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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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a pair of environmental a lawsuit filed against the city of denver alleging it treats homeless people unfairly. i have details. >> and a pair of environmental groups are suing the federal government, saying oil and gas leases including dozens right here in colorado are endangering our planet. >> pretty cute, it may not seem like a lot now but when you're five years old, your allowance is everything. why is this little boy schelling out his for foods he will never eat? >> happy friday, finally, as we say. cheryl and gary are off today. i'm joined by colleen ferreira
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our week, ens on a cool note. but don't worry. >> i never worry. you know that. cloudy conditions. you may experience a sprinkle as you head out the door. not very much to it, though. barely showing up on hd doppler. the heavier rain is to the north and to the south. and new mexico is getting some very heavy rain and also seen some pretty good showers that are clipping across the southern border of las animas county and a solid line along the nebraska panhandle d the north, and allergy sufferers, take note of that. we begin to clear, by midday. we will be clearing out here, during the morning, and hit the 70s, and thunderstorms in the mountains and thundershowers late in the afternoon, and the strongest storms will be to the east, over the plains today, and where we will have some pockets of extremely heavy rain. and it is going to be very modest around here. and on balance, when it is in the mid-70s, even with the
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>> thank you, marty. lots to talk about here. it is now 6:01 and we will get out to our maps here in a few minutes but we have a big laundry list of traffic problems and our now rtd issues that will affect a lot of folks from d.i.a. to union station and start off there, and the university of colorado a-line, the train to the plane, is experiencing 10 to 15 minutes delays because of operational difficulties between the40th and airport station as well as boulevard. 10 to 15 minutes is not too bad. it could last from now to 7:45 this morning. additional issues include a southbound closure of federal at 20th because of a crash involving a denver water truck. we have also got some closures on the ramp from 225, heading on to ileff. the problem is there is a rollover crash involving two children and one adult rolled on its tap and everybody is okay but they are trying to remove the vehicle. a big issue in colorado springs
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in a few minutes. some of denver's homeless says the city has mistreated them and forced them from parts of downtown. and now suing the city because of it. 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas is live downtown at the city and county building this morning and this group has even hired an attorney. >> yes, his name is jason flores williams. his name is at the top of the lawsuit that was filed yesterday. we did contact the city of denver, the mayor's office, right here in the city and county building and they say they have not been served with this lawsuit comment on it. i want to break it down and show you what is inside the 36- page document. basically being filed on behalf of nine homeless people. eight men, and one woman. and they allege that the city of denver has policies that treats them unfairly. they say these policies stretch back for a couple of years. and mainly, it was brought to a head, with the homeless sweeps that started happening a few months ago, and in which the city was clearing out sidewalks, and taking away all of the grocery carts and trash bags and things that you see,
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possessions, and personal property, and even some medical records, of homeless people, who were treated unfairly. and now in this lawsuit, it says the city committed acts that were quote willful, wanton, malicious, and invasive. and they violated the fourth amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure according to the lawsuit and detailed several distances where those possessions were taken away. and this is in opposition of denver's homeless camping ban, or camping ban on a sidewalk or an open area, with so much as a jack over them, because that would be -- jacket over them because that would be considered urban camping. the lawsuit says the mayor has refused to meet with the parties involved with this and that is why they are pushing forward. but the mayor's office, the city and county of denver, their representatives have talked extensively about reducing the homeless population and having more permanent shelters and trying to balance it with a growing
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effects that kind of comes with that. and the city is looking at this lawsuit, and trying to figure out how to balance it. and treating people fairly. while helping the city still grow. we will keep following this lawsuit and let you know what happens. colleen? >> tarhonda, thank you very much. college avenue back open in north fort colins this morning, after police shot a suspect. that suspect died, and officers were responding to a domestic disturbance near college avenue and vine. and when they arrived, they saw a suspect illegally entering a woman's home and his hand. and police tased him but that man kept approaching police. that's when they shot him. no officers were hurt. the larimer county critical incident response team is now investigating. she gave her life to save her son. this morning, friends and family are really having a tough time after a lakewood mother died in lake powell. chelsea russell died in lake powell in the southeast corner of utah, her toddler fell off of a moving houseboat and his mom jumped in after him, but
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vest. and another family member got in a smaller boat to help the pair, and when they got to them, the child was alive and awake on his mother's chest. and russell was unconscious and they tried cpr. and they could not revive her. we now know the name of a second man killed in a glider crash, in telluride this week. and 66-year-old ronald ukert was from south fork and he and 64-year-old robert saunders died wednesday, when the glider they were in crashed in the prospect basin area. and saunders is well known in telluride. he operates company. the ntsb is now investigating the crash. and they say it could take as long as a year to figure out what happened. nearly two week-long man hunt. that started in california, has ended right here in colorado. police in pueblo arrested joshua robertson and brittany humphrey thursday afternoon at a motel. they were taken into custody. without incident. there was a baby with them. it is safe. police want to talk to the pair about the shooting death of kimberly har, robertson's half sister, found shot to death on
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police say the couple kidnapped harvill's three children, they were found safe yesterday in new mexico. take a close look at this drawing. jefferson county investigators hope if someone recognizes him, they can track down an attempted kidnapper. they say this man tried to take a 9-year-old girl monday evening. she was playing in her driveway, when this guy came up behind her and touched her shoulder and said come with me. she ran into her house. the man took off. she described him as tan, about six feet tall, thin to one tattoo on the left arm is a red skull. it is 6:07 right now. and environmental groups have filed a lawsuit, two groups are challenging federal oil and gas leasing on public land. 9 news reporter vida urbonas joins me in the information center, and the group wants the government to consider climate change in all of this. >> that is the big point of contention here. >> and this map right here, this addresses the area in red that is part of the lawsuit and they include colorado, and
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area and the environmental groups are challenging 397 leases spanning almost 380,000 acres. so it is a lot of land they are talking about. and in the lawsuit, the two environmental groups say the federal government needs to consider the potential effects of climate change before allowing oil and gas drilling on public land. and the federal suit filed thursday also claims that since president obama took office, his administration has sho?eld sold more than oil and gas industry force as little as two dollars an acre. and says the administration is refusing to disclose the impacts of the oil and gas leasing on the climate. the groups in the lawsuit, it is wild earth guardians, and physicians for social responsibility. they say almost 10% of the u.s. greenhouse gas emissions traced back to publicly owned oil and gas reserves. and a spokesperson for the blm says they cannot comment at this time. they say the agency does not
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litigation. now, industry advocates say they are standing by their own efforts to keep federal leasing moving ahead. and the u.s. chamber of commerce says getting rid of drilling and frac woog wime out thousands of jobs. -- fracking would wipe out thousands of jobs. marty? midday clearing. around here, a very nice day to get out for lunch. as temperatures are in the low 70s. quite comfortable for you. late this afternoon, modest, modest, modest light showers over the area. over the next three days, small chfo tomorrow, and i thought they might hang in the foothills but they may sneak into the western and central parts of town late in the day and we will toss them back into the foothills for sunday, and then monday, a very small chance for evening thunderstorms, with an average high of 86 degrees. and the weekend is really not all that unusual. >> it looks pretty good. marty, thank you. during their day to day duties, police officers see a
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>> this would make any person sick. nothing that a makeshift bath couldn't fix.
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z23eiz zvpz y23eiy yvpy people in the down of
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to try to al salvage what if anything is left. small community is one of a handful that served the area, and many people are confirmed dead. no survivors found in more than a day but rescuers say they will continue to search for anyone, if they can find anyone. >> thousands are being evacuated as flood waters continue to rise in india. days of constant rain have already displaced nearly now under water. 175 people have died in india this week. and the rain has stopped for now. but monsoon is expected to last another month. closer to home, things in louisiana are starting to get back to normal after historic flooding there last week. this film studio in baton rouge helped shelter thousands of people left stranded by flood waters and hundreds of volunteers and national guard soldiers are helping them clean up. and it looks like a film studio once again. that's what they are working
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though. they helped hundreds of volunteers housing them with hurricane isaac in 2012. it is a cloudy start to our day today. and we will be breaking those up, by midday. and the thunderstorms are going through the nebraska panhandle, and just nibbling at the southeast corner of colorado. and over the course of the weekend, the air gets progressively drier, to the west, and that's what is working its way into colorado, and so we will be lowering our storm chances through the saturday. and this afternoon, you will get a couple of little guys, moving through here, perhaps right around the time school is getting out but won't last long and they won't be heavy. they will scoot along their way, and generally let than a tenth of an inch of rain for us, during the day today. and 60s in the foothills and mid-70s here and we will hit the highs between 12:30 and 2:00 this afternoon before the late afternoon clouds move in. and northeastern colorado, east central colorado, and the southeast, those are areas with
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possible during the afternoon. and evening. and even after 6:00. where we could see a few pockets of heavy rain, and i could also see some lale coming out of the storms. with the temperatures in the 70s here and the northeast, it will be slightly cooler than southeastern and western colorado, with 60s in the mountains. and 75, midday, clearing, but cloudy this morning, and then cloudy later this afternoon, with light showers. and those last to the early evening, and should be done before sunset tonight. and partly cloudy conditions for us tomorrow. and most of e small chance for a late day or evening storm. and even smaller chance on sunday. and we get a couple of storms trying to get going monday and tuesday and it is a warm dry day wednesday as we nudge close to 90 degrees. 6:15. and sky 9 is now over the columbine valley country club in littleton. the littleton fire department responded to a fire this morning, and we don't see any smoke or any flames. but the crews are on the scene and it looks like some of the pavement is wet. they may have had to extinguish that this morning. we will get more details
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right around that drive there close in your littleton commute, right around the south platte river drive. as we come out to the rest of the morning commute. a lot happening, including a delay across the university of colorado a-line. and the train to the plane is experiencing 10 to 15 minute delays because of operational difficulties taking place at the 40th and airport stops, as well as pena boulevard. and they are in effect from now until approximately 7:45 this morning. and we will update you when rtd lets us know that the issues are resolved. >> additional problems across the dr crash, eastbound i-70 around havana and backups fairly light. a closure on the ramp from southbound 225 from ileff from an earlier rollover crash and three people in the car and two children and one adult and they have been taken to the hospital, but it does sound like the injuries were very minor, so at least that is a little bit of good news, coming out of that situation this morning. >> we like to hear that. >> amelia, thank you. for seven months, he saved up his allowance hoping to buy a motorized toy car so he could act like a police officer.
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real police officers very, very happy. >> when i coach, i use my disability a lot of times to teach the boys the toughness of the game. >> and coming up, at 6:50, a local coach is helping inspire
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welcome back. police in mississippi are investigating a terrible crime this morning. two nuns who worked as nurses and helped the state's poor
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home. police think someone broke in and killed them and took off with their car. a motive for killing them is unclear. police so far do not have a suspect. prince fans get your wallets and purple clothing out. he died in april from an accidental pain killer overdose. ever since then, people have been wondering what will become of his legendary paisley park home. the singer's family is opening it up for tours and the first tickets go on afternoon. tours of the 65,000 square foot complex start in october and ticket information can be found at official paisley park .com. an adorable photo with a dark story behind it. this picture of a west virginia state trooper going viral this week. it shows him bathing a baby in a sink. troopers had arrested his mother for dui. and discovered the baby in the car. he was filthy. covered in stuff we don't want to mention on the air. and so the trooper brought him back to the headquarters and
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him up and got a cute little smile out of him. his mother is under arrest. this boy, this little boy over here, with child protective services right now. >> that little kid is so cute. when your five years old, your allowance probably doesn't amount to much but it just means the world to you, right? which is why this little boy did with his is so great. little william effort saved his allowance for search months so he could buy a motorized toy car he could drive around. instead of treating himself at the toy star, he decided to show his appreciation for local police, buying all of the officers lunch. >> i am so proud of him. i think all of us as a family we are very proud of him. and he is inspiring. >> a proud family. to thank him for his generosity, the police department made william an honorary officer with his own badge and police car stickers and kindness doesn't stop there
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and animal shetters, too. that kid is going place. he has a whole list of things that he wants to do next to help people in the community which i love. >> he is five? is that what i said? just keeps on giving. i love it. 6:22. how does working only three days a week sound? >> okay. >> pretty awesome. >> yes. >> possible? >> no, absolutely not. >> it sounds wonderful and for everyone dreaming of that shorter workweek, you now have some research to take into your much. >> no. >> a quick check of the weather and traffic first. i was done two days ago. [ laughter ] >> what? okay, for this morning, a few sprinkles. here and. there you might have to run the windshield wiper once or twice. we start clearing out by the tail end of the commute. and for working today, if you're outside, cloudy through mid morning and mid afternoon temperatures in the 70s. and then a late day shower, and nothing is going to be especially heavy. and either in the morning, or
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friday drive, and one problem after the next, we are going to start out this time in colorado springs, where a rolled tanker truck is blocking up motor way and all visible from i-25 just south of the cimarron exit. as we get more light in our drive, expect accuser ty backup. and -- curiosity backup. back here in denver, most area freeways are quiet. the two exceptions are the i-70 drive around havana, and an earlier crash kept us sluggish and it looks like a new problem out closer to the stapleton drive and don't forget the university of colorado a- experiencing 10 to 15 minutes delays because of operational difficulties at the 40th and
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if you live in colorado, and due like dogs, are you in the wrong state. >> -- you are in the wrong state. >> we need to have a talk. >> it is national dog day. th coloradans love more than the mountains and the broncos is our pups. >> we bring them everywhere, even in breweries despite the controversy it has caused. the love for dogs has caused quite the market in the area. and cosmo's bakery in wheatridge. dog biscuit bakery. and owner sara farley says she has worked retail for a while but this is by far her calling and you can see that by looking around the store.
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you get unconditional love. you can give unconditional love. and they are always happy to see you. i can't say that i have ever had a job that i like coming into more every day. >> because at least if your girlfriend is upset with you, you still have the dog who is still happy you with. in my experience. >> go on. >> go on. [ laughter ] >> leave it there. the dog still loves you when you come home. >> and everybody thinks their dog is the >> and i would say sara's customers are pretty spoiled. the treats with all natural ingredients like butter and honey and if you actually eat one, are you all good. >> cosmo's is one of many similar concepts in the denver area. coloradans love to pamper our pooches. >> this morning, are you sharing with us how you spoil your little fur baby. keep them coming, guys. go to our facebook page. and tweet us using a picture of the hashtag #be on 9. we want to see them. they're part of our family
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but a
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, a . a year after the gold king mine turned chemicals into the river turning it yellow the epa says more has leaked into a local water way.
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treated unfairly and they sued the city. >> and for all of you people wishing for a shorter workweek, like all of you out, there some new research out there this morning will have you bringing the story into your boss's office later today. i was hoping for a longer one. >> do you think we could make that pitch? we will go in together. as a team. >> you go first. united front. >> happy friday, everybody. i'm ryan har ra along sides corey and colleen filling in for gary. and marty coniglio is outside and how is it feelin and i love it. i love the democrats and the clouds around here following a damp overnight and damp morning. light showers early in the day. socked in this morning. and sun glare going eastbound. and light showers continue in parts of weld county, and a little more than sprinkles, they are much heavier, in the panhandle of nebraska, and we have a line of thunderstorms running through shattern to alliance, not severe storms but it is a stormy way to start the day. we are doing that in new mexico as well. so southeastern and
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two areas that could see some moderate to heavy storms later in the day. you may get a sprinkle, during the early part of the commute. but by the time we get to mid morning, we will be clearing things, and that will make for a nice lunchtime. so get out, if you can. and for late afternoon, a couple of really small quick showers, move through here and then we clear for the evening. and rain is going to be light, less than a tenth an inch and temperatures top out in the mid- 70s today and it will feel so much like fall. it is a again, around lunchtime through 2:00, we are clear and then really brief showers, late in the day. all in all, a nice way to finish the week. weather-wise. and on the traffic side, we are not doing so well. >> that's right, marty. we are getting out to such a busy start. going up to sky 9 over the second rollover crash of the morning drive and this is across santa fe at florida. and the crews here, just arriving on the scene. in fact, not even yet. and we are seeing folks stop trying to help out. the car is still on its top.
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from the suv. and that is off in the grassy median. right now two lanes of northbound santa fe as well as the hov lane are getting by. and out to the maps, we have i- 70 issues now and both directions, affected. we will start off with our crash westbound at steel street. speeds are in the teens and 20s. to the uth, an eastern crash at the peoria exit ramp after the earlier cleared crash and both sides sluggish between the stapleton drive and 225. and down in co rolled tanker truck around motor way it which parallels i- 25 south of cimarron and visible from the highway commute and both directions of i-25 are crowding up. and to top it off, delays across the train to the plane between union station and the airport this morning. and operational delays at 40th and airport, as well as pena boulevard station, and in effect until, from now until at least 7:45 this morning. and that's the latest estimate. it sounds like sky 9 will head out and see if they're working on the repair.
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the environmental protection agency says some metals leaked into water in the gold king mine after heavier rains earlier this week. we are waiting on word on how much leak and what type of metals they were. 9 news reporter vida urbonas is joining me now. and people in the area are concerned that they weren't warned about this week last week. >> they have to find out on their own. and officials say the release wasn't that big. so they are saying that is why they didn't warrant a public warning. it is the treatment plant says some metals escaped into the colorado creek from a waste water treatment plant after heavy rain near the waste spill. and that is file video from the major spill in 2015. local officials have told the durango herald that release just wasn't big enough to warrant that public advisory. the paper says an internal alert was sent out tuesday with epa staff and local officials but the epa did not notify the
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the heavy rains caused an overflow and released discolored water into cement creek on tuesday. and the environmental protection agency has not said what metals they were or how much was released into the waters near the gold king mine. and the agency says the metals have been at least partially treated and officials say it was created in two hours. and the epa-led crew inadvertently triggered that 3 million-gallon spill in the mine in august of 2015 and that in colorado, new mexico, and utah as well. and while officials have continued to look for a long- term solution from that spill, that treatment plant, that was set up, and installed to clean up water, still flowing from the mine. and of course, on tuesday, that is when that overflow, due to those heavy rains, in the area, occurred. >> colleen, amazing what heavy rains can do. >> thank you very much, vida. fort collins police have shot and killed an armed suspect. police say the man broke into a woman's house on north college avenue. and refused to come out.
6:36 am
he was waving a gun and refusing to follow officer's orders. they tried to stop him. and tried with a stun gun. but that didn't work. so an officer started shooting. and no officers were hurt. the suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. and the crime happened more than 30 years ago. an unknown killer leaves his dna at the scene and it hasn't helped aurora police much until now. this is a composite of the suspect who attacked and murdered three members of the bennet family back in 1984. it was created using dna that was preserved at all of this work. they use dna as a blueprint to make predictions about what someone may look like. and they can predict skin color, and hair color and eye color, and the shape of the face, and even if somebody has freckles. aurora police say the image is not perfect but the genetic traits are likely spot-on. >> something that for us we're excited about it, because it puts a face or an image to the person we are looking for. >> the whole process is very
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arrest in this specific case, the bennet case. >> that is incredibly advanced that. is crazy. 6:36 right now. he changed the way schools here in colorado handle marijuana. this morning, we are very sad to report that 15-year-old jack split has passed away. split inspired jack's law which took effect in june and requires schools to allow students to use medical marijuana and administrators to write policies how and where to campus. he had cerebral palsy and needed the marijuana for his muscle con tracks. the pain had gotten worse and passed away on wednesday. he started high school at wheatridge high school. the sheriff's office says 46-year-old eric holman was reported missing on wednesday when he didn't return from a day hike. his body was found below the summit at 14,200 feet and he
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rescuers searching for survivors from this week's earthquake in italy, are dealing with after shocks. italy's geo physics experts say they have recorded nearly a thousand aftershocks since the initial quake and those tremors are toppling already damaged and crumbling buildings. and many have died since the earthquake on wednesday. that number could change, as reports of missing tourists and injured people continue to come in. e some of the tremors may isolate the town after damaging some roads. south africa runner oscar pistorius won't face harsher punishments for killing his girlfriend. a judge dismissed the appeal from pros courts to extend the sentence. he was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend in 2013 and thought he was an intruder. the daub amputee olympian is facing a six year sentence and
6:39 am
15 year minimum. tired of what they call harassment and forced eviction. a group of homeless people has decided to sue the city of denver. 9 news reporter tarhonda thomas is in downtown this morning and the lawsuit claims the city is conducting illegal sweeps at homeless camps. >> absolutely. and they say that this is a amendment for homeless people. the illegal search and seizures. this is the lawsuit filed in court yesterday. an hand-deliver letters to the mayor and requests interviews and meetings with him and didn't get response and that's why the lawsuit comes into play. it specifically named the mayor as well as his chief of staff, and it also names the police chief, and several other people, denver public works, and the city itself. and it is being filed on behalf of nine homeless people who say that their items were illegally taken as part of those sweeps. and now those sweeps began a
6:40 am
few instances in which people say everything from medical records to military papers and personal possessions and cell phones were taken during the sweeps. here is why the city started doing these sweeps. because a lot of these items were blocking the sidewalks. and people couldn't get by. and you probably have seen it downtown. an overwhelming pile of things that accumulate on the sidewalk. and so that is why the city started clearing this out. saying they are going to take this to a warehouse and then give people time to reclaim it. and give those items back. we t alleges that those items were never returned. as a matter of fact, that is one of the things that they're seeking in this suit, the return of those items, if they haven't been destroyed, to the people who had them seized. they are seeking an injunction, against the city's sweeping efforts. they want to stop what they call those illegal search and seizures and they want that policy just basically to be null and void. they say it doesn't just limit to the city homeless sweeps. this also they say has been happening for a couple of years
6:41 am
downtown denver. and corey, if you can imagine, it is a problem, a lot of growing cities face, and when they have increasing homeless populations, and also, the desire of developers to build and to improve the city, and they have to figure out a way to balance that, and this lawsuit is saying the city is not doing a good job of it, but the city has not responded to us yet. saying they have not been served with this lawsuit. corey? >> just filed yesterday. tarhonda, thank you. 63:41 right now. the train to -- 6:41 right now. the train to and denver and amtrak paired up to provide a train after the seven year hiatus. $39 each way and you can bring two kids two through 12 with half fare with each adult ticket. and they can carry 500 passengers and leave at 7:00 in the morning and come back at 4:30 p.m. daily. and they ran every ceasen from 1940 to 2009 but the owner
6:42 am
we are now looking at a lot of pollen today. it is weed season. and it is high right now. weeds are very high. so folks, sneezing and sniffling because of that now. and clouds are breaking up. and the heaviest thunderstorms in northeastern and through central colorado, and over into the southeast corner of the state. i do think we will see a few isolated showers here later in the day. with temperatures in the 70s. for the next three days, small chance for a storm late tomorrow could affect the broncos game for a very short period of time. and then our storm chances decrease, as our temperatures go up. >> sneezing and sniffling, marty, were you talking to me, i know you were. >> and me. you heard me this morning. [ laughter ] >> a box of tissues underneath the desk over here. 6:42. what if every workweek ended on a wednesday? >> sounds pretty good to me. >> something that a lot of people might be interested in. >> i am still saying we try to
6:43 am
>> if you are interested, we have a new study you want to bring in to your boss's office for that awkward conversation. [ laughter ] >> and he has got three jobs before he heads to rio for the paralympics games. coach kwraogt football. and train and inspire a group
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z23egz zvpz
6:45 am
y23egy yvpy
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6:45, sky 9 is over a second rollover crash this morning. the first along 225, on the southbound exit ramp to ileff, this across santa fe and florida. the car on its roof. and an emergency crew, just arrived, and fire crews are now blocking the two left lanes of northbound santa fe, and traffic is getting by in the far left lane, and the hov lanes. and we are still not sure about the injuries involved here but we will have an update as soon as we learn mo. as we go out to the maps now, we have to talk about the rolled tanker situation way, paralleling i-25, which is right along 25 south of the cimarron exit. we just got an up date here that because of a fuel spill, regarding this crash, they are actually advising people not to get in the water, in the creeks in the area, because it is now officially a haz-mat situation, and of course do not drink the water as well. we will have more details on exactly what took place here in the springs, coming up in a few minutes. >> amelia, we have been talking about rain down here, but it
6:47 am
through the loveland ski area parking lot. up to along the continental divide. and snow level looks like it got down to about 11,000 feet. and a lot more snow up there, during the course of this morning than we have seen over the last couple of days. and we are seeing rain down low. and snow up high. and over the weekend, we will start melting some of that off with the warmer temperatures on the way. >> a little taste of fall and winter but not quite there yet. >> thank you very much, marty. has him facing charges. he said he and his three teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio during the olympics, and video photo shows the swimmer vandalized a local gas station and the robbery doesn't happen. he has been charged with filing a false report. a formal indictment has been sent to lochte in the u.s. and to the international olympic committee ethnic commission.
6:48 am
to send an attorney in his place and won't be required to travel to rio. since returning to the u.s., lochte has apologized telling nbc news he overexaggerated the story. a football coach from lakewood will be vying for the paralympics. adam scaturo is the head coach of the green mountain football program and a quadriplegic. in a wheelchair since he was 17. and he will compete in the paralympics wheelchair rug by team. and before he leaves, he game and highlighting the athletes he says are just as elite as we have been watching over the past few weeks. >> it always seems that every single time, once the olympics are over, everybody forgets that the paralympics games are right behind it. disability or not, able-bodied, you can do something if you put your mind to it. there is nothing you can't do. you have to want it. >> the guys are hard working and fun to watch and good.
6:49 am
and follow the action on the nbc sports network and nbc .com. it is the mystery of the missing helmet. someone stole a broncos players's helmet during an autograph signing last month. an arapahoe county sheriff's deputies want it back. they released pictures of the suspect. they say the man with the orange hat took the helmet. it was hitting on the ground, next to the players, as he signed autograph, following a practice session, on july 31. and investigators say the man passed the helmet in the number 18 jersey and left together. it it is a rydel revolution speed classic valued at more than $400 and clearly marked the dorf broncos logo. if you have -- the denver broncos logo. if you have information, call crimestoppers. >> a note to those guys, please don't call yourself broncos fans. >> we are sure the player who has the helmet has a backup i'm sure hoping so for tomorrow.
6:50 am
and broncos tonight at 6:00 and kickoff is at 7:00. and here is a story about -- that just about everyone heading into work today, will want to hear. there is a new study that you probably just love to show your boss. >> take a look at this. it was done by the university of melbourne and found employees are most effective when they work just 25 hours a week. only 25. >> like half of what we work. >> seriously, though. >> could we do a separate study for how early people have to get up to work >> researchers studied 3,000 men and 3500 women and gave men and women tests and both men and women did best on the tests early in the workweek between zero and 25 and once they hit the 25 hour mark productivity went downhill. >> i love my work family but i love sleep just a little more. >> sure. >> and so i would have to say, i would take 25 hours hands down. >> sure. >> and get paid the same or do they cut your pay in half, too?
6:51 am
>> i need to get paid. got to pay the rent. >> there is that. hot apple cider today. ice cream tomorrow. it will feel cool.
6:52 am
6:53 am
a cloudy start to the day today, it will break up the clouds by midday and then bring back some thunderstorms later in the day. there is a pretty nicely defined system that is moving through colorado today. and that will help kick off some showers, and now it is drier to the west. you can see so few clouds in nevada and colorado this morning. and that air is moving our way for the weekend. so midday, it can be very nice.
6:54 am
very small isolated showers, race on through, they will be in and out of here before sunset, and rain amounts, generally less than a tenth an inch. north and east of fort morgan and into nebraska, the storms are stronger. 70s for highs. and 60s in the foothills. and statewide, not really much happening, in the valleys, and western colorado, until very late tonight. and the northeastern, east central and southeastern colorado with some areas with an inch of rain and some hail. there is a severe weather threat over the northeast and southeast corners of the state. we will be in the 60s and 70s along i-80. and 70s here, and 60s in the mountains. and 75, midday clearing, and clouds now, clouds again late this afternoon, with light showers. we get those out of here early this evening and clear out and drop down and feel like fall
6:55 am
80 plus the next several days. smaller storm chance next week. and by the middle of next week, no doubt, it is still summer. >> i mentioned in my last update there was a fuel spill in colorado springs. i have more details on exactly which areas this is affecting. because this rollover crash, this tanker took place right along the motor city road that runs parallel to i-25, south of cimarron, the tanker truck overturned, fuel spilled, so the monument creek area, south of motor are not supposed to go in the creek this morning or use water from the creek. that information just came from the folks in the spring and please take notice there, it could be pretty dangerous with all of the fuel going into the water. we have also got new updates on the estimated delays, regarding the train to the plane and they are experiencing some operational difficulties at two stations, 40th and airport, as well as pena. and with all of that in mind, the increases now, for westbound folks, 20 to 25 minutes, on that delay time, for eastbound drivers, or
6:56 am
minute delay. and it is hopefully going to get wrapped up by 7:45 this morning. that's the latest estimate. colleen, other than, that we have a rollover crash. along our federal, or santa fe drive, excuse me, right around florida south of i-25 as well as that eastbound i-70 crash at vasquez. >> there is a little bit of way too much red peeking in through the greens. thank you, amelia. >> and 9 neighborhoods taking to you engelwood this week. the city of denver's neighbor to the south. the city is home to is so many good restaurants. if you have been there, you know. but there is really one lunch place that kathie 180 has a unique concept. no prices for the food. pay what you can if you can. if you can't pay for the meal, you exchange your time, volunteering in the restaurant for a meal and always on a mission to feed the hungry in their neighborhood and volunteers and donations help keep the operation running and they get a lot of produce from the local community gardens. the best part of the concept are the success stories from some of the volunteers. >> they will use this as a reference, as they work to go
6:57 am
out of a job, and that part has been cool, too. but just, i think just in general, it has been kind of a blessing to be able to help families that come through. >> each year, the cafe also hosts a free thanksgiving feast for the entire community. and guys, this is a concept that is growing and we have the cafe in denver and the one in fort collins and you asked me, how much do you know how to give, you give what your heart tells you to give. >> i love this idea. >> yes. >> and what a great thing. >> and some that makes up for other people who come in and can't afford a meal. >> keeps them in business. >> very cool. >> thanks, colleen. >> so interesting. all right, let's get a last check of our weekend forecast. >> all right, we are going to look ahead into the weekend, with a couple of storms late tomorrow, and foothills storms sunday. and it gets very warm, during the middle of next week, and stays up there, fairly warm, through the afternoon. and so right toward the end of next week. mid to upper 80s, which is a little above average. >> and summer is coming back.
6:58 am
cider, hot cocoa days. >> we will have a lot of that. >> mornings are nice and cool. you may have seen this. but in case you haven't, an oregon woman's dog had a good job of freaking out neighbors and put a lion mane on her 200- pound giant mass tiff, and left him out in the yard and quite the surprise for passer-byes as you can imagine. and we don't blame them and he look like a lion. and we are not celebrating lions though. we are national dog day and have you been sending in so many great pictures and we love seeing them and brandy, thank you so much, and pampering your pooch, and we asked you on facebook, how do you spoil your dog? we have awesome answers. there is baron. starting to get old but loves midnight walks along cherry creek. love that. keep them coming. use the hashtag #be on 9. >> they are adorable. >> we have 300 pictures. >> unbelievable. >> just this morning.
6:59 am
guys, congratulations. >> congratulations, you made it through the week.
7:00 am
going to extremes, both donald trump and hillary clinton now accusing each other of racism. trump doubling down. clinton launching a new ad tying trump to the k. at this point is really treason toour heritage. >> just how low can they go? ominous threat that powerful storm system looms in the atlantic. will it gain strength or weaken as it heads toward florida? tens of millions in its path, keeping a close eye on what it will do next. murder mystery, two nuns who dedicated their lives to helping others killed in their own home. no known suspects, no known


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