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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  August 27, 2016 1:05am-1:46am MDT

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your wives and gave your whole town a bath no reason for treason ? ? we'll stalk you every season your daughters love our style ? ? and every slaughter ends with a smile your sons look up to us someday they'll ? ? ride with us bottle of rum to match the dust our wounds are numb ? ? and destruction's a must split cities into three and cut your peacock wings delivered a spell of ? ? lions to feast upon your kings oh, you'll know when we're coming because ? ? this is the
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cheating? new details on j. lo's breakup. chris rock engaged? >> a triple header of breaking couples' news now on "extra." ? ? ? new photos. larry king and his wife together today as he's blindsided by rumors he's having an affair.
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this man's her secret lover. did they really meet on larry's podcast? then why j. lo pulled the plug on her relationship? is her hit song "ain't your mama" about casper? plus chris rock's girlfriend sporting a new ring. did he pop the question the day before his divorce was final? >> "dancing with the stars" news. mad maks is back and we >> why does kim kardashian bother wearing clothes? her new see-through shocker. john krasinski's beefed-up transformation and how it helped his sex life with emily blunt. >> i'm emily's biggest fan. >> kobe bryant's new life after the lakers, opening up to mario about baby number three on the way and getting personal about his marriage. >> what's one thing that mrs. bryant does better than you?
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studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra."pi'm mario l. blake shelton's ex miranda lambert bringing her new man on stage. what brought her to tears? >> also coming up, mario, a groundbreaking new beauty treatment. the lazer that could help you get arms like jessica biel. >> and the shocking headlines about larry king's marriage. reportsod a secret boyfriend. jerry has the latest. this is the first photos of larry and sean king today as the scandalous accusations break. only weeks after the two visited extra to tell mario. >> life is good. >> "people" magazine larry is, quote, embarrassed and anguished about a year-long affair his wife has been having with this man. motivational speak tore the stars including naomi campbell
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>> if you couldn't trust someone what would happen? >> page six reporting green met sean when interviewing for him for their podcast. >> how are you working together? >> we have fun. >> it's a joke. >> the inquirer trying to groom him as the next larry king. the kings who have two sons split before in 2010, but reconciled later that year are set to celebrate their 19th ni as green are calling the story of the affair, quote, inaccurate. jennifer lopez all smiles in new york one day after her split from beau casper, but were there clues it was coming? casper very public with kanye and ufc announcer bruce buffer in vegas this weekend while 2500 miles away -- ? ?
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? >> was really about casper. the two last photographed together two weeks ago along with her ex, marc anthony and his new wife at jennifer's sin city concert. "people" magazine reporting the break-up was friendly. new tears for miranda lambert in concert. the country star stopping her song "the house that built me" to hold up a note from a service man saying he listened to her every night dur lambert two days later all smiles. introducing her new flame to the audience. did chris rock pop the question to his girlfriend before his divorce became final? this pic of the comedian wearing a ring on that finger was taken sunday night only hours before these court papers ended his
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gossip cop reported that rock has not proposed. all right, well, moving on. "extra" was first to break the news that disgraced olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now doing "dancing with the stars." look at that. >> we can all look forward to that. we have more on the return of dancing's bad boy. >> his career, circle in the drain on the primetime mission to rehab his image. >> what's your go-to move? >> i can't tell you. you have to wait if i'm mad maks telling the world he's back. >> so excited to be back. >> his partner, controversy magnet amber rose. we know she can twerk, but can she tango? >> i feel no pressure to win again. >> peta sitting this season out. >> she's doing amazing and getting bigger and the baby is kicking and it's phenomenal. i can't express the feeling. >> a little dancer in there.
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taking it off. >> i can't wait to see the cast. there are always big surprises and i know nothing and i will be watching like everybody else. >> laurie hernandez on the rumored list and so is simone biles, but she told us she's booked through the fall and hopes to join the show next year. >> i'm hoping for the spring one if they would allow me to do that. >> others speculated about cast members including j.t. austin and bachelorette jojo. >> the dance moves i saw the other sign her up. >> the full cast revealed tuesday on gma. >> we'll find out. right now, it is game, set, match for kim k. in mexico. jerry has the new pics. >> she's leaving nothing on the court. not even her clothes. brand-new pics, kim stripped down on a skimpy new bikini on a tennis court in mexico. kim kardashian proving she's hit her weight goal down 70 pounds after baby, proving there are no
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break, getting in a match with her model friend jasmine sanders, and if you think that's shocking -- cover your eyes, kids. the mother of two posing in a totally sheer shirt for a photo shoot. hillary clinton launching a nuclear attack on donald trump. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. >> this was secretary of state clinton today after donald dared to go there with his surprising verbal assault. >> hillary clinton who sees people of color only as votes. >> this trump supporter's stunned reaction going viral today. >> how are you going to balance, sir, attacking hillary, but at the same time not alienating female voters. >> you have to be careful, but i have to be who i am and she's tough. she's proven to be tough. >> tesla billionaire elon musk has pursued amber heard since they were both in machete kills three years ago.
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revealed he's been trying to meet her ever since then sending e-mails to set up a meeting with her and while he has been spotted with the former mrs. johnny depp, a source close to musk saying they're just friends. all right. now former "office" star john krasinski is telling "elle" magazine that getting jacked for his movie "13 hours" helped improve his sex life with wife emily blubt and the eight-pack it wouldn't hurt. >> i agree with that. his movie star wife and becoming a director. she's not bad either. >> heshe's taking over with harrison ford, chris pine and other left off. >> i heard other actors did it so weird. >> jack ryan, the former marine turn guy. >> i've always thought -- i can't even say that with a
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big-screen directorial debut in the hollers. >> congratulations. >> thank you. when you get a cast like this that is going to do their job for you, basically. there wasn't a whole lot of direction. >> directing and starring as a struggling artist returning to his small momenttown when his mother played by margo martindale. >> pretzels. >> heart attacks. >> his acting is super his new role at home, dad to two daughters and wife emily blunt looking well-rested. >> it's makeup is what it is. it's been amazing and emily is the greatest mom that ever could be. >> and an amazing time for emily with "a girl on the train" getting so much buzz. >> i tried to be president of the fan club and there was already a president and it was the first time i ever forgot that it was my wife on screen which was hard to do.
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season for two of you. >> i'm just her arm candy. i just stand to her. >> t-minus one for awards season. see john in theaters this friday. up next, a hollywood security scare for kendall jenner. >> kendall, straight ahead! >> how close this fan got to the supermodel reality star after breezing by a guard. then -- we're digging for secrets about britney spears' super hyped vma performance. all right. tell me a secret. >>
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>> coming up, kobe bryant's new $100 million venture and the big
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>> all right. now "extra" with your sneak peek at next week's "bachelor in jared she has had enough and leaving mexico. >> it is really hard for me to be here. i am making a decision to leave. >> she is out of there. you can see what happens on monday. >> one couple that makes it back to the states together. check out the cover of the new "us weekly," josh and amanda are shacking up and he's already moved in with her and her commits in southern california. >> that's a commitment right there. let's check out the other stories making news on social media. kendall jenner has no
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runway arriving to kimmel in a yellow gucci cami and getting a major security scare. blissfully unaware kendall gets inside moments later. kris jenner snapped this proud mama moment before she took on jimmy, their new neighbor. >> you're a chef and -- i'm really offended you haven't invited me yet. >> are you allowed to eat when you're on the cover of "vogue"? >> how cool you across the street, right? >> kendall is a cool neighbor for jimmy. >> that's just a cool neighborhood. >> behind the gates. >> right. first lady michelle obama on the cover of "variety" giving up new scoop of carpool karaoke with james corden singing to get your freak on. it was the first time the secret service wasn't in the same car as her. >> taking pics of ozzy osbourne,
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>> everything happens in a second and that could be the money shot. >> going inside the lives of hollywood paparazzi. >> are they uploading on the go? >> being a paparazzo has to be one of the most unpopular jobs? >> what's a worse job? >> the only thing that comes to mind is parking enforcement. >> terminator. >> but the terminator at least someone is happy to see you, because you're going to kill a bug. jonas all ready to take the stage at madison square garden for the vma awards. >> britney created the most iconic moments of the show. >> a.j. getting a look behind the stable, who is sitting dmks to whom and lucas graham. >> is there anyone you want to meet? >> all of them. >> we're the new clids on the
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on mtv. looking forward to that. >> i am looking forward to next friday because the hit season of "narcos" is back with pablo escobar e chaff ria. >> the world's most famous drug kingpin on the run. >> pablo escobar has escaped from prison. >> season 2 of snashg os consistently get away. >> he was a smart guy. [ speaking spanish ] >> mora who is brazilian and speaks portuguese tells he didn't speak spanish before he got the role. >> it was hard. it was the most difficult thing i've ever done as an actor. >> have you heard from family, friends. >> pablo's brother roberto is complaining about the show and he wants money and netflix to pay him $1 million.
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pablo gets killed this season. >> you know what that means? >> i do. >> but the hit show won't die even if pedro pascal who plays dea agent pena wants to keep us guessing. >> is there a next season to come? >> with different stories. >> [ bleep ] it's terrible. >> what he will admit to. how high is the body count this season? >> might be responsible for a few, but every life has a value. >> are you justifying your actions here? >> yeah. >> good to know. c netflix, september 2nd. coming up, retired laker legend kobe bryant revealing his new tv obsession. >> i have the time to really become addicted to something else. plus "extra's" beauty by the numbers reveals the new procedure to get. >> jessica biel's arms and jennifer lopez legs. >> how do you spell entertainment? ?
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well, it's been quite a week for laker great kobe bryant. first, he announced his new business venture at the new york stock exchange. then on the same day his wife posted this throwback pic for his 38th birthday, the city of l.a. celebrated the future hall of famer with kobe bryant day. all right. so much for a relaxing retirement. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, brother. good to see you. >> he's only going one-on-one with me and about life after basketball. >> i stay away from the court. >> kobe bryant moving on from 20 years from the lakers and getting ready for baby number three. >> congratulations on the new addition. >> this is a baby bombshell. he and wife vanessa could be ready for even more? >> is the shop closed? is that it? >> who knows? i'm retired and i have the time to become addicted to something else. >> confessing he can't stop watching this game after finishing this one.
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>> yeah. i never watched it. >> did you like it? >> ridiculous. unbelievable. >> also unbelievable is insanely cool retirement gift. >> what's up with the present snoop gave you? what did you do with it? >> i'll use it to cruise around and i'll take it through pch and huntington beach and drop the top. >> i saw you got together with steve spielberg. what did you talk about? >> story telling. no matter what discipline you're in when you're obsessive about your craft curiosity about it, it translates across disciplines. >> what about sports broadcasting? is it something you would consider? >> i'm just not interested in it. i don't have the passion to pursue it. >> what's one thing that mrs. bryant does better than you? >> well, she knows how to dress better than i ever will. she has an artsy brain and she can look at a room and see it how it should be. >> it sounds like she has big plans for their baby's new nursery. all right.
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the numbers. if you're looking to tighten and tone with little time for the gym, we've got you covered. >> we can help you build the summer's perfect body. >> right now everybody's kind of asking for jessica biel's arms and jennifer lopez legs. >> nurse jamie revealing hollywood's pretty little secret to those tight and toned limbs. sculpture is the world's first lipo laser. it is for that stubborn, resistant fat. it is so nice to kind of spot treat. >> are you ready to get leaner for the summer? >> panels target one to four areas. >> on jessica today, she has a great body already and she's looking to 15 tune it and she's looking to define the back of her arms and inner thighs. you're looking at one to two treatments in the chosen area. >> each treatment super fast, super effective. >> in 25 minutes can destroy fat cells permanently up to 23% reduction. so it's pretty huge. >> zero recovery time.
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before we go, a big congrats to my girl ellen who launched her own emoji app today. it's called emoji exploji and it's awesome, of course. we'll see you tomorrow, slaying it like britney. >> from carpooling with corden to her super hype return to the vma stage and they're going several rounds with usher.
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new video, larry king's wife hammered with questions about her rumor add >> the couples say in their first interview about the cheating scandal now on "extra" ? >> sean king under siege. >> how are you do being the rumors about the fair.
1:37 am
>> what they don't say and why the troubled couple is cuddling in bed. >> brittany spears sparing off men. >> you don't want to be with anyone ever. her all new confessions about dating marriage and wanting more babies. and what's her sexy surprise at this weekend's vmas. >> striesand ripping trump. running opening up about donald. >> what would be the first comment or question you would ask him. >> kylie jecnner, then and now, did she get a boost. >> plus an extra sneak peak at this weekend's rob lowe roast. >> i'm rob lowe. >> and i'm david spade.
1:38 am
entertainment capitol of l.a. >> coming up j-lo new details on j. lo's breakup. chris rock engaged? but first. larry king s-- >> since cheating rumors exploded. had l.a. dodging questions about her alleged infidelity. >> how are you doing with the rumors of at fair. >> are they true. >> what are you talking about. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> the whole world knowing what she's talking about, since headlines claim she's been cheating with this emotional speaker. today they face it head on sitting with their first
1:39 am
>> how do you deal with the recent rumors swirling about your relationship. >> larry kissing sean, cuddling together in bed. not exactly declining claims of her one year long twist with richard green. >> what about the headlines. >> rumors are what they are, and tell you the truth, i don't pay any attention to them. >> you have to around yourself and not get hard on the inside. >> that's hard to do. >> we spot her looking like nothing is wrong. >> how's it going. >> now reports are they are living in separate rooms. in 2010 they both filed divorce papers sean reporting him of
1:40 am
sister, and another report saying she had a fling with the little colleague coach. both claims denied and they r reconciled. >> the king's for now still set to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary september 5th night barbara took it to another level. >> it's the new duet with barbara striesand. >> i'm not building a wall. >> any wall you can build i can build taller than you. >> i can build casinos and
1:41 am
>> she's going to lose. >> no she's going to win and she's going to win luther. >> ten-- have you been on a tal show like this before? >> never have. never dreamed i would. >> you will be doing a lot more of this over the next few months. >> i don't know we'll see how tonight goes. >> >> can she sit up on her own power. >> i think she could beat me in the new york marathon but can't do that because there's a campaign to run. >> have you had a chance to meet mr. trump? >> i have never met donald trump. >> if you metim what would be the first comment or question you would ask. >> how could you say the things
1:42 am
shouldn't be within ten time zones of the commander in chief. >> now another star tiaking a dg at the donald. jhn mayer on snapchat mimicking trump's hand gesturs all this while getting another endorsement. exclusively coming to our studio to reveal why he's with her. >> she's always consistent in fighting for the under dog and creating jobs. >> time is tick 74 days until the election. >> well in only two days brittany spears return to stage to mtv's video awards, her first appearance in almost a decade. >> that's right she broke some news too. >> brittany summer take overriding shotgun with james corbin. >> i like your moves.
1:43 am
days for "baby one more time". >> hitting the cakaraoke to "oo i did it again". >> brittany revealing what she won't do again. >> i'm done with marriage. i'm done with men. >> you don't want to be with anyone. >> i mean, french kiss someone. >> of course. >> although when it comes to kids -- >> you're going to go straight up five. >> brit a little busy, the superstar back and staying it with a new hit single "make me" fresh off her ninth album," glory" two years in the making and out now. next up snaking her way to the big apple on sunday for an epic return to the mtvs vmas.
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>> but the night about her flood-savaged home state louisiana. >> i teamed up to raise funds for the victims of this horrible tragedy. you will get a trip for two where you get to meet me after the show. >> fans already seen her in all that glory rocking a hot bikini bod. >> do you like to do yoga. >> i like t the treadmill fast as they do. >> did you think it would turn out this well? >> i had no idea. >> you can get the idea, the show are already scheduled into early next year. >> in addition to her performance, rihanna, ariana grande and beyonce are also set
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hitting theaters today uber plays sugar ray leonard in new film, we'll have that for you next week. >> that's called a tease ladies and gentlemen. right now renee is talking sweet science with the film stars. >> boxing legends roberto duran and sugar ray leonards. >> tse were conjured in our mind they actually liveed it out so we are in many ways living their legacy. >> we had to become fighters ourselves and feel it before we started to work on the characters. >> should fight no one but me. i don't lose. >> uber trained with sugar ray himself, his two sons getting in on the action. >> i built a gym in my house. i kind of challenged him a little bit.


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