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good morning! happy friday - thanks for joining us for 9 news at 4:30. corey, colleen and ryan here with you this morning. marty's here too -
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it feels like fall outside - but it's not going to last. one person is dead after an officer-
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no officers were hurt. it happened last night in the area of college avenue and vine.. police say - a man broke into a woman's home... the suspect eventually left the house - but did not let go of his weapon. officers used a taser - but he continued toward them - so officers fired. that man - who has not been identified - was pronounced dead at the hospital. a hiker from vermont - was found dead on mount harvard - a 14-er in central ra the chaffee county sheriff's office says 46- year-old eric poehlman - was reported missing on wednesday - when he didn't return from a day hike. rescuers found his body on thursday morning - just below the summit - at about 14- thousand-200 feet. they say he had no apparent injuries - and foul play is not suspected. a colorado mom gave her life- to save her two year old son. lakewood resident chelsea russell died in lake powell... the toddler fell off a moving house boat in the southeast corner of utah. his mom jumped in after him- but neither had a life
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another family member got in a smaller boat to help them. the child was alive and awake - and on his mother's chest. russell was unconscious. they tried c-p-r - but could not revive her. theres a new way to potentially crack a cold case. new technology is using dna evidence to create images of possible suspects -- and aurora police hopes it helps them solve a decades-old cold case. this is a composite of the suspect who attacked and murdered three members of the bennett family in 1984. bruce bennett, his wife debra and their seven-year- old daughter melissa were beaten to death suspect was created using d-n-a - that the suspect left at the scene. a company in virginia does the work. they use d-n-a as a blueprint to make predictions about what someone looks like. they can predict skin color, hair color, eye color, the shape of the face even if someone has freckles. aurora police say the image is not perfect but the genetic traits are likely spot on. aurora police say they don't plan to
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every case. it's expensive -- and only works if there is dna evidence involved. take a look at this drawing -- police are looking for this guy -- who tried to kidnap a 9 year old girl. jefferson county investigators say te girl was playing in her driveway on monday evening when he came up behind her- touched her shoulder and said "come with me." she ran into her house and the man left. she described him with a thin to medium build, and tattoos on both arms. one tattoo on his left arm is a red skull. some of denver's homeless - are suing the city. they have an attorney - who says the recent evictions of people from camps - are unconstitutional. the lawsuit claims the city forced them out to make way for new housing and other developments in downtown denver. they say - it led to 'open season' on anyone who appeared to be poor - or trying to protect themselves from the weather. as of thursday
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the lawsuit. they issued a statement - saying "once we receive the complaint, we will evaluate the claims and respond to them." the enviornmental protection agency says some metals leaked into water near the gold king mine after heavy rains earlier this week. 9news reporter vida urbonas is here with more.. .vida - this was a tough situation the last time around... why weren't people warned about this latest leak? local officials say the release wasn't big enough to warrant a public warning. the environmental protection agency says some metals escaped into a treatment plant after heavy rains near the site of an earlier mine waste spill. this is file video from the major spill in 2015 .. in this new incident.. which happened tuesday .. the epa hasn't said what the metals were .. or just how much were released near the gold king mine. local officials have told the durango herald the release wasn't big enough to warrant a public advisory. the agency says
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officials say the problem was corrected in about two hours. an epa-led crew inadvertently triggered a 3- million-gallon spill at the mine in august 2015.. the spill tainted rivers in colorado, new mexico and utah. while officials have continued to look for a long term solution from that 2015 spill .. a treatment plant was installed to clean up water still flowing from the mine.. two environmental groups have filed a federal lawsuit - saying the government needs to consider potential climate change - before they allow oil and gas drilling on public lands. the suit challenges nearly 400 oil and gas leases across wyoming, utah, and here in colorado. the groups say -- some greenhouse gases can be traced back to oil and gas reserves. but the u-s chamber of commerce says - limiting such sites - or ending drilling- would eliminate thousands of jobs. as that lawsuit
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that people in pennsylvania who live close to natural gas wells - are more likely to suffer from migraines, fatigue and sinus problems. the study from johns hopkins university looked at the people's medical records in 40 pennsylvania counties. they found - people with two or more of those conditions - were almost twice as likely to live closer to more gas wells. reserchers say - pollution, odors and noise from the drilling might be to blame. both candidates will take a break from public campaigning today -- but clinton left voters with a speech to think about heading into the weekend. she told a crowd in nevada, a potential swing state in november-- that while trump continues to shake-up his strategy and staff- his core ideas
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built on prejudice and paranoia. donald trump is continuing to make changes when it comes to his policy on immigration. last night - the candidate said the only path to citizenship - is if illegal immigrants leave the u-s and then come back. he's expected to clarify his policy in a speech next week. if the election is leaving a sour taste in your mouth - how about some ice cream? every election - a restaurant in west virginia has its "promote the vote" event -- with a banana split eating contest! state and local politicians battle it out over the eight pound treat. each person has 30 minutes to eat as much as they can.
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choose -- and people are left with a sweet reminder about heading to the polls.
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cleanup - now indiana has a new situation on their hands. hundreds of aftershocks have
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the central part of the country on early wednesday morning. italy's civil protection department says the death toll is now at 267 -- and about 400 people are being treated in hospitals. rescuers say - they haven't found anyone in the last day and a half - but the search continues. cleanup continues in indiana - after several tornados hit the state on wednesday. customers at this starbucks in kokomo - say a quick-thinking manager was the reason everybody got out safely. thankfully - only minor injuries were reported. todark several homes and businesses are missing walls and roofs. also in indiana - a small plane crashed into a home. it happened thursday night -- about 130 miles southwest of the tornado-hit kokomo. the single engine cessna was trying to land at sky king airport. it reportedly clipped a tree - and slammed into this roof. nobody was home at the time -- two people in the plane were airlifted to the hospital. we are still working to find out how they are doing. on tuesday -- tickets will go on
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ride - that doesn't happen until next year. the winter park express is returning after a seven year hiatus. amtrak showed off its new platform at the winter park resort yesterday. it's partnering with the ski train. trips will begin january 7th - and run through march 26th. tickets start at 39-dollars each way. the train stopped running in 2009 because it was too expensive for a private operator to run. the decision to bring it back was based partly on a test run last year. the train can hold more than 500 passengers. it will depart from union station at 7
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the return ride leaves winter park at 4-30. saving for college can be daunting -- but the good news - more families are jumping on the saving bandwagon. but - imagine saving the world's first set of surviving septuplets is all grown up -- and separating for the first time.
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chain -- is not allowed to accept new students with federal aid this school year. the u-s department of education says the ban comes as the college faces more scrutiny - after its recruiting and accounting practices came under investigation. and in case the school closes -- i- t-t was also ordered to pay 15io to cover liabilities -- and can't give out any pay raises or bonuses. i-t-t officials did not immediately comment on the ban. saving for college - is at an all-time high.. fidelity investments reports - that 72 perent of american families are currently saving for higher education. that's up 24- percent from 2007. the study also found -- that over half of those savings accounts - are college- specific plans - such as the 5-2-9
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imagine saving for this -- seven kids going to college all at once. the world's first surviving set of septuplets is about to see what college life is all about. the seven kids were born in 19-97. four of them are off to hannibal lagrange university - that's in missouri. the college offered all the kids full tuition when they were born -- nathan, kelsey, natalie and joel took them up on it. it's the first time the group is separating -- brandon is going into the military, and alexis and nn college in iowa. one sister said the big day really snuck up on the group.. the dragon is
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space-x dragon that is. the spacecraft launched last month - and took three thousand pounds of supplies and tools to the international space station. it will leave the i- s-s today -- and spalsh down near baja, california. this is the ninth commercial mission space-x has done for nasa. the games in rio might be over for some -- but the paralympics start in two weeks.. him even more tough than people
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charges. brazilian police have charged the him with filing a false police report. when the story first came out...lochte said he and three of his teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio.. but police say video footage shows that swimmer vandalized a local gas station and the robbery dn sent to lochte in the u-s... and to the international olympic committee's ethics commission. several media outlets are reporting he will be able to send an attorney in his place - and won't be required to travel to rio. the olympics might be over for some -- but this football coach from lakewood will be vying for a medal in this year's paralympics - which start in just a few weeks. now - he says he wants to draw attention to athletes he believes - are overlooked. adam scaturro is the head coach for
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he's also a quadriplegic. he's been in a wheelchair since he was 17. in two weeks, scaturro will compete in rio for usa's paralympic wheelchair rugby team. before he leaves - scaturro wants to raise awareness about the games -- and highlight the athletes who he says are just as elite as those we've been watching the past few weeks. the paralympics will be held september 7th through the 18th. you can follow all the action on nbc sports network and nbc dot com back here in colorado -- broncos fans are getting ready... our defending champs host the newly-minted los angeles rams tomorrow. you can watch it all live on channel 20. coverage begins with a special edition of "broncos tonight: at six.
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as it turns out -- today is national
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we first announced it yesterday -- we were just a little excited. but this friday morning - we want to see your precious pictures of man's best friend.. share your photos on social media -- use the hashtag "be on 9". and this weekend - take your pup to a park -- all national parks are free until sunday - as
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telling homeless citizens to move along... is going to land denver in court. the new homeless lawsuit. putting drilling on hold... the climate concerns that could stop oil and gas production in colorado. saving for seven months... the five year old who took on a big project... and now wants to do even more. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us. marty- warmer but still a little rainy to start the weekend.


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