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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  August 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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>> you don't expect to get it. >> sometimes you feel and fear it can happen. >> that's why it caught me by surprise, you could not tell he was doing anything. >> his brother was found in the bathroom of his parents house. >> sometimes it feels like he is not gone but then you realize area overdosed on fentanyl and methadone. we don't know where he got it and if he intended to take it which is kind of the point. >> what we are seeing is the drug being put in not only fake oxycodone pills or making pills themselves. >> the drug enforcement administration division in denver. >> they may actually think they
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when in reality they are getting fentanyl. >> the dea is so concerned that it was made into a teachable moment for law enforcement. >> i want to take a minute to talk about something very important that could kill you. >> i feel like my body was slowing down. >> a denver health toxicologist tells us it does not take much. >> that right there can be deadly. >> dangerous to anyone who is not guaranteed what they are buying. >> it could be someone who thinks they were buying prescription drugs and it is actually fentanyl coming from china. devastating for a family missing edward every day. >> it is affecting your family and loved ones.
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absorbed through the can-- through the skin. >> most of these tickets are snapped up quickly for those looking to get into the cannabis industry, then there is one includes license in aurora, one unclaimed license. we knew there had to be a story. the loan-- the loaner unclaimed license is because there may not be locations. new construction means that someone would have to buy a parcel of land and build a stand-alone building which means probably borrowing money with banks who are reluctant to be connected with a federally regulated substance. >> they may have some sort of deal with the federal government with financing and insurance and it's those that are weary
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technically illegal. even if a business wanted to try it is currently unavailable. it will open up soon but the city could not offer an actual date. we hear about people suing the city of denver for injuries or slips and falls the confrontations with cops, the city is going after a homeowner but it was a police officer who got hurt. dangerous stairs if you have a bad case of stairs the city may come after you if an employee falls down on your property. take a look. steps that have seen better days and what happened here could see the-- could cost the homeowner thousands of dollars. >> it absolutely permits the city of denver to sue a
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>> two years ago a denver police officer doing a welfare check lift it-- biffed it on the stairs injuring his knee and because the city is self- insured it is trying to get the money back with the lawsuit. a city inspector want the homeowner about the dangerous steps a year before the officer hurt himself. it seems unusual for the ci uncommon we are told. >> homeowners have no clue that if a police officer is injured on their property his insurance carrier or employer can and often does.>> we went looking for the homeowner.
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the workers compensation act is what gives them the right to seek damages. i was leaving the denver courthouse when the candidate-- security guard said hey, how come all of the us are spelled with vs? >> this was affected by the city and county of denver, or is it the city and covnty? a common misconception is that they are tough to carve, not exactly true. to understand the lack of the vowel look at the structure. it is roman style architecture and that is the classic latin style alphabet. 23 letters originally instead of the 26 we are used to.
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the sound did. so the letter v stood for v and u. it wasn't until the 1600s when printers started using the letter u. this was from the 19 hvndreds albeit cvnfusing. >> it's like to vs together. denver parks and rec has a poop advisory level which is elevated at the busiest dog park. we got a picture of the yellow level which means the place needs to be cleaned up a risk closing like it did last friday. do your duty. here's an update, the 9news the plane was not -- was it working today?
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it had some signal issues that caused delays but we are told it is working now. we do not do national such and such days here, national lunchmeat day or take your nephew to work day, everyone is losing its mind after-- national dog day but we could not help but noticed another day is being ignored. women's equality day. it happens to share a day with national dog day. we will break the rule here and cover a national day if only to put the spotlight back where it should be today on the fight for women's equality, pioneering women who got us to where we are. i think it was a controversial issue. >> the suffrage amendment proclaimed ratify. >> 95 years ago today, the eagle valley enterprise could
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>> there was some diverse opinion. we will meet some inductees, women who have had a great impact on us. >> rachel, the first african- american woman to hold elected office in colorado defied threats to her family to push school desegregation. >> went to the united states supreme court and her plan was upheld by she introduced colorado and her look a ladies life in the rocky mountains proved the beauty of the state and a woman's resolve to explore the frontier. >> a lot of people became familiar thanks to that book. >> she was convinced that the earlier we detected hearing
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better their ability would be to function later in life. we will meet more on this women's equality day and we go to great lengths to avoid the same old clichis from a plus.. -- from a pro athlete. then we hit the streets in
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the end of the week and the end of the stormy weather pattern. just in time for the weekend, a beautiful day over downtown denver with a mix of clouds and sunshine today and heading into the weekend look for temperatures close to where th year. mid-80s, close to 90 on sunday and if you are longing for stormy weather you will see that the last few days of the month. we are tracking isolated cells that are racing across the foothills and they are moving so fast and not doing a whole lot of damage. we are saying goodbye to the cool air as well with a beautiful day coming up and only one or two thunderstorms.
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storms early then clearing. temperatures will warm into the 80s back from the extended period and a beautiful forecast shaking up-- shaping up for the next few days. gametime forecast temperature is looking pretty good as well with temperatures in the mid-70s . a pro sports team won a national championship and did not getting a lot of attention for it. league lacrosse producing the get more attention, we talked to the guy who scored the championship winning goal. not quite sure if he was expecting the ride. >> i will go around two or three times. >> you have to have a day job,
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youth nonprofit organization. >> what is it going to take to make natures sport? >> more big cities, it is the fastest growing sport in america . it's going to take someone to come in to make this a full- time job. >> should have told me to wear y >> there are guys that don't wear them and they are just plain stupid. >> the dumbest team name. the blaze. >> i don't know if i can say
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>> i think one more. i'm getting better but drop. >> one rule that you would change? >> dive shops. tell us like to take on the ride. lacrosse fans we have a longer version if you would like to hear more. the political advertisements disappear in colorado or did they go to replace were everything
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she urged cooperation even after she was betrayed by the us government. madeleine albright, the first secretary of state is a female grew up in denver. she is often in the conversation about the best female athlete in history. >> i'm not sure she's not the best athlete ever. >> an all-american at basketball, she went on to
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colorado really helped. >> minister fit-- spent some of every informative years in denver. >> the whole jewish experience. >> she was ahead of her time. >> she was known as the first lady of american science and it was based on the fact that she was one of the first female researchers of science and she also opened doors for other women to get involved with medicine and science. she helped revolutionize
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rate in half. she was born to perform were her time on the stage propelled her on to hollywood and into gone with the wind where she became the first african-american woman to win an oscar. political advertisements seem more sparse. donald trump is in the air, hillary clinton is holding fire, or perhaps they are just redirecting it. >> that snapshot is getting into a dirtier game, politics. hillary clinton and donald trump have been doing a lot of that. the candidates are pumping a ton of advertising money into snapshot-- snap check-- chat. this is the first big one where there's clearly an appetite for
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more voters watch the gop debate on snapchat than television. the bottom line is that tv is out, snapchat is in. sunday there will be an account. >> sometimes we lose sight of the positive, the good that keeps all of us going moving into our everyday lives. we asked a simple question at city park, what is your good news? >> everyone should be more active, i haven't seen it a lot of people today, so take walks at lunch. >> we came through desert with a broken window requiring i sports that produced snow and freezing temperatures and had to trade ice packs for blankets. there was no room at the end--
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to bed hopeless and woke up in denver and it is a beautiful day. >> it is my continue to-- quincenera. and i'm going to be on tv. >> i'm excited for this guy him. it has been said this is the last great thing we could not know. the internet tells us everything, let's not know.>> i got converted at my job so i got promoted and we are getting ready to make a purchase on a home. it took some time but we finally got our credit right so we are moving up.
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cassie and a bunch of others right to thank you for focus on-- focusing on women's equality day. learned
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>> i thought that was one of his best pieces. the show sucks, kyle clark sex. get that out of here.
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? ryan lochte and the mad scramble to save his image. >> i'm not perfect. i do mess up. >> will the new threat and the real deal behind rumors he'll join "dancing with the stars." then -- britney's bombshell from her epic carpool karaoke. and inside her big vma comeback as we flash back to her past show-stopping moments. >> i cannot believe this is just like freaking happened. plus behind the scenes of lance bass' new dating show, taking on "bachelorette" with new twist. >> this is a show that i would die to watch.
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news about sequels to two of her most popular movies. and the one role she would rather forget. >> it was not a very good movie. now for august 26th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks so much for joining us. well kevin fraser is in new york. he's going to be coming along a little bit later in the show. so cameron mathison is here with me now. >> i'm ready. let's do this. here's tonight's top story. olympic champ ryan lochte charged in rio. can the swimmer de >> if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. >> ryan was charged by the brazilian police for filing a false robbery claim. and look -- if he was my client, i would say -- unless you're extradited don't go back, because you could face trial and lose and be stuck in the tank for 18 months. >> i was highly intoxicated and it was, i'm human. i made a mistake.


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