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tv   9 News First at 430AM  NBC  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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good morning... corey, ryan and marty here with you -- happy tuesday. marty- we had a good storm blow through yesterday afternoon.... any chances for that again today?
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conifer - killed a woman and injured 01yf her son on monday night. deputies from the jefferson county sheriff's office responded. both dogs are at an animal control center in golden this morning. deputies believe the dogs belonged to the victims - but don't know why they attacked. things are back to normal along boulder canyon road this morning-- after "a-t-v sized" boulders fell and shut down a section of the road the boulders fell around mile markers 32 and 33 around ten o'clock... the road stayed closed for about two hours. state patrol says one car hit a boulder. the person inside had minor injuries. a little boy is recovering today -- after surviving a violent car crash. his dad was driving - and later told police - he did it all on purpose. two-year-old isaiah is in a half body cast -- and has stitches in his head. his father - 29 year old nathan weitzel - is in jail - after he
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isaiah unbuckled when he crashed sunday- because he wasn't quote "man enough" to raise a child. police say - weitzel took isaiah to the park -- and on the way home - left him unbuckled and drove into several cars - while going about 75 miles per hour. he also said he'd used cocaine that day. many of the people who live in the centennial neighborhood heard the crash -- and went running into their front yards. sam schulte rushed to the car to help. he saw isaiah...crying and bleeding in the back seat. schulte says he held the boy and rubbed his back trying to calm him down. most of the neighbors did not know the true intent behind the crash until a week later. denver police say the man accused of assault on the highline canal trail -- could be tied to another attack. 25 year old
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attacking a woman on the trail last friday. she somehow managed to get his picture. according to a police report, bookhart told officers he got into a fight with the woman - when her dog tried to bite him. he faces charges of 2nd degree assault for that incident. there was a seperate assault on the same trail last week. police say bookhart could be connected to that attack- but aren't confirming much more at this point. two proposed ballot measures changing how oil and gas is regulated - have fa t because some of the signatures may have been forged. one would've required new oil and gas wells to be at least 25-hundred feet from homes and schools in colorado. the other would have given local governments oversight on oil and gas developments. the secretary of states office says some of the signatures submitted for each measure were too similar. we talked to the signature gatherer--who says homeless people forged the signatures. marijuana clubs won't be coming to denver... at least not this
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and over could smoke pot - failed to make ballots.... because it didn't get enough signatures. no other states with legal recreational pot have licensed clubs. a second proposal--allowing some marijuana use at bars and restaurants--still awaits word on whether it got enough signatures to go before voters. let the countdown begin -- we're officially seventy days away from the election.. colorado's elections director had a fun fact for us -- our state has the highest percentage of registered voters in the country... the progressive group 'new era colorado' focuses on registering young people - credits the state for making registration easier.. you can still register to vote through election day in - over the phone - or via text. hillary clinton's top aide-- huma abedin-- is splitting from her husband - after a another sexting scandal. former congressman anthony weiner resigned from congress in 20-11 after he was caught sending sexually explicit images to women.
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the clinton foundation -- and she's also a key figure in the ongoing email investigation. a federal judge is giving the state department until mid october to turn over any emails about abedin working for the foundation - while she was also at the state department. the couple has a four year old son together-- who appeared in one of weiner's latest "sexts." trump chimed in on twitter - saying abedin was making the right choice -- but expressed concern that clinton's ties to the couple - meant weinerou information. the gop nominee is also going after black voters -- but a pastor -- who is a donald trump supporter-- is apologizing today after tweeting a photo of clinton in blackface- mocking her outreach to black voters. and tomoow - trump will give a speech in arizona -- where he's expected to iron out the details of his immigration plan. a couple of states are heading to the polls today -- florida and arizona are holding their state primary elections. in arizona -- republican senator john mccain is up
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yesterday. if elected - it would be his sixth senate term. and in florida - incumbent republican marco rubio is aiming for a second senate term -- after reversing his initial decision to step down. also in florida - debbie wasserman - the former committee chair of the democratic national convention - is facing tough competition for the state's 13-th congressional district. happy birthday to warren buffett... the multi- billionaire is 86- years-old today. buffis named as one of the most influential people in the world -- and is a notable philanthropist. he recently endorsed democratic nominee hillary clinton during the 2016 campaign season. clouds dominated
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clouds dominated our skies yesterday -- but south of the city... they got much more... a look at the storms that rolled into the springs. hawaii's big island -
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hurrican madeline is closing in on the island. madeline was classified as a category 3 -- but is expected to weaken today... it's likely to be near or over the big island by tomorrow. flash flood warnings are gone
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after colorado springs was inundated with hail. firefighters had a long day -- as hail piled up like snow and rain flooded some streets. we even heard some reports - that a plow got stuck during the cleanup. dozens of activists are expected to deliver petitions from more than 600-thousand consumers-- all outraged over the recent increase in epi pen prices.. the petitions will be delivered to mylan's headquarters in canonsburg, increased the price of epipens by more than 400 percent in recent years... the petitioning groups want legislative and regulatory reforms -- to stop the pharmaceutical industry from price gouging. as a side note- according to nbc-- the ceo of mylan made 2.4 million in 2007 - the year of the epipen acquisition. in 2015 she made 18.9 million. getting up and moving - helps your muscles -- and your brain... a new study found that exercise is
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senior citizens looking to keep a sharp mind... you can now jump in the pool - without worrying about your fitbit. even better - it will track the laps you swim - and let you know how well you did.
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pay billions of dollars in back taxes. the european union says ireland has given illegal tax benefits to the tech company... worth about 14- point-five billion dollars over 11
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the popular fitness tracker - "fitbit" - can now go in the pool with you. the company unveiled a new fitness tracker - the first one to track swimming. the "flex 2" is an update to fitbit's cheapest - and slimmest device. it will recognize when you start to swim - and measure your laps. it also tracks sleep and steps - much like other fitbits. you can pre-order it now -- but the "flex 2" won't ship until later this fall. a sea of black tires once again showing the red dirt below. crews are cleaning up thousands of abandoned tires in larimer county. > according to the fort collins coloradoan, the cleanup at roberts ranch is ahead of schedule. and, the problem doesn't seem as bad as originally thought. the estimated 200 to 300-thousand tires is actually closer to about 100-thousand tires. the cleanup is being funded by a 495-thousand dollar grant.
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little bit -- can help prevent future memory problems. a new study from u-c-l-a shows that senior citizens who don't move around too much - have a 50 percent greater risk of dementia. researchers say all it takes is a brisk walk, dancing or gardening -- can be extremely helpful. singing - no matter how good or bad you are - has its benefits. a new study found that a mother's singing -- helped premature babies control their breathing in the nic-u. those babies were also discharged about three days soha preemies. it helps mom too - the study found that a mother's stress level dropped when they sang to their children. from hand sanitzers to alcohol wipes-- we do a lot around the home and office to get rid of germs. but a lot of good bacteria's killed in the process too-- bacteria that keeps us healthy. to make up for it-- medical experts say-- make sure to get your probiotics. the live bacteria and yeasts are great for overall health and the digestive system. you can find them in many places including yogurt and as a
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doctors say - if you do go with over the counter probiotics - make sure to do your research - and follow the recommended
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the broncos still have one pre-
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gary kubiak has seen enough to know who he wants starting at quarterback when the game start counting. on monday... the team officially made trevor siemian it's starter... meaning he'll be the first n-f-l quarterback with zero career passes to start the season for a defending super bowl champion. the announcement couldn't come soon enough... just ten days before the regular season opener--a super bowl rematch with carolina... and nearly half a year since peyton manning told the team he was retiring. siemian knows he's stepping into some big shoes--ones he's not going to try
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we all know -- the rocky mountain showdown later this week probably won't inspire a lot of warm feelings between c-s-u and c-u... but for now -- students from each school teamed up with special olympics colorado for a unified football game. the c-e-o of special olympics colorado says -- games like this one played in boulder - help these athletes grow as leaders - both on and off the field. tham until then...both schools are competing in a "pledge battle" - to see who can raise the most money for
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if you're one of the many owners that
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always wondered -- the answer is yes -- your dog can understand you. new research found that dogs undertsand tone and certain words - and use similar parts of the brain as us. m-r-i to measure a dog's brain activity as they listened to their trainer's voice. this year's election has been anything but boring.. and now -- a restaurant in new york is adding a "food fight" to the mix. ballister's bistro - in rome, new york, is serving up some presidential pastrami... there are four options - one for each candidate. for donald's a sandwich filled with well as ham, cheese
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apricot mustard. hillary clinton's sandwich is turkey, swiss cheese and blue cheese dressing....the owner calls it an "acquired taste." there's no sales tax for the gary johnson inspired "libertarian meal" - and each customer chooses what they want on it. and for the green party's jill stein -- customers get a salad in an eco- friendly box. tim tebow is back on the field again today- with big dreams in a new sport. and not everyone in boulder is excited about one group of potential new neighbors. the key difference in proposed homeless housing-- that has some people concerned... in the next half hour. that's going to do it for 9news at 4:30... but we have a lot more news and weather to cover
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a deadly dog attack in jefferson
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county... what deputies say they saw when they arrived. a toddler seriously injured- and his dad is to blame. why the father says he did it... and what neighbors have to say. what some people but not everyone is welcoming the idea of these new neighbors for one specific reason: drugs. good morning. meteorologist marty coniglio joins us.


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