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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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we begin with breaking news near edgewater. residents of 20th avenue and fenton received reverse 911 calls with a stolen car at police said residents heard five gunshots five block from here at 25th and fenton. while they were with responding to the scene, officers heard a car crash at 20th and fenton street and crashed and there is a broken fence. there was a black ford excurse
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the car crashed into a fence. three people inside tried to stop the driver of the excursion who got away and eluded the people and police. that started a man hunt and why there was a reverse 911 call. the driver of the stolen excursion is a black 5'6", 130-pound, red wet shirt and red sweatshirt. police are looking for the suspect and he does not believe resident in this area are in any imminent danger. we'll bring details to you. let's go back to gary, cheryl, and corey. >> thanks so much. my gosh, can you imagine being one of the guys hit initially? very scary. thanks a lot. happy wednesday, good to be
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rio. a rainy night did not feel humid compared to south america. >> you have been hanging there for a while. it's a different story, no question. last night it was about lightning and heavy rain and very thick hail, around 77th and federal, 77 and pecos. we continue to see thunderstorms in sedgwick and u continuing. it's very foggy near akron and we have less than a mile visibility, also in lamar and there is a ton of moisture on the eastern plains left over from last night ice storms and in the boulder county foothill,
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night. if you're working outside, near 80 degrees, storms will, again, hold off looks like 4:30, 5:00, for the latest to get going. we'll look into the weekend and folks will anticipate the holiday. . police are trying to help out plains are building. they will be quick to load up the mousetan, a busy spot surg and 6:00 a.m. hour. you will see where this is -- i like to say near the puppy chow plant. most most people know where that is.
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76 starting to see that push towards i-25. a big band of fog to the east and if you plan to travel fort morgan, and nebraska, this stretches for about 30-mile and could be a long stretch. as my dad said, keep the low beams on for better visibility. >> dad is right for sure. thank you. 6:04. a get back to work after being hurt and after countless surgeries, it is happening for officer addsit. he and two other officers were working a protest on colfax on bikes when he was hit by a car. he was drabbing by the car. the two other officers were not seriously hurt. officer addsit will be on limited duty during the transition to work. he's earned that after 18 surgeries. >> absolutely. police hope you can catch
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woman at gun point with her two young children in the car and forced her to take money out of an atm. then they made her take them to her house and give them more money. afterwards, they let her and the children go. police are looking for any tips on these two people. the female suspect has tattooed eyebrows, around 50 years old. the two dogs who attacked and killed their owner in conniver monday night will be euiz her son richard tried to get the dogs off his mom but was hurt. she died before authorities could get to her. neighbors are rattled. >> i was -- you know, flabbergasted because i never heard of dogs turning on their owners. it makes me wonder what prompted them to do that.
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complain about the dogs being loose and aggressive. neighbors who spoke to 9news say they rarely saw those dog but heard them barking almost every day. >> six minutes after 6:00 right now. the dean of the c.u. boulder business school is stepping down. "the daily camera" reports he was accused of discrimination against female staff member. she said the dean discriminated her for being female and over age 40. c.u. paid $40,000 earlier this year it is one of three gender discrimination lawsuits against the school. the second is still pending and the third was dismissed in april. eichenberry said the school needs a fresh start. the senior provost will take over some time this semester. there's going to be extra security in the u.s. at the agriculture department today. this is one day after shutting
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the shutdown did affect one of its office, the one in colorado -- also maryland, north carolina, and west virginia. more than 1,000 people have several government agencies worked the ag office near the csu campus in fort collins. we are hoping we avoid a repeat of this, water flooded parts of 36 near westminster forcing drivers towards the median to trike try to make it marty, it was storming and some pretty wild. >> we had the rain in metro denver and over 3-inch of rain around western boulder and in the foothills. cloudy and very damp around jewelsburg, clear conditions and will keep it through much of the day, 70s to near 80.
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because they move slowly, you will get locally heavy rain, similar to last night where it didn't rain at my house but it can be very heavy in other spots. >> as marty said, it was raucous. >> raucous. [ overlapping conversation ] >> it was sunny and pouring simultaneously at one point. >> that intersection of federal and 36 -- that's five minute from my house -- we didn't get a drop. >> feast or famine. death by hickey. why do girlfriend may have accidentally kissed her boyfriend to death. >> it's not a hero thing. it's just -- i don't know. i just -- something that -- i would expect someone to do for me. they don't want to be call heed roes, but a woman is alive
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police are on a more than 11 hour standoff for a man wanted in western japan. he's accused of hurting three people and killing a person at his job. police spotted him near the murder scene. he fired shots at a police car and barricaded himself. he has been seen pacing back and forth with a gun.
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shooting. nine people were felt dead. a typhoon hit northern japan overnight and dumped heaved i have rain, triggering mudslides, destroying buildings, and wiping out roads and bridges. there was very intense flooding in the area. this is the same area recovering, trying to recover this is a strong storm. the u.s. national hurricane center believes the depression could turn a tropical storm and could be a hurricane when it makes landfall. it could last until tomorrow. as much as 10-inch of rain could fall in tampa bay. the areas not seen a hurricane in some time, and governor rick
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ignore the potentially dangerous outcomes of the storm. >> we have been blessed. we have not had a hurricane many that while but will have storm surge, inland flooding, coastal flooding, as much as 15 inches of rain. >> the zika virus is also a big concern. governor scott said they will continue to monitor the virus and said the most important thing is to water after the storm surge. a hurricane warning was issued in hawaii as madeline whipped up 90-mile-per-hour wind. families have been stocking up and get pets secured. it's weakening a bit so it's downgraded from a category 3 to
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bring a lot of rain and rain. >> no question. it's one of two that the hawaiian island may see. saturday and sunday, hurricane lester may sweep by the hawaiian island chain and had the big storms with storms this morning storms build in that could go after sunset so we could have fantastic imagery. i don't see any storms started and on the eastern plain, it will continue already. we'll see storm development there and will pick it up through the central part of the
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day and evening and late evening. we could see small pocket of rain. the more organized strongest storms will be in the storms. it will affect kansas and nebraska, 70s to near 80. think 50s. tomorrow, storms an afternoon round of storms could affect the mile high showdown. 36 and pecos -- marty, you will love this view. this is the hail piled up from yesterday's storm so 36 between 72nd and u.s. 36 is going to
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the hail is. most of the paved areas have melted off but the fog is in the low lie areas where the cool air tends to settle it's safe to walk through. keep in mind it could be slushy so use caution as usual. let's go to i-70 near york street and we have a stall, eastbound laof the exit near york street, washington, slowdowns for drivers from the mousetrap and eastbounders, around dalia street, and that is incredible, around 36 and pecos. lights will get more impressive as sky 9 circles over.
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>> will this make it easier? >> probably not. we have seen people with their faces oblivious to world around them. we have probably been those people, too. >> i thought she was messing with me, thought she got a new app or something. a florida woman saw something staring her in the face when she looked up from a
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>> welcome back at 6:19.
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the latest black lives matter protest, is officially considered a hate group. the southern poverty law centers that tracks extremist groups declared the white nationalist group a hate group on tuesday. the group argues that things like immigration and integration is what is causing the genocide of white americans. police in mexico say an overzealous girlfriend killed her boyfriend. the cause of a hickey. a 17-year-old -- 17-year-old julio gonzalez convulsed while eating dinner and then died. officials believe the blood clot traveled to his brain and caused a stroke. there's been one other reported case where a hickey caused stroke. a person survived. >> i have never heard of anything like that, my goodness. >> wow. a horrific crash. when you see what is happening, you can really appreciate so much that everybody survived.
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it shows a semi barreling into lines of vehicles. one of the cars hit and burst into flames. other drivers hopped into action. they saved a woman from that car right there that you see on fire. >> the cabin of the vehicle itself was starting to fill with smoke. she is screaming for help and -- it was a big sigh of relief when we got that window to pop and she pretty much -- she -- she helped us out by diving and safety. >> she is inside that little white car that's on fire and it's all mangled. and she only had some cuts and bruises. that woman calls that a miracle. too close for comfort doesn't even begin to describe it. a woman in florida was playing games on her phone in her garage, looking at her phone, when she looked up to find herself staring right in the face of that black bear. she used that same phone that distracted her to text her son for help and once he walked up behind her, the bear took off.
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of it. she said this bear was so close, she could feel its breath at one point. >> i felt like, though, if i did some kind of knee-jerk, that might scare him and i didn't know what his reactions would be. >> you think she'll ever play the fail the same way? >> no. >> officials believe the bear had been feeding on people's trash in the neighborhood and if they're going to try to trap it and move it out of the area. maybe the bear is just like, "you know what interesting on your phone? can i take a look? maybe the game would be fun for me to look too. " >> probably said, "you don't look like a pokemon monster." >> not a pikachu. >> when i saw the video -- super close. >> i saw a shive . >> shiver up my pack. >> close the garage door. >> oh, my goodness, and keep the trash covered. police call them crime of
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thief in park hills. >> yeah. their opportunity has robbed a local veteran of something that just can't be replaced. we'll talk about that coming up. but first, here's a quick check of the weather and the traffic. of course, last night we had some areas of very heavy rain and hail at 72nd and federal, post by dana woods, ri dry and sunny, near 80. at 4:00, we'll have a chance for a couple of storms in the area, meaning with an early first pitch, rockies may be able to get that game in. take a look at this. sky 9 is flowing over a grocery store parking lot at 72nd and pecos and you can't tell where the parking spots are. leftover hail from last night's
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what a sight.
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welcome back, everyone. so your high school senior
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great years, great memories -- >> bad hair. [ laughter ] >> my bad hair. >> at least you had hair. an oregon teenager will never forget her senior photo, even though she probably wants to. [ overlapping conversation, laughter ] >> jillian and her friend were taking photos in eugene, oregon, when a naked man step into the frame. he was down on the opposite side of the river with a dog by his side. >>we >> his dog is, like, running around and i just, like, lookeddic and was just, like, he's naked, and then i turned around and i, like, i'd already started -- precinct did tints ] i was like he has to see it, he has to see we have a camera. >> he did not care. >> she looks so poised under the circumstances. >> one of the pictures has been shared tens of thousands of times since. who the guy is and why he was
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>> a mystery. >> that may never be solved. >> that is the ultimate photo bomb. >> they had company sans clothes. >> oh, my goodness. that is one for the -- >> do you think they will put it in the yearbook? >> no. >> well, maybe blurred. >> absolutely should, yeah. a stolen car, a crash and a suspect on the loose. it's been a busy morning in edgewater. we'll have the latest on the search for a car thief who
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we start with breaking news this morning. police in edgewater are on the hunt for whoever stole an suv and took off. nelson garcia is near 20th and fenton with the latest on the search for the suspect. good morning, nelson. >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what is happening. pore of 20th and fenton, conduct their investigation. they were just taking measurements here. this is where the whole incident ended. this whole thing started earlier this evening, earlier this morning. residents got a reverse 911 call as edge water police searched for a man who flood on foot. the whole thing started five blocks north of here when officers heard gunshots. one minute later, they heard a vehicle crash right here at this intersection of 20th and
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stolen ford suv crash into a red saturn at this intersection and pushed it through a fence into the yard of a nearby home. investigators said the driver of the suv started to run away. three men from the saturn tried to keep him from running but could not and he got away just before police arrived. that started brief manhunt for the suspect, prompting the reverse the victim said he had another vehicle enthrone and the handgun is missing. police do not believe residents are in imminent danger. back to you. >> thank you, nelson. we appreciate that. we'll keep an eye on the situation. >> good morning, everyone. we're all unite today. >> yea! >> it feels good. >> it does feel good. >> i missed you guys. >> we missed you, too. >> it's not the beach and it's not rio -- >> but it's you guys. >> even better. >> what are you saying?
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>> nice to have you back. >> it's great to be home. meteorologist marty con leg geois join leg low -- coniglio joins us. >> reporter: this is lightning. benjamin lincoln got great shots and ton of shots coming up in a moment but i want to talk about storms continuing in we have had moderate to heavy rain that will kick off more storms during the morning and limiting visibility from greeley east. there's sever areas of fog from 34 to 76, less than a mile visibility along that stretch. for us, clear sailing around here, mid-50s to upper 60s by 10:00 a.m. then as we get into the afternoon, we start getting
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when we could see one or two storms in the area. a round of afternoon storms could affect the rocky mountain showdown. moderate to heavy rain and the hail especially heavy hail around federal heights during the te yesterday well, had street flooding and that shot of lightning is phenomenal so thanks for help us explain what is going on here. >> wow, incredible pics there. we love to share them, as long as they're safe for you to take them. a look at university and
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will keep us sluggish. that's an unusually heavy delay in the 6:00 hour. sunrise came at 6:28 but cloud cover is keeping it sun glare- free so far. we're definitely stacked up with speeds in the 40s. a couple of new issues including a santa fe and mississippi that is causing delays leading to washington and backups possible and an rtd bus detour on a water main break affecting route 21 so plan ahead. >> thank you. the video is hard to watch but makes it more inspiring.
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and will be returning to the job. this is video of the nearly deadly crashes in 2014. he and officers were escorting students when the driver had a seizure and hit him. he was dragged and dragged several feet. he had 21 on the jock today. he'll be supporting other officers. christopher beaker was sentenced to six years in a community corrections program and hid his history of seizures from the department of motor vehicles to get a driver's license and he has since forgiven him. >> it's 6:36 now.
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is charged with reckless child abuse and causing bodily injury. he's accused of injuring his 2- week-old newborn. when first responders arrived, the child was having difficulty bleeding from the mouth. he suffered from a broken clavicle and fractured skull. sometimes value is measured by sentiment. when thieves stole something from a veteran in denver, they stole what he took diplomas, letters, and medal, item from the battlefield from his time in the marines. he planned to teach his 2-year- old son about his time in iraq and his grandfather's time in the service. >> they don't have the memories behind it or, you know, the work -- that's what
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a green lid 2 feet long by a foot high. police hope the community can get the word out and somehow these things can be safely returned. we want scott jones to teach his son about service and sacrifice, not a lesson about taking things from others. >> i can't believe -- >> terrible. >> i know. >> not of value to them but someone cuba, making it the first american airline with regularly scheduled flights. it will travel to santa clara, cuba. jet blue is one of several planning flights. tourist travel is prohibited, but there are dozen categories of authorized travel including family visits and educational
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criminals have stolen $3 billion worldwide and did it over time. tarhonda thomas has a look at criminals skim your account. >> reporter: it's clearly illegal but also lucrative. crooks have made off with $3 billion worldwide from atm skimmers because the use is five times higher than in 2014 you're using has been compromised? "consumer reports" has important advice. one trip cost mary that lot of money. she found out when her card was rejected at the gas station. >> i ran home to check my account and relied money was missing and a lightbulb went off something weird had happened. >> reporter: a skimmer copied
6:40 am
camera to record you type your pin. >> most commonly they use the information to create a duplicate card. >> reporter: covering the pin bad is one way to thwart the scheme but thieves use a device that does not use a came at all, a fake item that your pin number. >> it savers it. >> it's attached with double sided tape so if it's tugged loose, don't use it, and alert store management. >> reporter: this is another type of skimmer you wouldn't be able to spot because it's deep inside a gas pump. atms are also compromised by deep insert skimmers. >> the bad guys will insert it
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never see. >> it's safer to use but only just the chip end is inserted into the card reader. constantly monitor your bank account for activity and if something concerns you, contact your bank or credit card fraud department. mary reported the activity and got her money back. tarhonda thomas, 9news. around here, we had heavy rain and just about nothing in others last night, a trace of rain over westminster and heavy rain in boulder and foothill, up to 3 inches.
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and rockie have an early start so they should be able to get the ball game in. >> didn't get in. >> not so much. thank you, marty. 6:42 now. a cyber attack on the democratic national convex threat before it started. >> democrats want the fbi to get involved. her trip to rio made
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welcome back, everyone. so donald trump is making a surprise move this morning and could be kind of an interesting day. he will go to mexico to with the mexican president and will happen hours before making a speech on immigration. as you know, a plan is to build a wall between the united states and mexico and force mexico to pay for it. in the past, he said he wouldn't do that and compared trump to adolph hitler and
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his policy to clinton's, which he said would be complete amnesty for undocumented immigrants. plans include pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants with certain restrictions. america is the greatest country in the world and donald trump doesn't think so. that's expected to be hillary clinton's speech in the battleground state of ohio. she will address the -- legion's conventional convention in cincinnati and is expected to portray our opponent as a questionable lead who will "undermine our values, insult allies." donald trump's campaign is accused of being behind a cyber attack of the dnc and the dnc is looking into the fbi to look
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they believe trump's former campaign manager could be involved. in the past, he worked for pro- russian political parties. the fbi is investigating the cyber attack that led to the release of thousands of democratic documents. on the campaign trail, some big name incumbents are celebrating victory this morning. several states held primaries on tuesday. u.s. senator john mccain came away with a big win in arizona. republican tea party activists challenge him for and florida senator rubio made a last-minute decision to seek reelection after his failed presidential bid but it has paid off so far. he won the republican nomination to seek a second term. he'll face democrat u.s. representative patrick murphy, who has a the backing of president obama and other top democratic leaders. a representative who had to step down from her spot as a chairwoman of the dnc won her
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elected to a seventh term in congress. the representative was criticized during the democratic convention after e- mails leaked showing she gave preferential treatment to hillary clinton over bernie sanders. clear start here up toward greeley and to the east. we have considerable fog over the area but will deal with sun glare from now through the next 45 minutes, temperature in the 70s to near 80, similar to yesterday and date-day storm, also similar to yesterday. some pocket of moderate to heavy rain, some other folks get nothing at all. a live look from sky 9 over a major water main break under repair in owe vans and galapego. there's a section of roadway torn up and we have an rtd bus
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details and you can head to rtd- not only today but sounds like you could go through the end of the week. >> okay. >> thank you. >> ready for that. i don't know how many times we have said in the time you were gone we are so jealous. we knew you were working so hard and so many hours but the images you kept sending back every day were just incredible. >> just beautiful. >> it was fun to take my dad who said we'll sit down and have a slide show because we want to relive -- >> we like that. "please work. please, technology, work." it was stunning and christ the redeemer was magnificent to see one of the new seven wonders of the world." >> that's something you don't see very often
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amazing to see and we got to see a little bit before she left to come back home and, really, i would tell you, she's a highlight because being a champion is about winning a medal but the attitude when life doesn't go your way, how will you handle it? it's a great example. she was so excited. here i am, a wi were excited to be the first to medal in the steeplechase. matt is sleeping, hugging his camera on the bus so the days were wonderful but long but sometimes you catch a knapp so we were with on the way back from copacabana taking you on an adventure during the morning show. my favorite was going inside the carnival. >> wow. >> the gentleman, such a nice
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bit let us get a behind-the- scenes look. jenny simpson -- >> the sweetest person. >> this is after she won her bronze. i'm standing right here and she does her interview and at the end she said "would you please tell your husband thank you. thank you so much for the craziness, letting you be here and being home with the kids." i sent him a video. "she favor you a shout-out." >> her reactions when she saw you, fina were there and happy to cover her and she was just on cloud nine. >> we had a blast and thank you for coming along and hope you got a sense of rio. the company did a really good job, a great job and the people were just so nice. >> all in all, sounds like it. cool trip. we like your slideshow. more wet weather today. will things clear for the
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it's 6 here's a look at some of the top stories we're today but clearly getting some storms and fantastic and we start to see some moderate to heavy rain. not everyone will get rain today. 60s, 70s in the mountains, near 80 around here -- dry and
6:55 am
eastern plains and central colorado through the afternoon and evening so we could have another nice light shelf. moderate to heavy rain for the san juans, also through the central arkansas valley, and then here on a more localized basis for the front range, very heavy rain and flooding possible in kansas and nebraska today, 70s, 80s here, 70s to near 80 in the mountains, close to 90 plus out west with 80 degrees, partly cloudy most of the day, and then after 4:30, that last through the evening, a few neighborhoods getting some downpours, several like mine last night getting absolutely nothing at all. tomorrow, we'll push storm into the foothills, a round of storms friday afternoon and evening, and then a smaller chance saturday. sunday and monday looking just fine to finishing our labor day holiday. of course around the area
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in federal heights. 72nd and pecos, not only did we have some heavy rain but piles of hail in that area. marty, some of the hail is actually still in those parking lots, just an incredible thing. we have seen fog up to the north along i-76 near fort morgan, hail piled up on the ground and grassy areas, parking lots, and now i-25 and 84th hits the spot with southbound volume across thornton. here we go to c d.o.t. cameras al parkway exit. they just spun the camera around but there's a stall blocking the eastbound right- hand shoulder. on the map, a lot happening in the dtc, crash yosemite near the 225 merge, southbounders, 19 minutes coming down from parker road and overall i-70 at the mousetrap still tough eastbound, a stall near washington and, gary, all around we are seeing speeds in the teens. >> all right, thanks, amelia. 6:56. here's a look at top stories
6:57 am
they say stole an suv, crashed it into a back yard, then ran away. this happened in edgewater. police said they heard seven gunshots near 25th and fenton. seconds later, they heard the crash about five blocks away at 20th. a ford excursion hit a saturn. police said the saturn went sailing through that fence, hit a hour and ended up in the back yard. there, there were three men inside the saturn. the driver of the away. 911 reverse calls went out to houses at that neighborhood as police started the search. a denver officer who nearly died in a crash is heading back to work today. officer john adsit was patrolling on his bicycle, watching a protest against police by hundreds of soups from east high school. that's when a driver on colfax avenue had a seizure and hit him, dragging him near a block. he had to have more than that dozen surgeries. he will be on limited duty
6:58 am
>> so glad to see him back to work. police are asking for help find these two people who held that woman and her two children at gunpoint. police believe these are the robbers. these are still pictures taken from the video. say thaw their victims shopping at goodwill on monday. to beers forced the mother to withdraw money from her bank account. the woman has tattooed eyebrows. if you recognize them, please callol around here, we have a few storms today, foothill storms tomorrow and again, afternoon and evening storms friday that could affect the rocky mountain showdown early in the game on friday night. then over the week, boy, it's going to be warm for most of the day saturday, drying out sunday and monday and most of next week is dry. >> all right, thank you much. warning us already.
6:59 am
spangler blow up something. >> no, no. >> who are you again? >> lots of speaking at conferences and they added ethanol to the gas leak. >> great. >> don't worry about it. it's fine. >> back away here. >> it burns very cleanly. here's what it looks like. don't try this at home. put my gloves on like this and we light the match. watch what happens. when it gets close, watch what happens -- >> whoa! >> isn't that amazing? >> cool. >> there's no soot left over so we have all that rain and vapor. >> whoa. >> isn't that amazing? >> look at this. what we have left and at the
7:00 am
there it is. [ overlapping conversation ] >> we're going to channel 20. steve will be good morning, crossing the border. donald trump announces a surprise trip to mexico for a private conversation with the mexican president on the same day he's set to make a major speech on immigration. could this unexpected meeting hint aam we'll ask his mpaign manager live. in the path. a major storm in the gulf strengthens overnight as tens of millions in florida brace for winds and flooding. we're tracking it live. star standoff. chris brown out on bail on weapons charges after a stalemate with police that played out on social media. >> walk right up in here, and


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