here it's unbelievable. >> . >> reporter: it's easy in colorado. >> rocky mountain national >> reporter: it's easy to appreciate the magic. >> until you walk to the edge you can't be prepared for this place. >> they live and they die and they live. >> reporter: (music) . >> reporter: what's not easy
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protected from the ever growing curiosity of those lucky enough to visit. at black canyon of the gunnison, park rangers are being told to look closer at how climate change might effect the vegetation and wildlife of the park. for the great sand dunes, officials say it's all about staying relevant in a digital world trying to remind folks there is plenty of fun to be had away at mesa verde it's how to protect the ruins from the place they once called home. >> we live here. >> reporter: and at rocky mountain, it's about making sure the parks seemingly endless fuse and beauty can keep up with more and more visitors. so here is a thank you for protecting pieces of colorado.
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. >> reporter: so here are some of my favorites that i have had the chance to go to. here is the badlands national park and here is the general sherman largest tree in the world by volume. we have wind cave national park in south dakota. interesting place. most complex cave in the world. and of course arches. beautiful place. really close by too. -- by to. too. we have 27 -- 1916. sorry. >> sometimes we go, that's 101 years? no 100. >> i'm really bad at math [laughs] and i know that you have been to some that i have yet to go to on my bucket list. >> it's mine too. my wife's bucket list is all 50 states. mine is the national parks. >> there is a lot of national sites and historic places.
4:28 pm so you can check it out. the best part? this weekend starting today completely free to go. check it out. it's all about preserving the lands and protecting a rilt bit of -- little bit of what colorado once was. >> it's really easy that this is our backyard and it's unbelievable and when i look at pictures i'm like, i need to get out more. it would take so much time to see them all. see. >> when we go out to the national parks we try to see them in different seasons. especially here i'm from california. we don't have seasons really. not as much. i appreciate how seeing a park in the spring and winter and what not changes it for you. >> those fall callers will be booming pretty soon. >> a lot of people have been to the national parks because those ride to the top. but 13 sites?
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bends. if you haven't been it is in our backyard. it's so close it's ridiculous. and it's a great place to go with the family and kids and see petrified trees and all kinds of stuff there. road trip? soon? let's do it now. >> right in the backyard. just go. i don't think they'd mind. just go. >> rest of the show in the car. sounds good. so another cool afternoon in the metro area. expecting a little warmer weather for the weekend. >> danielle is back coming up next with the extended and
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all right. chilly out there.
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downtown denver from our coors field camera. >> steel y. just feels -- cold. and steely. >> a little gray. all right. >> danielle is in the 9 backyard -- >> chilly. and raining. >> reporter: yeah. i had to pop the umgrela. just a couple of light sprinkles coming down. nothing i can't handle. we will be watching for some heavier pockets of rain throughout the rest of this evening overnight and once again tomorrow too. so keep this guy handy. up in the high country, ye probably will want your winter coat. we had been watching that snowfall coming down on the higher peeks. they saw their first snowfall yesterday at copper mountain. i love the shot with the wild flowers and the snow in the distance. mother nature cannot make up their mind. grand valley, wow. the darker clouds starting to push in. looking at a brief break in
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looks fantastic but they had rain drops just about 30 minutes ago. hit 75 degrees out in greeley. little warmer. 59 at leadville. tough for you folks with the clouds today. 70s at eagle and rifle. another day in the 80s in grand junction. lowic 60s. temperatures really cooled off and the winds kicked up tremendously out of the airport. here in the 9 backyard temperatures cool. we're sticking with 62. watching the showers and thunderstorms again throughout the rest of the afternoon and into the evening. one band pushing through. another one all from a disturbance sitting in parts of nevada and taking direct aim into colorado. right now the heavier pockets
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county and castle rock and parker. nice to see some of the lightning strikes beginning to fizzle out just a bit. nice beneficial rain and at the airport, a couple with this cell sitting over dia. a little bit of light rainfall. should say snowfall. so weird to say in the month of august. tonight we're going to be watching the evening showers pushing thro cloud conditions. the winds still kicking up and overnight lows in the low 50s for us. similar setup on the eastern plains. 40s in telluride. as the afternoon and evening rolls on, the showers and thunderstorms moving from the west off to the east. watching these showers reforming. here it is 8:00 a.m. starting off the day, friday
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25. by the afternoon, the sun starts to peek up. warm us out. couple thunderstorms to fire up in the late afternoon. could have strong ones moving into nebraska as well as kansas. a couple snow showers going in the central mountains and the system pushing out in time for the weekend. weekend looks fantastic. nice and y no coats needed. threat for seeing severe thunderstorms tomorrow, it will be out there. just little sliver of southeastern colorado. little sliv out there -- sliver out there in northern colorado as well. i want to show you the drought monitor. oiths been an extremely dry month of august for many of us here in colorado. denver especially. looking at normally dry
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shade hitting parts of larimer and boulder counties. looking at a moderate trout already. this rainfall is good news. look at this. today this is where our drought monitor stands. a year ago, hardly had anything going on. we were about -- three inches above today. right now we're so close to seeing 10 inches for the entire year. so that's kind of where nice change of pace tomorrow. numbers in the mid-70s. 62 in frisco. 60s again with the scattered showers in the foothills. mid to upper 70s around the interstate. by the afternoon, sunshine. peeks out. says hello. just enough to fire up those thunderstorms yet again. similar setup in northern
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i'm still keeping an isolated shot in. again not very many here in the silty. and -- city. and an extremely warm and drying trend. we still have to remember that we need all the rain around here. everyone is getting pumped for the weekend, right? especially saturday. broncos the big game day. kickoff 7:00 early doing tailgating. upper 70s. mid-60s by the time the game is winding out and hopefully the guys are coming off the field with a big win. >> reporter: absolutely. weather looking a-okay. >> reporter: a-okay in my book. we'll put these bad boys away. >> don't worry about the speakers on your tv. that's the rain hitting the umbrella. >> yeah. it's not static. i kept doing a double take. >> it's really raining.
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over but the drama is not for ryan lochte. brazilian police are charging him with filing a false robbery report. police reports earlier today request that he testify in front of brazil's justice department but he won't face a penalty if he decides not to go. he wont be able to engage in plea negotiations unless he is in brazil. he said he and three swimmers were pulled over and ro he since apologized and said he combajerated. -- exaggerated. may feel like summer is winding down but we're still in an active fire situation. the inland northwest wildfires are still burning around spokane. hundreds of people still can't go home. the weather is cooperating are temperatures into the 20s at night.
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crews working the fires. learning enleth sides of the river. the spokane indian reservation. then jumped the river and the second fire became the ku's fire. that one burned about 18,000 acres in an area that is very remote. a local police chief says it tested the limits of the indian reservation. fire crews worked around the clock trying to from spreading. the two groups had a lot of problems communicating. be able to prepare and lend resources to the other calls that came out to 2 would be getting information to those folks that are in the area whether or not they need to be concerned. >> reporter: people in the
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break down is coming from all sides. the tribe says they were communicating. the county says they weren't. both studies agree to work better together next time. colorado has two reservations. the southern tribe on the southern ute reservation. close by is the mountain indian reservation. touches three counties. tribal counsel leaders are located phones and the price is close. >> what this phone has that
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z23eiz zvpz
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y23eiy yvpy so what on earth makes a smart phone worth about $13,000. the company called searing labs createed the luxury phone. >> the device is comprised by experts in sweden. they take about two hours to
4:45 pm
the new device has state of the art mobile threat protection and military grade encryption. there is even a security switch on the backs of the smart phone for a special shielded end to cryptic calls and messages. >> coming to a security zone which is separated. what you do -- can do security calls and encrypted calls and encrypted messaging. >> reporter: so in case you're wondering they're marketin these thing to celebrities. after all they had a hard time convincing them not to take, you know, inappropriate photos. so maybe a more secure phone. i don't know. the phone's main camera has an impressive megapixel and laser auto focus. the new galaxy smart phone as a 12-mega-pixel main camera. >> this is for all the fancy
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us average folks will try to keep up with our payments on our i-phones. speaking of not the fanciest -- >> that's the best segway to steve. >> sorry. i had to do it. hi, guys. >> how you like that burn? >> i have my new phone here. that hurts utbut i'm on my $13,000 phone. so there was these people peop he held up a sign every day for 365 days. and made a video for his girl thathat was 21 minutes long. >> so the proposal was 21 minutes long for her and she she -- did she know it could be coming the first time? >> then you have to watch 20 more minutes of video until you're like, yay. they're terrible ideas. we're talking about pathetic
4:47 pm
poposals. . >> they shouldn't happen anyway but these are the worst of the worst. >> how was your proposal? >> i'm just curious how you make up for the typo but we can move on. >> i'm sure -- 20 minutes. she probably said yet to the guy. she's like, i have this. anyway your proposal. >> mine. so first of all i was really nervous and surprised my wife didn't figure this out. took her behind the family cabin since woods. there is a little hike you can do to a water fal. like an -- waterfall. like off the grid. it was snowy. i fell to one knee in the snow and she thought i fell. like literally fell. she is laughing at me and i set up a camera to take pictures. i'm probably not going to tweet these out because she wouldn't be happy.
4:48 pm
laughed and then she realized what i was doing. . >> so not pathetic. that a good one. >> could have been pathetic had i actually fallen and landed into the icy river. luckily it all went off okay. >> nicely done. we'll chat with you later, guys. august is colorado proud month. in peaches and corn growing around the state. >> and today chef jason morris brought us a dish made with colorado grown ingredients. this smells amazing. braised colorado cabbage. find the recipe on there are still plenty of farmers market open across the state. . >> this is going to be gone when we get back.
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tomorrow's national dog day. owners know it can be an expensive pet to have especially for the unexpected cost. recent research performed by the website found the top five most expensive dog breeds in medical costs. coming in at number one, the bernice mountain dog then the newfenland. the third most expensive breed is the rottweiler. it's predisposed to bone cancer and heart problems. inlish cocker -- english cocker spaniel next. dobberman pincher number fbi on the list. you can see the price tags. vets say dobbermans are prone to developing cardiomyopathy or instability. with national dog day tomorrow, only fitting that a dating advisor to weigh in on how dogs effect a person's likeability in the
4:53 pm
>> especially in our state because colorado is number one on their list if dog love -- for dog loving states. if you're looking for love, the top five breeds are golden retrievers, labs, terriers, boxers, and bulldogs. >> not the most expensive ones either [laughs] quick tip for the guys, women are about 20% more attached to men who have a dog. >> attached. not attracted [laughs] interesting wording. >> i'm just attached to this whole pairing. >> i can't get away. i would never ever leave fido. >> the fact there is even profiles with dogs is just comical to me. but hey. it's a thing. >> people who love dogs are a special kind of people. >> did you see the chihuahuas?
4:54 pm
we think it's pretty quick. might help with the dating thing. >> look at this sweet girl.
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it's pet line live and do i have the cutest little lady to introduce to you. please meet cokita. i'm told that means flirty female in spanish and she is. she is a 4-month-old chihuahua mix who is such a doll nearly everyone in the news room. how could she not? that's right. she's full of all kinds of kisses. look at those ears. so cute. you can find cokita at the larimer humane society. he was surrendered by her owners. she was sick and a great foster family took her home -- yeah, you're just going to town little puppy. a great foster family took her home and nursed her back to health. she's now
4:58 pm
she's just looking for that forever home. i'm sure she's going to find one very soon because she's an absolute doll, fun loving. of course, she's 4 months old so she might with a couple of things to learn. if you're on the market for a chihuahua mix that's full of love that you want to give the best time too this is your lady. >> she's to die for. >> look at that face, her little chew toy >> and her little ears. >> something tells it seems to me she won't last forever. >> thank you. that's it for us . 9news at 5:00 is coming up next. >> stay with us. next at 5:00 two people are accused of stealing a broncos
4:59 pm
player during practice. deputies think they know who did it. >> also ahead. >> when i walk ed back outside the kid was in there. >> no surprise the photo went viral. the person in the picture said it's part of a job. >> a nasa spacecraft with colorado ties has flown by pluto and is on its way back in time. >> that's next on 9news. ths they're doing a eviction at jack lock and there was a guy who threatened to kill policemen. >> 9wants to know spent the past todays going through hundreds of pages, photos and audio tapes released by the colorado bureau of investigation. the evidence details every aspect of the eviction that left a park county deputy dead. it's clear that
5:00 pm
>> did not pay mortgage to a bunch of crooks -- >> mark refused to pay his mortgage. >> or even give them munchoney -- them money is wrong. >> that would get anyone evicted. >> neighbors, a dental assistance and deputies themselves told the colorado bureau of investigation that he had been difficult. >> he did make threats it would be a shoot out. >> his anger caugh attention of both jefferson and park county sheriff's deputies when he was denied insurance. i should get my gun and shoot the first cop i see. >> park county sheriff rag wagner said -- >> i did not know anything about the threats about the police until hearing that on the news. >> one of the neighbors said they called and talked to you


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