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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  August 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm MDT

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the colorado avalanche have officially announced their new
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coach, replacing wahu who left earlier this month. he doesn't have any nhl coaching experience but has been a big winner on the minor league level. we'll have big interviews tonight on 9 news. several agencies are on the lookout for a mountain lion in arapaho county right now. the animal was spot by a cherry creek bus driver around 8:30 this morning when joplin and broncos parkways. he saw it crossing the arapaho county sheriff's department shared this picture with us. you can see the paw prints right there. they took another call around 9:15 from a person who spotted the lion. that's around arapaho road and havana in centennial. colorado parks and wildlife say they will not be coming out to search for the lion. also this morning, edgewater police are looking for someone who stole an suv and hit another car, sending it through a fence and into a
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neighbors while police did their search. still no sign of the suspect. nelson garcia has been following the story from edge water. >> reporter: residents got a wake-up call in the middle of the night from edgewater police as they search for a man who fled on foot. the whole thing started five blocks north of here around 25th when they heard a crash into a red saturn and pushed it through fence. three men from the saturn tried to keep him from running but could not and he got away just before police arrived. that started a brief manhunt for the suspect, prompting the reverse 911 call, but they could not knot find the suspect. i spoke with a home own who was
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side of her house and she is grateful no one was injured. >> just thankful that nobody was and especially the guys that were in the car. you know, i expected when i heard that crash to see a lot worse than what had happened so i'm thankful of they're okay. >> reporter: police said the ford suv was stolen from wheatridge and when investigators talked to the victim, he said another one of his cars was broken into and a handgun is missing. when i spoke with police chief john mackey from edge wate residents in this area are in imminent danger. reporting in edgewater, nelson garcia 9 news. >> thank you. if you were in part of denver last night, you may have heavy flooding. some of the hail is still
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well, i'd say until 3:00 or 4:00 and now we'll get that next round of showers. i don't think it will be quite as heavy as and storms were just wild. today will be more isolated, few and far between from the eastern plains. i think you have a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. we had to deal with the fog early this morning. man, it was stuff if you had a flight out of d.i.a. it was tough and slow going. the good news is that fog is starting to -- well, we can actually finally see the skyline and hint of the foothills. the humidity, it's up. it's muggy out there. we're in the 60th percentile around the front range is eastern plains. right now, pretty quiet but you can see showers from the east in kansas and nebraska and will be in our back yard before we know it so enjoy the sunshine for now. 2:00, 3:00, we're watching
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pushing in. by 5:00 lincoln county, a good dose of the rain towards joulesburg and into nebraska and then also in the mountains so, again, along i-25, a couple of storms possible but doesn't look like a complete washout like the one storm cell yesterday. slow to warm up. we're at 68 at the airport, low 70s in northern colorado, 83 in lamar, a little warmer. we will be warmer within the next couple of days. i'm watching a few more storms out there and of course, colleen, all eyes on weekend, events going on so we have forecasts for it all. >> that humidity comes out from nowhere when it's been a nice couple of days. >> relatively dry. >> totally stands out. >> yeah, and it shows -- the hair. >> the hair. >> the hair. >> thanks, danielle. we'll check back in a bit. after countless surgeries
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rehab, officer addsit returns to work. he was working during a protest when a car draggedded him down the road. he broke done and had damage around his body. he's eager to get back to work. >> you know, i don't know what the next few years holds at this point but i feel confident it will be positive. >> we are so proud of an on limited duty during the transition to work. the two officers with him on december 2014 were with not seriously hurt. we wish him all best in his recovery. history more than a half century in the making. today was the first flight between the u.s. and cuba in more than 50 years. it re-establishes regular air service that was cut off at the height of the cold war.
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connecting the u.s. and cuba. the journey cut off for most americans by the 55-year-old trade embargo. also an historic day in brazil. the senate started its final session in a trial that will decide what will happen to brazil's first female president accused of mishandling brazil's -- i guess we'll get some new information right now that they are -- i'm thinking they're just coming in a vote right now. they are deciding right now but we know she's mishandling brazil's budget and misrepresenting the state of the economy. she's been denying wrongdoing, saying past presidents used the same accounting measures as she was using. the county going through tough economic times over there, unemployment numbers very high. we're going to continue to follow new developments as it happens. donald trump has finally left for mexico after apparently surprising mexican officers by accepting
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by enrique pena nieto. there are mixed feelings because of his comments about immigration and pledge to make mexico pay for a wall. many people spoke out against him. today, protests are expected. the trip comes hours before trump is expected to deliver a speech in arizona about immigration. nieto is looking forward to a dialogue and protecting mexicans and invited hillary clinton. she said she will consider visiting him at an appropriate and woman accused of holding up a woman at gunpoint and forcing her to drive them to an atm to withdraw money. the woman's children with were her at a time after going through a bank and they made her drive them to her home, where they stole more cash. police want you to call them if you have information. one thing that stands out with the the suspects, the woman has a tattooed eyebrow. thousands of firefighters
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streets for the 62nd year to collect donations for muscular dystrophy. it's the fill the boot fundraising event. every year, the international association of firefighters teams up with the muscular dystrophy association for the event. thousands of colorado firefighters and fans come out and use empty boots to collect donation from the public. today on the capitol steps, those fighting mda and firefighters talked about why they decided to participate. >> i actually have that suffers from an mda- related disease for 28 year and she benefited greatly. >> you know, the firefighters have really worked overtime to support the muscular dystrophy association. i'm grateful, my family is grateful, as well as other families and individual who are part of the organization. >> moneyer raised towards the event will go to research helping people battling the
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hard-earned cash when you visit the atm. we'll show you what to look for to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of those crooks. a stormy start to our labor day weekend but if you're lucky enough to get that monday off,
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hi, welcome back, everyone. danielle grant, you're in the 9 back yard where we have nothing but sunshine. it feels fantastic and what a
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delaying flights at d.i.a. >> reporter: we're finding more sunshine on this wednesday afternoon. you can see through a couple of cameras -- one in the san juans -- the storm is still upon us. this is a view in ridgeway where you can see darker clouds looming over the san juan, a sliver of blue sky in the far off distance. i'm liking it. overlooking downtown denver, a little hazy. winds haven't been a problem for us still in the 60s and low 70s. we're at 70 in fort collins, mid-60s necessaries park, idaho springs, 70s in steamboat and warming us up downtown on i-76 and sterling so right now out of the airport, 68, winds out of the southeast, and temperatures are starting to warm up, around 67. this afternoon, low 80s. the name of the game across our region, the eastern plain,
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in the mountains, and then hot in grand junction, another 90- degree day. you can see across a couple of light showers starting to fire up. those dark clouds we saw towards southwestern colorado but, really, most of the action is in parts of kansas, oklahoma, texas, and new mexico. the center of the storm system positioned in kansas so the counterclockwise flow will in this evening. some storms could be slow move and could have heavy and steady rainfall. after midnight, skies start to clear somewhat and those overnight temperatures dip in the mid-50s. here it is 2:00, 3:00. again, the majority of the action coming at us from the northeast. by 5:00, 6:00 p.m., showers firing up on the eastern plains where they have had a bit more sunshine to work with along i- 70, burlington, lieman. i think you have a decent shot
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city. 11:00, things die down but look what happens. tomorrow, we're wake up to the fog and clouds in eastern colorado, sunshine to the west. by 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, we flip it, reverse it. the west side gets all the storm where we have some sunshine here in eastern colorado, one or two in the metro area at best. the majority of the storms will stay in the mountain and foothills, mid-to-upper 80s for e for thunderstorms out there but sunday into monday, we stay in the 80 and look at all that sunshine as we head towards the start of september.
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>> welcome back. a consumer alert for anyone using atms. scammers are targeting them, hoping to get ahold personal information. hearst rhonda thomas with some tips so you don't become a victim. >> reporter: skimming cards at atms is clearly illegal but lucrative. crooks have made off with $3 billion worldwide for atm skimmers because the use of
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2015. it costing mary a lot of money. she found out when her debit card was rejected at a gas station. >> so i went home to check my account and realized money was missing from my account. >> reporter: a police detective showed us hardware thieves install -- a skimmer to copy the card, a tiny camera to record you typing in your pin. >> more commonly they use debit card to drain your account. >> reporter: covering pin pad is one way to thwart this team but thieves use another type of device that does not use a camera at all. it's a fake card reader that sits right over the real one. first it reads your card information and then when you type your pin -- >> your pin number is extracted and stored. >> this is usually attached so
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>> this is another type of skimmer you wouldn't be able to spot as it's deep inside a gas pump. some can't be detected from the outside but steal your information just the same. >> it is something you will never see. >> reporter: chip cards are matter if it's inserted in the skimmer. if something concerns you contact your bank or your credit card fraud department. now, we can tell you the woman you saw in the story recorded that activity and got all her money back. on the consumer beat eta rhonda thomas, 9 news.
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an issue was resolved with brakes but they struggled to get back on the busy morning schedule. if you have been longing to live in the mile high city but can't afford it, your time is coming.
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good news for thos going to own their home. there's a rapid decelerate racing in the last year, according to a software company. the year-over-year growth rate for rent fell to 3.5% in august after rising by 11%. denver is now below the national average for 2016 year- over-year rent growth, which stands at 5% in the u.s. may
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it's time to think about concussion prevention. one iowa school district using baseline testing to help keep an eye on students' brain health. it establishes a baseline for each student, giving a doctor -- giving doctors blueprint of how everyone's brain should function. >> we use c3 platform based on ipad so we test their blanks, vision -- static and dynamic so head moving -- and we test their processing -- so symbols recognition where they have to find the symbol and then the number and match it up and then reactions time and a trail test. >> the baseline can help figure out how serious the head injury is and since they're done on ipads, results can be seen in few seconds. for one day, a mother said she didn't have to worry about her son eating lunch all by himself.
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finding someone to eat lunch has been tough for a student with autism but on tuesday he didn't worry. while visiting tallahassee school, tsu player travis rudolph noticed beau by himself and sat down. they beau's mother share this picture on facebook, writing, "this is one day i didn't to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone because he sat across from a real hero." beau's mother said she didn't have to worry about her sweet boy eating lunch alone. it's so tough for kids these days. we're happy he had someone nice to share lunch with and maybe beau will be the boy everybody wants to sit next to.
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you. >> 100%. i'm right there. i'm hungry, too. things are looking good right now. heading out for a quick bite, we have sunshine out there right now and by friday, the rocky mountain showdown, a few storms. labor day weekend looks good. in thank you, danielle. we'll see you back here at
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ryan lochte's new interview and he's playing the blame game. >> it's been dragged out way too long. >> who he's calling out now on "extra.? ? ? ? ? is "dancing with the stars" olympian ryan loch last-ditch effort to save his image and his career? >> i did lie about that one part. >> we are behind the scenes of his big-apple confessional. the incredible shrinking oprah. >> you need to stop, by the way. >> no, no. i'm not going to stop. >> how much weight winfrey's lost and the sexy scene that's giving her ideas in the bedroom for stedman. >> ah, come on! >> you said it! >> the first pics of sex-crazed anthony weiner since his


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