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tv   9 News at 10pm Repeat  NBC  August 31, 2016 1:05am-1:45am MDT

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now just something you must bear ? ? ? ? oh it seems you're a lot like me you dug yourself into places ? ? you never thought you would be but don't you fret and don't you mind ?
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the monsoon season isn't quite ready to say die, although it is it time. kathy explains what's going on with labor approaching fast. >> the national hurricane center says it could be unprecedented, three tropical weather systems threatening the u.s. at the same time. >> there's a lot of stuff in there that we could have shared together. >> a veteran worries he won't get a chance to share keepsakes from his military service with his son. a thief has taken them. >> changes to federal law will mean more money for some colorado workers and a big challenge for some companies. >> the smell of black bamboo
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people seem to like it. >> giving kisses. >> and phil the dog hurt after falling into a hole learns to adapt to life on three legs. 9news starts now. anybody out and about earlier tonight got caught in a deluge along the i-25 corridor in the metro area. standing water on highways and streets, blinding splashback and a free light ow sky. the storms are still leaving their mark around the state. some were strong enough to trigger flash flood warnings. a section of u.s. 36 near federal flooded. the road is still open at this point. cars are doing their best to get around it. there's also flooding around quincy and parker. cars are dying it's said in this video. near 74th and pecos more flooding and some hail there. travis sent us this video. the timing not so great for the
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rain gear to wait it out. after nearly three hours the game was called. there will be a split doubleheader tomorrow against the dodgers. kathy joins us now for a look at what's ahead the rest of the night. >> it looks a whole lot better than that. poorly organized storm systems got organized in a hurry around dinner time tonight and just decided to stick around and dump 1 to 3 inches of rain when the rockies are trying to take the field and then there was this. the lightning was tonight. the wind was ferocious, but the rain is the big story, flash flood warning continues until 11:15 for a portion of northeastern denver, rain reports upwards of 2 to 3 inches. this polygon is where we expect the street flooding to continue in the next hour or so. travel is best avoided if you can in that area. in boulder and golden lesser amounts of rain, thankfully the storms finally on the move.
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its toll. a cluster of storms over the i- 25 corridor. elsewhere quiet but not in the tropics. two hurricanes, unprecedented, madeline taking aim at the hawaiian islands should go south. lester following behind winds 120 miles per hour should go north of the island. vacation plans there look a little dicey and there's a tropical depression. normally 9 is a good number here at 9news but not this time. this system will make landfall the next three to heavy rain is likely from panama city to jacksonville north of miami. three tropical systems taking aim at the lower 48. you're worried about your holiday weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up in a few more minutes. we'll check the radar. that a man and lightning will go for some -- that rain and lightning will go for some areas overnight tonight. people in florida are digging in for that storm kathy just mentioned. tropical depression 9, they have the sandbags ready for the
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to begin tomorrow. >> we'll have storm surge. we'll have inland flooding. we'll have coastal flooding. we'll have as much as 15 inches of rain. >> there is more rain than wind. at least at this point with the storm. if it does pick up strength, it will be named as a tropical storm. watches are already in effect. new overtime rules mean more pay for thousands of workers and potentially trouble for some businesses. here's 9news reporter vicente arenas. >> we like to have n down brewery and kitchen pizza has become a real art. >> it's got braised pork on it. >> reporter: now the owner has to figure out how to pay for huge increases in overtime. >> i have to do some shifting. i've got to get either -- got to get creative. >> reporter: starting december 1st supervisors who oversee at least two workers must earn at
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paid overtime. the current threshold is half that. >> almost certainly it's going to mean that the cost of doing business is going to go up no matter how you dice it. more dollars shelled out. >> i was excited. >> reporter: alexis vaughn supervises 15 employees at a denver area restaurant and works more than 50 hours a week with no overtime. extra pay she says would change her world. >> i can go buy an extra toy that and it kind of gives you a sense of i'm doing this for a reason. >> reporter: back at lowdown phillip five fiver if is -- pfeiffer is already crunching some numbers. >> once we get it all figured out it will be fine. >> reporter: just as fine as his pizza that keeps people coming back for more.
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convenience and retail stores and the tourism industry. the employers council tells me in some cases some bosses may decide to cut an employee's hours to avoid paying overtime. so, kyle, we're watching to see how this plays out. >> a lot to be determined. thank you. police in lafayette say two robbers held a woman at gunpoint with her two children in the car and forced her to withdraw money from her bank account. surveillance video shows a man and woman police believe the robbers. investigators say one of them saw the woman shopping at a goodwill yesterday and convinced her to drive the pair to a post office and then take them to bayne and withdraw money. one of -- a bank and withdraw money. one of them went in the bank with the woman and the other stayed in the car with her 8- year-old daughter and 4-year- old son and then went to her home and forced the woman to get more money there and then let them go. the female suspect has tattooed
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old. lafayette police are asking for tips. crime of opportunity is a phrase often used by police how anyone can become the victim of a thief. a veteran living in denver told his story to 9news reporter dan grossman. >> reporter: an item of sentimentality is beholden to those who behold its memories. >> that's my friend dan. >> reporter: that's why scott jones -- >> this is the scene crime, yeah. >> reporter: -- still can't understand the motive behind what happened to him at his home friday night at the corner of 29th and birch. >> these are documents such as certificates and awards, photos, medals. >> reporter: things that validated eight years of scott's life. >> there's a lot of stuff in there that we could have kind of shared together. >> reporter: that would have validated it for his 2-year-old son years from now.
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they don't have the work to have earned a lot of the stuff. that's kind of the thing that i'm the most upset about. >> reporter: scott can acknowledge the mistake of leaving his garage door open. >> it's like of all the things we had in the garage that's the only box that had things we cannot replace. >> reporter: his wife cannot acknowledge it was worthy of this. >> there's a lot of value in that and we value that part of his life. so definitely it would be important family things that we treasure. >> passed up the lawn >> reporter: attempts to dust for prints have brought up nothing for police. >> my anger has driven towards resolve making sure this never happens again. you can't simultaneously steal from a 20-month-old kid and from a person with their memories in a box from a previous life experience. >> police say the lack of
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possible suspect is making this very difficult, so they are relying on the public for help. it is a box 2 feet tall by 1 foot wide. they are asking anyone if they see anything, to call them. >> sometimes you hear no questions asked, just return it. >> that's the exact sentiment. he said at this point i just want these things back so i can pass them down. u.s. agriculture department offices in fort collins could remain closed tomorrow. today after employees received serious e-mail threats. threats were sent to employees at usda facilities in connecticut, maryland, north carolina and west virginia. the fbi and several other local federal police are trying to determine their credibility. in colorado more than 1,000 people from several government agencies work at the campus near colorado state university. two dogs attacked their owner killing her will be euthanized. investigators say the two pitbulls attacked 60-year-old
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black widow drive in conifer last night. her son richard tried to get the dogs off her and was hurt himself. the sheriff's office said a neighbor called in 2008 to complain about the dogs being loose and aggressive. neighbors who spoke to 9news say they rarely saw the dogs but heard them barking every day. >> they're always penned up. i've never seen them loose. i've never seen them walk the dogs like everybody else in the neigh>> richard shawl animal control permission to youth miles the dogs. senator john mccain easily beat back a primary challenge from a tea party activist in arizona looking at a tough general election in november against democratic congresswoman ann kirkpatrick. florida senator marco rubio secured the nomination for reelection. he sidled back into the senate race after saying he was done with that office.
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patrick murphy in a balance of power that could tip the senate. hewlett-packard's ceo and former ebay leader meg whitman was in denver today campaigning for hillary clinton. noteworthy because whitman is a republican. she was national finance co- chair for new jersey governor chris christie during his presidential campaign. this stop in denver was her first public event for the campaign. i asked whether her cross-party endorsement of clinton as being better for business actually might pr choice of the big money interests looking to reserve the status quo in washington. >> so i would argue that hillary clinton is not about the status quo at all. she is about reaching those individuals who have been left behind. if nothing else is clear about this election, it is there is a group of people who are not better off than they were eight years ago or 10 years ago or 20 years ago. they've been left behind by globalization, by startups
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frankly, by competitive, much more competitive countries around the world. >> before whitman endorsed clinton she sharply criticized trump saying that he exploited anger, division and xenophobia. if dogs could talk, some could certainly tell stories. phil has a good one. the 10-year-old miniature pinscher survived 19 days after wandering away from his home in denver. a man walking his dog in a hole 10 feet wide and 6 feet deep along the fence. he jumped in and rescued phil. >> i answered the call and just said i got to go. >> when she said he had a collar with his name on it and her number, i knew it had to be him. is that phil had to have -- >> phil had to have one of his hind legs amputated. other than that he's acting like his old self.
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a line of stopped cars on a new york highway, drivers helped save the life of a young woman. >> a lot of barbecues will get soaked if we have another day like this on labor day. there is hope in kathy sabine's forecast. >> i'll tell you why tim
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the age cell phone cameras have brought us scenes that both amaze and terrify. this is from the latter category. a semi crashes into stopped traffic on a highway in new york. the crash happened last week. one of the cars catches fire and people in other vehicles ran to pull the driver out. no one died. the woman in the burning car had cuts and bruises, a couple others with more serious injuries. police say the brakes on the semi failed. 10 cars got tangled up in the
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it could feel its breath. it was a case of distracted sitting. she was in her garage playing a game on her phone. she looked up and there the bear was in her face. the woman says she stayed as still as she could moving just enough to record the video on her phone and text her son to come help her. >> i thought she was messing with me and got a new app or something. >> i felt if i did some kind of knee jerk that that might scare him and i didn't know what his reaction would be. >> her walked up behind her and the 300-pound bear decided to move along. wildlife officers hope to trap the bear and move it out of the neighborhood. your nose knows, dia has a distinctive smell in its concourses. the scent of the airport has threads going nuts on reddit, so we asked about the mysterious bathroom air freshener at the airport and the website who sells it calls it black bam book combination
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balsam, and woods. one of the viewers said it's a smell that sticks with you. smell of home spokesman heath montgomery says the airport gets a lot of compliments from passengers about the airport scent. this next story is not about a police officer in trouble or a teacher who was caught cheating or a nurse stealing drugs. this story is about a public servant doing the right thing like 99% of them do every news. they are the good ones. they're almost all good ones. jonah's lemonade stand wasn't doing so well even at 20 five cents a cup and free -- 25 cents a cup and free refills. jonah has high functioning autism. it just would be nice when he puts himself out there if people responded with kindness. the 6-year-old from lafayette was sitting by waiting on a hot
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his grandma called to the first responders emergency line. first the fire sergeant from the lafayette fire department and the fire engine and a hat and jackets and that is how jonah's day was -- jacket and that is how jonah's day was saved. it made me feel happy and special. >> next is our next news feature. on the kyle clark facebook page every weeknight at 6 p.m. weather turned out to be a big story today. i'm meteorologist kathy sabine outside in the 9news backyard. the pictures coming in on facebook and twitter tell the tale of the day. we had poorly organized storm system hovering out there much of the afternoon and then this. those driving in and out of the boulder canyon area tonight need to know there's debris on the roadway up there, highway 119, heavy flooding rain around the area.
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the city thankfully. your morning drive, no issues. some patchy fog on the far eastern plains, low cloud cover, a little damp. our high today 82, just about 5 degrees shy of where we should be this time of year. a number i think we'll see again tomorrow. down to 64 degrees at dia, wind south at 3 but calm in the backyard. needed the umbrella at 9:00 but not now, nice and 64 outside the studios. storms we are tracking continue to bu finally starting to weaken. we had a convergence slide develop at the corridor and a line was set up when the storms formed. they produced 1 to 4 inches of rain and didn't move. a flash flood warning continues for northeast denver till 11:15 tonight and now areas west of boulder, heavy rain subsiding but the damage already done and
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of those canyons with mud and debris on the roadways. cluster of thundershowers from i-25, denver metro down to castle rock, colorado springs. elsewhere quiet. the flood threat shifts south and east overnight. the tropical moisture plume stays south of the area, but with this moisture a front coming in from the north. it won't be an entirely calm day tomorrow. the heaviest rain will fall in the blue and purple shaded south of the metro area and east where temperatures will be a lot warmer. low 80s in the city, heat building to the west and hot down south, cool pockets of air starting to invade the northern tier, some signs the weather patterns are changing as we move into early september. low clouds and fog for the eastern plains, showers and storms moving out. enough moisture and heating of the day we'll see some of those wild storms coming up from the south coming back in from the northeast kind of like spokes on a wheel. not the forward progression that you would typically expect
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they're heavy rainers. the searing winds aloft are weak. looks like fall in kremmling tonight 39, 54 in denver, warmest out west tomorrow, cool and comfortable along the front range, these numbers below average for this time of year. 65 in neared lan and mid-60s in con -- in nederland and mid-60s in conifer and evergreen. showers and thunderstorms ending, areas of patchy fog, tomorrow 54, sunshine getting us similar to today, slidely drier and less severe but the chance of heavy rain. pack the umbrella especially if you're heading out to the doubleheader at coors field tomorrow. a little warming trend for the weekend of what could be a stormy friday. lots of sunshine as we move through the first full week of september, looks terrific. speaking of terrific, not the weeds if you're sneezing, the weeds are the reason. i'll just leave you with this, a little bit of serenity now.
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you don't want to miss that.
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from colorado's sports leader here's drew soicher. >> hi, everybody. turns out the broncos quarterback won't be the only inexperienced player under pressure when the regular season kicks off in nine days. their punter will be, also. the broncos booted quinton colquitt today, released as the team trimmed its roster down to 75 men.
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colquitt was the longest tenured player on the broncos. now that title belongs to wide receiver demaryius thomas. quarterback mark sanchez has got to be the greatest teammate of all time as rumors swirl about possible trades to the dallas cowboys and minnesota vikings. sanchez who has fallen from first to third string is supporting trevor siemian who beat him out for the job. >> as a competitor you're disappointed that things went the way this they did, but you also understand did, but you also understand there's an emotional side and a competitor side and a teammate side and me enjoying my time here and really respecting this organization and respecting trevor as a friend and player and teammate, the most important thing to do is move forward and help this team. if things don't work out the way you wouldn't, you can't just act like a cry baby and cause a problem. it's not right. i just don't think that's the professional way to do it. nuggets made a trade today dealing for joffrey lavern to
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exchange for a pair of second round draft picks. lavern once made the worse pass in basketball history off an opponent's face, but that's probably not why he was traded. still of the night comes from lower downtown where the rockies game with the dodgers got canceled after a rain delay of more than three hours. doubleheader tomorrow in the still of the night. tim tebow got mixed reviews at his baseball workout today. great power, above average speed, poor outfield play. you must admit it's pretty impressive unless you're one of those fools who was so outraged that timmy would dare to reinvent himself. oh, calm down. tim tebow wants to play professional baseball.
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huh? timmy invited a bunch of scouts to watch him take a few swings and decide for themselves. now if a team thinks he's terrible but signs him anyway just to sell tickets, please colorado rockies, please colorado rockies, please, please, please, well, then that's a publicity stunt, but not his fault. this isn't dennis rodman marrying himself or balloon boy flying across the colorado sky. tim is a former all state baseball player who wants to try tebow's disrespecting the game. really? in order to succeed at baseball you need to be committed and focused and diligent, the same words commonly used to describe tim tebow. he isn't built like a baseball player. 6' 3, 255 pounds, former rockies slugger jason giambi was the exact same height and weight. he needs to stick to football and change positions. doesn't want to.
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doesn't want to. you see, tim tebow chases his dreams, not ours, believes in himself, likes a good challenge, maybe we ought to stop criticizing everything he does and embrace the fact tebow continues to live his life his way and if that's a publicity stunt, then timmy deserves the pub. too bad he let himself go. otherwise tebow might have a real shot at this. >> you think? >> how bad do you want that? >> 28 of the 30 major league teams showed up at this tryout in los angeles. only the a's and cubs didn't
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twitter is blowing up about your tebow story tonight. >> not bad blowing up, good blowing up. >> no.
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ryan lochte's new interview and he's playing the blame game. >> it's been dragged out way too long. >> who he's calling out now on "extra.? ? ? ? ? is "dancing with the stars"
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last-ditch effort to save his image and his career? >> i did lie about that one part. >> we are behind the scenes of his big-apple confessional. the incredible shrinking oprah. >> you need to stop, by the way. >> no, no. i'm not going to stop. >> how much weight winfrey's lost and the sexy scene that's giving her ideas in the bedroom for stedman. >> ah, come on! >> you said it! >> the first pics of sex-crazed anthony weiner since his front-page scandal blew up. >> did he know his marriage was >> new details on gene wilder's final hours. his wife holding his hand, his favorite song playing and why he kept his alzheimer's a secret. >> two superstar couples, two wild late-night date nights. rihanna and drake trying to fake out the photogs. kim k., white hot with kanye. plus do not mess with kaley cuoco.
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>> now on "extra.? >> i'm totally kidding. >> from universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a. hi, everyone. welcome to "extra.? i'm mario lopez. coming up, we're with the new mrs. jeter and leo's leading lady nina agdal in new york. her first words since the car crash. >> also coming up, mario, in today's beauty by the numbers, the three beauty tips every woman needs for the fall. first, dancing's new class was announced and we were the first to break thes and today he took his first step in changing the public's perception. >> in the hot seat. >> i'm human. i made a mistake. >> and finally confessing he lied to the world. >> the thing that i told that wasn't true was having the gun pointed to my forehead and cocked. >> ryan lochte's first live interview since the rio scandal erupted still blaming everyone else for the fallout. >> the media has taken this to a whole new level. >> his gma sitdown as he
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he's joining the "dancing with the stars" cast, signing on before all of the controversy and now on a potential image-salvaging mission. >> do you still feel like it's a good idea to put yourself out there on a reality tv show? >> this is perfect because i want to put that behind me. >> new pics ryan snapping selfies with fans and cheryl burke back after a three-season hiatus and the extra special correspondent. >> hi, mario. i'm with the gorgeous gabrielle union. >> now excited to -- >> ryan who once told renee. >> what's your go-to move? >> i can't tell you. >> why? >> you have to wait until i get on the show. >> today making his bold prediction. >> we're going to win this mirror ball trophy. >> he'll face against another olympian, gymnast laurie hernandez. >> they call me baby shakira. >> she's partnered with val chmerkovskiy. >> i know she's got a couple of


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