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tv   9 News 6pm Next  NBC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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investigative reporter chris vanderveen from our 9 wants to know team to learn what was happening before this became national news. >> pharmaceuticals. >> sky rocketed. >> whoever said there is no such thing as bad publicity never visioned this. >> mylan. >> mylan. >> mylan has a coupon. >> reporter: welcome to the brook, brody, and mommy. >> we have to sit quietly, okay? >> reporter: more patient woman... >> yes, you can have a popsical. >> reporter:... you will not find. >> this is normal, right? >> reporter: when she learned mylan wanted $1200 for the 2-2-packs her family needs, she found patience running out. >> just a house payment. >> reporter: a house payment for a drug discovered when william
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>> shocking. something i wasn't expecting. >> reporter: many weren't suspecting. but maybe we should have suspected something. 2007, mylan bought the rights to the epipen, $100 for a 2-pack. shortly after mylan became active in lobbying politicians, a quarter of a million dollar annual federal budget ballooned to a million plus. congress listened. 2013 the school access to emergency epinephrine act, well-liked law that so happened to benefit myland. >> of course it did. >> reporter: bud teaches at the daniels college of business at du. >> if you look at it strictly from a brand awareness, and marketing standpoint, it was brilliant. >> brilliant, particularly because no one thought to ask
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that same year we found myl started large giveaways to doctors, 600,000 in 2013, 1.1 million in 2014, and 1.2 million last year. >> some doctors showed up on tv talking about epipens. >> you can have suvee reaction. -- severe reaction. >> reporter: few asked if it had conflict. some shows apired to take-- appeard to take man >> food allergy puts them at risk for a life threatening allergic reaction. >> maybe we could have asked the doctors why the cost-jumped to $446. no one really did. and then... >> i am bruce, the vice president of state government relations for mylan. >> reporter: in 2015 sent a lobbyist to colorado to ask for a new law. >> expand access to this critical medication. >> reporter: by then, mylan
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seemed to care. >> it seems to me that the company, in this case, is taking advantage of the law and raised prices particularly when there is no real competition. >> reporter: now the prices climbed into the $600-range and suddenly there is outrage. >> the price of the epipen... >> blamed hikes on health care. >> $18 million a year... >> reporter: 2 of the most angry members of the senate today, republican chuck grasly... >> they had the guts to raise it. >> reporter: our investigation shows took thousands from guess who? a good product, yes. >> he started passing out, we rushed him to the hospital. >> reporter: saved one of alyssa's sons. she just wishes someone would have started to care before a house payment ever became the measuring stick for a life-saving drug.
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us the payment that the senator received from mylan didn't influence him in any way. we have also reached out to the company, to myran and yet to hear back . yesterday it announced it would offer a generic epipen for half the cost, why they never offered it before the outrage, we will ask them if they get back to us. none of the 1,000 government workers at had fort collins natural resources search center are going back to work until the fbi figures happening. the center near csu is 1 of 6 u.s. department of agruculture offices across 5 states closed to threats. workers are told to stay home until the fbi determine physical the threaterize credible. -- determines if the threats are credible. is the a-line working? mechanically or philosophically? mechanically, yes, it is working today. rtd is withholding money from the private contract partners because of the performance
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plane. rtd says it is docking denver transit partners $65,000, a performance deduction for those contractors. it is the maximum that can be contractually withhold for the problems between april and july, $65,000 comes out of denver transit partners' $10 million payment. real-people numbers, like if your kid gets a $10 allowance and when they screw up, you withld democrats gathered that union station to hear a republican speak, even hickenlooper was there to listen to hillary clinton's not so secret weapon, meg made her first public campaign appearance for clinton, she runs hulant packered. i was wondering if she is angling for a post, commerce secretary, perhaps. >> we will see, i am committed to hewlett-packard, the company is doing very well now and love
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>> that was not a no. in a bit our in-depth conversation with meg whitman, it is interesting to hear her talk like a republican about people left behind during the last 8 years of the obama administration, but then she points to clinton as the answer. and there she stood this morning in front of clinton campaign signs talking about how she hopes to rebuild her beloved republican party. our discussion is coming up. we have a personal request to pass along tonight from the friends of the 17-year-old alleged drag racer, forget that driver. remember nick riching, remember nick, the artist, remember his work, remember the nack he had for painting, even commission graffiti work is street art. 4 friends are chooseing to remember nick by wearing his signature on their bodies for life. >> i will never forget him. you know, i have him right there
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did pottery, amazing at everything. >> the 17-year-old accused of hitting nick sunday was arrested. police are looking for the driver who was the other half of that drag race. 20 years before collin kaepernick set social media and talk radio on fire by refusing to stand for the national anthem, a denver nugget did basically the same thing. and watched his basketball career crumble. >> constitutional to burn the flag. so, why give me not standing? i came to play basketball. watch me play basketball. >> defending the quarterback, he posted on facebook in part "mr. kaepernick is not in need of my voice to validate his position, he reached the decision and executed it on his own and the stated reasons for him not doing so, i agree with 1,000%. abdul continued, his struggle to question realty and not allow his brain to be gift wraps with
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something to be admires, and i, for what it is worth, am an admirer." >> kaepernick is refusing to stand in protest of how blacks are treated in america, specifically by police. we have received a lot of feedback on kaepernick's decision, perhaps in part because of how close he came to joining the denver broncos during the off season. there was one e mail that stood out, so much that we drove up to fort collins to meet the author. sydney beoncy. >> we, as a country, have terrible problem with racial inequality, we do need to have conversations about it, more importantly we need to work together to come up with solutions that will start healing. we need to end the violence. that said, to me, the national anthem is about freedom and the men and women who have fought for it for hundreds of years and the thousands who paid the ultimate price for that freedom. friday night collin remained
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freedom to express how he feels. it did start a worth-while and important conversation. early sunday morning, well while we were sleeping, my son and his unit moved deep into iraq. i found myself thinking about how i feel when i hear the national anthem and how much it means to me to see everyone standing with their hands over their hearts when it plays. i think about our military men and women every day, who are all over the world right now defending our country and that ver y freedom that collin was able to express. i pray for their safety and thank everyone for supporting our troops. >> we will regularly make room for opinions and perspectives like that here on next. more than a sound bite, a chance to express yourself about something that matters in your life. get in touch with us any time, e
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hash. >> i don't agree with everything hillary clinton proposes, i agree with lots of things she proposes. >> a well-known republican is hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton, first stop: denver. and a conversation with next. a promise is kept as a 14er is climbed with a help of a woman's 3rd heart. the smell at dia, you know what i am talking about, the airport smell, we finally know what it is, journalism that
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hello, welcome back, i am meteorologist kathy sabine. those dark clouds out there over denver mean rain for some of you tonight. up on pike's peak, several inches of snow this morning looking much like fall on some of our front range foothills, some of the higher peaks, really dramatic scene. the lightning, the wind, the rain, it has really been so beautiful the last couple days. you don't have to drive in it, and rain forecast models not over excited about the moisture in the next 24 hours, just great news. the thunderstorms that are developing today are moving very erratically around the area but packing some hail and some heavy rain and there will be a front that is coming in tomorrow and that will cool temperatures off just a little bit. not a bad-looking forecast as we move through the last few days
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holiday weekend. isolated thunderstorms tonight and clearing, 54. tomorrow a little drier but temperatures may be down a degree or 2 for some areas and then we warm back up again. best chance for thunderstorms will be friday. the holiday weekend looks good, mild, and dry, highs between 85 and 90 degrees. so, safe to make those plans now. i understand that the climb aspect is important, but colorado has offer and i would like people to see that side of colorado instead of the negative side of colorado. >> evelyn meeks, you are exactly right. caroline myer climbed the first 14er of her life over the weekend and she gets a shout out here on the news because she did it with her 3rd heart. she is celebrating 1 year post op, after her second heart transplant, a long way from the summit this time last year, at
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heart transplant. her body rejected that heart and she was on life support for 5 days. doctors found her a second match. a much better match. the heart that is giving her new life and no excuses. >> i was so weak, had lost so much muscle mass and weight, i remember saying to myself, if i ever get out to colorado, i am climbing a 14er and make it happen on my year anniversary so, it was incredible. you know, i don't personally know who my donor is, but i, you know, their life was cut short and i just, i feel like, you kn, i was given a second chance with their heart and i want to live my life to the fullest and, you know, not only for myself, but obviously for them because they didn't get that opportunity. >> if you are on heart number 1,
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your first 14er, start where caroline did, if health allows, it is a challenging but doable climb of a 14er. ever touch down at dia, walk into the concourse and get a big wif of home? and it smells like the bathrooms at the airport. you know what i am talking about. going nuts over the air fresheners at dia, we dedicated journalistic resources to a firm answer, it is called it is the scent in the airport bath rooms, the website that sells it calls black bamboo a combination of green bay leaf, ballsome, juneter berry, on a foundation of warm musk and amber wood s. one wrote "i know that sounds weird but it is one of the scents that sticks with you, not the typical bath room air freshener smell. maybe because it is the smell of home after a long day of
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compliments from passengers about that bath room scent." we are at your disposal to hunt down weird facts and answers to questions you are afraid to ask. get our attention with hash heynext. trying to get hillary clinton elected, does that prove donald trump's point? >> republican meg whitman is willing to support a democrat so lock as she promises the status quo for people with money. >> our of hewlett-packard, next. a lemonade stand runy a young man just looking for
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political experts across america were closely watching the basement of union station today. a landmark mt presidential campaign happened there. hillary clinton's campaign held its first public event featuring a republican endorser. meg whitman, ceo of hewlett-packard, former candidate in california. we caught up with her beneath union station in what looks like a subterranean lair. >> you have quite comfortably made the case against donald trump for some time now. are you equally comfortable making the case for hillary clinton? >> i am comfortable making the
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1 of these 2 individuals will be president, and my view is hillary would make the far better president, and for 2 reasons, temperament, leadership experience, the economy is so important to the united states, i think be better for business, job creation, and small business. >> i can see trump supporters saying there is the problem, republican meg whitman is willing to support a democrat so long as she promises the status quo for people with clinton is not about the status quo at all. she is about reaching those individuals who have been left behind. if nothing else is clear about this election, it is there is a group of people who are not better off than they were 8 or 10 or 20 years ago. they have been left behind by globalization, start up's disrupting old industries and frankly by much more competitive countries around the world. >> when you look at home in
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country, what happened to your party? >> well, the party is struggling for an identity. i think if donald trump loses, the party has to think about, how do we rebuild? what will we stand for? >> will you stay in the party to be part of the process? >> yeah, i am a republican, i am still a republican even though i am supporting hillary clinton. i thought in this election we needed to put county before party and i yes, i would be interested in helping rebuild the party because i think the republicans stand for a lot of really important t need to rebuild, refocus, and get our message just right for the 21st century. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. we are back with a sweeping
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the next story isn't about a police officer in trouble, a teacher caught cheating, or a nurse stealing drugs. the story is about a public servant doing the right thing, like 99% of them do every single day and never make the news. they are the good ones, and they are almost all good ones. >> jonah's lemonade wasn't doing so well, 25 cents a cup and refills, jonah has high functioning autism, neither here nor there, when he puts himself out there, it would be nice if people responded with kindness. the 6-year-old was sitting and waiting on a recent hot day, all by his lonesome until his grandma made a call to the nonemergency line, a stream of
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make a little boy's day. first a sergeant from the lafayette police department, then the fire engine, then a fire engine tour, then the firefighter's jacket and the hat, and that is how jonah's day was saved. his letter says it all. "it made me feel happy and special." >> i missed a sellble in former denver nugget in abdul's name, thanks for looking out, jered
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? your imagination ? what you don't remember about the icon. kbl t >> this is it. i have no regrets. yes uncover his passionate love story with his late wife. >> i know you love me. >> and the new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> vip pass. can ryan lochte last? >> taylor swift just pulled the
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we are talking to bridget about reunited them. the tom hanks goes off on channing tatum. >> that dude. channing tatum, what a goof. this is "entertainment tonight." >> it's official. ryan lochte is looking for dancing redemption. the new "dancing with the cast has been announced. >> this cast is unique. rick weperry? >> what was the lie. what was the thing you told that wasn't true? >> the thing i told that wasn't true was having the gun pointed to my forehead. >> just moments before his first live interview, gma confirmed that ryan lochte is joining "dancing with the stars" and cheryl burke is also making


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